Tuesday, 28 March 2017

A hot spending day

It's the first. Week of the 3rd .Onfh of 20q7 already and it's actually starting to be feeling like summed now since of the clocks going forward on mother's day last Sunday. With a day off and a chance to check out the signs and sounds. the vlog is below.

The Morning Prep

Now, i was up around d 8:50 with the sky being blue and my eyes not as tired after a earlyish sleep the night before. With this, I got up and checked emails as well as backup pics from the Redmi 4 and fitted the SD Card so I had more space than I needed  space I'd i needed to have more footage than i had left o. The phone which was only at 1.5 GB left. There was a choice of cycling g to okehampton but that was not as easy to follow with the cycle path as drake trails so if was the city of Plymouth itself again . I eventually left at 10:05 and surprisingly, if only took me 1 hour 30 minutes and there was a mutley way due to Massive queues on outland road.

The Tractors on the Road

The path as per usual near horrabridge

up the hill

A Hazy view of the Moors

The Roadworks by Crownhill


The parked bike

The Tempting offers

As i was exploring, with Drake's Circus  and HMV first for PS store giftcards which i wanted for a pretty good 10 year anniversary sale that was going on until the week before Easter. After it was to Holland and Barrett for a change which i was looking for aloe Vera juice but i noticed the gain powders some bbw models have used which where good from met-rx . Game was nice, which someone next to me was close to picking up kingdom hearts 2.8 and there were low stock on £10.00 gift cards. Then i walked to Fone World which did't have a case for the Redmi 4 and that sucks. They had no idea what the name was and compared it to a ZTE Blade then said to buy online for it basically. Warren James was ok but no brogan nor Nicole which was hmm, I walked my way around town for finding a Phone case, after more visiting a few of my Favourite shops first. Also Street Performers.

The nice street performers

Poudland had nothing new new except some chilli BBQ sauce and then CEX were not dealful at all with mini bits but then it was heading down towards the market. for £7 and that fitted the Redmi 4 quit nicely in the phone shop van

The new Phone Case and 

It was near the Market and I was seeing nothing in wants. Then A cash converter's rep had a rep place a £500 macbook air outside and a chap was asking me if it's good but for what he wanted. I recommended to sell him a linx or he gets on in argos nearby, for his cleaning business. But then i walked in and noticed a 13" Samsung which looked idea l for doing video editing on the train if i do trips and for £149 i was tempted enough to even try it but then i realised i had spent a lot this month so i didn't bother big my mind a voice nagging at me to buy it. I didn't go for it when i worked out my fiances this month, Almost more than my wages and bills paid.

I Walked my way back up to Drake's Circus, with  visit to Maplin and didn't see a Pi Zero or anything I wanted. The Apple store was busy, I was getting to check prices like that laptop in Cash Converters and also this couple spoke to me when I was looking and they were getting their photos recovered. Then it was time to go for a walk

The windy walk of views

After it as time to head up to the sea,. This time i said to go to devils point for a relaxing time which if was a 20 minutes walk and the views were lovely but the wind was not

The views of the Hoe and also a mini beach 

Devil's Point

The views when relaxing 
A selfie

A cheeky Selfie

The Redmi 4 in the New Case

Relaxing was nice, with mixed typing and a blustery wind and boats passing by, typing up was nice and eventually it was time to head back.
I made my way at through Royal William Yard which was full of memories, overpriced elderflower drinks and posh restaurants. It felt weird to be here.

The views from the Yard

It was getting to town. Now, i passed a cute grocery store by the Cremyll ferry and then I visited an oriental supermarket which had most of the items to start your own takeout, I'm serious, with boxes, 2 litre Heinz ketchup, cases of aloe Vera juice and even a case of cans of shewppez if was lovely and it was tempting me  to buy in there bus getting it on the bike home would be nightmare so i passed, the staff were friendly as anything.

