Saturday, 11 October 2014

omracer's Night Out: The cold closing fair

I'm going to be clear with how quiet tonight was, although the day was busy, with customers and even a rise. After work, it was time to top up my card with some money then i ran home, through the fair and it was a nice warm sunset to a busy week for me...

Running home and the view of the fair in action as it was passing 5pm
I got home and it was empty, so it came to checking the cat, checking e-mails then i just killed time, i mean my parents got home about 8 and shortly after, i started to run down there. But passing the usual spot first.

You can probably just see the booster in the center

Then i got there and it was slightly busy and i saw a few people but didn't say much, the pics were ok i guess and the vlog started from here as well. I didn't use glass this time, even though i had it with me. 

The view of the fair as i entered from the other side of the car park

Looking back with the 2 big rides in motion

Looking at the other far end 

Typhoon in motion

But as i browsed around, i also decided to walk into Town, which was dead, i mean it was so dead and cold, i did browse Spar, with only some kids in there and i didn't see any offers except shortbread for £0.50. After that i decided to walk to work, and actually do some. Yep, i got that bored and something from earlier was on my mind. 
The square was almost dead quiet
I got into work then after alarms and things, i prety much was doing a fresh install of a dell vostro, which was not too bad and after it had about 150 windows updates to process, it saved me a few hours. Then drivers to finish and kaspersky. 

By 9:40, i left and wandered back into the fair and eventually i picked up some doughnuts, about 16 for £6.50 and then a hotdog with onions for £2.50. 
the 16 donuts in 4 bags for £6.50
Running home was almost a chore with how close the bags were to slip while running with a hot dog in the other. I got home about 10 and the fair was pretty much closed off then. 

That sums up the final night of the fair, its been a ok year but alot of missed out chances this year, well from rent rising making it less attractive to even bother to turn up is the main factor. 

See you soon for more vlogs and blogposts, i think Halloween might be a new one to write on.