Tuesday, 4 August 2020

The mask steps into working of a new reality - Lockdown stage 8

Things are starting to change for the summer here which really can make things change to this degree, the life of stores having to make sure masks are worn, the face places up north have gone into lockdown and well it seems like there might be an extension of time for me to prepare due to the potential of a second wave, but today we get to talk about all of this.

July has a change in the air.

We even start on the day right after my 11th Twitterversary, which it was the start of a really long week in work, well visit wisely it has been and its probably been the longest ridge I've done since the lockdown has kicked in, which was a visit to Lifton and a story of a bike. A bike that sadly was on its last bearings and really had to lose its way.

Now we begin that day with a hot day at that, I cycled my way on the back roads, which I was cycling and the tire was starting to feel softer than usual, this was going to be the bad moment for later that day. But I was stopping here to change brakes, well adjust them. But the views were amazing. I mean it was that feeling of that it was going to be a long day.

The view from a fence and a junction.

Looking out to the road we need to cycle on 

The hills were tough and the heat was strong on this one and the fact it was that little bit more scenic and somewhat safe to cycle on, but as I was cycling I was noticing the tyre was getting more bouncy and bouncy as well. As the realism of the tyre being flat was very real and we'll luckily I did make it to the customers in the Hour and 15 minutes along with the headset taking one call I think. 

Either way, the visit went well and there for a 2-hour and so then it was the time to go home after visiting a local posh farm shop called strawberry fields.  Its one of the places you can pick fruit and also get posh local produce, so since it was near the way back, So I explored it and managed to get a few bits. my mum did WhatsApp me just as I was about to leave. I saw things i was never expecting, like the spice pots and also the apple and elderflower juice I bought on eBay a few years ago for mother's day. 

The wind turbine just by the field 

The purchase from Strawberry Fields, 

Then it was the time to cycle to find a garage in Tinhay down the road,  to get the tyre pumped up, it was full-on soft and well flat so it was making sure I could be able to pump it up, Which I went to one garage and they did not have the right valve but one of the side petrol stations did and well he was quite blunt for his age but his colleague did get me pumped up. Then I cycled up the hill to the Lifton Post office to pay work money into the work account. Then it was the long cycle home in the afternoon heat. 

The view just after I left the post office

Then it was the cycle,  the first hill was sadly the end of the tyre which well means it was going to be a long hour and a half cycle home, which at one point, it was a long hill and during that hill, I got a call from my supplier and puffing up that was a pain, but at the end of it all, it was the top of that hill and I felt exhausted. It was time to have a sip or gulp of all the bubbly and then Time to huff my way over hills and the way home. 

The Hill that knackered me out due to the tyre

But then it was finally time to get back even if it was nearing 6pm and well 1 hour 41 minutes sorted out. Which then it leads to trying to catch up with more things to happen for work on that week. Even having to get the eyebrows shaved after a shower, even on a day off, things need to be caught up on and online work was no exception to this rule. 

The after shower selfie

Rosie and finely on the same bed it a vibe

Which then it takes online work to get done and soon the new law with facemasks in shops was to be a reality, which okay, for work means no change since I wear if needed anyway. But for me luckily, I got to work online for that weekend until Saturday, but we have to learn about things catching up with me. That included having a house party with a girl I used to feed and even a few mates of hers as well. This also makes me think of wanting to have Chicken from Dixies. 

since as I was working online I got a text from someone in the past who I've tried to have attempted to meet up with. But she texts me to say she got offered to be in a documentary and also something help she needed but we talked, we did apologise for how we both acted in the past, but it turns out a fair few people been asked about the documentary (well from feabie it seems) but most have refused well understandable so after some daily mail chaos last year.  

But it even had my first of leftover KFC too.

Leftover KFC mum brought back home and an egg and bacon pasty she made

But after that, there were some nerves in one way to see what to do, but it was also time to do life in the day.   Which was a nice way to enjoy filming and also a realisation of glass that needs to be fixed, which I did get time to later on in the week after this? 

