Monday, 13 August 2018

The studio sorting

Well, it's a heavy rain day and after waking up at 8:25 after a short sleep from 3am to get the video up and also seeing zara much bigger now and a deal that no food until we meet up, yes we might be meeting when I can chat with colleague about time off. it was time to help torchy out and get the studio ready. there is no vlog since it didn't have much going on. but here go

The wet run and catchup

the weather has been absolutely appalling with pouring rain down and after packing for what I thought I need, I left by 10:27 and 11 minutes later I got to the usual pickup point where torchy was in trackies and also like a right front car bottle mess.

but then we got to catch up while he has a week off work, legacy was busy with new commitments and well, it was nice to let a lot out that I talk about on here really. but the rain was still pouring down and we didn't get any extras on the way in. but eventually we got in to the flat.

Emptying the Studio mess

To be honest, this was just getting the rubbish cleared, with the foam panels to make up, (10 panels left) and that was nice, but there were alot of mess and all the cardboard to be used was binned, some foam was binned and then we got the pasting table folded which made so much up. To be honset, it got a few attempts to get it folded with the legs inside but double sided tape got it done, then we Moved it into the hallway along with all the other stuff. But then it was to put most of that bag in the bins and clear his place up a bit. 

a rubbish clear out

Which first things first was to clear out rubbish, like 6 bags full of it and trust me that was some strong smells happening here, I was nearly close to puking, but we got it down. Although I locked myself out the first-time from the back door and a neighbour helped and got me unlocked and told me to lock the door afterwards.

Then it was massive cardboard boxes to go down and a massive sack, like Santas but full of well rubbish. Then it was the organising it into the many bins that were there. the funny thing is that the sacks  were only a weeks waste, but the cardboard was next to the bins since of how many there were. But once that was closed, We got going on getting the studio sorted.

The Final touches of the studio

Now we had to hammer in Coax clips to the wall for his ethernet cable now that babba is starting to crawl as well, so we found the clips and he got that hammer and stretching the Cable, which we only used about 10 clips, it worked nicely. We got the ladder out for the cable over the bathroom and that was tight too. But then it was the slight angle on the walls to deal with. But that was done with a few clips. Then it was the last angle before the stretch to the door. That was done and then it was one last one after the door to keep it tight. It did and well, worked nicely. 

Then we had the Cork board, so using nails from the coax clips was the clever way, 4 bashed in to the wall right next to the door, it fitted decently. Which then lead to finishing the Last bits of foam. Getting 10 panels back on, some falling off the celing and also the 10 we had left was for the final bit of the wall on the opposite side. We got that done. So the last bit was 2 things. 

The Sofa

This was a surprise, Torchy said he don't think it would fit by the wall with the corkboard, but first we did a chuckle (RIP Barry by the way) to get the sofa out of the lounge to the main hallway, with moving cat cages to the kitchen beforehand then getting it moved. Turning it tallways to get it in the studio door helped and Then we placed it in front of the desks. Which was OK but didn't feel RIGHT. So i guess it would fit, he didn't we tried it and it fitted JUST RIGHT. Which he was relieved big time and it looks so good now. So we got the cushions in and then it looked so in place, but one thing left. 

The Screen curtain

Now this was a nice bit of those moments with using a Green screen frame to act like a cover or curtain to "block" natural light. Which positioning the poles, it worked like a angle of diagonal and that then was standing on the greenscreen which then the screen was hanging over and the white screen was underneath, it worked and then really made a difference, Then the gaming boxes and the tools and pasting table was stored behind it, Made it look really good. 

The results. 

It looked amazing, professional minus some painting work on the back wall by the sofa and made it more spacious now. Like it really did. With the sofa next to the wall, a bit of space for normal filming and also a curtain for the green screen eventually if it hangs over. but we were both impressed and it felt complete, this was since March.

The Desk

The Sofa

The Lights and curtain

Passing the time

So, after that, was making adjustments to the PC to make streams better, woth SLOBS, NVENC was the best way to work with the elgato. Then a MCC stream he ended up doing topless and it was like 11% CPU usage and no lag. But the GTX745 was nearing 60C idel, so a PC clean was needed. Disconnected it all and baba was in the middle of the room, PC next to him when we both cleaned the GPU and CPU Heatsink. But then it was getting back together, it worked fine and slightly cooler. But then we changed his setting and it worked beautifully. Then it was getting wifi and the hub going, IP changing was the goal. It sorted out a few issues after getting passwords right. 
Then Flossy cooked up pasta after the three of us were deciding to what to have, she was hungry anyway. So she made some clean pasta for me and cheesey for her and Torchy. I had mine and it was lovely. 

The Pasta flossy made me

Then I and Torhcy talked on what games were coming out which might be work on streaming soon and then it was coming towards 6pm and after planning on what we will do soon, maybe edtijng days to get things done like montage editing. 

The Home and evening 

Then it was time to get a nice talk about plans, with things that might even work, from the weather getting  tunnel vision to plans on a esports team but things will be in a long time for that to happen. But we got back to monksmead by about 7pm. But it was really nice to catch up. 
Then it was a nice few meals to end the day. 

A ham sub with chicken and crisps. 

That was it, another weekend gone but more truths to be held. Expect more soon.