Friday, 22 November 2019

omracer's Holiday: The Camden 7th Tour Date (Day 2)

Well this is a nice start in ways, for the first time to explore a new place with a special friend. Okay, I didn't vlog much but its a start anyway. The vlog is below:

The Airbnb tour. 

It's actually a nice modern simple flat, with decent floors, maybe loud doors, fibre, big TVs and actually really importantly warm. There is an old TV which is meant to be moved but the other lodger mentioned something about it. The views are nice as well and the windows do open, sure blinds don't fully go up but its nice that I can get some air. 

The drawer

Big screen and uploading 

The room


More outside 

The Mirrors

The lounge

The kitchen

The bathroom

The fridge

The view from the lounge 

A Freezing Visit to Barnet: 

Well, i eventually left just before 12, with a bag of goodies for Christea and I planned to get my way to Barnet to have a good look around, which actually its a quaint little town, with fast food, shopping complex, charity shops, tech shops and even the church and the road. Its well worth the wait actually. But even iPhones are steeep and there were some budget diy stores too. 

The bag of goodies

The view from the road is decent at night 

Thats a cool lion up there 

Running up my road

The centre of Barnet 

The shopping complex

The behind of the shopping complex

I was meant to meet her at 1:30 and well it was 12:30 and then the run in circles to get out to then run to Greggs, So roads aside it was a nice 46 Mi run. I made it to Finchley before 1:30

The way to Finchley sorted

The wait for a friend. 

It was not too long, but I explored amazing supermarkets and tech stores with really old gen refurb laptops. But eventually, a text appeared and it was time to meet. 

The wait here


Well I'm not allowed to go in-depth on what happened for this but I'll bullet point the highlights:
  • We drove down there
  • Parking is £10 for 2 hours
  • A market got cancelled so went to another market
  • Loads of merch stores
  • The signs i saw of the typical Camden
  • Didn't see much of the locks
  • Went and enjoyed loads of samples of Oriental food
  • Got her a pizza, i just had fanta since pasta was not my thing 
  • Those pancakes were lush
  • Explored for something she wanted
  • Someplace she goes to regular thought i was her brother
  • Went to Cyberdog and was a blast
  • Couldn't take pics in the market or in cyber do
  • It gets dark quicker in London
  • traffic was a nightmare
  • Hearts to hearts 
The main street in camden

Thje famous lock sign

Pizza for £8 and £1.50 for Fanta

Its getting darker by 4:30

The Sushi trip back: 

So eventually it was nearing 5 and she dropped me near a tube station and got the £1.70 tube back to high barnet, 

The Tube station to run to

Then I ran to near my Airbnb and noticed a sushi place and actually it was like 8 pieces for £5.00 so i went for it. It was nicely packed and lovely Japanese
staff. I will go again.

The Sushi and Glasses. Total Spent £20.50
Then it was to cook the rice and prepare the sushi, it was a shame the Ramen was very spicy. But it was a nice meal in all.

The meal for that night, cookies burger sauce, sushi, and spicy ramen with added rice

Then that was is, sure I was chatting and saw her with a shirt I got from Goose Fair. Which glows in the dark,  But then it was editing until about 4am due to not allowed to mention.

But tomorrow might be a day of Christmas Shopping and Winter Wonderland