Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Day 11

Its been a good day today.
Break was good. Well i tried experiencing feederism with Hannah Blowey (attractive with brown eyes, average height, darker blond hair with a nice voice and one of Millie's closest mates) using a poppadom dipped in some sauce. It backfired of course since she got nervous but before i attmepted it i did say to her "go with me on this" then did it.

Media was entertaining. The class was split up into 4 groups. Each group was to design their own quiz show. Our Group's idea was a quiz show that was hosted on top of a roof in a city.Each show was hosted in a different city & the contesants were from the city that the show was in at the time. Each series was to be in a different country from India to Holland etc. It was good fun tbh.

Japanese was ok. 2 mins after it started the fire alarm went off and everyone had to stand in your tutor group line & get registered. again it was another fake fire alarm. I di have a very short chat with Abbey (she looked stunning today as well). On they way back to lesson I was chatting to Millie & Ben. I had a chat up line which was "Maybe someone as hot as you could warm me up". Chatting to Millie, Perry & Lindsey for most of the lesson while doing one of the questions on the Mock Writing paper.

-==Just a tiny notice==-
Oh just to let you know that Millie & Abbey have been invited to Author & moderate this blog like i do.
-==Just a tiny notice==-

Lunch was average. Was Chatting to Sam Miller then chatting to Liv,April & Gabrielle & brought a Bacon, Baked Bean & Sausage Pasty for 90p (which is good value to me). Then I went to chat to Millie & Hannah for the rest of lunch.

Business was alright. Tor looked stunning today (it was probably the foundation but still really stunning). The zip on my pencil case broke but Joe Hair fixed it for me (thanks for that Joe if hes reading this).

Science was good. After me & David doing some of the work (more than most of the others done anyway) I went & chatted to Mille,Jamie,Ben,Chris & Gabrielle. I tried Flirting with Gabrielle but it didn't work.

Will be updated tomorrow.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Day 10

its been a long & tiring day for me day. I apologise for the Shouting below but it will get the point across way much easier.

Well I had Mr Hake & Mr Kinsman confronted me about this blog. The main point they were trying to get across was the fact that its "inappropriate". That was really funny since I ALREADY KNEW THAT & THAT'S WHY THERE WERE WARNINGS ON HERE. Also they both had the cheek to ask me if i was think this through. YES I DID THINK IT THROUGH (well most of it anyway). So now the blog stays on the condition that its private. That meeting well pissed me off but i knew why they did it without even having to ask. I think that they were worried that the College's Reputation would be crushed or lower because of me & this. Or it was the fact that they were sickened cause of it (They are not the only ones but there are not many who are now). Well I'm going to be honest right here: IF PEOPLE NEVER LOOKED AT THIS IN SCHOOL THIS BLOG WOULD OF NEVER HAVE TO BE PRIVATE NOW. But I'm glad this is private since I have more control. That said i feel there is no need to put this on blogger but i will keep it.

Ok Enough of the rant.

Maths nothing happend interresting really. I still was annoyed with earlier (See above). But before i went in I was chatting to Millie & Max Scragg (Average height, blue eyes & can be wild sometimes with his mates which can end up embarassing). Mille look even better than she did on Friday. Then it occured to me that she might be flirting but i thought not.

Break was ok. Sadie & Liv asked about what happened earlier. I heard someone make a joke about it which was funny.

In Science we had practical which was ok. Most of the Lesson I was talking to Gabrielle (A Stuning tall blonde, with blue eyes, a nice nose piereing & is incredibly smart with a nice voice)
& Millie & Jamie, Ben & others. I accidently messed up the expirement (ouch). Matt Pridham (Short, blond hair and can be funny (joke kind of funny) sometimes) took a picture of Me & Millie. It was really sweet (Which means there might be a spark between us) & I might put it up here if shes ok with it. I helped her with her RE Homework (as well as David Hill) which was for last lesson.

PE was better than last time. I thought I peformed well in the matches.

After PE i went Home. I Signed out. When i got there i got changed into casual clothes & had lunch then before 1:00pm we headed out for City College ( I was nervous like hell since I was worried about the interview and still stressed from this morning.
It actually turend out very well. The person that showed us round and gave the presentation was a nice guy. I think i messed up the assesment though really badly. He was watching the Obama inaguration ceremony (Well Done Barrack, You got my support even though it means nothing to you) and i was as well. The interview was better than i thought.
Well in the end the person that interviewed me says I have a guranteed place for the course i applied for but i might have to have the English & Maths Classes as well if I don't get a C in Both Maths & English.

