Sunday, 21 July 2013

omracer's Night out: The Timely Carnival and raving in a heatwave

Well its been an impressive weekend and various things have been happening over the weekend. With the Tavistock Carnival happening on the same day as my 4th anniversary using twitter it was time to get my ass in gear and get a vlog done.

It starts off after work, when i run home, through the fairground in the square and i get home. Then i rush to make sure everything is set up, also was having and its funny but fucking annoying in this respect, but i had a call from Sophie and Kyla again, this was i think the 3rd Saturday in a row that both have called me. heck i even put shower cream and shower gel just as they were calling me.
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After the shower and getting changed, it was time to run down to find a spot and make sure i record the procession for the vlog. Leaving at 6:20 pm, i sprinted down to the place in my denim shorts and socks and sandals, it seems a friend of mine likes the style at the moment. I got there and the vlog begins at this point onwards.

The carnival was quite creative with the various floats but the total length of the procession was around 20 minutes at the most, which is quite a bad point but with the economic situation still not as proud as it used to be, its not surprising.

After i got home, i unpacked the Chinese and started editing that vlog, or at least importing it into iMovie. But it was still tasty and actually really filling but i did have a Tuna and Sweetcorn pasta tub for lunch so that might be the reason. Anyway it cost me £4.30 for both the chips and Seaweed and i added some mango chutney in there:
The Chinese takeout from Chung-Ying that cost £4.30, Seaweed and chips.
 After eating that, i relaxing to help ease the meal down, then had a shower, made sure i had everything, which would be below:

  • 1 Passport for ID
  • Wallet
  • Glasses
  • Phone
  • Ipod touch
  • Keys
  • USB stick, you never know when it can come in handy, for a fight or even a techy issue
  • 4x condoms - 2 ribbed and 2 standard 
Also for a change i decided to wear a more summery style shirt, alot of people did like me wearing this, Bus driver liked it, some girls in oceana liked it, some chap walking past me on the street even said it was nice, so i think i know what shirt to wear out.
The shirt that i wore this night out, it was nice and alot of people liked it.

Then i headed out to the bus stop at 8:30, my feet were not as fast as usual nights out, but i was busy for today which kinda explains it. Got on the bus and these 3 not too bad looking girls and one had quite and amazing belly that i smiled as i looked at it at various times. It was funny listening to their conversations, with them wanting to go on some experience, those moments when you text someone the wrong message or even call derriford hospital and also about the big girl does weed which made me think "if you ever have the munchies, i would not say no to anything sexual with you". I got off the bus at the library and then the vlog begins. 

After i started the first bit, i went to Roundabout and had a nice glass of water after a visit to the toilet for a wee/piss. Now the toilets weren't too bad, quite nice compared to other nightclub or pub toilets.
The glass of water with ice from Roundabout, it was nice to check my tweets and fb newsfeed while sipping this :)
Afterwards i decided to pop into the casino i always like and prefer, Grosvenor. So i went in there, almost asked for a ticket since i thought i had my rucksack on me, then i realised i didn't so i just swiped my card straight in. Then i got upstairs and found a space for a Blackjack table, £5 bet was risky but i played a round and i must of had the worst luck, everyone else had an Ace and a King, Queen or Jack and i had a 9 and 3 which luckily i did have a Jack when i twisted so i got lucky, but next time, i wasn't so lucky and i stuck at 16 and dealer had 17.

Afterwards, i decided to get a drink from the bar and watched an act of a tribute blues brothers who were performing, it was quite good, i must admit, there was a cute bbw member of staff in a blazer next to me, looked like the blazer was about to pop, but i didn't take much notice. Then i walked out and headed to the barbican.

By this time i've spent in total about £9.80.

I eventually got to the barbican, i browsed around, it was busy but still just about walkable, i enjoyed black jacks for about half a song then left and walked around some more. There were a few cute girls but mostly the 30 - 45 year old wifes and mothers around so i wasn't interested.

Then i left for Oceana at 10:30 and got there about 10:45. Nice 15 minute walk in, then got my id in and walked around. Then i saw Amber Nyman, we hugged and it felt nice and last sunday we did have sizall with charley as well, which has now started a bond between us.....i think anyway. I remember i kissed her inflatable flamingo twice and chatted with her and oleisha and she even said she ate £20 of indian on that night, which i must admit, is enticing considering i've had some attraction to her at times and alot more recently, i even said "you should of let me fuck you". But when i initially saw her, there was her friend, Brogan. SHE LOOKED PERFECT. and i mean like dream size perfect, especially in her dress.I did have her on facebook but for a reason i vaguely remember, i did remove her, which i now regret because i've seen how sexy she actually looks in real life. I danced with her at one point and it was amazing, i was tempted to make my move/in for the kill/make out with her on the ice room dancefloor and possibly buy her one of the hotdogs, but i didn't get that far :(, she was getting flustered and hot which made it seem much hotter. Whats even better about the moment i was dancing with her was the hint there was a faster tempo dance mix of "Get lucky" by Daft Punk which made it ideal.

