Sunday, 21 September 2014

omracer's night out: A humid friendly BBQ

Well, its been a tiring week for me and after the night out last week, I think I drained myself to the point that I got the cold. That common cold. It's been a week of working too, which only gave me one day off which was a good send off to help beat the worst of it.
I mean I even did a shot of night nurse to help it.

But while I was busy being a working man, it turns out swaggy invited me to another BBQ at Eloise's. So at least I did have some motivation, but as I type this, I still have a bit of a nose blockage.
Work has been one of the busy weeks from keyboard woes to selling tablets and my mind can't really concentrate and it and my heart are hoping it might of found me someone beautiful and amazing. Especially when I cheered her up when using PayPal to deliver her £15 flowers. But she's off to uni and its going to be a rare chance.After working slightly hard, chatting geek talk with a customer, selling tablets, fixing a black screen with cursor issue and telling customers the dump is the better place for an old printer, I checked up and left in a rush, although i did buy a nice £5 of food from a bakery with the friend that comes in every weekend with offers.

2 pasties for £3, 3 Treacle Tarts for £1.50 and £0.50 for 3 macaroons

As I was running home, I was feeling slightly light headed, but I didn't pay too much attention. Getting home at 4:50 was nice and I was greeted with a bath, since mum and dad had finished some garden maintenance and needed a bath to soak and relax off, well I did give the rest of the family my cold which is a mistake on my Peart. 

After checking tweets and remotely checking email my pc using chrome remote desktop, I was out of the bath and changed by 5:30, out the door by 5:38 then a rush and a half to get to the bus which I ONLY just caught while the bus was passing me by. After paying £4.50 I was upstairs and cooling off, well I did soak the shirt and hoodie :(.

I was the only one on the bus until Yelverton, then I got off at the flyover nearby tesco in woolwell. I had shopping to do, maybe the same recipies, maybe new ones, but by now, there was a gap of sun, beaming through the clouds.

Walking to lidl from where i got off

 I walked through the glass and up to lidl, wandering and looking for something to eat for the night. After browsing and tweeting, I bought £10.79 worth of stuff. From waffles, sausages, chicken, bacon and even BBQ sauce. James tweeted me in the right direction.

£10.79 for all of this. From sausages, to waffles, bacon, bbq sauce and even a paper bag #lidlsuprises

Then it was walking to tesco, as I passed dominoes while the dragon of the red sun was dying down, I didn't see sian, nor trev.

The sunset facing tesco

Now tesco were reasonable. I mean I was tempted by cookies but doughnuts and bread rolls, well I can't say no. Plus they needed it anyway. A quick service but the lidl paper bag isn't that good and the fucking finger rolls fell out on the floor as i was shopping in the store.
Then it came to £2, paid in cash. Then it was running time

The food with the £2 extra. including doughnuts and breadrolls 

The journey was ok, a long sweat but I'm happy, it was like chasing a red dragon as I ran into the sunset. I was soaked but nor from rain. it was the body having another mini shower

Another sunset

Then I got in after knocking on the door, I met harry then we chatted, it was ok having viva on. Shortly, the house arrived. "How is it beys". Then it was chilling, the various catch up, I mentioned the bit on asking tash out. Then we were getting the BBQ started, so I cleaned it before Eloise and some of the others got back. It was filthy. But fairy liquid helped wonders.

Later, it was nath, playing with the child. More pink ball fun then it was time to bbq. Well the house came back, we got the coal on, as I was lighting it, the girls and Ryan and a mate of his arrived. I was struggling to get a lighter to work, I mean at least half hour to get the bloomin thing to light, it turns out I was not getting it the right way.

After it lit, it wasn't lighting the coal properly, in the long long end, it turned out that the best way, was to take the special or oiled paper out of a instant BBQ and then we had to leave it for a while.
Chatting to everyone wasn't too bad, I mean it was nice to speak to Hannah again, looking wow. Oleisha and Ryan were pretty ok, it did kick off a little bit from when I admitted to walking away from well basically removing her on FB. I tried to explain why but then I'm not a clear speaker.
More chatting, mostly about drinks and nights out, I told a little bit about what happened last weekend which sort of made Hannah remember, it was interesting that Ryan was intrigued I like her. Although there was chat about boobs showing, but I was looking at features that a boob cannot beat on the miss. Then there was a poll between Dairy Milk Daim and Milkybar and i had to say

After that and periodically checking on how the burgers were. Muneetha, she arrived then a big strong hug was the best thing, I mean it felt good.
But while the food was cooking, it felt like various groups being formed, the kitchen group, the lounge group and the outside house. IT was ok to mix with all 3, with eloise and harry in one, Hannah and the girls in the lounge and the house mostly outside. The talk was varied, from gossip to drugs and smoking. i mean i was even offered rush and also half a ciggaratte. Also i was offered to have some niki minaj perfume on, i think hannah sprayed it onto my chest. It smelt nice but i was given shocked evils "Thats a chicks perfume".