Bye bye

Monday, 19 January 2009

Day 9

Well its the second Monday featured on this blog.

Assembly was about this person showing his photos of his 2 year sail across the Atlantic and around the Caribbean. The morale of this was to achieve your dreams you have to accept the challenges with it. He didn't actually say that i kind of worked it out.

I had Basketball in PE again. it was OK. I thought i done better than last time.

Maths was good. it was the last lesson on Substituting Formulae and it was confusing at some points but i generally understood it. Abbey had a caramel slice in her bag & showed Jamie it. It looked so lush and so thick (which i what i want her to be).

Break was OK. Went round with Sadie. I was going to buy her food but i ended up having not enough money. To be honest I really am starting to like her again but this time it feels different than before (in a good way). Sadie did she say she was joking about her desires to gain weight

English was good. In O Mice O Men things go bad (really bad) for Lennie. Nothing much else happened really except that Liv asked if I would go out with her if she gained a bit of weight. I said yes. Personally I would say yes to her if she asked me out at any weight but I would be extremely luckly if I went out with a stunning girl which also fulfilled my sexual desires (Having a girlfriend which is anywhere between 250lbs (18 stone) to 450lbs (32 stone).

Lunch was ok. I brought a drink for Roybn Hammond (Extremely stuning with, nice medium brownish to blackish hair and a nice personaltiy & bum) & Sadie. Then I found out my prom date (Jayd Linch) isn't going prom so im back to square 1 on that side after 3 months or more. Thats caused some problems. Then i was looking for Millie & asked her to prom. She said shes got someone for prom. Then Elliot Hoyte wanted me for some reason so i went with him to where Ruby, Lindsey, Leah, Janine & some of their mates were. I was there for a bit then April said Abbey wanted to speak with me so i went over to her & chatted for a while. I also chatted with them for a while with Sadie at break.

In Eletronics we carried on planning our coursework. Dan Gunell, Dan Westcott, Gary Jenkin, Rob Holland & others asked to borrow my USB Stick to copy some files off there to their work area.

Media was good. 2 minutes in & it was snowing outside. (only small amount but still good). We continued with the History of Quiz shows. I found out for all of my media coursework i got a C which is one grade better than my target grade which is a D. The grade i got is for half of my course in media.

I uploaded a video I made yesterday:

Sammy Place Studios: PSP Revolution Video 1
by omracer

Tomorrow i've got an interview at City College in Plymouth which i don't really want to go to.


Sunday, 18 January 2009

Day 8

Well hardly anything interesting happened today.
Except that i have windows 7 installed on Virtual PC 2007 SP1.
The screenshot below was during the installation process.

Its OK. Its run at a good speed with 1.35GB of ram on it. I did a little editing of one of the wallpapers.

This is before I edited it:

This is after I edited it:

Next week will hopefully be good.


Saturday, 17 January 2009

Day 7

First off i will no longer put the day & date in since blogger does it for me.
Well today was good. I did fantasize over sadie this morning. It was good.
I went to town to do some stuff. Topped up my phone & brought & brought 3 Post office saving stamps for my mum. I made it up to Millie in a really romantic way. I brought a small white rose for £2.00 from one of the Florists in Tavistock (I know now what im going to get Sadie & Abbey for Vakentine's Day) & went to her work. I ordered a flapjack (Which was so tasty) as an excuse to give it to her. I gave it to her when she brought the flapjack out and she kinda got embarrassed when she brought it in (i was sitting outside btw). The flapjack was £1.65 which was good value.

Then i went to the Pasty House to get a drink. I spoke to Leah & Seona (She stunning which medium to long ginger hair, blue eyes and a sweet feminine voice) they asked me to go to the party which is currently happening as I type this. I said no for the same reason i told everyone else who asked me.

I walked home. I downloaded Every Extend Extra for the PC (link:
and played that for a bit.
Then I went to KFC (with my mum & dad of course) for a quick meal. After that we went in B&Q for a hour or more. Then we went to Tesco for some shopping. Saw David Hill (Average Height with Black Hair & friendly) & Matt Jefferies (Similar to David only a tiny bit shorter). Finally we came home & it was raining heavily.