Lesson for you: "if you think someone looks great in a picture online,  most cases they look much much better in real life"

Back to it

I was wondering around, a danced with a few people, met a blonde called Katie and she was kinda upset that i like most of her pictures but she has quite a nice body, not bbw sized just yet :(, but of course an FA liking a girls size usually does mean shes a bbw or plump, which is understandable. 

Also when walking around, this guy that was shorter than me, bald head and smoking asked me a few questions since i think he knew who i was, then he said "end yourself" since of the possibly embarrassing fact that i admitted i'm a 20 year old virgin who is into bbws. His mate did say "Nah, its fine, hes got the balls to admit that", then i walked off.

There was another guy i was randomly chatting to and he asked about me being "facebook famous", which actually these days i'm not that famous any more on there, heck my subscriber count is under 200. (thats not including former facebook friends that are subscribed to me and actual friends). Then i explain i'm a YT partner and earn about £2 a month from there, well my analytics are hinting along those lines.

There were a few people that were wanting me in pics with them, so i did. I had Alex West convince his girlfriend to take the pic, then i had Charlotte Parker or a mate of hers asked for one. Another story is that a very petite red head walked over to me and asked "Are you Mattie LT Marker", while i was dancing in the ice room. I said yes then she whispered to her curly haired friend and i thought nothing of it. Later on i was in Woo Woo  and she came up to me and wanted a picture to show Kelsey Parsonage, so i was in a pic there. Connor Wallace wanted a pic, so he took that on his iPhone 5. Any of the pics i get are below:

Me an a guy called craig :)

At the beginning of the oceana scene in the vlog, i mentioned a girl. So the basic way about it is that i've had slight attraction to her, but not because of her looks, although she has beautiful jet black hair and amazing eyes and a nice smile, she has a very shy and uneasy personality, which does remind me of myself years ago and shes also a gamer and a cat lover which is a few more things. Basically i've wanted to meet her and i did on that night, shes was in aww or found it cute that i liked her and shes been through some breakups which means if i get a chance it might work and since it would be my first relationship, she could guide me here and there. Okay that theory will apply to any girl i date which would be my first relationship. 

But i was so close to having her serve me in the lodge bar, but the first time i didn't get lucky and some guy served me, but she smiled which made me happy to a degree, i did kinda of daydream and stare at her when the guy was getting me tap water but maybe she didn't notice. The second time, i was wating and i saw Nick Cribbit and some of his mates whom were the year above me from Tavi, since most of them shouted my name, it got her attention and it was more of an awkward smile, maybe it was lucky those guys didn't know i liked her else that would prove awkward and embarrassing her in front of her supervisor, ah fuck. But that didn't happen and her supervisor served me, so it was a fuck sake situation, i actually rehearsed the line "could i have a chance to take you out on a meal at one point but all i can do for now is tap water please". 

But these awkward moments that embarrass girls i like happens alot. I was sitting in the ice room then i have Ashleigh Lewin's ex i think walks over and introduces himself. He then asked "have you seen Sophie Hjerstom yet, shes here tonight", i said "shes right over there" pointing towards the seats next to the Toilets, then he said "would you want to play with her rolls". Now as hot as that sounds, she doesn't have rolls but she does have a good starting point figure. I made the mistake of listening to these guys and they walked me over there then i just sat down next to her, even just to say hi and like actually speak to her, but as i sat down, she walked off into the toilets and it felt like she was going to cry, that did make me feel like a complete jackass. 

So some plan came into mind to give her a £10 as a i'm sorry for being a jackass type grovelling idea. So the first way i thought was to slip it in her mates arm but that didn't work, she gave me some strange looks and the £10 note fell on the floor. But i was thinking of giving it another shot, but for me, luck comes in burts of fighting by the toilets and i was dancing with charley at the time, well actually it was nearing 2am and my feet were aching badly, but soph and her friend were over there looking so i gave her mate the tenner and explained to her to give it to soph, mostly pointed it to give to her, but then that i felt might ease the tension with seeing her in public, i don't know if it worked but i was hoping so.

That night i also saw Charley, which me and her are bonding really well as you've probably read from other blogposts. When she saw me, she hugged me really tight, which made me feel that i've chosen a good friend, especially someone whom i've been in intimate roleplay with, well being squashed and the chocolates. But i was dancing with her on an off, heck even some Skrillex at one point and i won't remember how the fuck i remember this but a dubstep electro mix of a Mary Poppins song.

