Saturday, 26 March 2016

omracer in Taviland

Well, this was a event at work which was a knockoff of a film which for me, is nice and also kinda influenced a part of me (got me into a fantasy of making out with a giant girl) which is Alice in Wonderland. Now the vlog was very disorganised so its more a quick recap of what happened with a few montages if anything. But you can enjoy me walking in a costume below:

Insert vlog here

A morning of wet  cutting. 

Now with things being good the night before. Mostly since i bought new PC parts like the Antec ISK600 and the Intel Celeron G3900 which was £35 each. So thats a nice start to it,

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Then it was the morning, and i was up quite early, like an hour early before, The wind was making its noise while the curtains were bright and not actually making it look as bad as outside was, which was dull and heavy non visibly showers. so, I checked my internet, with a DM from a staff from Bngi that said I asked him to dm me, which is worrying me that I think I might be sleep tweeting or someone is having a hacking banter, which I need to sort out. The internet was checked, it was fapping and asking up time,which for some reason, was an hour earlier that normal, but maybe nerves about the costume was in full effect. Then it was time to wake and clean, okay not a punnable line but it's true. 

Soon after, I got put of the bathroom and started to change, which was OK but u realized that I was risking a trip up in the rain, which was bad so I started to cut the custom to stop it from touching tht ground. The cut wasn't straight but it did a good job and that can't be beaten for a guy like me. 

Cutting the butom of the costume

Shortly after, Rosie who was wet, greeted me with a jump and lick which was OK but the  she was to cage and I was ready to leave, mum was driving me down, which gave me opportunity for some selfies before leaving.

A close up selfie

A further away selfie

We parked opposite her old work and then I walked to work for there, actually early for a change and it was too qet to get the selfie stick put and vlog it, which tbh might of fucked it up for me along the lines of a disorganized vlog which puts things off. So i got passing as some guys I know complimented me and then as i walked in, my neighbour was happy and said how good it looked while my other neighbour has already has a hopping bit of trouble with his outfit, falling over my chair I sit on there and later on other things. But then it was getting to the work mood.

But with this day happening, the rain pouring, it wasn't too long before the selfies and pics of this were to begin. Since well, I was in at least 10 pics, mostly the other stall holders which made it some good sense to promote the place i'm working inside as well as them.

Myself and my neighbours, with a rabbit photobomb

Another group shot
Then the day goes on:

  • with a customer wanting transfer from desktop to laptop.
  • me checking social stuff and seeing a girl i like from feabie following me on instagram,
  •  more chatter and products selling. 
  • The moment the Town Crier says something like "you look like a tart" then redacted and said king of hearts.
  • Songs from the original Disney movie were played.
  • Android box selling (no i didn't say its fully loaded)
  • giving someone bad news that a RMA on a FX-6300 is needed
  • A customer calls to ask me for a home visit (yes and he didn't know i was dressed as i am) 
  • Easter Egg hunts on both neighbours stand which makes them busier than myself
  • My neighbour in the rabbit suit nearly tripping out the door.
Then halfway during the morning, I was asked to get my neighbour a chicken from the butchers for £3.99, which was ok, since his bunny outfit would look awkward when buying from a butchers, so i offered and he gave me £10, I was going to vlog but the rate i was walking was faster than it would of taken me to get the selfie stick out and vlog. But I got the chicken, some stares and odd laughes but it didn't bother me since it was all in a polite way of things. A selfie while out was a good thing though.

A selfie when getting the chicken

But time was getting on and since this was the last working day before the clocks go forward for daylight saving time, it was feeling faster than usual. But it was 3pm and it was a case of more selfies and group pics and also the announcing for the contest was going on about the costumes and intresting that i got a JOINT 3rd Place with another stall holder who the east end usually get along with and speak to so that felt good. The prize was a bag of premium Chocolates and they looked SOOO GOOD (do that in Alex's voice and it makes sense) in terms of the chocolate itself and the presentation of the bag. 

The chocolates I got joint 3rd prize on
Insert other pics if possible. 

Then it was nearing the end of the day and it was getting time to pack up and leave by 4:30, which I was on time to leave and make sure everything was switched off. 

Closing for work

Then it was time to leave and run up to a home visit which was a quick printer wifi job and that got sorted in about 40 minutes after router config and printer IP setups. Then it was me walking home via the Railway line route, and a nice selfie which goes with that before recording a recap while walking is a good way.

The selfie on the way back home. 

Then i got home and it was a relaxing evening, from having dinner to a batch and film watching while typing this up. Which made it all in all a nice day, to be honest its no closer to my New Years Resolutions but i think there isn't much i can do right now to complete some of them. 

Enjoy your easter and new vlogs and blog posts out soon

Friday, 18 March 2016

An Early Hot Plym Cycle

So, then with the week past since things I've caught up on and also now being 23 its time to get back to the usual cycle outs, with scorching weather and also a bit of dogwalking that even included having rosie to go swimming in my usual swimming spot (i'll do a vlog on this another day soon).
But since Its a lovely day, i'm off to Plymouth yet again.

