Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A windy ride to get a romantic birthday present.

Well this is the 3rd and final time i have cycled into Plymouth this month alone. But some things i have to get done, Time to explain the details:

So it was about 9:30, i woke up after my work called me about some problem which was related to a customer i went over their house to fix the evening before. After that i tried to fap over a few girls in my bbw porn collection but it felt harder to climax than usual, but that could be the recent events which i've explained in recent blogposts and tweets.
But i got up, got changed and got my bike out yet again and left abit later than usual, 10:50 instead of the usual 10:30-40. The cycle felt more challenging than usual, like my legs were stiffer and knackered out than they usually are. But i got to Plymouth slightly quicker than usual, or it felt it.

But on my way into town, i text the girl i was buying a birthday present for asking if she liked Dominoes or Pizza hut. I got a reply saying Dominoes so i changed my route to get to there then to town. you can see the route below:

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The journey was quite different, passsing through a side of Plymouth i've never seen before...Peverell. But none the less i took the route and then stopped at Dominoes (Point B on the map). I went in there, two girls my age there, on the phone, taking a possible business order. But after that i asked if they do giftcards, she said no which was a bummer but i tried to make conversation with her and tried to explain what i wanted to do but there was no plausible way, which means i couldn't use Dominoes this time, which i need to since Emma used to work there and she loves pizza <3 br=""> After that i went into Drakes circus to warm my hands up then went into Hotel Chocolat. An middle aged blonde served me some dark chocolate and then i saw something interesting  a Happy Birthday card with chocolate in. I asked her about it and she explained and hinted alot that its "supposed to be posted" and didn't know that i have NOT bought a card at this point, as much as i tried to explain it to her. But i bought it for £4.50 and it looks like this below:
The front of the Happy Birthday Card

The back of the card and the small print of the card. 
 After that, i was looking for a Florist in the town since with all the recent hype of roses and flowers for Valentines, i felt its nice to impress charley with a rose, if i remember she even has a tattoo of it on herself. So i walked around i found one and they are really helpful and £2.50 for a pink rose is quite good value, then again i don't know much about flowers even though my parents are gardeners.

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The Rose i bought for £2.50. Looks quite fresh too

After that i cycled to the Pizza Hut in town, a blonde served me and got the £20 giftcard as a final addition to the present. Then afterwards i started to cycled off to her work which was in Royal William Yard. I parked my bike just outside then went in there and i was a bit nervous, heck i had to speak up a bit since i was nervy and she was quite good looking the girl that i handed the present too, not a bbw but quite lush hair, then again it is a hairdressers named with a reference to Scott Pilgrim (Scott's Ex, Envy). Afterwards i pumped my tyres up and then cycled back to Union rooms. I got to Union Rooms, when i opened the door for one girl to walk past, she said to me "thanks sugar", i kinda blushed. After that i went upstairs, went to table 101 and decided to look on the menu as well and i saw something a bit extra which looked good so i ordered it:
My lunch from Union Rooms, a egg, bacon, Tomato burger (Called the Brunch Burger on the menu), as well as onion rings, chips and adding sauces like Mayo and Ketchup and 2 packets of salt. That and the drink above it cost me £5.69, which is quite a good bargain :)
After that, while eating, i attempted to watch my Youtube Subscriptions on my tablet but it wasn't strong enough for the signal of the cloud Wifi, quite odd. Then i went to Grosnevor Casino and played some Blackjack, i betted £10,  won  twice, lost nearly all but then got it back and an extra £3. Afterwards i browsed HMV and also bought my mum a pandora add-on for Mothers Day. A redhead bbw served me, nice accent and her uniform showed her nice belly too and she was really nice, which was a nice good way to end my day in Plymouth, i eventually bought one for £35. 
The Pandora add-on. Loving mother is engraved on the front of it. Cost me £35 which is the middle price of the "Mothers Day Collection" Range of Pandora Add-ons.
After that, i went to maplin to look for a Mini HDMI to HDMI cable which cost £19.99 but since i've spent out over £70 on my Virgin card which has nearly hit its limit of £1,600 per year today i might of gotten worried it would reject accepting the payment. But it hasn't which is nice. 

After that it was a knackering 2 hour, 20 minutes cycle home. Then after relaxing, getting changed, putting my bike away and starting uploading the pics you see here. I finally had a nice tea which was some Weiner sausages, egg, chips, baked beans, roast chicken crisps and Mayo. 