This day was mostly rain on the new bike I had and the rain was pouring down, so it was a distance to cycle. But sometimes it's nice to have a morning routine, especially the fruit smoothies. 

Morning selfie 

The smoothie

Then it was the time to go shopping with a mask in Tesco and Lidl as well, filming in there won't happen for the requirements will be the hassle here. But I got some bits sorted which was nice to buy like the cat food and also some nice drinks. Plus there was this girl that told me how good the Devil's food 

The £7.17 shop in Lidl . 

The £8.13 shop in Tesco

Also, it was a nice tea after it as well. 

But then it was time get that edited which was to be delayed due to online work for something important I had to pay for this week coming. Since this next week, it was going to be another full week of working in real life with things to catch up on. But it was also time to learn to be more responsible, which actually life was also feeling like autopilot mode so that's all I could be. 

As the start of the final weekend of July was going to kick in, it was good to catch up and also take time, which actually was meant to be on the video editing really, but that was on Monday. Which was for #gamingconfessions and the launch of the attack on obesity from the government, yes its a fair thing they need to address but it will do more harm than good on the society of life and well, yeah it's going to make being or enjoying being a feeder hard but we can hope this is a fad of some sorts due to the COVID pandemic. 

But as that moved, on, it was working and again more adventures of distance cycling and even a possible chance to visit a town I dont really feel like using a bus to get to,  luckily that customer cancelled. so it was a visit to Lifton again. Before that was a long day of work and then one nice amount of rice to have before it. 

Then, some teens on insta were taking the piss and also invited me to the group chat, like um. I was drained when i got back home and read this 
The screenshot

But then it was full of work to catch up, distances to go and deliveries to make, but soon it was an improved distance and experiences of more shopping in Lifton. This time we bought reduced scotch eggs that have curry in them. 

Then it was the time for the chance to spend time with family on that Thursday. So this has a day of its own. 

A hot hoe zoo outing of work regret 

The Brunch morning, 

So, it was we start with a drive to my sisters at 8:30 in the morning since we have some brunch booked at 10am by a place I've always wanted to go on a date. Which actually this was planned late in the week of last to be on my dad's birthday exactly, but both I and my dad were not sure if we would be able, I mean I just had to push customers back by one day but I later find out, it makes things work in a worse way. Waking up was pretty tricky, I mean I did set google to do an alarm for me at 8am and I then got up about 8:15 or so before that time. 

Then we get to greet then we go to her car and well, we Park at the waterfront, which the views are beautiful. 

The views from waterfront

That ocean right there

Then we order drinks which prices I've not been sure about but orange juice is nice even if over £1.50 a glass, but this is a posh place with a view so no shocks in this regard I will admit. 

The glasses of juice while we wait to get the order 

so it came to ordering food so I had a sausage bacon sandwich which costs £6.00. It was nice even if the sausage was tasting similar to when I cooked sausages using a sandwich maker. but my sister had leftover pancakes so I added one to the sandwich. 

The £6.00 bacon sausage sandwich 
Then i added a leftover pancake to it

Eventually, it was nearing 11am and after we chatted and all felt full, we then left and started to walk around the barbican. well, we parked nearby anyway, it somewhat reminded me of 2017 when I walked around Plymouth in the Sun like this. 

A 48mp view of Plymouth

As I was walking around, I had my first call from work and told her I was no longer in my old shop and planning to move and then she thanked me and ended the call, but the barbican was glistening. 

The 48mp Barbican

The AI camera of the same place. 

We stopped by the mayflower site for a sip of £1.50 fanta while we were all talking and I had another phone call from a customer. Then we walked out a way around the hoe, I was thinking of wanting to one day hold hands with someone as we walk on the hoe one day but the views are always good. 

The AI camera of the marina 

the 48mp of the marina 

Which walking and seeing the sights did maker miss vlogging in Plymouth but at the same time, it was soon time to return to the car for the next part of our family day out for my dads birthday.

The 48mp view of the hoe

The same shot but in 16:9 AI 

I mean how you can not like this view is beyond me sometimes. 