The vlog is below:

Now it was a nice dream of donuts and cuddles on sunsets when i woke up this morning, why, i'm unsure but it was also it was a fresh morning of getting up at 8:55 and prep work from charging to showers to phone calls with family and by 10:20 I was off. It was a windy but strong cycle, I felt slower than normal and I had to stop and vary my route in tiny ways and some slim girl in her black corsa was cursing me as I stopped near the railway station. then by 10:10 I arrived in the usual bike park near M&S, it was alot more sweat which is a pain but good for me.

The bike before leaving

Passing by #thrroughglass

The clearbrook tunnel #throughglass

near crownhill and look at the cut down trees #throughglass

outland road #throughglass

Arriving to park

Once I parked I realised that halfway through, the earphones died, it must of been a tug on them as I put my phone in my pocket by redrow estates out of tavi. so I had to say rip to those and bin them. that was on the way to the toilet, which was a quick tiddle and check the wash and shopping began.

Rip tesco earphones
My first stop was primark which had no reduced £5 jeans so I was in then out of there, I walked in carphone and browsed,, there was a nice sized girl there but Emily wasn't :(. Then hmv had little deals and that was a quick in and out visit and then I made my way to a PC shop opposite the uni which has some things in but not much. Then I popped into maplin, maybe there was some good deals but only ddr3 and modular power supplies, which is not ideal for me and out I was to carry on looking for things

Pigeons near Armada Way
But then things turned interesting when I popped into Plymouth fancy dress .com to look for a outfit for a Easter event next week at work (every so often events like these happen so). and there wasn't the outfit I was looking for which was online for £45 incl P&P but the store was huge and music was upbeat.

then I strolles down the East end of the town, heading towards the market, wearing glass on and browsing in the Asia oriental which did have some tempting offers but I passed on them, also I passed the new sushi place just down from there as well .

another looking in nerdz and then the market was quick until I went computer base, asked about mini itx mobos and cases, m.2 ssd for a h110n possibly and then £39.99 for 8gb DDR 4 which is OK for non in business but for me I passed on it since I 'll use work connection to save money. Then I wandered back up the other end of town,,which the pawn shops had no good things, but it was sports direct for some tennis balls which was needed for Rosie, who can now partly swim anyway which is really good.

A video posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

Eventually walking up the 2nd floor was where I needed to be, I picked up Dunlop balls for £1.99 (pack of 3). when I was being I the queue, there was a cute ssbbw serving on the till to my right and she smiled at me, which made my day but I got served by someone else. then I walked out onto the the favourite store.

Some decent Tennis Balls for Rosie for £1.99

Now it was funny since I just ordered from poundland (£35s worth for £30 Inc delivery) and there were tempting things but I was looking for a drink and tango freeze pops but no sign of that. the queues were very long so I walked out and cex was the next place, which had nothing of interest. 
The direction of the sundial was my next place, which got me to game and not much deals there. soon it was nearing drakes circus again and the top floor this time was my spot, the apple store has a school class in and some old guy was being sassy to a rep, one bearded one gave me a stare but I browsed and walked on, and made my way to the hoe

Sand sculptures
Now I remember that I had an email from subway of a free cookie and well I opened the email and shown the till rep wait after she was doing derpy looks after some rep spoke to her, but she was nice in the end and a £1.20 reg dispensable drink was a good way to go. I went for a double chic chip  cookie.

£1.20 for the drink and a free cookie due to a subcard voucher :)

Then the hoe was my place to go,,passing the barbican and the strong winds and amazing sky, it was eventually my legs getting to my fave spot by quarter to. 

The barbican, its been nearly a year since I met gracie here 

Beautiful marinas

My usual spot #throughglass

A Glass Selfie

A non glass selfie

When resting my legs and typing this up while hearing the waves rise and fall and hearing the wind was nice but by 3:30, I started to make my way back into town to finish off shopping, sports headphones were my needed thing. £10 budget. Maplin was the main place to go, and i got them for a nice £7.99, even though the design was white and had that tie bit. I paid on card but dropped a penny and ally picked it up as i was vlogging the bit i've bought. 

Looking back on the hoe

A range of sound to choose from 

The earphones for £7.99

Then it was nearly time to leave and by 4pm I was by my bike anyway and wore the new earphones which was nice although it was going to be busy and my legs were going to ache after this. Since passing mutley way back was going to be a hilly way. But it was also nice to have the sun on my back. But it was that summer haze to the day that really made it worth while.

Just about to leave

Near the flyover

Crownhill Subways

The shadow on the moors to clearbrook

Leaving Yelverton

Up the hill after Gem Bridge

Then i finished the vlog at the top of monksmead, Which was just under the 2 hour mark according to google fit anyway, and I was breathless which was quite bad for me (considering i used to do this route about 30 minutes quicker last year.

