Wednesday, 2 March 2022

The cloest to a weekend off in Feburary 2022

 Let's be honest this month has NOT  been going to plan but this was coming up to the end of the month and a final Sunday before March which has been a lot of STRESS, money risks and some regrets to deal with as well. But I'll go through those on another day. For now, this is the start of my first day off in FULL since the last day of January. 

The morning on that side: 

So we have to skip the past week (another post will do catchup) and it's sleeping until about 2am since again the dog decided to sleep on my bed which means I was nearly pushed out, Friday night was WORSE since it was close to me falling out of bed and UGGGH. We start by walking up in the morning at the usual time, the sky was a clear blue and mid hazy, the wind was slightly chill and it felt like the end of the winter in an odd way. But waking up at 10am to that is a NICE change and not to have to fucking work the entire of it and hence why things have gotten out of hand from it. But after speaking to mum who was doing some gardening, it was soon to check email and then get up which was also the start to get another Corander smoothie for breakfast. 

But then it was more chatter and a bit of train simulator since I've been nice to chill out with that in the past weeks or so since getting some of the assets for the local railways sorted which makes things easier, now it was the fact of getting to the part of what to be doing. The plan was either: 

  • Widemouth bay
  • Matalan in Plymouth for some clothes shopping. 

So it was nearing 12pm and it then lead to going for a drive for the clothes shopping. Since mum did want clothes and in the end, it was too late to go to Widemouth anyway. So we made our way over. 

A Shopping afternoon

So we started to drive over, with some talk here and there about things and then it was to carry on with the road since the A386 had some airband works to deal with on that hot ish day. Eventually, while checking feabie and also checking other socials, We go to transit way as well as listening to a story about mum going to a birthday party in a nearby fire station when she was younger than me. We parked up and then walked into Matalan. I put my mask on. 

The store to visit

So, it was exploring while waiting for a message maybe but it was good to see some from fro PS rucksacks, some cheap toys and it as also the chance I had to get some jeans since my mum has seen some of them have holes in them and well it was time to try changing into some. There was a black pair for size 34 and then it was also a blue pair which I thought was a 36 but it was actually the same size too. Both fit, the black pair did not fit as nicely and the 34 blue felt much bigger. This is my first time in a changing room since being in H&M from years ago

The parish of jeans to try on in the 

The selfie in the changing rooms

But then it was time for a quick look at other bits before time to go out back to the car and then a nice look in B&M which there's always some bits like sauces, jelly which is the flavour to it and of course the Goodmans branding bits such as even the energizer brand from LED Strips to the chargers. But turns out they had a similar tripod to the one Reviewed only back in January. So for £3 it was a here or there choice to get another and this was to include the Bluetooth remote, But might be another review on the cards for later on with that. 

But then we left and I got a Whatsapps from Alice, Well might as well come clean with her name, especially after the past 3 or so weeks from what happened, but well it been good shes been prepping for work but was very close to guilt-tripping me for ice cream since she does have a weakness for it and I had to hold back from the plans I've had to sort out in the past week or two since people do demand things when the pressure builds and makes the thing that bit tougher.  But anyway she was flirty then it was time to have a bit of KFC and finally got to scan a purchase when my parents got the Boneless Dipper bundle for £16.99 and now I get a free side and free snack. 

But we got table service and the nearly first time since COVID was a thing where I have eaten inside in a public restaurant (until now was mostly outside. But it felt good and it was nice to even just enjoy tasty chicken. Also FYI the Supercharger mayo has a Nandos style spice to it and was nice but was a bit spicy for my tummy. 

The First KFC of 2022

But then it was nice to enjoy that and have most of the chicken pieces and the various dips and then t was eventually time to go to B&Q, Now I did not get any texts back from her and then it was time to go for some plant shopping, part of it was to grow some coriander for the smoothie on that side of things. Like the seeds and the tubs by the windowsill would make it the £10 mark and that would help grow some since I think soon my diet is going to be more junk food than normal on IF she does end up keeping one promise from the chats and feeding that's going on and maybe it means having to tone to copy with that around. Heck the times being tempted to order the Serious mass for her and a scale is very mega BUT  I have to learn that she could just be in it for not well me and that means it the past repeating itself. 