Before the best part of the night, but a lap sit first :)

Sooner or later, the first batch of burgers and almost sausages to arrive, which was a relief but i now think i should off looked at it more and then maybe moved into plymouth somewhere. When muneetha wanted hers, it was a case of now wanting to get the fun bit down, so this time we tried a different technique, she we was sitting in a similar way to a paysite picture i had a seen a while ago. But it felt amazing. From every bited and she just indulged on. It was intimate but yet had the close friendship and we were both enjoying it, from the bouncing to the fact i was even resting on her boobs and the fact we could of kissed, she loved the food though, i was enjoying it by having a full hard boner. I just had to say it like it is. But it was a lol how there was like 6 people filming it. I also offered hannah a chance but she was dead on "NOOOOO". She would of been amazing for it too, but sadly all things came to an end when "funnel" was mentioned.

Cuddling & Feeding by omracerfaps

Then it was more casual chatting. Sure there were some chat about more drinking, various rap artists and chart music, that became about a 30 minute conversation. Then there was other chatting, i think it came back to me having to explain about why i feel uncomfortable with pregnant people. Then it was radio one extra on and blasting tunes, which was partly explaining the rap conversation. Then i was just ramdomly listening to gossip, Hannah was reading Heat (That magazine with the go to london meme), that came up with some cheating things. Sausages were finally finished just about soon after

The sausages nearly cooked

Soon, time was getting to 11. The last hour for me. The groups weree formed back again. The house were talking about GTA V, War of Thunder and other PC gaming. Well the GTX 970 was just released the day before. That then the conversation turned to conspiracy theories regarding 2pac and also the fact it was MJ's birthday soon and it shows how influential he was. There was also talk about old lacoste trainers. Pete O Plymouth was wearing his, while keeping safe his coconut water. Hannah had her pink ones at home. Someone mentioned they had theirs stolen when they were in school. But i murmured about never wearing them, i've just never bothered with high end shoes. That and iphones and phones were the talk, From people missing the bold and the curve to the fact people think iphone 6 plus is too big for them, i showed off the chinese phone

There was also talks about jobs, which james said he life was hard and the rest of us were almost ripping him apart, J even said "mattie works hard". Keisha said she does nothing but just goes to work, which aint too bad but shes happy. But most of us were getting tired by this time. heck i was even falling asleep sitting behind muneetha, but it was pretty nice and i knew it was drawing to a close. The house were planning to leave at 12, since nath had work at 5am.

By 11:50, i had to leave, i said my goodbyes to everyone, some said bye and then i got the trainers on and it was a meh run to woolwell, i mean it was dark and i was so glad of the torch on the phone. Once i reached woolwell, it was another quiet feel in life and some odd drama.

Waiting at woolwell
So, these kids were there, i thought they were waiting to get on but from what i heard, some talk about a stolen phone, a deleted mums phone number and a snapchat that shouldn't of existed. I was firm standing, just incase they would start, well british kids can be like that. But luckily, one of them spoke and was nice. So after some people got off, i got on and then sat down, this girl had to slap her friend in a hoodie to wake him up, she thanked the driver then it was a quiet journey back.

Or so i thought

While passing yelverton, some other kids got on, and they were drunk, one was giggling, but one was smiling, with a nice sexy soft smile and she asked what i was doing, i just said "typing up a story", well this post is some sort of story. But it turns out the guy knew me, he looked familair but i can't say where from. But she was sounding nice and she was close to drinking, but she held it off when someone noticed the bottle. By lidl in Tavi, i was off then it was a run home.

Getting home, well that was quick and the nose seemed to play up, but i got in, had about 10 drinks (i mean i knew i was thirsty, i must of had about 5 pints of juice and lemonade the entire night). Then it was a nights sleep while checking snapchats and by 1:50, i was crashed out.