The shipping spree

Then it was walking passed garages and rocksalt to get back to town via union Street, which i got here at 4:53 which was then off to poundland to buy what i needed. This was a can of air duster, earphones and BBQ chilli sauce, all were £1 each. That was paid and then onto drakes circus.

Running in Union Street

the £3.00 bundle

I got in there and went to Holland and Barrett again, this time i asked the lady about aloe Vera juice and it turns out there was a half price deal so before it used to cost £13.28 for one and now if cost me the same price for both, that was delightful. I also found out i had £112 left on the card i won from POWWOW TV which was handy for me to know.

£13.28 for 2 bottles of Aloe Vera Jioce

Then it was hmv which had more items for me to enjoy, but that £10.00 giftcards for the PS store was my goal and if turns out the sales rep was a happy chap and knew me since he asked "you still doing your videos" "yeah, but it is getting hard recently", what a stupid reply that was like, but i paid and on my way.

The PSN giftcard for £10

Then it was time to get the bike that had had a seizure from the looks of it and was laying on the ground, i was puzzled but it was there and told still worked so as far as i know, nothing was stolen this time. I got up, unlocked it and got ready to cycle back home.

The journey back home

Now, it was a steep hill, traffic e was starting​ to get everywhere and I survived and got across the steep hills and went passing marjon for the way back which that turning back to the main road was actually not as busy but a bus was behind me, also other cyclists were everywhere so i wasn't on my own, and the traffic was a real slide in past until i got to the pavement and blasted it thee and the roads were quieter until i was up the narrow passing near Dartmoor's diner, that was knackered but not as bad as i thought, then it was a smooth ride home almost, being a nice 1hr 53 minutes to get back compared to the 1hr and 31 minutes to cycle there, I felt chuffed evening in the wind, but a drink was needed .

Clearbrook in the lovely evening

The sun sets and heading in the woods

A Low battery in the Tunnel

The aloe was not used until I'm reviewing that and the bbq sauce and also i have a Wii adapter soon to arrive as well as a scart to HDMI. Then that was that, I'll get more vlogs done in April and maybe a review or 2 before April begins.


Friday, 24 March 2017

A Long Walk to a Garden Centre

WEll this is one of those impulse posts. Since I had to get a mothers day present, the dog needed her walk and also since it was pretty wet and raining, it was no point in getting the bike out to do a Cycle to Plymouth for the Present. So for a change, I decided to walk to a Garden Centre called Long Ash and have an idea or even buy Presents there along with have a quick lunch then come home. The vlog is below:

The way there:

As i was finishing a Nutella, Crisp and BBQ sauce Sarni for breakfast, I decided that I HAD to get a Mother's day Present today, which since it was nearing the 10:30ish time, Walking Rosie had to be done which gave me this idea. So getting the Redmi 4 on charge then to change into walking gear before leaving at 11ish. 

The Breakfast

Then Once I got rosie started, I walked on with her and it wasn't too rainy but that changed once I got past Gem Bridge and onto Horrabridge then the Moors. 

Walking past the Football Ground again

Heading onto the Trail

The tummel is approaching

Inside the Tunnel

The view from Magpie Bridge
Once it got past this, the weather was starting to be a little bist nastier, the moors was boggy and mud was everywhere, Luckily my cut jeans meant that it was higher than normal jeans, but it was soon nearby since I was passing 3 horse riders who then galloped along like what films show off in a Western chase scene. Which I turned left and to my Surprise, I made it in less than 2 hours.

The Journey via Google Fit

The long ash act

Once I got there, I had to tie up Rosie, that was a big mistake since she REALLY DIDN'T like being left on her own, she howled and barked at everything and I could hear her when browsing inside, which if this was a crowded place, she could of gotten nicked, so I know i can't do things like this much now. But after umming and hmming and nearly dropping the Present before buying them, I managed to buy 2 things for £29.98 which was both £14.99 each and one was a Tin and one was a set of 3 pots for plants which had a tray with it. 

