Sunday, 28 August 2016

A Bank Holiday Burrator Birthday Catch Up

So, this is another catch up blogpost, with some things happening only slightly at the right moments. But to be fair, that week after the Fireworks Championships was quite a busy one, and with this bank holiday now here, the last one before Christmas, it was always a good time to do a catch up with me and this month.

The POWWOW Contest

This was a unique idea that was out on top and basically the company that runs the big screen in Plymouth was hosting a contest to help showcase things to do in the city, so what did I do, i thrashed together a music video (Using Movie Studio due to OSX crashing) which was pretty fun, you can see it below by clicking the link in the tweet.

This apparently will be shown on screen until the 19th or something like that when the judging has finished. Its not going to be heartbreaking if i don't win since its more hype about me on the big screen.

Now thats out the way...

A Sunday for a birthday Walk 

Now, this was actually Rosie's 2nd birthday, yes, this dog who bites my shoe, killed my mouse and laptop lead, peeed by my door and now growls at me every day, shes reached this age. Bless her, but she got her new chew as a present which made her slightly happy except when i'm around of course. 
I woke up quite late today, well since i was up until 1am with this video and hoping it will be accepted before the competition ended at 11:59 tonight, which of course it did. 

The classic lenses while hoping it appears on the site

Now after that it was a good surprise to see a a tweet of my entry and over 5 people retweeting that, i'm impressed and fingers crossed felt it was worth the nearly 2 all nighters. But that was just after a quick 🍔🐷💦💦. 
Then it was just internet checking until a roast for lunch and then it was on my way to Burrator after browsing an auction room, there wasn't much going on decent for the bidding, except maybe an ipod and a BOSE speaker dock, then we left and that was 3:40 ish. The weather was cloudy but it was a good walk around and reresher ice lollies are nice as well, I tried pokemon go which didn't pick any stops up but goldeen was around. 

A view of the Bridge

That refresher ice lolly

a tranquil resevoir

the other side of the dam

from here it looks quite low

the birthday girl

that accuracy of the ulefone paris is a bit off maybe

Those Yam Yams

A stomry viewpoint of the moors towards Yelverton

The fog in the depths

And I got home and managed to fix the OSX on my laptop and upgraded it to 10.11 with little trouble, only got the battery manager on it to sort out now. But that is the final trip out of this intresting month of fireworks, days out and busy days at work, the bank holiday monday is my last monday before Christmas time, which is going to be fun since I have Paternity cover to deal with then. But its time to look back on those goals, with only 3 months to go before 2017 :O. 

The Goals

Lets recap and check the progress....

  • Try not to fap on mornings when i have work - Its major stress relief and keeps me happy but late for work is late for work.
  • Try to have a Holiday or have a week off from work without being called up at least for one day of it - This is too late on my end, but i've managed to get to 2 phone calls in 2 days
  • Try to meet up with a girl from Feabie - We are not close to this yet 
  • Plan a few days out  - Yes, we have done one, one is planned next month :)
  • Tweet More - I'm progressing
  • Snapchat more  - I'm smooth af on that now 
  • Get into my first Relationship -No luck, Tinder has been meh
  • Cook for a Group of Girls - Nope for this
  • Make some music Mashups - This is scrapped. 
  • Play some more Steam Games and Finish at least 2. Now, I have work on this one but I've got to upgrade the CPU or add a GPU and lose the capture card, the G3900 isn't coping anymore.
Also its been a fun month, i've spend nearly £300 incl days out, food and rent and also made the effort in small doeses. Next month will be more than what i earn with he things i need to spend but the reasons are worth it. From reviews to maybe dates and days out. I'll see you in September 


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The Summer LED Fireworks Championship

Another event comes to this amazing area, The British fireworks championships. Now this was a few days later than last year's and the year before event, which was the 12th or 14th. But this is one of the main events of this month, especially since it's coming up to 2 years since my very first kiss and I've only had 1 more since then. The vlog is below.

A quiet to constant work

So, the morning was pretty good with a fap and checking the internet, eve n though my dad was getting stuffed lifted so later on it would be going to h sisters flat which is just been 5 days since she moved out. But it was a run to work as per usual. Luckily the weather was blazing and there was good hope for this event to be nice.

I got into work and I was the only one out of the 3 shop EastEnders (Yep, that part of my works location that was there, so drying my sweat on a cloth as the usual was key.

Work went quiet until 12:30 when customer after customer after customer was in And 2 suppliers were chatting, Pokemon go has really made both suppliers make money so yay .
My sister and her boyfriend even tried to see me thrice, with no luck. I had to make sure everything was alright about being able to take 2 days off to actually relax to get this and possibly Wednesdays vlog up. 2 customers were unhappy slightly.Anyways it wax then time to run in the sun to home, which was alright.  I got home in 13:50 ish.

The shower and run plus bus

Then got in, Rosie was all excited with all her jumpy self, I was asking and summing up how my parents were getting on, then I unchanged and got onto the shower which was refreshing and quick, I got change and everything on ready to get going, from glass, power bank, passport, phone, music on iPod nano. By 17:52 I pelted it to the bus, it got there soon after 17:56.
Lidl as per usual

The journey after the £4.90 fee was, relaxing and actually very quick until we got near the centre of Plymouth, which was going to be a busy one with traffic, but I had time. Well until mutley with the queues and stopping at derriford was a bit of a relaxing either. But by 5 past 7. I was in town and ready to start this vlog off.

