Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Another Hot May Catchup.

Lets be honest, this time things have really swung my way, with my first Holiday and well work being work and busy and also more chatting to girls, buying scales (yes) and even more things. So Lets start.


After our last catchup . Things felt hetic in one way and it was also deciding if this holiday was to be a real thing or not, lets be honest here,  things were a bit rushed in one way. Like the issue was i was dealing with shitty custom roms for the Redmi 4, which is a nightmare since Xiaomi didn't release the fucking source code, but no matter in the long run, since things will go better in that area. But apart from that and Torchy's 21st birthday, A Slush puppy machine review was in order, the honesty of it is that its a bit salty. 

The machine

It whirrs

it makes slush
People also forget that tummy's can be so soft its like a third boob, which i didn't know i might hopefully be true with what i had planned later on this year. But it was also the Poll to check if I have to do something with my hobbit feet since my dad used to take the piss out of me for it as a joke like.

Then we had the shock of the Nerve agent attack in the UK on this week, with accusations not being backed up, which means we might have world war 3 on our hands and then we have more food before I have to really question my looks, since i felt a bit insecure at the time.

When after that it was little bits and pieces, which part of it used to be talking to someone amazing i've chatted to on and off over the past few months, which she had made a oreo based milkshake and talking about the gaining stuff, sure i've had a nut of fun with katie on kik about gain shakes but when you pass it by in tesco, its one day i can actually BUY that in the checkout, maybe holding hands with the lucky lady i'm with. But instead it was chicken tika crisp sandwiches during lunch at work.

I also started to chat to a lovely lady from exeter whos actually just under my age and shes nice, reminds me of someone i flirted with and bought the kebab for her, actually its a lookalike of her matye but my dream size and the same name too. But we have chatted, guys have bought her Nutella and also mashmellow in a jar. I might have to get her something from her amazon wishlist at one point. Anyways, we chat on and off.

Apart from more second lunches and chatting to girls on snap (actually one who i've chatted to a few times, but she is moved in with her boyfriend so....), we actually chat to someone else and end up buying her a scale and shortbread for £25 quid,  which was nice and later on we catch up and chat when she was stoned and bored, and by later on i mean about 2 months later.

But then it was planning for this Holiday, so asking if anyone would want a meetup and the polls were sort of in my favour, since with the Plugin Event and Club indulge on the same weekend, things can get so good, so that and thinking on where to go and how to get there, it was in my mind quite alot. But theres always meals inbetween thinking and comparasions too, along with the death of Chromecast as well.

But then the snow returned and nice meals come to fruition but eventually it has to be a #omracereats video to return which is ideal for the time off. With also less than 1 month until i had the #omracersholiday, it was a empty space of things to come, actually i got myself pretty busy.

Also it was the return of someone I was close to meeting up with but cancelled me last minute, she messaged me and apologised and also sent some more belly videos and we chatted, she was pretty apologetic on FF and Kik, but after a week, she didn't talk to me again, not even 2 months later. But at least i know theres new chances on the horizon somewhere..

Relatable memes came and passed passing the time with the PSTV in my room for some nostalgia and more food, choices were made and my heart and D was tweeting out a little bit more than it should do in all honesty. But it was only time before the next month was going to be set in motion after more things...

Then it was a clean shave before it was time for another decorating session with Torchy and i met Legacy for the first time.
A regular trip to B&Q at the time 
But after that it was finally the last week of March before the easter festivities begin for most. Weight loss for some was losing themselves in one way and it was a few more bits before it was the Easter weekend. 

The Hat

The Winner and the Hat


This is where the fun really begins, but this month always began with the Decorating with the Team again, with more funny antics, but not as much as you would expect until soon later. But we got the room improved and well, it was great, this project was coming to fruition, there was talk of both legacy and torchy joining a esports team, which turned out to really actually happen and maybe things go a different direction, but actually that is a good thing with more focus and better quality in one way. But hey, its a start.

Tiling on the wall

snacks and glue

But then it was working and also making sure life was ok before this holiday, reminding myself of the fun time with Gracie for my first ever date. Which was still amazing and reminds me what could happen in life. But it was also planning out a possible date with Sugarclits when deciding i could travel up to colchester on the friday then back to London on the same day, which really made me excited since as well as the speed dating, I was also was enjoying NowTV and the Disney side of it a bit more. With films like Lilo & Stitch and its DVD straight sequel, to incredibles which was the first time I've ever seen that in full, since I did preorder Lego Incredibles for work. But also coming up was the MAAAN ENGINE. a resurrection of it i should say.

But as well as that, we has a shout to some of the girls i've bought food for and had WCWs on but one I decide on chatting to over the time. But more Polls suggest otherwise and also another #omracereats as well.