It was a pretty cool night, maybe i left too early but with a last stand of a flu, it was a risk for them more than me. But we all had fun and i might of gotten a possible new years resolution done that night too. See you in another post, maybe with some Geese.


Sunday, 14 September 2014

omracer's Night Out: The wild all nighter

So, we approach the halfway past this month, its a sign of things are changing, people maybe settling down, Uni starts and people's wild yolo moments get it pushed out of that special place men like. But all in all, September hasn't been as cruel of a month as i though it would be  Best friends arrive back, maybe more smitten than ever, someone that means the world to me just arrived back from holiday with :@, Work has been busier and better with more plans.

This weekend, is going to be an ok one, well its a night out i'll probably regret or not forget, but it still an opportunity to get further ahead with catching up in life. Well now i've had the first kiss which is crucial to well i'm being a cunt here but a confidence boost. Especially when i gave a girl my number earlier this week. So with another chance, i should make another chance. Sadly the weather is colder, which means i've got no choice but a hoodie for this time.  We'll see what happens.

After leaving busy day at work from PC cleanups to keyboard replacements, Tablet selling and ordering. Also we have a supplier for chromecast and even attempting to glue my glasses together, which partly worked to not at all. it was nearing 4:35 and i closed the shop, got the end of day done then rushed home, sure it was going to be cold and my legs will not want to make this much effort if they have raving, running and even chasing if the worst comes out of me.

When i got home, i decided that i would walk the dog and the cat, since both had leads and collars. It almost worked, sure it took a while to get the dog's lead on and the cat wasn't as easy either, i mean she almost scratched my belly. But as we walked she ended up underneath the caravan and after 20 minutes of attempts, i gave up and let both walk in.

Then i was thinking of going to get change , or actually just snacking after getting the washing in, i mean a ham, fudge and BBQ ketchup sandwich. It was alright, i mean it wasn't going to be enough to fill me up but it was the first bit of food since a late night snack last night. Since it was about 6:30 i was pretty much knowing i had an hour left until the bus, since i would be going to more places i used to go to before heading to that oceana. Also i did offer chelsie goodbodies or some pizza tonight, i hope that happens but it won't, i also offered a recent OTT gym girl a foot-long subway date, since i still have that voucher from a bus ticket in august. oh and i now have over 6000 snapchats in one folder alone, ah.

By 7:30 . I had my first coffee and was clean from a shower, my sis had walked the dog again, i was also tweeting sandy about ideas for tonight. But it was time to make sure i got changed and packed for the all nighter antics tonight. The shower was interesting when the cat didn't want to get out of the bath tub until i got in there and then she just stated and gleemed her eyes at me, when having a medium to hot shower, then i had to stand over her like she was underneath a statue when cleaning my teeth which are looking kind of white. Then after getting out, i had to find a shirt while films were copying over to my usb drive, its a stupid thought to plan that far ahead when i will end up probably just walking around town for the whole night after leaving jesters at 3 or something.

But by 5:35, i was out of here and i ran to the bus stop, sadly i had to wear a hoodie since it was cold this evening, i mean its that time of year where the nights get darker and the weather gets colder, summer turns to fall and well i needed to make a better life.

The GPS was not playing ball but I made it a few minutes early. Ash wanted me to fit a new cooler tomorrow but since this is an all nighter, there was a bad chance I couldn't fit it. But I'm working next week al week anyway, so I might be able to sort that out whenever. But I was actually asked my age, I said 18 in a rush, why. But he got me the day rider, saving £0.30 compared to a single. It was getting dark on the journey and this was only about 8pm. It was a single decker for a change. 

Getting to the bus stop before it went dark

I got into Plymouth at about 8:30, sure it was not too bad running to walkabout, but I got off just near Cuba and that coffee was kicking in, I'm hyper. The journey was a smooth run, I mean, everything feels good listening to chemical plant zone. The air was still mild, the lights were bright, I walked to the casino first.

Looking down towards the casino

Getting in the casino, I walked up and was hearing a older lady talk about when she spent £10 in Vegas and the stairs getting into here were tiring, a older chap held the door for me. As i walked by the bar, I saw some good looking waitresses and barmaids. One was looking really nice, but I'm not disturbing her. So I went to take a piss. Sure I feeling the sweat and washed my face down afterwards. 
Then it was a time to go and play some bj. Sadly I didn't make a profit, but I broke even, bet £3, won then lost then won it back. As I changed the chips into notes, I noticed a familiar faces. Erin, a friend of James and Emily's, she smiled but then walked away, but a nice blonde changed the chips into two 5ers. 