And then that finally ends my day until now. But its now nice to find out that Charley got the present and called me "Adorable". 

Which means i think today has been pretty good, hopefully something important my heart wants could come my way, but how long would i have to wait, even though it feels the saying "Good things come to those who wait" has slightly passed its exaggeration date.

Well i'll see you in march, for hopefully another even pops up in my life but it will be calm for a few weeks.

See ya

Sunday, 24 February 2013

one quick thing on my mind and a new App for Andorid

Well recently things have been troubling me and also things have even bought me feelings and emotions i used to have many years ago, as many as when this blog was originally started. Since its things i don't want to explain in full. I'll quote a paragraph that i said to a good friend of mine who asked what was wrong.

things getting busy and finding out about 5 people are pregnant at my age and fucking heck even one just gave birth, its just showing time is going too fast and really making me lose things that at parts of my life were important

Basically this past week started out ok but nearing the end (Thursday and Friday), things swooped right down, with this week alone, i found out 3 girls i used to chat to and 2 i liked ended up knocked up, my mate at work is getting married, which is leaving me the only person not dating or married employed in my work and the girl i love still with someone else. 
Which i think it toppled me over and i felt really low, and i mean the type of low which i regretted not committing suicide since i lost the chance with Abbey 3 years type low which really hurt. Friday i was close to crying with my eyes near watering point. But once it was saturday, i finally cheered up and worked on something...

And the project i worked on was this:
I present my first android App to you. "The Average App of omracer"

So this is my first android app. Ok this is a basic one but it can do the following:
  • Shows my Youtube Channel which you can watch many of my videos from inside the app. 
  •  Shows this blog as an RSS feed so you can read my new blogposts quicker and easier than before
  •  Shows my twitter profile which you can...you get the point
  • Has links to my FB page, blogTV, Ustream, DeviantART, Cafepress
  • Has an about me and about the app section 
 This took about 8 hours to develop (from start to finish if i did it in one go), Using this app builder called MobinCube, which is free to sign up and develop the app, but if you publish it on other app stores, then its £1 per year to download, which is good value, hence i did that, linked my main google account as a Google Play Devloper which cost me £16.70 ($25) which is a one off cost compared to Apple cost of £64.96 ($99) per year. Then i uploaded the apk and created the app infomation and icons. After 1 hour later...
The app was approved and is now on Google Play for free. 

So now i have a working app to show off new things and i can add extras if i want to when i please and update the app, quote the revisions/changes in the relevant places and all done. But i might think about buying an ios devloper license so i can help get more people on the app, but is £64 per year worth it for increasing popularity on my videos, blog, twitter and other sites. I'm not sure but i might do it. But for now click the link below if you want to see this app and any other apps i distribute on Google Play below:

Get it on Google Play

Oh and i almost forgot, i finally joined in the viral craze of the Harlem Shake. You can see this below:
Well thats all i have to say, expect a blog post next Tuesday when i might be delivering a birthday present to a girl i like who i lost the chance with on my birthday last year but is single now. I wonder what type of pizza she likes :)

See you in the next one

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

omracer Reviews: A GoTab GBT740RS 7" Andorid Tablet

So this is a maybe short review of a tablet that is on clearence from Misco (Not many left) and sold on that popular shopping channel that sells various junk products known as Ideal World (Which no longer has the product in stock). I bought mine from Misco and it came next day, considered i paid for a up to 3 day delivery, City Link are a good courier, i do trust them :).
If you want to have a look at the Website and what the company says about the Product then click THIS.
If you want to purchase this tablet from Amazon, click below:

UPDATE: If you are looking to install Jellybean (Android 4.1), look no further than to use Uberiod 2 by HCH from Techknow.net. That rom makes this tablet pretty amazing, make sure to flash the "Eken_MID7_W70_GSL1680_Z7Z67-030A" by adding a + at the beginning of the filename.

The Basics - What you get in the box.

  • The Tablet which is in the white pouch (shown underneath the tablet)
  • A quick start guide
  • A card to start off even quicker
  • A powercable 
  • A Mini B USB cable - This does NOT charge the tablet.