Occasional memes followed, but meals for friend's 60th (work friends). It was more booking and it was also times where I wanted to take Lucy and Becca out for a meal, but memories of heartbreak was also happening when seeing weddings near me when working, but time was exciting to see new people and also maybe die instead. But well the moments with Torchy and co really ramped up with antics from maccies and the likes.

But work was the final week before a week off and the life changing bits with the holiday, with family to visit and catch up with, customers to sort out oh and joe saw me running  past him when I was on my way home. But hey, thats what my RL is actually like. Then actually a product arrived. Oh and the world goes nuts since people think rejecting someone based on what they wear is ok as consent. That and more food.

But before that was to give the game of Fortnite a test with that combo. Which actually it can play 720p on med settings if i was lucky. But the video speaks or dives into itself.

Then it was the final week, which actually the streaming room with Torchy, not much actually went on, like chilli in bowls and dreams before that decorating to get foam in the windowsil, oh things were going great.

The nostalgia with Cold Storage and also the time with Reviewing a USB headset i got in from a supplier from work, my god it was good. Like cheap and usb and 3.5mm jack. But It worked soon nicely for editing the vlogs when out. oh my god it did.

Why things fit

Oh yes

But after that it was the start of consuiming gfuel for this holiday and deciding how to get there along with snacks before i go for it. 

But it was a nice day at my nans before I finally had the time to go, Jo lovely caught up with me and even said she "doesn't want people to take advantage of me"But then after this, it was the Holiday. But luckily sugarclits canceled on me so that meant a day free and it was to tweet chadders and christea to see if they were free.

Oh and Hannah broke a chair and i was proud of her


Well it was this. I'm not going to lie, most of this was noted and I was more productive for the beginning and tiring at the end. So it was the start of getting there. 

The coach

The airport

Roads & Rivers

busy stations


Coaches to jump on

The run on the road

Lovely Patio
Then we deal with the fun times for Plugin. This was running in the sun and even more hype of tech times.

selfies before running

monuments on the grass

The wing

Drinks and guides


The starting line

Running blurred

Then we have #420 which was making london busy in the heat. The sights of london were amazing.Shame the Redmi 4 broke. 


The Thames

Rose for £0.20

Cracked Redmi 4

Walking through glass

Hyde Park

Tents n Lit

Picadilly in sunset

The Bed I was sleeping in. 
Then we are enjoying life with Shoreditch, seeing chadderz and trying food i've always wanted to try.

Leaving me way up north
The Tower Bridge


Getting in areas

Brick Lane

Me and Chadderz

The start of an addction. 

Then we had the indulge speed dating. This was incredible and life changing as well. But chatting to so many girls and I wish I could of met more. Shame theres no selfies to deal with.


Cards Against Humanity

Polo Bar

The Views at night

Then finally its the sad goodbye with tensions high and marathons to pass by. But it really showed me how a holiday can be amazing yet chaotic. 

Borough Market Again

The views

Marathon sprays




Coach Stations

The snacks on the way home


Warm treats to get home to.

Then that was it, the holiday was done and top be honest, things didn't go so well, I was shrouded in with work that delayed things for the next few days. 

But we finally did it, May is now underway. Love chats with Roo were amazing and it was carrying on with life.


This now makes sense, the 5th month and really i've not done as much except plan for the next 2 years of my life in one go. But minus the chats with so many girls and even with the video call on kik with a lovely girl. But my new Years resolutions are really taking a toll for the progress. Which i'll catch up later. But things were getting meh on the social side. Except maybe buyting roo food via the spoons app and also Fortnite hype. 

It was also memories of the Bank Holiday with Feeding and Boat Parties as well. But that was a nice time to relax and get the vlog done with the Studio one more time. Oh and Green screen purchased.

Summer lunches

Tech Shopping with  Legacy

A Roast by Flossy

More foams on the way

The desk is in

Lights are done

Torchy getting stream. 

But then it was the news of laptops to fix and more food and planning. Tinder had to be changed and fapping is a good sign of coping with stress, Life felt boring and normal, sure i had salt and pepper chicken again but it was soon back to the ramdom threads and Chadderz birthday. Time felt okay.

And finally apart from the result of non protection, I was enjoying a day in Cothele which the catch up was to be made.

Which then that brings me up to date.

The Resolutions: 

Well have i got on, well.

  • Get Crash N Sane trilogy Finished - Doing this in july
  • Get blogposts and vlogs up quicker - This is yes on holiday but nope when home
  • Have a Holiday or Weekend away by myself - DONE IT
  • Meet up with a girl from Feabie - DONE IT
  • Be able to make enough money from work to Pay myself - DONE IT - £345 since Aug 18
  • Get myself ready for sex - It will be a trip to Totnes soon. 

An there you have it, expect more vlogs and blogs up soon.