The pots and the Tin
Now As i got back, Rosie was excited as anything, jumping up, wagging tail, it was nice but she really did miss me for those moments, and then she started biting my shoe as punishment, karma is my bet here. But then it was to the resturant on the other side which had people in there already. So me and Rosie sat down and she wanted me around her, I looked at the menus which had some reasonable prices for people who understand you have to spend more if you want to eat. For me, it made me find a budget of £5 and stick to it, which I did in the end.

The Drinks Meni

So, I got the water from another table for Rosie to sip and gulp, then I went inside and ordered my drink and food, which came to £4.90 :) xD. That meant I can manage a budget meal out, A kid's portion bacon sandwich and Cawston PRess Apple Juice. Which that was a short wait for. While waiting, one of the waitresses was chatting to me and Rosie and it reminded her of her old collie she had and fed Rosie a treat, she was content with that which was nice of both of them really. But then it was a quick toilet break and just as i was about to tweet pictures, It arrived.

The meal which looked nice, or so i Thought. 
Now one secret with me telling the waitress for NO BUTTER for this and that was written down on her note, but sadly it was a "my bad" and butter appeared. After debating to get it changed, I did which meant a nice short wait before being able to eat the nice sarni and extras for that £3.65. It then arrived and it was amazing.

The meal with NO BUTTER.
Now that was eaten and I really did enjoy that, which was actually finished in about 4 minutes on the vlog, but then it was time to pack up and head off home. But the rain had picked up and that meant cold hands....

Leaving Long Ash

The wet walk home.

Now this is where things got a bit ugh. The walk itself was ok, but at the beginning when Rosie wants to play ball, she was almost out of my sight with it which is dangerous af, so I put her on the lead and we walked our way back to old station Road which then meets the Railway Line to get home on. That was muddy as anything, and Rosie was pulling and I nearly slipped but a lout shouting to stop made her stop nicely, even with the tail down. But then it was the Railway line which was nice and easy, but my dad called at a surprise
The journey back
and was astounded as to where i was and actually really pissed at me for saying no for him to pick me up and me to walk home with Rosie in the "heavy" rain. I feel sorry for the guy for saying no but then again I've gotten used to people telling me no when I offer but he gets sensitive about this, bless him. 

Then it was more walking and rain and eventually it was Passing schoolkids by the Redrow estates and also Bishopsmead which Rosie didn't take too much notice off and after the 2 big hills, I was home, Home at 3:55 ish and relaxed and then it was the end of that. 

And I will try to get more blogposts done soon. 


Thursday, 2 March 2017

Catching up to a new month

Well, its now been the first 2 months passing of 2017. Which to be fair has not been impressive for me, but its also helped me finally start to plan for other things later on and also means there might be some hope for me. Especially with the recent surge in followers and also the chance with using Origin Broadband to finally make uploading content easier for me. But lets go through it since our last catch up in January..

The Last part of January.

The events of the Tranquil dogwalk were fun but it finally meant things were going to go worse, with the bike being stolen. It was a shame of that happening but sadly its reality of life of things going bad. I did get called a few times to ask if I was ok and that due to budget cuts, we can't look at CCTV footage so that meant the end. My family pretty much said that to me from the start, which gave me the question of why did i even report it missing, But at least its another lesson learned. 

The RIP to a ok bike that i've struggled but used 

The weather was quite nice though

Which nothing much happened after that. Sure meals were popular like Crunchie spread was used with almost everything and I finally started the copy of KH 2.8 and DDD is pretty impressive, using dream eaters is cool and its much easier to grind and level up than I thought. 


But the final day of January was the action to finally spend money and switch from Talktalk to Origin Broadband which it turns out is a Vodafone reseller which part of me remembers the past and Emma who is still a memory of a crying old heart, which that also happens later on too. But with a £39 a month deal with Origin for fibre with 9mbps upload, this means the chance to finally get content up quicker for when I need to and i was soon to be blown away.

A feat of Feburary. 

So with a plan or Fibre in motion, it was of course a time for shaving. To clean the hairs of a former month and hope this month is a good one. 