After, it was walkabout, free entry before 10 and not much dancing, some bbws and I was offered shots, the girl was a nice smiled blonde, a nice kind voice too, I stuttered saying no but there were bbws. But all were occupies with either "the girls" or lovers. Also some football match was on. With that, I decided to rest legs then go to union rooms. 

Union rooms was good, after getting on Facebook to get the entry password which was "tuborg". I got in and I was wild, dancing, trying to dance with various people, with smooth moothes that even a girl tried to copy them then she said " I like you dance moves dance". She was a nice plush black haired girl with soft cheeks and cuddled arms. I also met lawri and Lucy, we danced and introduced me to her blonde friend, she smiled while drinking. I also saw two other nice girls that recognised me, they smiled wryly and I did dance next toone but that ddidn't work out. As I wandered into a packed beer garden, I saw a chap that was on a night out before his mate tom, leaves for uni. He was chilled and smoking. More dancing and flirting continues until 9:58, and walkabout was taking payment, so I skipped it. 
But as I was outside there, I saw an amazing girl with a sexy figure and sensational smile on a girl I follow on instagram, I was close to talking to her but she was having a good chat with a friend of hers. Also it might be awkward saying "i'm a fan of you on instagram".

I ran to the barbican, as I pelted it, I met ash, we caught up and the house has now had their shower broken, I met his girlfriend, she was kind and not as bad as I was told. They went caffeine club and had a huge feast, I mentioned the burger I had last night, which I was craving a little bit. Then I ran ahead. 

As I got to the barbican, it felt slightly packed, but walkable, some guy was trying to convince me that my phone was nicked, I shown him my quickpic, gallery, he said "carry on". But I realised a shit problem, I've lost my backup battery that was with the phone, which means I have to be careful on usage. But the place looked nice, barakuda, was very bad for the nose, it made me feel sick. But the air was nice and I'm ok on energy.

Looking towards OMG and the Swann

Looking towards the ferr

Then I had to make my journey to oceana, since its before 11, it was quiet. I might be facing arguments from chelsie's friends since I might of "given her a complex" a legit quote from jade.
I ran past my favourite vegan worker, she was a bit less happier than usual, but I smiled as I was high on caffeine. As I got in, I ended up chatting to hannah, with that nice smile and soft sitting figure. She asked if i was out woth charley, then i wandered into woo woo. Then found Juliet and Jodie, we started chatting, they were shocked I don't drink and "its always best to experience life as soon". Then I wandered some more. 

I ended up chatting to Brett, we chatted and I explained the whole first kiss story, he knew who I was on about, but it went well. Then it was work, the money I get is a piss take. But I know the plan is getting better. He then introduced me to his mates, then one was ending up seeing Chelsie, but we talked on advice and it feels harsh just ignoring her after making effort to tweet/talk to her. He bet £20 it would help. I partly mentioned Emma to him, it was a mixed reaction. 

Then I had to rave, my mind was buzzing, I saw so many girls during the night ash gave me a funny look and spoke to her mate who served me a nice shot of water, yep i had to show her the keep note, since it was too loud i the ice room. a fair amount of chatting and even talked IT suppliers with a ex college mate of mine. Aria, Westcoast, trusttech, spire and many more. Halfway through I had a guy dressed in a very ball style outfit and asked if I was on YouTube. Then I was speaking to Lauren, we had a selfie together. But I was speaking to Steve for a good half hour but by 11:50 I wandered and raved, even in VIP with Brett. 

While in the French room, it was nice chatting with various people, like Emma, she's a nice ginger who likes the meals and she introduced me to her mate. But it was also a case of a real heart to heart with Lee. Now this guy likes what I do, but his message was this. 
In the french room but its really dark

"If you really want girls badly, you will have to be generic. diet, gym, haircut. Either way, you will have to play Plymouth's game". He said I was a nice guy but there were home truths. My question ends up if "I have to change life to get the chance, then prove myself ?". He also said that drunk people speak their truths.