Good night.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Friday 16 January 2009 (Day 7)

Today's been ok. Things have calmed down a bit but there are the little things to sort out. Which reminds me to tell you that the following changes have been made:

  1. This blog is not listed in the blogger directory & in search engines (for example google). Even though I've changed it it might still come up in google (That is now beyond my control).

  2. I've had many people asking for things to be changed or deleted. Mostly negative things have been deleted. Please read this before you asked for things to be changed since it means it doesn't break the terms of service if i mention something negative about someone unless its a lie. For wanting stuff added (For example Summer Piper just asked me a minute ago to mention one of her mates I don't even know called Martin to be in this). Let me remind all that this is a form of a diary and I don't just put random people in it since a lot of people have though this is so.

I think that will help reader understand.

First off in English we started (or continued for 10 or so of us) our original piece of writing coursework. The minimum amount of words for the piece is about 700. That kind of worries me but we have until 30Th of January to complete it so it doesn't feel so bad. Chatted with Sadie for a bit as well.I loved her before but not as much as Abbey. I also found out that someone is spamming the link of this to many people (and blogger isn't filtered in school anymore which makes me kinda nervous.

Break was OK. Sat with Summer, Jasmine & one of their mates for a bit. They asked about the blog (It seems to be on every one's mind atm).

Science was OK. Ben Pridham asked me if I wanted to go with him to a Party at St Dominics on Saturday. I said no. I'm not really that confident at parties (I've only been to a party in Oct 2007 & in year 6) since most of them are now more alchol involved. I found out my Grade for the retakes I taken in November 2008 & I Got:
  • A Grade C for the Chemistry 1A Paper.
  • A Grade B for the Physics 1B Paper.
  • A Grade C for the Physics 1A Paper (the one that was mentioned in the news because it had mistakes on the paper.)

Maths was good. It was the second part of using formulae. It was harder but i understood it. It was funny since there was some argument but Jamie Montgomery had to hold Abbey's Mirror up so she could do her hair. I could admire her doing that for hours.

Lunch was good. I ended up walking around with Sadie for a chat about relationships. But before that someone shown me a picture of this ssbbw. She was around 600lbs + I think. He asked "You like that don't you?" I said shes a bit too big for me. Sadie then said something like "I wanna be as big as that" in her sweet feminine Birmingham accent (which is another thing I love about her). I think im gonna have to talk to her about it since if she had the chance i would give to her if she is being serious.

Media was entertaining. Learing about the influence of the 1950's American Media had on ITV when it first started in 1955.

Japanese was good. Millie was talking to me now (yay things are being resolved-ish). She suggested i should go to the party i mentioned earlier. I said no & told her why not. Shes going to it as well as Ruby & Janine & Leah & their mates in a Taxi (A bit confusing). We chatted to each other about things. When the person sitting next to Millie was talking about rubbing bellys (A nice fantasy i like) I kinda got turned on really quickly and up it went (you know what im talking about). Then pretty much we were chatting about my sex life & Millie thinks i'm not ready for sex. I kind of agree with her but I feel i've still gotta do the challenge.

Overall this school week started off good but slipped from Wednesday Afternoon and then went up again. I feel that something isn't right and i don't know what.

Laters. at 9pm in going to watch CNN.

bye all

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Thursday 16th January 2009 (Day 6)

Well after yesterday's problems I thought today was going to be bad but it didn't turn out so bad. but i did have a really bad stomach ache during the morning.
Well in English things didn't turn out as bad as i thought. Sadie & Liv reassured me to keep the blog. Anyways we carried on reading "O Mice O Men" and we read the bit was about when Crooks, Lennie & Candy were all in the barn together. Sadie understands it as well as i do even more (well since shes know the end) and as well as that she did say something to me which is stuck in my mind which was something along the lines of "I wanna be as big as a house before i'm 18" which surpirsed me in a good way. She didn't mean it though.

In PE I had basketball which was alright. I slided accidently twice which hurt my ass & hands alot. Once during one of the warm up activites & once during one of the games....I Think.
for the matches everyone was in a teams of 4 & Sadie was one of my teammates. We were close to winning on some matches but we didn't. Mostly because of me.

