Monday, 24 July 2017

The day off

with July nearly over, it was always coming up to my monthly visit to nanna, with the weather being amazing and also the time right before I finally leave GAC in under 2 weeks time. it was time for a visit.

I woke up , with a new alarm on my phone and also having the redmi reset and on a xiamomi EU ROM due to Google play not liking the China ROM it's supposed to have. I checked the internet as per usual. Eventually it was 8:40 and time to get up, so I did.  by that, I had some washing to put out on the line and then a kiwi oroange smoothie to gulp before calling a supplier about ordering issues which I know how to fix now for another order.

Once that was done, I know a few admin and Checking things was to be done before I got change and headed out to get the bus, Rosie was sunbathing in the lounge window and I made sure water was topped up for her too. I got at the bus stop by 9:57 and waited until 10:15 for it.

The view when waiting 
Then it was getting the payment done which the driver ended up taking it when I left to get off at the usual stop, with me being the only one on the bus, it felt awkward at times. the return was £3.60. I eventually got off and walked to nans, it was nice to walk down, the heat was nice with a slight bit of wind too.

Getting off the bus

Another view
I got in then it was chatter about recent events, work, the past with family, memories my nan had and then sipping on a drink of a Schweppes fruit punch which is a meh taste to it.
Then it was helping out with my grandad's phone before we ended up putting the news on for lunch. that was a nice sausages, hash browns and baked beans meal.

The lunch

Following the case of the baby, trump's us russian drama and also the green energy plan before it was time to tidy up and talk some more while checking pics and social stuff. then it was half 1 and it was soon time to leave and then time to get the bus back. I packed up and me and my grandad were chatting as we walked up and then a friend of his walked by and we all chatted before 2:05 and the bus arrived, which was my time to leave. a few people got on as well as me and the journey was on. Halfway through, I noticed a butterfly flying on the window and gave a peek, which it rested and by 2:20, I was home

The butterfly
I finally enjoyed to catch up with the internet before fixing glass for a hour or 2 and then it was a chance to walk Rosie in the same place. Then it was nice since the wind was strong but also the heat made it nice and some pony was biting my jeans. But then from talking and we decided to get some food in Tesco. Which one of those purchases was for a review later on. £5.54 was the cost.

The £5.54 shop

Once thats was happening, i went toilet and then it was time for tea before I tried to have a look with glass, which had no luck. But the beef tacos were quite nice. 

The tacos for tonight
Then it was repairing glass which has now gotten stuck in recovery mode. But that didn't go so well, which then it went to be a game of thrones which then it made things get shocking and furutuama after that. 

More posts will come soon and I will try to get glass fixed or replaced before the Fireworks Championships and there might be a holiday too. 


Friday, 21 July 2017

a relaxing 8th Twitterversary Catchup

With the 20th of July passing, its the time of year that my 8th year of being of Twitter. Luckily this day was quite quiet. Things are looking up for me for the future now with the leaving of GAC. But now I can see how the Past year has been for me via Twitter. As well as a catch up on the past 2 months.

A Relaxing day off. 

So with waking up to a relaxing day but my mind reminding me that this catch up was needed, I did the usual morning routine before I had to backup my phone, which doing that was quite a time, like an hour and a bit. So doing that was a nice walk around Crease Lane but before that was this really nice toasted sandwich for breakfast. Ham, a homemade coselaw style mix, cold roast potato, mayo and peanut butter. It was soo good. 

The toasted sandwich I had for that breakfast. 
Then I got home and edited the next part of the Crash 1 Playthrough which i've been doing on and off for a few days now.

After that was another dogwalking with Rosie which was to pick mum up from work and this can be exhausting for Rosie, but she has her own way. By then it was 5:40pm and it was then time to relax and find out Stormy Ascent was released do i Downloaded that then it was a nice tea of Fish Fingers, Chips, Heinz boloneigse and extras.

Then it was a quick trip to Lidls then a bath and then typing this up.

A look at the past months. 


Things have definitely changed which actually the plans to leave my current job actually happened in may. Which it started off with a tutorial on how to trim jeans before it was time to go to Vote for Local Elections. 

Sure in between that, was actually some Drama on Feabie due to me recommending Feabie for someone that was looking for Plus sized ladies in london. Some people can be overeactive as fuck about it. Sadly you can't see that since Feabie warns bans on screenshots. But I've had some purchases from Tesco as well.

This was all well and good, work was getting busy afterwards but before the plans to get myself going were in place. It was also coming up to finding out that some "banter" from a scottish thing got one of my meals Famous, so much so, it was on Buzzfeed.

There was also a friend leaving work's landlord's place who i've been good friend with and we still chat, so me and 2 other mates in work bought him a leaving present. okay it was a Whetherspoons Giftcard, but it still an appreciation of him helping me out for various times and fun chatter over time.

Which after that, it was a nice Overcast #dogwalkingwithomracer to Princetown which was quite nice. This then went to the Two bridges for a afternoon tea.