I spoke to issie twice, she wondered why I don't drink, but was nice, Hannah was just "you like food, fuck off", that might of been mumured, she was nicer at other times :). I also jiggled issies amazing face I have a crush on. She wiped it afterwards. It was nice hugging jess and she said niamh was nearby, she was speaking to some chap. I tried to say hi later on. 

While raving, some girl grabbed me by the neck and raved, she could of strangled me if she wished, but I'm ok about it. Issie giggled at me raving. I hugged becky and admired her whooty, but it was getting slightly tired for me, but I kept going, while seeking and speaking to people. Many a brofist and high five. Also it turns out someone was really excited to meet me and we did have a selfie.

As I was walking around, Jasminne got me by the hand and then she introduced me tofluer and ash. Then we chatted about things from drink, aka "i would love to watch you drink, would you have a beer" then she even said about the green powder and it doesn't affect her then it was about the eyebrows but what she said could be applied to actually almost anything, her advice was the opposite to Lee's.then I did poses and a Snapchat intro. After, I raved more.

When I walked into the ice room, some girl just shouted " Mattie, Chloe wants to see you" so she guided me around and we eventually found her. Chloe was a good looking girl, no joke. Plush, happy and we had a Snapchat selfie. Later I wandered and then saw Alannah.  We hugged then raved to black eyed peas, then gold digger, yep kanye west, back in the days kardashans didn't exist. Then it was a visit to the French room again. I needed water, the guy gave a glass instead of a shot.

Asking for a shot and getting a glass instead 

After that, it was more raving, now there was this one guy that was going to try and want sex with me, I noticed it in his eyes. But sooner or later, I was hugged by a familiar face. Ruby, with her lush blonde hair and her eyes gleaming as well a a nicer illusioned skirt.  and she asked me "have you seen Chelsie", I said no by shaking my head. " let's go find her" then she held my hand and we were on a search. But just as we looked, I saw the cutest forced double smile and brown hair. It turns out it was her, I hinted ruby, maybe like a toddler hints their mum and we walked over. 
We hugged more than once, and trust me when I say it was too good. I mean I could even say I cuddled the damsel, it was like sleeping on her (like a bed that tells you it wants to love you). Then we attempted to chat by shouting at each other, "having a good night", " yeah, you ?". It did end up about her wanting to keep her petite figure, I can tell that was going to happen since it was when I offered her a meal out if she wanted to tonight.

Then I left for more wandering and raving, I was dancing with a lovely blonde in woowoo and this guy who was all over her said some slightly egotistical appreciation. She was well worthy to be called that but it was a clear sign of a loved up couple, which was a sad sight. Then I was noticed by a girl that I had not seen since she was a dreamy bbw 3 stone ago. Jordan hugged me, or more so i hugged her from behind when she wanted a selfie, as I felt a nice soft belly when hugging, its not going to be the perfect one she had 3 stone ago. Her expression was almost priceless. Also some pics of outside the smoking area.

Outside in the smoking area, notice the full moon

Now I was passing by the ski lodge and a chap came up to me asking about a girl i've recently had dreams about, he was a genuine guy and although he tried to put me off her saying "she fucks with you head" and "a gaping vagina". Of course for me that doesn't matter yet since in all honesty, i don't understand much on the science without feeling a scary nervous type uncomfortable.  He was going to get something between me and her happen. Which I found out he is a friend of Pete's. So I might hope a dream comes true.

Before I left oceana, I saw Lauren, she said hi and we were on the nice " have you enjoyed your night ". Then just outside the lodge, I saw Chloe and the friend who grabbed me to get Chloe earlier, the tone flied to "go away Mattie", then sudden I got a punch in the arm. Chloe just lightly punched me. Oh and ruby and I hugged again then said, " go and find chels then kiss her". As I walked to kiss her, she was talking to the guy that mentioned to me she's with him, but she was arguing, I think she noticed me silently walk off.

By now it was nearing 3:30 and I was leaving, I was very close to have a mini fapping fantasy come true and I didn't realize it. as I left I was speaking to this couple and also this girl that was a nice size with blonde curly hair, she was happy and we talked about jobs to girls to even being famous on Facebook was my job, which its part of a job but not my main focus. Then the girl on the guys lap started seducing me with eating a hotdog, I wasn't turned on as I like to be.