Now the specs of the Tablet: 
  • 1.5 GHz VIA8850 (Single Core ARM Processor)
  • 4GB NAND Flash
  • 1GB DDR3 Memory
  • Wifi 802.11b/g
  • Webcam (640x480@30fps) 
  • 7" Touchscreen (Capacitive, 800x480 Resolution)
  • USB 2.0 Port
  • Mini HDMI out with full 1080p support
  • Micro SD card slot (can fit up to 32GB sized Micro SD cards)
  • Gyroscopic Sensor (G-Sensor)
  • Length = 193mm
  • Width = 115mm
  • Height = 13mm
  • Weight = 113g

Now when you boot it up, you will see the following on the screen:
The GoTab Logo appears which this is also the bootloader starting. 

This is the when the tablet is nearly finished booting up. To show an Ice Cream Sandwich, a standard google stock  ROM.
Now once you have booted up the tablet, you will reach a lockcreen with a keylock, you have to slide your finger to get to the main screen which looks nice and simplistic :). This is known as the Launcher, which can be changed using the Google Play Store. But lets have a look below:
The  launcher or home screen. Here you can place 25 applications onto your home screen. There are 5 home screens, swipe left or right on your finger to see them, or tap on the Plus icon to see all of them and add widgets or apps to them.
Also with this tablet and many others it can rotate the display when the tablet has been rotated, if you did turn the tablet vertical, the launcher will look the same except more squashed.

Now with Andorid you can password or pin protect it to prevent people using it after waking it from sleep mode. If you want to put password protection, go to settings and tap on security then you can change it from the top option. Doing this will show the screen below if you wake it from sleep:
The locksceen if you use  PIN or Password Protection, the wallpaper looks dimmer

Now if you've used an Android Tablet then the rest should be like any other tablet. Google Apps were installed (Except maps, not sure why that wasn't included but its easy to get off the play store). There were a few extra apps that were like Weather and Hive Reader. Also Angry Birds Seasons was included, many people know what that game is and i was enjoying it on my phone which i copied off my mums 6" GoTab. 

In Detail - 

The Power of the tablet 

Now the tablet is more powerful than other tablets i've seen for under the £100 budget. Most can be slow but since this is a more powerful CPU (even more powerful than my Xperia Tipo which is a 800mhz Snapdragon) then games can run quite well on it. 

Test 1 - CorsixTH or (Theme Hospital Port for android)

So this game is amazing and playing on the PC was good but playing it on a tablet is sooooo much cooler. Playing the game is good and not too bad, allthough the same is quite slow on normal speed. But if you put the game speed to Max speed, it runs at a good speed which is not too fast. The screen is wide enough but it can be a bit small on the height wise, but luckily the game maps the back button to close the menu prompts. It can drain the battery but not really badly.

Test 2 - AndroGens (SEGA Genesis/Megadrive Emulator)

Now this is another game i play, ok its an emulator but its still pretty good. I used to play GenesisA.D on my old phone and it was really well done, however that emulator no longer works on ICS and has been removed off the Play Store. But i found an alternative called AndroGens. Now this emulator does work quite nicely on the tablet. Runs games quite well, the framerate does drop by a slight frames but that is with frame skipping disabled. However there is not settings icon on the status bar which means  it is impossible to load or save states from within the game :(. I've recently been replaying Sonic Spinball which is fun. Looks quite nice on the tablet too:
Starting Toxic Caves on AndroGens

Test 3 - Youtube

Now everyone knows what youtube is, heck many of you know me from my vlogs there :). But with tablets, people want to play video on the go. I've tried a few videos out and it works quite well, the playback was not laggy and it was nice to see some of my subscriptions on there, as much as the YT app is poorly designed, but thats everyone copying facebook's idea of the sidebar :(, plays in both vertical and landscape, this does drain battery life but not as much as i thought it would do. Also the sound is crystal clear and quite loud, even at low volumes :)
Watching Epic Chef on the tablet, 

The Battery Life

Well this i think is the downfall of the tablet, the battery life is very poor using wifi, you can lose 5% of charge just by turning wifi on and leaving it for 5 minutes or even shorter. But if the wifi is off then the battery is better than expected, of course apps are cached so something is running but, looking from the battery in settings it shows that the display can take up alot of the battery, lowering the brightness doesn't affect the battery by a noticeable amount. The battery is a 3000Amh battery which is quite alot of current for a battery.  Underclocking the tablet will help a great deal i think, but i'll get to the geek knowhow later.