The overcast moors

The scones and jam
Suddenly, after that was eventually a cycle out to Plymouth, which the secret errand was actually to get a business bank account for the new venture. Which asking in all the banks like TSB, Llyods, Santander, Barclays and even Nationwide had no luck. Which shortly after that i applied online for Santander and got through, which they are helpful as anything in this odd case and its eventually going to cost £7.50 per month as a flat fee rate. But that day was hot and lovely too. 

The barbican in the hot may sun

Cycling back #throughglass
Which after that, it felt like a quiet 10 days of working, chatting on feabie and buying a girl i like a small amount (under 15 quid) food which I ended up getting a cute video of her eating it which hannah has really nice lips and fingers. (it was a facial close up, no whole body shot except a belly jiggle) and we chat at times and I know i was supposed to buy her some food shopping from M&S but thats going to be a nope. I also went to my dad's paddock which a small bird stared at me as well.
I also gave my tinder a little update as well.

The tinder profile update. 

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For now we had Oreo sandwiches and more lidl shopping. While work, negotiating with suppliers for the new venture who have been really helpful along the way so far

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A omracer eats video was done too, which I try to get one done a month as a regular series now that the meals are getting popular in one way or another.

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But soon it was getting to the first Night out of the year, the intense moments and the first time the battery life of the Redmi 4 is put to the test and it actually performed quite well. The coffee was making my heart beat faster, the mi band recorded a shitload of steps, the LED shoes were closed to dying again.

The filter

A group photo in Pryzm

The LED shoes failing

The city at night

A Selfie

The dawn before running back

The free hash brown

The Google Fit stats for the run back home

Now with the announcement of the General Election and the UK to be in chaos when it didn't need to be, the weather was pretty good and me and my sister went to my nans for a afternoon. Sure it was to pick up a few things like a Painting but it was a nice way to enjoy the day off.

A shop at Tescos First

The pug and the Painting

A nice 8pm #dogwalkingwithomracer to the TV mast at Grenofen
Also it was just over 1 MONTH until Crash N Sane Trilogy was to be out and that made june more exciting and as you saw from the Playthrough, much difficult, well the first game anyway. But that weekend was actually the Strongest thunderstorm i've ever seen in my life with my own eyes. The skys were lit, a customer's computer was majorly blown and even a clip of it I managed to get filmed.

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Also Chantelle wanted to spend the day with me from what she told me on snapchat around this time, shes a nice girl, shy but gets high and loves food which could work, but she used to be my dream size but now a size 12.

But it was the final Sunday and a nice shopping spree in Tamar View was the way to go, sure the weather was not that good for the Bank Holiday but it was still nice to be with family I guess.

The Koi

A special bundle of crisps and mini drinks from the Fruiterers there. 
But I was also remembering that it would nearly be a Year since I last had my date with Gracie during September (just over 2 months away) and part of me knew that a final or another date with her would help change my life and maybe lose my virginity to her, its still something to decide. I also had the shave as per usual and a work colleague offered me a pasty he thought was not cooked properly but it was actually nicely done and not ugh. 

But then it was finally June:


Well June was off to a nice ish start.The times started with a Scone and a shave which was a nice start to the month which for me, interesting things would happen and also the time of the hype for Crash was to finally be real.

But it has been quiet with work taking over with the preparations for deciding on how to do the right thing with chats here and there. Fapping was getting tricky, maybe stress related along with the heat. I watched Logan which had a pretty sad ending to be fair, with those kids never crossing the border. But it then lead to the Terroist attack on the London bridge which actually a friend of a friend's daughter was in that attack and had to lose everything of hers she was carrying, it was still a shock to alot of people in London. But life for me carried on as usual, but the chill in the weather was making it noodles for lunch.

This is also the time #Devonday happened with some lovely pics of devon which are just old blogpost pics. But business cards were to be made which thanks to Moo., some nices ones were made which I will show you soon. Which it was the same time as the Panic in Manchester and #onelovemanchester was a pretty good concert too. I've been dreaming about dates, found out hannah is very wide and it was time for #LoveIsland which is now a intense trend and shows how fame can happened based off the feeling of love at first sight, phones used in a place where people are supposed to be cut off from the outside world and Seafood sticks are lovely in rolls.

But then it was also  to the time of the #GeneralElection which caused some incredible uproar in the UK and the world saw us as a broke mantlepiece.So much that loyalty cards are good spoons for pasta.

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 the time of WipEout Omega Collection, which is actually pretty solid and really nice to play 2048 on the PS4. It felt like a decent game and sure I didn't get much time to stream and it felt more split when the collection menu is shown.

Also Rosie was growling at me as per usual, even when I spoil her, she doesn't like me.

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E3 2017 was happening and a nice catchup with that which for the venture, gaming knowledge is going to be needed, but it was almost a month since i had the santander account, with some small income in there. And soon after it was supposed to be a cycle to plymouth but instead it ended up a Cadover rest and then Farther's day gifts to get. This went to a nightmare with the Redmi 4 needing a reset from an update.