Then I passed the burger van, issie and Hannah were about to order, I thought to myself, I might be able to pul this off and help her indulge or just watch her or encourage her. 
I walked up to the counter, then I started to get a £5 note out, miss h got the hint I was offering to pay, she was having mixed opinions about it, more so she knows what I was hoping, which went into a conversation about her feeling like shit for me finding her partly attractive from her appetite. Then Hannah joked about me buying everyone food. Then I mentioned buying Emma the pizza hut giftcard, which to date, its the best present I could of thought of on a surprise. Both were not surprised but more unsure on why and if I got an invite. I said a bit more, but they were not happy about me trying that. 

Now I ran to jesters, it was packed down there and I was about to realise there were more friends that I thought. As I started dancing after the £4 entry, I saw Hannah, we hugged and this guy was trying to get down with her and she actually said I was her boyfriend, I smiled a fair bit, me and Keisha hugged too, the dancefloor was not as slippery. Also a selfie of us

The selfie

Then I saw my favourite McDonald's worker, with her smile the same beauty as normal.  she hardly looked fat, since she's been worried about it sincer her appetite become well, goddess tier. We hugged and I squeezed a bit tightly. Then it got nice with her roommate I saw on Tuesday hugging me. She reminds me of Sammy very much. But just  single and a nicer to me mostly. Then we danced after they went to the bar, i had a shot of water, the bar tender was looking at me with evil intent and it was nice tp pour in. Then while trying to dance, the other friend was making out pretty quickly, with another guy in a white shirt trying to pull jess, I was jealous but I'm not starting fights there.

I noticed Alannah and checked on her, she said she was ok but swaying from left to right was a bit of a risk but she managed i did kiss her on the cheek. Soon after more nice tunes. Muneetha noticed me and I think the majority was hugging her, it was too good to stop, I was even aroused. Jess gave me odd looks, which I felt guilty, but she might forget. Then again, that's is how hugging girls can feel like. There was a point where muneetha slipped on the floor and I party saved her, she thanked me and most of what she said was "I love you". Then it was time to leave at 4:30. Jess had left way before then :(.

I ran to caffeine club to find no one there, ran u to goodbodies and I saw Alannah by Cuba, she was sleepy and I did offers her subway since the queue is long and she said she was ok then some guy told her how bad she looked in a drunk sense and I was not amused but as hermit says in memes now "but that's not my business". 

As I got to goodbodies, I was at the counter then I hear a " HI MATTIE". I try to rush the order of a black Americano and pay £1.99 then I sit with them, it turns out she was heartbroken from her being in the cleanup on fb a few months ago. It was a casual conversatiob for most of it, catching up, but it turned into a deep one, which I know was getting to me, I could feel years out of my eyes. But it covered

girls using me 
Sto searching for love and let it arrive
The Wagamamma story with Emma, 
Me running everywhere
Her carrer as a hair dresser and bar wench for towie celebs, I made that bit feel awkward. 
I put my heart on my sleeve. 

The americano for £1.99, i paid cash this time

She was singing some Adelle that was blasting on TV and also there was a relationship domestic with the table behind us, the security were nosing in but they took it outside. Then the staff had ketchup fights. But by 5:30, we left after I ate some of the leftover food then headed to Cuba

Now Cuba was closed, so I walked to the how, it was nearing 6am and I notice how nice it looked, dark wither the moon above but the calmness of the flags. Typing this up was a good plan at that point, but I felt drowsy.

The top view of the Hoe at 5:50 or so

Later on, it gets lighter

Much lighter but still before dawn

After getting drowsy, I needed a kick, so I wandered around, tesco had some reduced sushi and sandwich but not worth the price, so I went McDonalds for a muffin and smoothie. That was £4.18 and tasted nice, then more blog post typing for an hour. 

A Sausage and egg mcmuffin with no cheese and a Pear and Passionfruit medium smoothie, all for £4.18

We or I then walked to find a toilet, all the onesin drake circus were closed, so I found one in Breton side, as I walked down there, I noticed a couple kising each other goodbye, it made me feel alone, but I know I can make that real if I do life a certain way. The toilets were OK in cleanliness terms but hot tap water was a happy idea. 

After more wandering around, I was sitting down at a park near uni, with 2 fountains and a  nice seating area. That was a nice hour of reflection. The wind was getting to be chilly and then it was a walk around until 11:30.

