Tuesday, 2 May 2017

That wet May catch up

So, we are in the 5th Month of 2017. Things have been changing but some of those are just a plan for later on this year and I've also accomplished some goals. But lets have a look what these past 2 months have been for me.


Now since we last did a catch up, the meals I've had have been tastier and for some reason more popular than before and i've been flirting with girls on Feabie which that has really built up something too. 

We start with the first omracer eats for the March with a warmer addition of Tomato Soup, this was actually quite nice. After one of those just woken up selfie's.

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This was then a nice casual start to the month, With KH DDD being streamed and edited at times and also the point when Ducktales was announced. The food was decent and work was casually pushing away but mentions of plans were starting to dive into my head along with possible events work was hosting and Mr F was needing help along the way. I did miss Gracie a bit and since it was the time of remembering that 2 years ago was the last time i saw Charley and also found out she has her own blog on being a mum. Tinder Matches were also getting common with bots.

Also Rosie had her usual walkes and I put a muzzle on her to see how she could stop biting my foot.

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Also work had a fun time with a customer dropping in a iPhone on the road and returning it to him was quite difficult almost. But that was sorted pretty quickly. Then i was offered a sausage roll for lunch which actually was filling and tasty at the same time.

I Also got blocked by Frenchy and Holly since one was moving in with someone less than 1 year of dating and the other was some witty tweet.

Which technically i haven't lived since I have a life without love, sure family i'm with but i don't love them, that would be slightly perverted and also I've had to pay for the feeling of love. But that was soon to be forgotten about with the review of Lime Pickle and how nice it tasted with almost anything.

the Lime Pickle

 Then i took some advice and edited my Tinder Profile which i don't think it helped much this month. Since one girl said some advice about changing my profile to make it better.

The tinder advice from a match that was already dating but also trying to date girls

Then i was trying to get the chance to submit snapchat geofilters which was after a meeting in work regarding the roof but since that meeting is now redundant, I will tell you about that later on. That was a 5 day week at work which is exhausting but sometimes worth it. Also Crash N Sane trilogy had some new footage arrive out which got me hyped.

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Then it was a quick catch up on that week which was seeing how things were getting on. This was saying about possibly going to london and also a new phone and mi band which helped. But that was soon to be reviews.


This point I was also starting to speak to a really nice girl on feabie, with beautoful blonde hair, a nice soft figure and is sort of shy and like me, sometimes not sure of herself, It was quite nice to start chatting to her. Okay, it was about food but well that is a social network about the results of eating food that makes you bigger etc. But this was just the start of that with her.

Then it came to a major Review of the Mi Band 2 and the Redmi 4.  Which that was nightmares to film and setup and really took a while but It was one of the best phones and is the best phone i've Ever used. The battery life is on point, the GPS is pretty strong when battery saving features are not being used. Battery saving features means i can leave it over 24 hours without charge :).

Both the band and 

The Mi Band 2

The Redmi 4

A summary of that week
Then it was also a mentor week for me so I did what decent people do and rewarded my mentee a £10 game gift card as a thank you, I know I didn't need to but it was the right thing to do as well. He really helped me out alot which might never happen again if plans i've had when typing this up actually come true. That and I also bought some things to prep my body up for the marathon in April.  

The £10 Game Giftcard

But then the food really started to just whoosh up in popularity. For some reason me just adding a rocky bar on rice for a microwave meal like i occasionally do, created a shirtstorm of views and retweets. So much so, a FB page of scottishpatter even showed it off.

This was shortly followed by another mukbang video which was a omelette that i sometimes make using cereal which i like.

But then it was nearing mothers day, which means it was time to get a Present. But sadly due to the weather it was too wet to cycle in but instead I went on a massive #dogwalkingwithomracer to Long Ash for it and also a cheap lunch. 

The lunch for under £5
After that, It was nice to talk to tash again and it was only a quick catchup but it started something between us I hoped to myself. Her belly was looking fantastic which was nice too. Then Sammy and her friend were moving in together  which was pretty cute since i still remember her wanting to get really fat when talking on Tinder last year. Also 10 years of the PS store told me i had put 307 hours into Ridge Racer 7.