I was dancing with a few people at random points, there was this skinny girl which many guys would be intrested in was grinding me at one stage, it was fun but not sexual attraction. Mostly stares when i pull out one of my moves which is a ddr style workout of the feet with small jumps, well drunk people have quicker motion blur so its a good way to show off how fast feet can move.

But it was 2:10am and i decided to head off home, i hugged Charley before i left and then walked out the main entrance, then as i was walking past the bus stops, i was chatting to a girl i've followed on twitter and i was friends with on facebook before she deleted her account. Carly was her name, we chatted for a bit and there was this guy getting in a rage an slamming his iphone to the road front facing, i'm surprised the screen didn't break.

By this time my total amount i've spent was £19.80 so i think that was reasonable, it would of cost me MORE than that to JUST get home in a taxi, so i saved what i spent by using my legs instead of a car.

Then i recorded the outside oceana section then started running back home, passing various sights and actually going to Cafe Sol and asking for water and the staff were hesitant to serve me since it was "no more orders", even though tap water is quick, but i drank some and splashed it on to my face to cool me down, then carried on running as per.

After finally getting to woolwell and getting onto the moors, it was dark but there was clear blue sky which made it slightly visible, but only very slightly, but the picture below was taken at 4:21 near clearbrook, to show you what the twilight zone actually felt like
Near clearbrook at 4:21am. Notice the cloud formations and the very dim blue sky

After that, i carried on, but parts i had to walk since my feet were still aching and in pain. Which wasn't helping me at all :(. But i managed to get to yelverton at 4:45ish which is really good, well its not but for the amount of use those legs have done, its good for me. 
Yelverton at 4:45am. Notice its getting brighter

While running back, i come across horses that are sleeping, i accidentally startle them and they sprint off, and later on, as i get to the road to the trail in Horrabridge, there was a pony that sniffs me but i then stop it from sniffing just in case it bites me again like another horse has done near clearbrook. 

Now i get near Grenofen tunnel and i find out my sister called me twice and text me asking where i was, well she was fast asleep but she couldn't sleep so she panicked. I let her know where i was, then carried on running. By 6:10am i made it home, the sun was rising and shining on my face, feet in agony and i was slightly tired. Then i got home, checked my laptop and i ended up crashing out on the sofa at 6:35am and woke up about 9:30am but still knackered, then got left a note for various chores. 

But that sums this night out up, its made me realise i'm trying on too many girls but i've still got to sort out getting my first passionate kiss, ok i did kiss amber on the cheek but a passionate kiss is what people call a proper kiss i think. This also might make it look bad with me not being as committed and loyal to someone i love but when nothings happening with her and me, there is no spark that is alight. 

I'll see you in the next blogpost. There are plans for as trip to exeter but I'll be checking when i can do that, Also i've still got shoutouts to get done, so let me know if you want one, 35 places left or so

See Ya

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Cycling for more presents

Well as its the start of july. i realise there are a few birthdays thats happened, such as one of my old blogtv friends, my boss, and a few girls i like, Which for one of them, i got a small birthday present. The events thats happened are actually not that significant, but as people say, the little things in life can open up to big opportunities, especially for my search for love.

To start off

Well i woke up, had a fap over one of the British models on bigcuties, then got changed, checked e-mails, yada, yada. But after setting up My tracks on my phone and since the GPS is much more stable than when it once was, i could give it a test drive. So i did. I cycled from my house to Crownhill, (just before the footbridge near the A38 Underpass) in 1 hour, 20 minutes. You can see the journey made from google maps below: 

View Larger Map

After that, i had to change my route slightly to visit a customer's house for delivering something that i had to test on the day before and also give some pointers of changing account pictures and wallpaper in windows 8.  A friend of the customers arrived in and it was nice talking about Pi (Rasbperry Pi) and other techy things. After 20 minutes i got into town, cycling through a interesting route, passing a cemetery near central park, it wasn't as nice as running past a park near lipson when i was on the latest night out to be honest.

Getting the presents

Once i was in town, locked the bike up, i was browsing in a few shops but making my way down the same florist that i previous bought Charley a rose for her birthday from. Believe it or now, the flowers i picked were £1 each, which i think was a bargain. But i bought those, the girl that served me was quite polite and smiled and although it was akward with having to bend the stem in my rucksack to make it fit :(.

After that, i browsed more shops, CEX, ComputerBase, Nerdz, JD to hope to see a girl that works there. Then i was passing Nandos, which the 1st main present was bought. A £20 giftcard. I was about to ask the girl that served me for one but she instantly said table and while i was wating in a queue of about 4 people, i typed up a note on google keep to show her (the same way as in oceana) and she understood. I think thats a lazy way to say clearly what i need when ordering if they can't hear, i know its partially rude but it better than "what was that ???" asked to me. 

