Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A night cycle for a Fireworks Display

Well as some of you know. it was Monday 5th November so fireworks were boomed across plymouth and Tavistock. and i was on the way home from work and decided i was going to go and have a check. so after my dad left to pick my mum, up. i prepared my bike and got a warms jumper on and then cycled off.
It was quite a fun ride in the pitch black, but quite dangerous with cycling on the a386 between Yelverton and Roborough, having to stop twice and also i broke my front light :(. Once i got to roborough, it was much easier. Below is some of the pics of the Journey there. :)

The bike at Tavistock Road after cycling in the Pitch black night.

The bike on the bridge over the flyover near Outland Road
Well i got there and had a look around, it was packed, i was late to the Bonfire lighting by about 10 minutes. But now i explored the fairground and then Started vlogging. I'll let the vlog explain from here:

Like the cover, took me 20 minutes using Paint.NET, quicktime's export for web feature and Word 2013 preview for the star. Heres some pics of the rides here:

Anyways the fireworks were quite short, but when i started walking back to my bike, i saw a girl i get on with and rubbed my back in the summer, we hugged and chatted then i started to cycle back. I passed mcdonalds and the girl i liked wasn't in then i passed Pizza hut and it was closed, i forgot they close at 9pm. But then i popped out to the George to get a glass of tap water.

Then i cycled back home, it was getting foggy, my feet were as cold as ice, my light fell off the road and the car passed and luckily didn't crush the thing. Them cheap halford led lights are annoying to fit the batteries in. But heres the rest of the pics of the ways back:
Outside the George at about 21:30

By the redrow estates on the last bit of the journey to my house.

When i arrived home, i found a slice to eat and made myself a Hot Chocolate

Well this was it, i arrived home and made that above meal. Then checked twitter and fb. But no luck with my quest for love. Work has been busy, with new responsibilities and yet the majority of the girls i like is STILL in relationships and the girl i love included :(

Anyways the next blogpost will be for dickensian or maybe sooner. 

See you later