Break was ok. Sadie came over & chatted for a while which cheered me up. She can cheer anyone up. My stomach was really hurting by this time.

Maths was average. Didn't talk to Abbey though :-(. We were learning about using Formulae which was at Grade D level but it was part one of 2 lessons which the second part is tommorrow. Summer Piper asked me how i remeber stuff that happened earlier. I said i kind of sticks into my head

IT Nothing happened.

Business was intresting since we were learning about the EU & the euro affecting businesses & the public. The funny thing that happened was that the person sat next to me (Tor Mills. A very attractive girl with medium brown hair, sweet voice & many other nice things which i can't remeber) heard about this and slap me three times. But that was for a different reason which was that when she slapped me she would be mentioned on here. it was weird but funny though.
But for most of the lesson i was checking out (or admiring) Janine Bartlett. Shes one extremely attractive girl with long soft hair which is nicely coloured. Kind of like Ruby's only darker. Brown eyes and plump lips. I was in love with her for 9 months. J9 Beats & Tunes ( was based on her (which hasn't been updated and for that i'm sorry).

After school the gates were locked so alot of people including me were annoyed......10 mins later some caretaker opened the gates.

Well for the Challenge i've undertaken (the main reason this blog was set up for) progress has been going really slow and with Abbey & Sadie (I've had a thing for her & she knows it too) being taken it makes me feel like I won't be able to be in a intermate relationship which isn't good. Any Chance with Millie has just walked right out the window and then some (which is all my fault). But its currently early days and I won't be able to attempt the other challenge until 9th March 2009.

I've think i've wrote enough. Now for some Trackmania Nations Forever. I downloaded it off steam during the Xmas holidays & its a good FREEWARE Game. You can either download it off Steam Here or off the Trackmania Website Here. If you have a Trackmania Nations or and Steam account my username for both is "omracer".

Good Night

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Wednesday 14th January 2009 (Day 5)

Ok apart from last lesson this has been a good day really.

In Eletronics it was ok. We chose what project we wanted to do for our coursework.

In Media we had our Grades for our animation & i got a Grade D. Thats like my target grade for nearly all of my subjects so if i reach it i still won't have a good chance for jobs.

Japanese was average. We were going thorugh a reading & responding exam. It was alright even though i was bored out of my head & chatting to Ruby Luxton. Shes very attractive with dark brown kind of hair, nice voice and for some reason is interested in this blog which confueses me.

Lunch went ok. I was tslking to Sadie for like the last 10 mins & i accidently got erected over her. It not the first time though thats happened though. The thing is she knows what turns me on though which is one of the special things about her is that she can turn most normal sexual prefrenced guys on.

Business went ok. Except that Gareth Phlipps & Matt Pridham sent some prank texts.

Science was good for the first half but it went into chaos in the last 10 min (Read the EXTRMELY IMPORTANT NOTICE for why). Thats when Millie & One of Arpil's mates heavily complianed. But a short time before that Dainel Gunnell (one of my best mates sometimes)
called me twice for some reason & Abbey text me and was annoyed but that was sorted out at around 6:14pm though.

Got homework to do.
things are going to go wrong for a while so i mightbe a bit annoyed.

Oh and if you want to know DAVE +1 is coming to freeview as well as CNN,Rocks & Co, and Discovery Quest. freeview is going through a weird stage atm.


Well blogs like these can't even last 5 Fucking days anymore. From how many verbal complaints I received within about 10 to 15 mins was extraordinary. I could list the people that complained but it would be a waste of space. I don't get some people sometime. Ok i will admit some of it is abit sexually graphic but that is me personal thoughts. BUT THIS BLOG WILL STAY EVEN IF IT MEANS HAVING TO GO PRIVATE OR RATE AS ADULT CONTENT. Earlier I had to Amend some changes by request. Pissed me off doing it but i did it.

Just remember this:
this blog is like a public diary and some personal thoughts will appear here. The people mentioned in this blog are described in a postitive way and should not be offended. Its a big shame people can take this the wrong way.

What makes it worse for me it this:
Download & scoll down to the date 14/1/2009 or someting like that.

This really kind of pisses me off & some people exaggerated too much.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Tuesday 13th January 2009 (Day 4)

Well it been an average day for me Today.