After nandos, i walked down to tesco to get another of the presents, now i originally was going to have 2 of these for one present, but in the end i put one in each present. It was the Caburys Marvellous Creations popping candy chocolate bars. Which in Tesco, were priced up at £1.50. So i bought 2.

Paid for that nicely, then popped into Clinton Cards, i found some cute cards, but for one, i couldn't give a "i love you" since that would be cute but cause some problems and also it would be more leading her on. The other was a birthday but i found a cute card, the only problem was, they were quite expensive lol. £1.50 and £1.75 for a card is a bit steep, but nonetheless, i've paid and sorted it.

Then i got to a table in StarBucks and started writing the cards out. Basically one was a happy 20th and one was a present as an apology for me being a shit friend, like when boyfriends grovel and gift when they have done something wrong. But below you can see what i bought each:
The present for a friends 20th Birthday. 

The present for me making up to a girl for me being a shit friend to her as of late...

After writing the cards out, it was time to deliver one of them, at this point anyway. Which is a funny story of its own.

The mix up for Gala's delivery 

So basically i had to deliver the 2nd present to one of the gala bingo locations. So i walked to the one next to staples, hoping that i got it first time, i felt nervy and so on. Its a nervous thing since it can go wrong, BADLY. So i went to the reception, i waited about 10 minutes and then a colleague who was outside cleaning served me, it was tricky to explain what i was doing, she eventually understood but it turns out i went to the wrong Gala. So she told me to try the Derrys Cross one. 

I sprinted it to that one, then i passed a pub which is quite highly known and called "the bank" for the first time, it looked ok and quite reasonable meals, maybe i'll try it soon. But i walked into gala, then a older blonde served me, i explained to her, she understood much easier and even offered to get Charley to see me,  but i said its ok and guided her on giving the present. So that eventually worked. 

Back to town. 

Afterwards, i walked around, bought 2 notebook coolers from Poundland for £2. Which is a pretty good deal to enjoy. SignAlex isn't too bad a make either:
2 Notebook Coolers for £2. Great Value i think
After that, i met up with James, Niamh and Nath, we chatted, popped into tescos and then to a bus stop, she got on the bus, so we headed back to starbucks to relax and kill an hour or so. During that time, i got another shoutout done:

The people that i was talking about in this one were:
Jamie Stewart
George Bowrey
Keiran Mcclary
Jason Lee
Muneetha Kent
Cubb Thompson
Holly Posting
Will Palmer
Sean Allen -
Pete Robson

Afterwards, i decided to cycle back home, it was 4pm by this time and i wanted to make sure i had enough time to get some extra shoutouts done soon. Which i did.

But on the way home, i had to drop off the 20th birthday present at crownhill, so i got into mcdonalds and as i did, she saw me which kinda made it easier but it might of embarrassed her a tiny bit, but some chap served me an i ordered some cheap dips and then gave Jess (Girl i love's best mate jess) her present, she smiled and thanked me and said see you later which is a nice finishing touche :). But the journey home was quite hot and also exhausting, since the skies were getting clear and the sun was shining which made it so. 

The next shoutout was recorded near clearbrook, in a place which was avoided by the strong wind that is usually around there. But heres the 2nd shoutout video made today below:
Now this one featured:
Jack Porter -
Jacob Harris
Rebecca Joyce
Matt Mclung
Jessical Flynn
Lee Lashbrook
Tori Talia -
George Grundy
Chris Bond

Then it was more cycling back, up some slight hills and on minor roads, then i got to gem bridge about 6pm and got the final shoutout video recorded, now i've not editied and uploaded that one yet but below is the names thats included in the 25th shoutout in total, but the 3rd recorded :)
Joe Hiscocks
Liberty Sale
Sandy Mcdougall
Finlay Greig
Ash Churchill
Matt Roberts
James Follet
Lynn Channing
Charley Campbell

Then afterwards, i cycled home, got changed and put the bike in, then had a nice microwaved meal for tea along with some extras, including one of the dips i bought from mcdonalds :)
The tea i had. Chicken in black bean sauce, egg fried rice, ham, smokey bacon crisps and the Sweet Chilli dip from mcdonalds. 
After that, this ends here, and it was getting the shoutouts edited, playing some psp games when it was uploading and then typing this up. But as much as i wish i could say a chance with either of the girls would happen, i have a feeling its not and maybe this was all for nothing, but Charley thinks of me as a really sweet friend which is a good start, although people think i've friendzoned her which is worrying me a fair amount. 

But i need to sleep, night all and expect more blogposts, maybe in late july, with the Tavistock Carnival and more shoutout videos to be done, remember if you want one, let me know :)

Cheers then