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Also it was finally the time of me chatting to this girl that has the most amazing cheeks on snapchat and instagram and sometimes twitter. This has been on an off for about a month, but she is a food lover even though recently turned vegan and wanting to lose weight. But then again its like another girl I've chatted to this month on snapchat who was an EX feedee and was 22 stone but now smaller than me in 8 months.

Also Gracie uploaded some pictures to her AW profile and she is the same size as when we cuddles and kissed in september which made me smile, I know i will need her again and that one cuddle a year can really help my lack of experience.Then we fall into the day off and a Oreo Chicken Sandwich to start it off.

But with days off comes #dogwalkingwithomracer and that hasn't really been good. Rosie really is aggravated with me recently, with teeth and biting shoes when she gets chance to.

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Which then it lead to a question which might be linked to a plan of mine this year, if you really wondering, the poll secretly is the answer.

But it was then more working and even building a PC which was nicely packaged before it was finally time to start a new video series named #omracereats and we begin with a gammon and nutella sandwich.

This was then part of the next plan of a review which was prcey-ish for finally a maybe way to not having my bike stolen again. I present the Tile.

tile on a bike. 
This was also the time during a change in the kitchen, after 60 years, my parents were determined to redecorate it and they got their wish which was about 3 weeks of mess and struggle to film as well as family meals in the lounge a bit more. Also I went on a swing

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And then it was Valentines day, which of course brings back memories . This was a time to reflect, with no effort being made this year unlike previous years . But at least i had something heart shaped to eat.

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But with that feeling of lonliness on a day that is common, it was time to update the Tinder profile to be a bit more witty with the lines with also being stright to the point on my love skills. People complained at that bit.

The Tinder profile before editing
Which by this time it was finally the time for ORIGIN to work for me the way I want it to. So it was the W9970 to get it going for me.

The router, looking the same as before 

That upload speed though

Then it begins, the faster speeds of internet making uploading quicker and downloading faster too. This was proven with the BIG wedding show wander.. That show was pretty good, it was amazing being around ladies of all sizes, Faye was amazing but married and there were some really eye openers for me on that day. 

A Vast stage

A place i might see more of this year

Then it was quiet, from working and making Pulled Pork hunters fajitas to Taping thighs up as well as playing DDD here and there. It felt like a passing moment. 

Some Hunters Pork Fajitas

What happens when you try to tape your thighs up and work and move around in them

Then we start to make another video for the omracer eats series of Hunters chicken Noodles which was nice and very filling too.

And time passed by with late nights, fapping, tinder rematches, flirting by feeding and streaming all while working the normal days until it was another Tinder Profile update, which made me like a 🐍 bugger by not being honest about my love skills and also overuse of food emoji to stay hip. Which i've had no legit new matches since.

Another tinder edit

Then it was a surprise trip to plymouth which was quiet minus seeing someone and Storm Doris soaking me up. With little to buy and minds aflutter with ideas, it was nice to see how it would progress and new sauces to eat for Pancake day was an idea too. 

Which then it comes to this, Pancake Day. Which was work and eating 3 pancakes bascially. Peri Peri for spicy, Nutella for Classic and Ham and Mango Chutney for a twist.

Pancake 1

Pancake 2

Pancake 3

And there is February.

A guide on the Goals.

Well its been 2 months, Have i actually got anywhere. 

  • Get into my first relationship with a girl - NOPE
  • Try to meet up with a girl from Feabie - NOPE
  • Visit Bristol by myself for a day or overnight - Falcon Bus from Plymouth - Not yet
  • Finish at least 2 Games on PS4 - KH 2.8 and N.Sane Trilogy (Pre ordered N.Sane but DDD is just under halfway complete then its 0.2)
  • Stream More  - Now i have fibre, I can
  • Get videos and blogposts done quicker -  I'm bad at this
  • Have at least 2 myself days out for vlogs that are further away from Plymouth  - NOPE
There you have it, a month or 2 past and not much has changed but things are now looking at the up. Maybe it will go right for me, maybe not.