Maths was good. We had a cover teacher (Mr Sutton). Which meant that everyone sat where they wanted to so i tried sitting next to Abbey Coombe then she moved somewhere different. Luckily by chance i got kicked out of the seat i was in & sat next to her (she didn't mind......i don't think anyway). Anyways we chatted & after the person opposite me (David Hill) saw my screensaver on my phone which was a picture of Courtney (Also known as Plump Princess He got shocked & then she asked me something along the lines of "If you like fat girls then why do you like me?" I said that i like her for who she is. Basically everyone i fancied was an exception. She was alright about that then we just chatted. Now this become funny & erotic (well for me anyway). She was hungry and she asked the person she usally sits next to in maths (Jake Westlake) for a Kitkat Chunky (I think they are the best product out of The Kitkat chocolate brand). He said no but she tried many times then she asked me to do it. I said yes & I asked him & tried many times. Then he said you can give to her if you buy it off me for £30. I said now. In then end she took it off him. Now for me seeing a stunning beautiful girl (such as Abbey) eating junk food is very erotic for me for some reason. Well she ate it but in a nice manner way. She througly enjoyed it though which make me happy that shes happy. Then we chatted for a while about many things such as when ramdom people asked you for money. We also talked about food used in sexual foreplay. She used whipped cream once. Then she told me about the best addition to homemade pancakes (well for her anyway) are Lemon, Sugar & Jam & something else i forgot. Then she said about doing a cooking show and eats what she cooks & blossoms into a bbw or ssbbw. That made me remember about & . I did tell her about that as well but she might not of heard me but I'll send her it later & explain then. If ever she does do that & has her cooking show she will be everything i would ever want. Love you Abbey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

In IT not much happened except a guy dared me to put 3 Strawberry lockets in my mouth . Well I did & my mouth became cool (not as popular cool the other cool). Mind you it was hard to talk & my teeth couldn't crunch all of them. Oh and Millie Chinn is still really annoyed with me & I'm lost on ideas of making it up to her. if you wanna help please comment & say what i could do.

Then at 1:00pm I had my electronics exam. The time set by WJEBC/ADBC (the welsh exam boards i meant) was 45 minutes. I finished the whole exam in about 20 minute & triple checked it for the rest of the time.

Then it was lunch. Sadie Moss wanted to talk to me for a bit. Shes is one stunning girl with long bright, blond hair, very soft skin & has a nice bum. She is probably the nicest/kind hearted female student in Tavistock College. Very good friends with April. Then i walked around for a bit then i got forced & punched once to do sit ups so i did them..............problem was one of April's mates (you will know about her tomorrow so don't worry) had a go at me for doing them & Abbey was there.

You know I've realised something:
"Love's chances comes to you when you embarrass yourself."
I know its crazy but its given me chances with the people i love & loved, For Example:
  • I had to street dance (well dance anyway) for Abbey twice or so. Yesterday was the one time its really got me somewhere (read what happened).
  • Doing stuff on webcam can sort wrongs to rights (Sammy Place & Seona Sinclair...Very Good Example).
  • If it wasn't for Jimmy Lovering daring me to kiss Charlotte Rolls this blog & all of me feelings of love would of never existed.

Well there are more examples but i think that enough writing for today.

Good Night Everyone.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Monday 12th January (Day 3)

Well its a soaking wet start of the second week in 2009.
Had Assembly today. Our Headmaster based it on challenges and why people should give up the challenges they undertaken. its a longer way of saying what you put in you get out. for example if you have studied thoroughly for an exam you will get high marks in that exam. Shame that is not always 100% true sir. I feel like my New Years Resolution is like a really hard challenge for me but I'm determined to achieve it.

Well that was boring then after that it was Japanese. Some girl i rather moved back into out set. Shes called Millie Chinn. Well Millie is tall with soft brown hair (if its curled it really,really,really,really stunning and then some more) and lush hazel like eyes. We were friends but we fell out on the 18Th December 2008 and hasn't forgiven me since then even though i keep saying sorry.
What happened was that she asked me what I think was attractive about her compared to one of her mates who was sitting opposite her in our science classroom & I said she had an Xtra Factor compared to her mate (you will find out who on Wednesday) but she thought I said she was fat & that's how it happened.

The fire alarm went off for 20 Min's and it was a false alarm or it could of been the boilers in one of the boys Toilets (according to James Lockley).

