Monday, 13 May 2019

A Galore of a bailed date and some family time

Well this weekend is the one before the holiday and there was a 5th date to be planned, but that didn't go as well as I hoped. Friends I almost fell out with and food and clips bought too.

The Week,

Let's be honest, things were planning for this trip. The laptop was changed to OS 10.13, iPhone SE was purchased, work was in overdraft due to a still 3 days pending amazon order and also me and the colleague sat down and had to focus due to a mobile solutions rival was appearing which his time leaving me to be on my own was biting him in the bum, he will find out when he's in all next week by himself. 

The iPhone SE for £90 

Sure my rep for Xbox knows about me and christea since I open up to him like I do with S too. Which actually with her, I upset her about her Uni work and sent £5 Greggs to apologise. That was a major confusion but it was funny I had to make a customer wait a few minutes before fixing her laptop I sold her to order that voucher. But a confuddle made me cry and I was going to moan about it but it was never aimed at me and I'm so glad I don't go off on one about the girls that DO stand me UP or BAIL on me.  But it was nice for a day in the life as well for a Monday.

So I was meant to meet a girl (the same one as in March) for another date before I go to London for the holiday but well, she didn't reply to me the day before she was meant to meet me at 1pm. But that was when the day was to come. This is what happened.

The Sunday. 

So actually i was up at 4 from Imessages which was my excitement for what might happen. Okay sure i did chat to another bbw a few days ago and we got on nicely though shes married at 18. But I eventually got up at 8am which was for a Dogwalking with omracer. 

Dogwalking at 9:00am 

Both me and mum were chatting about the holiday and also other things with events in her life about to happen. Which I was still thinking about what could happen later on, though I did message her saying that if I don't hear anything by 10am, then it seems like it was no chance of things happening. But then I got home and decided to have a nice breakfast as well as set up the Cuniq mobile deal that was happening at the moment for 100mb and 30 mins a month for FREE.

The new sim card

The Chocco Nussa and Crunchy nut toasted sandwich

Then it was time to head off with parents. 

The drop off of a card

So with data on, I went with the parents for some plants and bits, well we dropped a card off at my sister's boyfriend's work and it was nice to see the new CRV hybrid but then that crash somewhat later on during the day. But then we headed to Plants Galore and passing the massive edge of Stratford, it was posh but narrow lanes indeed. But we eventually got there. 

The galore of plants
So we browse, I also get replies on insta and a new girl follow me and start chatting to me which is nice too, but after smelling lemon plant, lavender and buying magnolias, we finally leave about 2:30. Which we go on the long trip into a town which has narrow roads but it eventually lead us back to where we came and onto the Range, we went. 

The fun of the Range. 

Well, we finally got there and instantly, we had to buy some plants which were ideally my dad needed for his customers. Then we decided to have lunch before getting some bits and pieces. 

The bridge and car park

So we went into the lift and we were the only ones that ordered in the cafe, but some nice deals there too such as slush with a mystery flavour and also that was blueberry along with a chicken and mushroom slice and curly fries. The fries and slice were £2.50 EACH. 

The £6.95 lunch today 
Then we all looked around after enjoying the food, I got padlocks and fans as well as some sauces and drinks, parents got what they needed and as I was checking my phone to wait for a reply on snap or facebook. But I got what I needed and as I was being served, it was a cute ssbbw with blonde hair, glasses and a big round figure that I loved seeing. She was nice to me but more customer service nice. Eventually, we left for home. 

The £12.96 bundle for locks, drinks and a fan

Filming at the caravan. 

Then we got home about 4:15 and I relaxed and messaged on feabie and was planning to get the Slush puppie review done. So we did, I eventually got it done and filmed in the caravan. 

The caravan

The slush puppie box.

So then it was getting that done and eventually, things go emotional after tea. 

The arguments. 

So, I eventually get a reply from the meetup bailed and basically it said. 

"I don't think girls will feel comfortable to meet someone when they write about it on twitter or somewhere it makes them feel a bit snaked, its a bit two faced"

So let's dig into this for a few moments. Now the plan was to meet up at 1pm somewhere which is fine, confirm the day before which is fine. Now this SHOULD of been said on the day before which would of been much more understandable (this happened with the girl up grimsby way and now she doesn't talk anymore minus when going on my insta live stream) which if it was the case, why say it after we were meant to meet since it feels suspicious indeed. I did mention this to her and shes read it but no reply so we can just see how it goes at this point. Since this is twice now its been bailed on, maybe I've tried my best but she's not interested in me at all

Then it gets worse with Another girl wanted me to get her pizza and I said "no since I have to save up for dates in London" then she said "well enjoy buying food for the scammy girls" which I said "well you could be one IF we never meet" then she said "I did say we would mee" then just said "fuck it, bye" and blocked me on feabie and Snap. Like WHAT THE FUCK, it's hard enough as it is buying to meet LOCALS but when you're in the big north, it's fucking difficult to just meet and get up to that city of the recent trending football team in red. But chatting with S made me feel a bit more understand that maybe I'm just too nice and open which makes me a target. TBH my ex-boss did say this after the blog post about the first ever date but maybe I'm just fucking desperate to finally get in a relationship that I have to stoop low. But with a friend of chadders I was chatting to early leaving a voice note, maybe it could be something good on the horizon.

Oh, and I should have new HAIR next time you see a selfie.