On the moors

Passing the Mcdonalds

The reflection of the shoes

North hill

A 2 hour early exploration

I walked my way to the hoe, the wind and heat was a mix of both and I  the view was amazing. The fair was more close to the holiday inn and the rides were all the range. Buy the crowds were not as strong as I thought.

The big screen with the olympics on

The kiddie rides in a different place

Dragon and the wheeels

Empty spaces except by the bard

a massive fun house


XLR8 Returns

Freddy's Revenge

Freak Out


As I was walking, I didn't see anyone here I knew except one Tavi lad and his girlfriend, but then the spar stage gave FREE Lucozade and A inflatable spar banner. That was a nice gift and save me money for if I buy tea later on, before the Fireworks.

The fre Pink Lemonade and Noise bags

Also I was walking by the fair and I had a tinder match, she was a calling ton girl but I've had no reply from her just yet. Then the stage was going on about a mini Matt an Caroline and i just face palmed, the fact heart prerecorded the show for tonight is lazier than me working sometimes.

Tranquil sunsets

The tower and crowds

The screen with some amywinehouse playing

But by now, it was time to walk down tp the barbican to find something to eat and catch up with it all. The walk was through backstreets and it was nice. The sun was starting to set and the crowds were bank holiday masses until it was 8:10, it eased off a little bit. But i pass the first place I ever had my date in anf a girl on tinder wanted to have McDonald's with me works there, that went out f the window. that place was queuing out of the door.

The barbican main street

Tall Ships

The sunset


More crowds
Then I tried subway which was only 2 People waking outside and i was tempted to eat but I wasn't sure on what to have, so I was pondering it while typing out by sitting facing the club I watched y heart snap and the time to know that was my last time seeing  best friend i fell for, on Charley's 21st.



Then I ran back to the hoe, looking for food, but most of the stalls were insanely queued. But running fhere,,was about 3 "Run Forrest run" and also more abut the cool shoes, you see, Chinese tech makes all the difference. But then it was nice live hotline Miami 2 style rock and many go Byers and people  cuddled up and an elegant smoker too. But then an idea hit me, why try the wet wok.

crowds by the barbican

blurred roads

massive crowds

things were getting packed

funfair sunsets

I made it to the wet wok  and then walked in, the kids were amazed at the shoes and the staff were really busy, mostly the restaurant and also Asians, but they were pretty stressed. So I asked the chap at the bar if they do takeaways, he was a yes but hesitant, I said it's only a small order and that was crispy seaweed, it cost me £3.50 but I tipped him £0.50 for the effort, he said "are you sure", so tonight he might have a bit of happiness for him, so after that, I headed to find a spot

Leaving the Wet Wok

the seaweed for £4 (3.50 + 0.50 ti[_

Finding a spot to sit was digitally difficult and eventually a steep hill had little people about which was perfect timing to get this seaweed and pink lemonade down before the Fireworks began.

The bright fair

The sky gets dark and the lights are high

The seaweed and lucozade
it was lush and to be fair, the chipsticks  I picked up on the way there was the easy way to eat it until o ended uo scooping handfuls of it in me mouth. but it was soon time to get the first display out fof the way, which is probably the most attracting.
A rushed start

The bright one

Then it was a 10 minute break and a second display was about to begin, featuring the musical feature at the beginning but ended up more of a big bang but not a decent contender. But just as this started, I almost had my view blocked.

A nice bright bang

The colours are always red
Well i had to really

Then the final break before the last display which had its charm to it and to be fair the display really did have a bang to it.

looks like a cherry

The final one of the night
Finally that was it, you could see crowds dispersing by 10:20 and it was a rush to get out, so I took the long route and got up west hoe to the fair and explored and proper chavvy stroll woth people lovin the  blazing lights and some pople tried to buy them.
One chap said "Your the 4th person in plymouth this week to wear those" which really was a eye opener. The fair was buzzin as per usual.

You can see the rides clearly from a distance

If you notice, that there lights are actually boats in the water

Now the fair in bright in purple

The non Olympic short distances back home

By 10:40 and more compliments on the shoes, I decided to get to the bus, the stop at mutley was about 23:07, I ran it in 11 minutes and the signal was accurate with the phone in my hand,

Google fit records accurately if you hold the phone when running

I got to mutley and it was a long 20 minute wait, I shouldn't panic due to the traffic  was busy and the amount of interest those shoes had, well that really just worked out, from old ladies to some people that knew me and in between.

The cars in mutley

the bus arrived, then I heard a STOP just as i got on and then some passengers walked off, then the driver said "Only 3 people can get on this bus, I walked on and said "i had to or I'm having to run 4 hours home" he went "what" then "never mind" was my reply. So I showed the ticket and it was that.
The journey was a quiet one, with crowds slowing off the bus and the time getting later at night, it way 00:15 by the time i got back to Tavi and then it was off home.

Tavi in the dark

And that concludes the blog for this time, With the shoes really catching attention and also the weather being great. It makes it worth the vlog and since the weather for the 2nd day didn't look go great, it might not of been best to be