Using Networks - WiFi, 3G, Ethernet and Cable connections

Now with wifi turned on, the speed is quite fast as much as it is for a 802.11g adapter inside. It can download a 1mb file fron a N150mbps router in a few seconds. Quite good. 
Theres an extra i forgot to mention which improves the Tablet on the go. There is support for USB 3G Dongles. Now this is a good extra from GoTab and below is a screenshot of the dongles Supported:

Many of those you might not know of, but i do have one dongle that is supported (its the T-Mobile Broadband Stick 615) and it works fine on T-mobile/EE. However this will drain battery life faster than when wifi is on, that is since it is powering the dongle as well as using the internet. But i've only tested this once.
But another nice option is that if you have a USB to Ethernet adapter, the tablet has support of that. If you connect it up, it will be able to set it up. Also PPPoE is supported if you connect this straight to your Cable/Virgin/BT Infinity line (Using a USB to Ethernet adapter of course). 

Another good thing is that there is a Portable Hotspot feature in settings so using either the 3G Dongle or using PPPoE you can turn the tablet into a mini Wifi Router for a day (i would NOT RECOMMEND IT for prolonged use) which saves worry about sharing a connection.

The Camera

So with the tablet, its useful withe the camera at the top right corner, its useful for taking pics and maybe i might use it for videos but that might be for later :). The quality however is basic webcam quality so you won't expect amazing quality. Enjoy a quick pic i have taken on it and the details of that pic if you want to know the technical image specs:
Just a quick pic of me when i'm typing this review up

Some of the technical image specs when on details from properties from right clicking on the pic  in windows.

For the advanced

Well this is quite a good value for money tablet. However i've noticed things are different when i saw this on google play (login on your pc to find your devices and what Google Certification actually calls them):
Notice it mentions WonderMedia and the model number is the same as the GoTab after GBT

Now that means from research, Wondermedia is a Taiwanese manufacturer. This means it technically is a cheap asian knock off. Now that can cause problems when wanting to do more than just generally use the tablet. Like rooting the tablet and updating or changing the ROM. It turns out the tablet is called a WM8850 (Which if you notice is the same number as the ARM Processor from VIA). That and there are variations of the WM8850 which makes it difficult to know what version the GoTab is, to this day, I still don't know what variation it is. 

Rooting the tablet is NOT EASY if you don't have the right tool. Luckily i found the tool and it was called RootBurner. Follow the guide in that link and you can root the tablet, then delete Superuser and replace it with SuperSU if you wish to. Thats what i have done and it worked fine. 
I tried other rooting methods and it turned out it nearly bricked the tablet and caused bugs with the tablet lagging really badly to the tablet not turning off since it would restart after i pressed the power/sleep button. My fix for that was to let the battery die down completely and that has fixed the problem as far as i know :)

UPDATE: If you are looking to install Jellybean (Android 4.1), look no further than to use Uberiod 2 by HCH from Techknow.net. That rom makes this tablet pretty amazing, make sure to flash the "Eken_MID7_W70_GSL1680_Z7Z67-030A" by adding a + at the beginning of the filename.

The Verdict

So you've read about the tablet and considering it. My opinion is to buy one but don't expect it to do everything you want it to do. 

The pros:
  • Good quality screen
  • Quite fast and not as laggy as other tablets i've used
  • The USB Port
  • Better camera than other tablets for the same price
  • Looks nice on the front and rear
  • Good sound quality
The Cons
  • A cheap Asian tablet so expect LQ parts
  • Rom devlopement and rooting is not as easy as maybe well known brand tablets
  • Could be better with a front camera

So that sums up this review. Enjoy it and any questions you can tweet me :)

From an exam to a tablet to buying an Early Valentines

Well its been just over a month since i've post. And to be fair, in my life, not much has happened in my life except maybe two things.

I'll explain them for you now.

Tuesday 5th Feburary 

So this a day when i planned to get one of my New Years Resolutions sorted. Which was "To earn a Microsoft Qualification". So i booked the exam for it two saturdays before, paid Prometric and got a conformation for dates. Now the exam is for "Windows operating system fundamentals" which is basically an exam for learning basics in various parts of Windows 7, from upgrading to the OS, to using the right program to encrypt files. With that i leave you with what happened in the vlog:

After the exam, i went to Pizza Hut which was a 15 minute cycle from where the exam center was. That was tasty and while noming on a starter set to eat since i couldn't have the unlimited pizza or pasta since it had cheese in it. That cost me £6.95 which is below:
A Starter set which included chicken bites, potato wedges, non cheese garlic bread and BBQ and Mayo dips.