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But then it was coming soon to get a Potato Dog reviewed, these little snacks are lovely. The potato is nice, the sasuage is not too american style taste, its under £1 when i buy it and not many people have heard of them.

The Potato Dog

The eating of it

Then it was soon time for my first day out by myself of the year. St Ives by train was the plan, since the weather was so hot, but it was really worth it, Glass had started to really play up and even though gluing it might of helped, it made things a bit harder to cope with.

The selfie

Leaving Plymouth

Getting off one train

scenic views

the view when you get there

The pasty

feet on the beach

With this happening shortly after the events of Greenfell tower, the news was on that and the scolding of the establishment was once again happening. But it was soon anticipated with people playing the N Sane trilogy a week early, and it looks SOO GOOD. But a nice mukbang to end the month is a good idea too.

We then faced a DUP collation, a nice chat with a regular customer of mine about going on my own, but that was pretty nice and long. Which things were normalish with slush for lunch for a few days, a night walk and then picking up Crash for the day before it comes out.

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But before that, there was even a nice weekend with eating in a caravan at my dad's allotment, which after that it was soon time for Crash.

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A selfie in the morning

a cloudy day

Crash finally arrived. 

Then it heads off to July. 


 We start off with a review on a PS4 controller pack which might help me play the Trilogy better.

The skin and grips 

get them on the DS4
This was a good start and then a car boot sale after that which seeing jess with the winged eyliner and lush long hair reminded me back when Emma had my heart but like i still say when i think about her, "shes gone". But crash instead was quite good. 

But my love life was on the up, a girl on feabie who does travel to plymouth alot called me cute and i might be able to meet up with her, it might be as a thank you if i end up doing her food shop for her since some tragic circumstances. I was also talking to Tash again which that bond really does help but shes happy for me with getting my own business too. Oh and lets put it here then.

Also a nice sandwich got famous for the omg its a criminal offence reason.

Also I went to KFC for the first time this year, it was really nice and greasy too.

Also i decided to try to thin my thighs out a bit since they were causing rips by the groin.

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After that it was soon time to go to Burrator for a family afternoon out, the roast was nice and sure i have been watching The Tim Tracker in bed and seeing how Florida parks looks amazing and it helps me sleep.

The roast

Rivers and bridges

Then this week was a important week, sure there was a nice carry on with the Playthrough before a walk which went somewhere i had never noticed before.

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But then it was finally time to set the plans and hand the notice in. Featuring things I knew i had to say but might not get and get out of things before it got too complicated for me. It was not soaking but the weather had damped a bit.

The envelope with the notice inside it. 
Aftet that, it was normality for some degree, some awkward moments but this was for the best. To put my mind off it.. Talking to tash and finding out she had hurt her leg and had to rest it which she wanted some food as favour which i was happy to oblige and people that fufill just eat orders can actually read and understand instructions so a cute note had to go in there. it was a £24 meal for her which is alot for one but she can handle it :). 

The pizza from just eat.
Then we have the nice cycle to get some bits in Plymouth, like a SSHD which was actually good value but Glass was being a nightmare so not all of it could be used. It was good lessons learned for the Carnival shortly after that. 

The bike and tile


Wimbledon was on

donuts i really want to buy and feed a girl one day that are in Greggs

But the carnival was a mini washout, sure it was busy and reasonably interesting but this was a fucking N.Sanity for getting glass to work which it didn't, so i had to use my phone.

The fair

Decorating statues

The end of the procession

Looking back at the town

Which after that I was doing a video editing bender and that meant ott combos to keep me going.

But then it was catching up with those blogs, getting more parts of Crash edited, working and also #dogwalkingwithomracer and a AloeVera Juice drinking detox attempt.

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But then it was massive rain and storms for the few days which meant soaked clothes, blown speakers in the Redmi 4 and also more fun food.

After that it was back to where we are now.  With the shame that Chester died and also a friend leaving work since her time was up too, things really are changing. While winter is coming of course....

The resolutions: 

Its nice to look back on the goals I set myself to see if I have got anywhere further with them. 

  • Get into my first relationship with a girl - Nope 
  • Try to meet up with a girl from Feabie - I'm pretty close to this
  • Visit Bristol by myself for a day or overnight - This might happen if I get the time between after i've left my job and starting on my own stall. 
  • Finish at least 2 Games on PS4 - KH 2.8 and N.Sane Trilogy - Crash 1 is actually halfway there
  • Stream More - This isn't happening so well even though I know i can now
  • Get videos and blogposts done quicker - This has been full of catchups and delays which is bad, 
  • Have at least 2 myself days out for vlogs that are further away from Plymouth  - One of them is done but more might happen but glass is breaking so it might be harder to film. 

Here is to the summer months, We will find out what happens in August and a new chapter in my life is about to begin, also nuns will need to run..