Monday, 29 April 2019

The April to catch up on

Well, its April nearly finished, big plans are in store for May and also the vibe with new people to meet, feed and also wasted ubereats vouchers on. Things seem on the rise. But time to catch up in all honesty. But let's begin. Well just before a quick couscous meal beforehand.


The month starts with Rosie doing what she loves best and biting my shoes. Bless Rosie, her anger and ways are always staying the same, even if she hasn't seen me for a few days.

But this was right a few days after buying someone special (which did stand me up last month) a LOT of McDonald's. Like it was the best order I've done until later on. Like it was £20s worth of it and like 40 nuggets, signature collection and more for that price.

But things always get to be worried when you might not be able to meet her, it worried me but later on things looked much more hopeful, but also there was a chance of Serious mass for like £19.99 when its normally £26.99 and that was said to a cupcake who she told me the rule of protein weight gain shakes which that one has more mixed powder than actually content inside. Then it was back to cooking bacon in meals. 

That and it was finally time to get the Keyboard review up which makes typing such an amazing sound to do on the steambox now. Well worth it from work.

The Mech Keyboard 

But it was also the case that I and S were discussing that the burning feeling down there was making it painful, even after normal pissing and so she said to have a UTI Test, I did and well it actually came back clean as well.

The UTI Test. 

But also realising that I might actually go on holiday soon, it was needed so at least now I can find out what has happened too. I did also get some bundle of food from Tesco and Lidl for a possible Saturday night to myself since parents had a weekend away with family too. Which made things exciting and new videos to be made too, sure I could have gone on a night out but it was a bit of a rush to do. 

Some of that I did have to eat that night and then it was a failed delivery from Creams which was such a bad thing with Christea, well not her fault and she's been through so much and now there is a chance i can finally meet her. But for now, onions rings were sooo good with corndogs. Oh and walking Rosie at 4am too.

Apex was also a good game and I finally started Kingdom Hearts III as well. That was most of my nights sorted for gri8dning after this weekend.

But it was also the sad time that Alex did a strike on an old stream of his which is fair but he could of at least messaged me to take it down, fucking YT strikes is not what I need when im close to the 1K mark of subs.

But then it was normal working weeks and Pukka Pies to eat as well.

Also, it was looking good with chatting to new ladies on Feabie and FF, maybe a chance with another cute girl in Birmingham but it's still a not so sure thing just yet. But this girl didn't even show me what was bought with a £25 uber voucher I gave her so that chance was blipped out of the windows anyway. Maybe even one belly video about 20 seconds long. Which I and S agreed she was not interested in me at all. But more chicken pies it was.

But then it was time to have more things for lunch and Turkey was on offer so turkey cookie sandwiches it was. Oh, and I managed to get an RMA on a USB drive to happen and I feel lost in work a bit.

But sadly it was a time of reflection and missed chanced with girls and time flying by was making things a bit nervy for my new year resolutions, but there were months to go yet and especially May having some amazing plans, things might look up.

But Vectone Sadly raised their prices up, using the E-mail to get the PAC code was not working but it was time to change, luckily I had the same thing to call them and I got the PAC code from the rep and now work did a deal with Elite Mobile, I can change to another sim without going anywhere different.

Also, Origin wanted to renew and even 2 contacts later, I've STILL NOT had an upgrade to Fibre 64 down. But well might happen in May and then I'll nag them before a holiday was booked. Also, a cute patty and I got on really well and she's launching on a maybe popular model site which I did give her my copy of Movie Studio 15 for her.

But with the failed feedings, I was thinking I need a solid agreement to see where feeding takes us, which is a bit odd but I feel safe with things written down, can't dispute it then. BUT THEN things went interesting. Chloe messaged me to offer the chance to meet on Easter Sunday which really made things exciting, FINALLY, I WAS GOING TO HAVE MY 5TH DATE. I thought to myself while getting the caravan out of my parent's paddock which people were odd about.

But maybe the Caravan might not have videos made in them just yet but There's always a chance it could. Twitter reacted viciously to it but that's life. This was also the first time I had a video call on Whatsapp with a C cupcake, which she says I've been a legend to her, that made me blush hard.

But then the excitement for Easter was growing on me, I was working a fair bit and even the wind was against me for that week. But it was good planning for a 2nd Q&A.

But then Christea wanted another Indian takeout which was good and also I booked the same place for Silverstone again this year. Which is now in the cabin on the other side, I like that indeed. Jane is always a good host and I will get her a Micro SD card since last time she had the dog eaten one.

This was meaning now that and the Coach tickets confirmed, I was on my way to get this London trip booked, That's about £87 for Coach and That Airbnb, which is actually okay. Though I had the London part to sort out for later. But then it was Days Gone to drag to work.

Work was actually getting pretty expensive and financially fucked so had to invest £1,000 from savings again since a PPH here loan was already being paid off partly. But it helped in some ways I will admit. And then an offer of an iPhone 6S was on the cards, maybe too big to use for vlogging but for me, I was trying it then later on it was going to sell anyway. which was perfect timing for a weekend by myself and hopefully mt 5th date happening on Sunday. and Streaming on the times im at home.

But then it was the Q&A which was ideal to get filmed by myself and edited up in one night, no issues with the Camera or the laptop. So that was uploaded and I did miss out like 2 questions.

But then it was time to get things prepped up for the London part, The ubereats had another order and that was a quick 12 quid one but she promised she will meet me in May too. Chloe didn't say much at all and nerves were panicking too. So Kingdom Hearts 3 to stream until 2am that morning is the idea. But I did send a cutie £10 for maccies for her fix and a closer dater to meet up with. Oh and Rustlers is soo good :)

But then i got a nice Co-Op deal after work and debated on getting condoms for when I and Chloe meet, I didn't get any and well that was lucky I didn't since with no word from her, things were worried. But it made up for it with food and streaming KH3.

Then with that done, it was the big day and well since we didn't confirm WHERE we were meeting, it seemed like we were not going to happen, the day was hot, Easter was great and well, I made a video and broke the internet instead.

Then i was filming, sunbathing, using PS4 Remote play on the iPhone and fapping at 6pm, no word from Chloe and little chats with anyone, it was a major shame, but that's what getting my hopes up is like. But then i Broke the internet again in a tiny way from what I had for tea that night.

But this was then a normal week ahead. Work was busy and cleaning the house on Monday helped me nicely, especially with chatting to lucky ladies. But I also managed to get this plan done with booking the Airbnb and also bonding with S on the iPhone as well. But a good company of people from twitter wanted meals to rate.

But then it was a chance to get to feed someone I've been friends for years, she finally got fed, the £12 of food was cute and J & S even called me on snap and the cute snaps I got. Which is nicer than AJ whos been really blunt to me and didn't like the joke of a bugatti cutie which is meh but that's how she can be, luckily I don't feed her.

But the week went on and it was nearing a weekend to the end of the month, the food was okay, the chats with lucky ladies were good. But it was finally getting the chance to meet girls soon. I meant I've opened up to realise that I do have low confidence. Things will work out in the end, even with the food I had was lush. Then I got the Airbnb booked for London.

So, what has made things work on the resolutions? Well, there isn't much that has changed but next month will be dates and feeding and even the holiday again with new places to see and new things to vlog on.

Stay Tuned.