The Visit to the Zoo on the Moor

We were back at the car by 12:10, it was time to drive to the closest Zoo that actually was hard to find since signs had been disappearing, my Nintendo rep from work which was the same chap that called me when I was cycling up the hill, called, we had a natter on amiibos, some order with paper Mario and a phone I did 2 weeks ago not arrived. the earphones we're working actually incredibly well. So eventually after a Honda accord does not make Siri loud enough when using maps to navigate, we got to Dartmoor Zoo about 20 minutes earlier than the booked time via the online booking of 1 pm.

The views from the carpark

 It was really a kind treat of my sister to pay the £15.31*4 (4 multiply by15.31) for all of us to visit. But just as we left the car, another customer called and I had to try to help but ended up booking her in for tomorrow evening as a 5th visit. We saw a nice enclosure for the Greater Rhea.

The lake for the birds

Learning what they are 

A better look at them via the fence

Then, tt was exploring other exhibits and seeing things in a new light. well, this one you see was closed to due to COVID Safety. There was a one-way system on the ground but if you follow it on the map it will confuse you, I mean there's a lot to see and it was safe anyway so not to worry. 

The Map

The closed walkthrough

The Aviaries were vast and nicely shown, the breeds we're just vast as well. There were romance and affection shown in pairs too, which the note 7 really did show amazing photos of the places around here. 

Toucans about

Close up is better 

Pairs of the birds 

The pair in a closeup 

Big owls on their own

Which then it leads towards the west of the park and well this is where sadly phone calls realised that talking a day off is a bad idea since one of my regulars called and asked how far away I was from Tavistock and I said i would not be free today and since she said it was an emergency she would have to use a different company, which is understandable since take one day off and unable to fit her in a quick time frame and well it causes that. So it put a fuck sake this is a regret time of frame on my end, which isn't really fair to take it out on the family (i didn't, but having the phone and headset with me gives me that safety of i can explain this in a voice method really). This was just by the Gordias having their feast and the smaller circle exhibit as well. 

The view across from a platform
One side of the gorida snacking 

Closer in is cute babies of sorts 

Then it was time to go to the interesting part of the big cats,  which before that was an ice cream break as i was on the phone to a supplier for something regarding streets of rage 4. But oreo ice cream is so good. 

The oreo ice cream

Then it was time to see the big cats, which some were coping in the heat not as well; as it seems. The cheetah was sunbathing and the tiger pacing. 

Sunbathing cheetah

The bright sunbathing cheetah

The pacing tiger at the back

Then it was coming to the lions like it was nice to see them and recently there was an introduction for some to group up but most were all sunbathing on the top side near us. But my dad was still shocked to see a wooden tower that he was rocking on 30 years ago still in the same place, even if the ladders to climb it had now been removed. 

Sunbathing on the corner just by the fence

The shade is one amazing place 

Then it was walking westwards to enter the replied house along with the chance of actually passing more owls and hopefully see a Siberian wolf, but the signal was dropping so one call can't be made which okay did save money but would piss off supplier knowing my luck.. The wait was quite a fair amount of time but it was nice to just not move and okay yes wear a mask but no problem in that. 

More of the owl 
Snakes inside a hole 

Reptiles under the dirt 

Geckos on the glass 

another view of them on the roof 

a hedgehog hidden under the tree


climbing up the tree

More of them. 

As the time to see it was coming to an end, it was more to see outside and actually, it was time to explore some last parts before we end this day of zoos, calls and sun. We then see the jaguar, racoon dogs and the lynx. Luckily there were no more calls for the part of most. 

Actually, the birds are 

Behind the scenes of a jaguar pacing
the hidden racoon dogs

as time was spending and it was the last to see some animals before we had a slush break and then it was the last time to walk down the hill towards the car for the driver back to my sister place, we passed through her work since I've never seen it for my own eyes before and shes not been there for the past 4 months due to them working from home. 