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Soon it was near the end of the month and It was a trip to Plymouth as per usual. Which this was exploring the coast as well as nearly buying a 13" ULTRABOOK for video edting if i decide to take day our trips to places.

A Selfie

it was also the first day out with the Mi band and the Redmi 4

This lead to a few reviews from what I had bought on that day. One for some BBQ sauce and the other for some Aloe Vera juice to help me detox before the marathon. 

The chilli bbq sauce with a typical sandwich


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There was a first Tinder match of the month to someone called Wilma, but then after working, I got the Aloe Vera juice review done.

Myself drinking the juice

This was the day after my first date 2 years ago and my memories were flowing, but things were smooth and also a trip to Looe was a change which also bought some new ideas and reviews along with it.

The sea views

Small streets

a new item to finally review

But yet again, before we review the kool aid, a nice meal got popular.

Then we deiced to review the Cherry Limeade flavour which tasted quite nice.

the glass of cherry limeade
With a day off with mum, it was a time to go geocaching for a #dogwalkingwithomracer and also enjoy a scone from Drakes's Cafe. 

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Also more Food virality

Also this young girl of under 10 started insulting me as I was running home from work.

"hey, you run weird", "so", "you're ugly too", "right", "you have hillbilly trousers", "you have big hair". I was close to swearing but i just kept running. Some kids are confused about life

 Soon after getting the Creators update installed on a few machines at home and also getting a SSD fitted for a friends desktop, it was time to actually repeat a year ago and go shopping. Which tesco was pretty fun.

Also I managed to get a HDMI from SCART upscaler reviewed as well.

to show what it can do
Then it was also getting more of the KH DDD Playthrough done before another HDMI based Review but this time for the Wii.

It works on the HDTV

This was also the time I decided to purchase domains for the blogs and that makes it much nicer for £10 per year. A wise choice. But then it was off to see my nan and grandad who bought an android box from my work earlier on. Then it lead to a lovely #dogwalkingwithomracer on the moors with my mum

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Of course the thing when Tash has gone to a size 18 which made me go.

This then lead to a decent breakfast before a unique and long #Dogwalkingwithomracer.

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This was then coming up to the final part of the KH DDD playthrough uploaded as wells as the takeout ban for being a feeder was gone and Just eat was the way to go which I actually got pics since I now ask the store to write "Please take pics xx" on the boxes so whoever I order for knows what to do. Its kind of a way to not get taken for a fool If i do be a feeder. This was just in time for the easter Weekend.

This was a day out with Family and then walking to work with rosie for the Petfest which she did not like me taking but she got thinggs for it and oh I made a nice easter egg related meal.
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I also started to stream and play Simcity too.

Then it was the week that I learned the truth, that the Roof at work will be done or started to be changed in Jan next year and it might be a 3 month closure but most people will be moved, which made a think about a plan that might work for me long term. But this week was also the last prep before the Marathon, which was good since I could cycle for a long home visit up lydford and that was knackering in the sun.

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Which after this and some Swingball with Rosie....

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The Half Marathon. which was a big challenge but not a surprise on the energy I had in me. Theres too much I could say here but the blogpost says it.

That number

The barbican

The long road

Chelson Meadow

10 mile mark

An in action shot

The selfie with the medal

Then it was a quiet but busy week with a Landlord Meeting to confirm what had been said. A Finish of 0.2 and the watching oh KH Ux Back Cover and then learning about a plan. Oh and also the Oreo Sandwich is popular for some reason. 

The Resolutions: 

Well lets find out how we are getting on:

  • Get into my first relationship with a girl - Nope 
  • Try to meet up with a girl from Feabie - Might work
  • Visit Bristol by myself for a day or overnight - Falcon Bus from Plymouth, this is no luck
  • Finish at least 2 Games on PS4 - KH 2.8 and N.Sane Trilogy - Now 2.8 FCP is done, i'm halfway
  • Stream More - Getting there
  • Get videos and blogposts done quicker _ doing better but slacking recently
  • Have at least 2 myself days out for vlogs that are further away from Plymouth  - Not Yet

Now that is it and hopefully more posts this month.