I made it

Got Knackered though
Then it was getting home and at the right moment too, since there was a bath nearly ready for me which helped me get the rest of the snaps up (pics of this) to snapchat and also check social stuff since that takes longer than what people might think.

And that ends my day out, hopefully there will be new vlogs (days out vlogs possibly, i'm planning Exeter due to a feabie member is there until july and we have somewhat chatted) and with the weather getting better, its no excuse to, except a early morning than usual. Then of course i have the Costume to get sorted for next week as well as a New PC (parts).

But see you until then,


Wednesday, 9 March 2016

A Mothering Twitch Catchup

So, its now the 3rd month and things have been quiet yet slightly more productive since our last catch up with the big day event which made me feel connected to more nice people than sometimes i forget to realise i already have in my life. But at the same time i've noticed more and more that i'm alone, even with others.

But since that event i've had casual things happen and maybe some things planned for the future. But with the skype interview finally achieved (on the 1st funnily enough), i'm hoping that something good for me will come out of it and maybe it might lead to a chance with someone, since now I feel empty and i'm not making the effort like I used to any more, whether it was buying giftcards for Emma or that time I commissioned the drawing from Kip for Charley for her US legality last year (even though 5 years ago on this date I remember that text to me that she was dating ben which is  heartsnapping). But i know now that since i can't make the effort with ones i love since they are too deep in love with someone else, it makes me feel empty as fuck and maybe its also a good sign to start learning romance (hopefully with the help of gracie and for the actual sex and sex prep via  a rare case of the NHS or maybe even worth BUPA a try).

Also i did mange to vlog a bit of dogwalking and mentioned some of the things i have done since the event like designed a twitch overlay for obs and also streaming "The Movies" which is coincidental since Microsoft are planning to shutdown Lionhead studios so that game might be more popular.

Watch live video from omracer6 on

the twitch overlay 

Which to be honest is somewhat an achievement for me. There was also a quick life lesson with learning that being a pushover does not make you a submissive from what i found out last night and also there was a possible chance I might be dating a feedee chef whos 35 and works in some hotel in plymouth but this is no way confirmed. This is also since I tried a new Dating app called WooPlus which i've one match from a girl that joked on a feabie status about deciding whether to build a PC or date gracie, we both said hi and no conversation since.

Also i've restarted the BPD which is now 9 days in and actually its been quite a intresting one for me since there are up and down days and also patterns are too early to be found just yet (maybe in 2 weeks time i could say otherwise but i'll explain it all later on when its done).

Also since i've had these low feelings at some points i've been listening to ASMR related content which actually videos of whispering and light sounds (eating, tapping and many other things) that can help the mind relax and sometimes give a mind tingling (MIND/BRAIN) sensation and one of the recent ones i've subbed to and listen to, is HungryLips. Shes actually a very normal guy dream girl and her FB page shows that off, but i've crashed out after watching her videso and waking up the next morning to find a video still open on my iphone when waking up.

But even though this week has been quiet, of course there was mothering sunday which meant presents, I decided to get my mum some Cawston Press Apple and Elderflower (actually 12 packs of 1litre cartons which arrived quite nice and quickly, cost me £30.36 and its quite tasty but very strong with the apples.
The 12 pack of Apple and Elderflower Juice
Then it was a +7 for that day which was ok i guess but even though my sister's boyfriend drove me to the meal in my sister's car which felt ok and the meal was nice and although this tiny kid was near me, things went quite well.

Then it was a tiring day at work the past 2 days and i might be ordering parts for a new PC, with a Skylake feel to it, Yes i'm going that route since tbh i don't use my desktop for FCP editing since its laggy as hell, so i need to use that for focus on gaming video and content. The G3900 is my weapon of choice here since its quite rare it might be a good opportunity to give intel some positive maybe-ish coverage on it. about £40 from one of my suppliers, and i might use it for a H110N.

But lets get the goals checked.

  • Try not to fap on mornings when i have work - this has gone out the winder
  • Try to have a Holiday or have a week off from work without being called up at least for one day of it - No luck with this
  • Try to meet up with a girl from Feabie - This is getting closer possibly
  • Plan a few days out  - Too early and shitty weather to do 
  • Tweet More - This is getting better
  • Snapchat more  - This has been ideal since i've done interview screenshots, bath pics, message pics and others
  • Get into my first Relationship - Could be not happening yet again :(
  • Cook for a Group of Girls - No luck
  • Make some music Mashups -This is going since i might be selling the DDJ-WEGO2 for £70
  • Play some more Steam Games and Finish at least 2. This i will be doing once i get or if i get the new PC built if the skylake route is a good idea

Well thats sums that off and now i have some things and family to see soon since its my nans birthday tomorrow and well its nice to catch up with her, but enjoy a picture of running back home

Running back home 
Also an instagram version with neat photo editing.

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By for now