B&Q when the clouds coming in

Now looking in here was also some bits and it was the look to get some Crimpers and Clips for the RJ45 since it was causing some issues for the Lounge connection But turns out they did not have any of the Crimpers in stock so that made it trickier to sort out what to do, but that's how it goes. But we finally time to head off home. The cold air was coming in and it felt nice to finally call it a day soon.  We got in and then it was a drive home while I was playing a bridge making a game called a poly bridge which using the google play rewards from my phone was a good time but tricky. Eventually, after the drive home, we popped to Screwfix to try to find that crimper but they even ran out of stock, they cashed up since it was 15:55 when we got there. But then it was time to head off home. 

the Tripod from B&M for £3

The Cold Walk after and Evening

So it was then time for me and mum to walk Rosie which then we talked about a few things, such as her wanting to plan a break or weekend away for Dad's birthday this year so they want to go to Centre Parcs or even try to do something with Jersey. But on the way back, I was told and asked if work is making me money which is still uncertain at the moment. But that worried me for what the future could hold. But then it was the time to reflect on that and relax by starting to type this yup and then play some Train Simulator. But it was also nice to finally have some chilli con carne fajita wraps which that mild sauce is really nice. 

*insert pics here*

Then it was more train sim while soon to have a bath and also makes it nicer to just take it easy though I need to get work done for some bills coming up and trying to pay back things in the next few weeks as well. But it was also nice to finally enjoy some sights and better textures but less lighting for it.  Even in the Sunrise. 

The Train and the darker clouds

A View of Dawlish 

But then it was playing that on the steam link in 720p via the TV and then time to go to bed for some things, Rosie did take up the bed yet again and it was time for the bed and to think about if things would really work out but then it was to wake up to a different Monday and the first morning off in over 1 month due to cancellations from my regulars due to them catching covidd. 

A Wet Monday. 

So I woke up normal time and it was time to get things done and well it was nice to really have a smoothie and other bits after the chore of walking Rosie on the field in the mid-morning like i usually do 
The Coriander and Raspberry vitamin C tablet smoothie 

Then after that i was feeling pecking some chicken biscuit sandwiches were the nice option to try out on, Hobnobs work well with the wafer thing chicken.

The chicken's biscuit sandwiches and the hobnobs are the best ones 

Then it was time to cycle in the pissing rain to a new customer and it was a not too bad ride, about 36 minutes and the battery did the power it needed and I did get a bit wet but I STILL got a facebook message asking about things when cycling, but Voice texting via Gboard was nice. 

But I eventually got there and it was choices and plans, the bike was outside and it did not stop rainng but it was fine and then the customer did drive me back when we finished about the 4:30 mark. Since I got there at 12:50. Bit then t was time to get to work to then pickup some bits like a Phone and then cycle for one more visit which was to deliver a phone to a customer  and get that setup. The weather was stattng to try to clear up but it was COLD as I cycled home from that place at 6:50 or along those lines. The roads were wet and the mind was focuses on something else. But it was then time to cycle back and have some Food since it was late. But turns out mum had to go and see parents due to their medication issues and then that means being able to cook something nicely for myself for the tea, so the Itsu gyozas are nice with some left over quite spicy salt and pepper chicken strips. 

The mixture for that twa

Then it comes to just to relax to get this typed up and a bath to enjoy and take some time, my head and scalpt are getting very lumpy even with using conditioner and also the burning down there has not been as bad as it seems but does have its moments once or 3 times a week. 


So we are now out of the first 2 months ALREADY and well it its becoming to the point of why things are tough and with little done and technically 1 New years resolution failed due to overworking, things seem more grim than I realised. I've been jumping into mistakes both personal and work and family potentially moving makes things and big choices even harder and well things are going to collapse at some point, Sure the Paypal Loan finally paid itself off after 103 days and putting in 2,000 I should have kept in the account but when you get the Paypal reps NOT asking for you to pay early, that is a really good attitude with their Irish charm such as Krys (name is legit). But that means: 

The 2022 Resolutions: 

  • Sort out the Down there problems and prepare to be able to have sex  -This has not gone to any plan and from cancelling therapists for Mind and delaying another, not good 
  • Have branded fast food with someone outside family - This has partly happened but ONLY with Family so its a long way of yet, if Alic does keep her promise, then this might work 
  • Tweet more -  Slightly failed 
  • Try to make more videos at least 2 per month  - Failed this already since NO videos in FEBURARY AT ALL 
  • Do more Day out vlogs  - Wth only 1 DAY OFF in FULL in FEB, this is NOT looking likely . 

So there you have it, but we will vlog soon on what is to come on this.