Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Tavistock Goose Fair 2018: The Sunny Look Around

So its back to the Day of the fair, with the lush weather and the day off to get this filmed up, sure I had work commitments for parts of it and also #dogwalkingwithomracer. But enjoy a vlog of browsing and the sun too.

A Typed up fresh morning. 

So after the antics of the night before, I was a bit later in bed with a FAP. but rewarded too oh and speaking on snap to someone amazing i've been chatting too over time, but it was then time to get up at 9:30 before it was time to get the blogpost finished off and got myself changed and ready.. 

A Smoothie before i started. 
Then it was finally up and I was leaving by 10:30, time to run in the slight chill, with 2 T-shirts on and I ran down the hill, actually the same Route i run to work in, which is about a 10 minute but halfway along, I decided to start the vlog as I made my way down. 

A Morning explore

As i walked down, with sweat on my face, I made my way to the back of Market Road, with so many different stalls fron the bakery with Rainbow Cake and other treats to the Churros and even passing a welshcake stall. But there was loads of good ideas at the least of it. But I walked my way that way to see work before i carried on my journey. 

The Sizzler in the Square

The Big Wheel and the Stands

Stands heading towards the bridge

Amazing bargains on food

Heading towards the road for work
Then I headed for work, caught up chatting to Neighbours and also killing time before I really got my way back up to the cattle market, with seeing stalls such as pots, bongs, rizzlers, fortnite merch and even mac n cheese.

Walking the way back to the square

The Half Cattle Market

As I walked my way up to the cattle market, the pavement was getting pretty packed but I got up and it was a bit emptier than normal, maybe it was too early but it was nice to see a varied bits of stalls from the photo booths to the charity stalls, bread stalls and even a stall where Turbo Nonces and Doc Martins were sold as well. 

The Signs of the Geese 

Walking around 

Cute Al Pacas

The Beagle boys, actually pups 
AS i walked in to the shed, i noticed it felt quieter than last year, it turns out on HALF as much were on offer than other years. But Geese and Chickens were around and also sheep on leads. But the pony in the sale room was cute i must admit. 


The chickens in the cages

Then it was finally time to head back to the fair by about 11:20 for the long walk back through the fair mile. 

The browse in the sun. 

Well it was a long browse indeed and so many stalls to explore and I decided to finally get a welsh cake to take home with me, only a sweet one for a quid but it helped me experience the taste of one for the first time. Then more fortnite merch and the usual stalls appear. Then I went into the amusements, I even taught a kid how to play on a fruit machine, but it was time to get the bit to the square

The view looking down to the square

The shweet welshcakes for £1.00 each

Then it got to the auctioneers, with a fair bit of crowds of various tat from the Saunders bloke  But the crowds were buying for sure. From toys to other bits too.

The view of the crowds for the auctioneers

The Geofilter survives 
But then it was carrying on and seeing the stalls, ,like more fortnite merch was overload, but something with Epic Games not putting copyright for licensing, (about to change with what i had heard today) but still something that will be worth looking into. 

The mass of fortnite merch

Then it was seeing sweet stalls with 3 for 2 on kiplings and even cadbury Oreo sandwiches. Bit then I explored my way to the Bus station and it turns out the Sizzler is here this year instead of a Carousel like the classic days but that inflatable hat is cool, But then it was time for the Fair. 

A snap filter looking back at the square 

Looking towards the bus station. 

The midday Fair

So, its nearing 12, the walk to the fair is always busy in one way, with the power of the rides giving thrills to us all, but there was alot of gaps and space, so it was no way crowded. But I also enjoyed a bit of hoop throwing. That failed badly but I enjoyed it before I made my way out and back on the road to carry on the exploration. I only saw a customer or two i think. 

Entering the Fairground

The Scenes

The filter is at it again 


Danger Zone

Ghost Train 

Superstar and Freddy

Then it was the walk over to the next round of stalls. 

A stallful walk back 

But then it was time to walk back to the home with the road in front of me, which had so much choice of stalls, from clothes of LGBTQ+ from nepal to the food vans passing. But not much looked at my eye minus phone stalls, Fortnite merch and the lollipop heaven. 

Lollipop Heaven 

Views of the fair 

The nute house

Cute feabie memes 

More Views

The buying of lunch. 

So, it was nearing the end of the vlog by 12:30 and I was deciding on how to spend exactly 10 quid on lunch which was a hard goal, But i got to the 3 stalls near each other ot make it happen. Donuts for £3.00, Chips and BBQ sauce for £4.00 and £3.00 for a burger. 

The donuts was quick and easy, no hassle there, the was a short wait for the donuts, but it really got me excited to see if this will work.
This is the view from the noodle 
Then we go to the Noodle bar, which was nice and the chap was asking about Glass which was cool while I was waiting for the £4.00 chips and BBQ Sauce.

The Noodle Bar
Then it was finally the time to get the food van  whch the rep asked what i wanted  and then I said about the burger and he managed to get £0.50 off the burger and then he made a joke about not taking a holiday so I said about not having a holiday/week off, so he took it easily on me. But nicely worth the £3.00. 

The burger van i visited
Then it was time to head off home to get this up, walk a dog and call suppliers while flirting with girls on snap. But there you go. Now enjoy the other vlog