You see me eat it while explaining things i've done and current topics like the Gay marriage proposal, and how it would actually benefit the UK. Well done for the law being passed though, hours later after i recorded that. The funny bit was, i cycled in a BLIZZARD, yep, the snow had now touched my skin and did exist this year. Then after the exam it cleared up and was quite nice weather, and i did have to clean my bike when i got home. Also while cycling to and from Plymouth, the trail after Magpie Viaduct was obstructed. But i'm not surprised with all this recent wind and rain the UK has been having, or mainly Devon.
The tree blocking the path after Magpie Viaduct

Thursday 7th Febuary and onward: The GoTab life

So i've also been intrested in buying myself an andorid tablet, now as you know. Andorid tablets are budget (or more expensive) versions of iPad. Now i've wanted to buy one which is under £100 and has a good resolution and it cost me £60 from Misco  . This is a GoTab GBT740RS. Now this tablet i will do a blogpost to review it but it is a pretty good Andorid 4.0.3 tablet. 
OK trying to root it was pretty difficult but to sum up. I accidentaly nearly bricked (which i fixed) the tablet and couldn't turn it off. Now after draining the tablet out of its battery life, it has fixed that problem, as least as of 11/02/13. But i would get one while you can and hope its a good one, my work ordered one, from misco and turns out the touchscreen was faulty, reminds me i better remind my boss about that needing to be returned. 
The GoTab GBT740RS from Misco that arrived. £60 + 3.99 for delivery :)

Tuesday 12th Febuary - Pancake Day/Getting the girl i love's valentines present

Now with 2 intresting events in one week. It was time to sort it out and get the girl i love's Valentines present and deliver it to her. Now as some of you might very well know, last year i outdid myself with the amazing story of delivering her £250 in cash. If you want to read on the story regarding that, click HERE.
But this time it gets slightly different, with Emma now on holiday this week, it was quite a worry wondering if it was worth getting her something. 

There was an original plan 3 weeks ago to get some custom cupcakes ordered in with icing that said romantic things like "You are an angel", "I miss you so much" and "I love you". However that plan failed when i asked for a quote of that and the person i asked couldn't get them for today. Bit of a shame, but i do plan to use "Manda Moore's Cakes" to order some at somepoint this year, don't fret. 

But after waking up at 9:40 after dreaming about me and emma together, i decided to prep up and get cycling to Plymouth. Leaving Tavi at 10:40 and arriving at 12:35 just below Drake's Circus. On the way though, i bought the present, which is actually a repeat of her 21st birthday except half value. But it still looks the same old design which is really good:
The pizza hut giftcard i bought as the valentines gift.
Now after browsing various shops and also buying a new pair of jeans from Primark. Now these were redued "twisted" jeans from a company called "Denim Co" and they are a 32" waist and length of 30" and they orginally cost £15 but they were reduced to £7, i've tried them on and they fit quite nicely.
The pair of jeans i bought from primark for £7
 Also i enjoyed a quick taster of Disney Epic Mickey 2. Now that game i wanted to try out, the controls are good but camera is really tricky to control. But it was quite good seeing Fantasia references and yet again, those mischievous brooms chucking water all over the place but seeing Yen Sid's lab was quite cool. 

Brushing on....

Now i bought the card from Clinton Cards, it was a cute one related to this range of cards they offer. That cost £3.00. Afterwards i went to Tesco Metro which then i wrote out the card on the lottery table, noone noticed luckily. But after that it was near 1:30 and Emma's kind hearted friend was supposed to be in town and eventually we met up by the sundial and i handed it to her then wished her luck on her boob job tomorrow :). 
After that i decided to walk around then i ordered some Mcdonalds. A nice large big mac along with a big sprite and fried. This cost me £4.65 which is quite nice. Also i found there theres a 9.99 offer which looks sooo good and i will buy that often if i did get the chance to be with a girl. But for now, admire this pic of the food :):
The tasty mcdonalds i had earlier :)

After that i decided to cycle home and my legs were tired but i made it back home  in 2 hours or so. Since today was pancake day, i'll top this post off with the 3 pancakes i had after tea tonight :)
The first pancake is Chocolate Spread and Brown Sauce

The second pancake is chocolate spread with maple syrup

The final pancake is chocolate spread and lemon juice :)

Well next month is not going to be as busy but hopefully things might end up amazing for me but its unpredictable but we can hope for the best.

See you in the next blog post or vlog