Later during the day it gets so much better. In English we were reading Chapter 3 of "O Mice O Men" by John Steinbeck (who is a socialist) & i like the book since its focuses on the Great Depression & The American Dream & all that.

By the end of lunch my heart was racing.
What happened was that i was walking round the refectory & the girl i love so much (Abbey Coombe) & her two best mates (April Rendle) ran right past me & one of them asked me if i wanted to go with them & hold Abbey's hand as well so I went with them and then someone came over and want me for something then they forced me to dance & Abbey asked as well & April added Abbey would will kiss me if i do. My heart just wanted me to dance so i did & then again & again & again. After that she kissed her hand & touched my face & then 5 Min's later she kissed me on the cheek. Maths was OK but Summer Piper, Jasmine Hocking & Ella Selman were being a bit annoying.

Unless you know me you would probably be confused thinking "Who the hell are the people I'm talking about?" This would help you:

  1. Abbey Coombe is a beautiful, stunning, kinky, shorter than average height, dark sea blue eyes girl. She is so sweet in personality and anyone who is with her will find out very quickly. I LOVE THIS GIRL SO MUCH...............Shame Shes not mine :-.(
  2. April Rendle is like a Blond Angel. Long Blond hair & has a extremely bubbly & hyper personality. She can laugh at anything (as long as one of her mates make the joke).
  3. Summer Piper looks attractive. With Blue eyes, short black fluffy like hair & mixed personality. She can be quite loud even though i like her voice at rare times but is nice more though :D. She likes to drink as well.
  4. Jasmine Hocking is a nice girl & attractive. She has long blackish hair, average height. Can be very aggressive at rare times. Very good friends with Summer Piper.
  5. Ella Selman is good looking. Has very curly hair, brown eyes and is friends with Jasmine & Summer.

Well I've got an exam tomorrow which i haven revised for yet. Its an Electronics one though so i should be good at it.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Sunday 11th January 2009 (Day 2)

Ok not much happened today.
Had to collect my Grandmother's Carpet from her house.
I set up my mum's computer in my hallwayso now i got 3 computers connected to my network.
School Tomorrow.......... This blog might get i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Saturday 10th January 2009 (Day 1)

Well this is day 1.
Nothing happen much today Except that i went down to Tavistock Town Centre to top up my Virgin Prepaid Mastercard in the post office (if you want one for £9.95 go to I saw one of my mates there (Josh Tromans) and spoke with him for a while. Then i had a succulent Bacon,Lettuce, Mayo & Onion White Baguette from the Original Pasty House. Someone in my Tutor Group (called Leah Roberts) served me. Shes a nice girl and shes very attractive (but now a bbw or ssbbw though). But i did see a bbw today in the pasty house.she works there as well as Leah. I know her and she incredibley attractive but shes not into fat admiration at all really. And she thinks i'm a freak cause im an FA.
Oh well.
Currently Watching American Pie 2 atm on ITV2.
Good night.

The Rules/Conditions

Even though my resolutions are the ones in the post above there are some rules i will have to follow to make it better for me.

If i break any of these rules it will mean that i have not completed any of my resolutions but it doesn't mean i won't give up.

  1. Rule 1: If i get into a relationship it has to be for at least 15 days or more.

  2. Rule 2: It doesn't count if I have sex with someone who is very drunk since I want her to remeber that she had sex with me INSTEAD of one of her mates telling her the next morning. Also I can't be drunk while having sex.

  3. The sex MUST BE SAFE. i.e we both use protection.

  4. The Relationship MUST have some form on intermacy. i.e there must be a passionate kiss every so often.


The title for this blog was created by Daienel Gunnell & Jamie Montgomery
Well this is a diary is mainly for me to keep track of my New Year Resolution/Challenge which is to either:

  • Be in a intmate relation with someone form the opposite sex OR

  • Have sex with someone of the opposite sex

I have to complete one of these tasks before 20th July 2009.

I will also put the main events that happen each & everyday from now until then.

Well heres a list of stuff about me:

Name: Matthew LT Marker

Age:15 (16 in march)

Location: Tavistock, Devon, England, UK

Currently Educated at: Tavistock College

Relationship Status: Single

& Im an FA as well.

I think thats all you need to know.

A Pic of me:

Next pot will be the rules