Otters in the sleeping mode 

The slush and the posh crisps 

The ostriches 

The sunbathing goat

The most adorable midget goat 

But then we finally got to my sister places and it was still nice and hot, so it was relaxing and seeing what my dad got for his birthday from my sister which was shorts and a shirt, but also I found it I was the biggest in the family now (immediate family) which doesn't surprise me regarding lockdown but that might balance out if I exercise more of if things happen which from the plans, they will. But well a slice of Apple Cinnamon cake is nice. 

The apple cinnamon cake

Then after chatting and talking, it was time to finally head our way home in the sun and well, things were nice to reflect and one last visit to a house to see grandad on my dad's side, which well things were looking not too good for his fiance. To sum the up, at the begging of the year there was a confirmation she had cancer and sadly she turned into a state of losing hope and not fighting it, causing him to feel overwhelmed and struggling to cope, even hiring carers did not help and then only 1 month ago, she was admitted to hospital and well no one has seen from her since, phone calls he has had sying where she is and how she is coping but well no eye to eye, especially during that pandemic, that makes things a bit more drastic but in the end, it proves a point of how confidence and turn someone around in a situation and well in a way, it means you have to push the positive side to see the good things in life. 

The view from a file, and cat on the left 

The consequences of the day out 

Then that was it, time was finally back to normal with me learning about the consequences of time off for a single day, but things have to be caught up with and well, we have to face that. So it turns out of running around for visits, I mean for 6 of them, in different places of the town. With hills to walk up, a care home to see if one of my customers luckily left there 2 days before after she went to the hospital the afternoon after I saw her last and told her about things that could happen which one of the plans is still one chance of hoping but I and someone special have to chat about that again one day. 

But after that and also some customer wants religious projects helped out with maybe filming commitments in the future (not involving me, I just teach her what editing skills from vlogging) but suppliers will help me out when I have to get refurb monitors for another project later down the line. But well after that and meeting relatives of regular customers who are really nice and friendly, it does make it being home at like 8:15pm, but just in time for a Chinese. 

One lush Chinese 

But then it was finally August. 


Well, what can I say, it starts off with more work to catch up on? But in this case, it was not as much as I was first to expect, since 2 in the morning with learning about Etsy and well also having to wait for urgent phone deliveries which it did arrive on the time I wanted it to. But it finally made it work for me when I got home at the end of the day nearly at 7pm. Which my parent's wen tout with my dad's friend for some drinks and That got me time to finally get a first proper live stream on twitter attempted this year of actually cooking some food. 

 Then it was that feeling of exhaustion which made me delay this and well, it's sometimes the time to refresh the mind and also reflect on the goals you have to start to achieve even with some extra things ending to be able to make this goal happen. So yes add no Dickensian vlog to the end of the No goose fair vlogs, which actually isn't so bad this year due to the things I have planned which also means more vlogs and videos in one way but in the other, it is a shame to not cover the events. But that night was also the night i saw my first mouse. 

The first mouse and yes that is Finely having his play before its inside did come out I'm afraid 

But then it was waking up on Sunday to have a walk before tucking down to get the video and this post edited. But that was pretty much the Sunday,. 

Rosie in the leat  bless her 

But as I was going to have a bath, mum said to me about the moon being out quite bright, so i took a pic before I went to have the bath. 

The night of sunset 

Then it was the Monday, which actually was a hot day and well having to finally sell an old monitor I reviewed over 3 years ago now. But it was going to go to a good home so I can't complain about that, But it was a hot day and before I went for the visits I did have a nice Frosties chicken pasta for lunch. 

The Frosties roast chicken pasta with some extra spices 

Then it was realising about the pans for the future and also having to save for something special in between this week and next week and also the realisation of a new vlog of shopping to do tomorrow which keeps things going plus I need to shave as well. But work in the evening was okay expect shorts ripping caused some painful chub rub and hours later my right thigh is still sore from it, even after a nice #dogwalkingwithomracer and getting to test glass and photos again. 

Just look at the way Rosie stands out 

And then that was it, times are changing and well this month is a big scary test to prove myself and make big jumps too. 

Vlogs and videos will be out soon.