Viewing at about 8:45

The park looking towards the spar with the subway in North Hill

But while in town, I was lucky enough to see not one but two girls of some dreams, of course there was the girl I offered my number to, but I didn't get the chance to say hi, instead, iI was served by a nice chap who was pushing to sell me a samsung galaxy fame to me and a contract, but nearly the moto g for my dad at £130 outright.
Then I browsed apple, not much, a girl was convincing her dad to buy her a macbook air and the old laptop died was an excuse. I was very tempted to copy fcp to my USB, it would not work to be unseen doing that. 

After I popped into bank (the fashion store. Now I saw one of the most amazing and beautiful girls I know of who was doing some stock checking, i did pass the time and looked at rucksacks before i made a big leap and said hi,  but the best part is, we know each other only through instagram and twitter, then we chatted, i might of shocked her when i said "lucky" when she was working :(, since this was a first time meet, its fresh slate. But hopefully the week after next will make a deciding factor on a chance or if it will be too late. But in the end, I didn't need that guy from last night's help to get this far. Then it was a case of running for the bus. 

Sadly, the bus didn't stop at mutley, it was the 83, so I had to run further which was going to be a knackering kill for me. But I got to Crownhill 5 minutes earlier and I saw no sign f the bus until 3 minutes later. But I paid and got on, with exact change too. 
And that ends a long blog. I mean a long one, maybe it was worth £4.18 to help me get energy to finish it on what happened. But for now, it is a lot of relaxation and drink except coffee and booze. 

You might see me when the geese are celebrated for another year. 


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A topless cycle trip for a pandora and a number

With the girl i love's birthday, it would be the best idea that i would be going into a blogpost of how i bought her a amazing gift and it would be a struggle. But this time i did have a present for my mother to buy. With the weather scorching hot and the time about right, i needed to sort this out.

So, after getting up, fapping, putting my devices on charge, i checked e-mails and then had to browse the pandora website to work out which charms i had to get. Turns out it was a dog and a angel wing. After getting the bike ready and drinks (well just a bottle with ice), i was out by 10:50. Since the weather was really hot, it was best to cycle this journey topless, which was good since it only took me 1 hr, 34 minutes. The breeze was nice along the main road, it sometimes got colder around my belly though.

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So, i got by Drake's Circus and it was a start to the shopping i saw Nick in on my way, sure i got my shirt back on then wandered into Primark, yes primark, since i had to see if there were belts, well i didn't see any and to check if any more reduced jeans in my size were around. Now as i walked in i passed Jess's roomate, chelsie, who said "Hi mattie" as she was walking out. But sadly i didn't find any good jeans.

Then it was time to search for the Pandora store, it used to be on the first floor but then it was next to primark, so i walked in and waited a minute then a nice girl (non bbw) with dark red hair in a pony tail, late 30s early 40s asked if i needed anything. So i asked her about the items, using google keep to get the codes, she checked then double checked and we found the dog first then the angel wing was next, that took longer but found it was. I eventually went for both of them, paying £75 in cash. They then giftwrapped it for me, but as a nice treat i asked them to let me take a pic before they did. Here they are:
The pic of the 2 pandora charms and the reciept. This was from their Autum range
After that, i was walking in various shops, firstly River island, to look for a belt, saw the cost and walked out, £18 for a belt, FUCK THAT SHIT. Then i checked bank fashion, which although i will not buy from due to that essex celeb had a book singning in there, it turns out a girl i find amazing looking works there, i didn't see her, i check online for belts on the POS counter, no luck either, i turned around and saw some budget belts but they looked complex. I also looked in the apple store, LOL a student bought a 21" mac anyway even though he looked disgruntled he couldn't upgrade the graphics card, but he got £60 apple store credit. Thats was as i was looking on tonymacx86 for GT640 support.

I walked out then realised i haven't been in HMV, so i walked around there, but as i was getting past shops, i saw the amazing girl in carphone again, i tried to get to talk to her but it didn't work, i ended up talking geeky talk with the Xperia Z1 and this guy, he was pretty astounded as the value of mine, he even tried CM11 which is good times of smart people, sadly i missed out with her or so i thought.

HMV looked bland, sure destiny was £47 on PS3 and £10 more on PS4, but it was ok, after i walked out into the town, i got a tweet from Emily, it turns out her and swaggy were in town, so i said i would meet them by game. But they ended up in Frankie & Bennies, so i wandered into town.
I walked into both games, there were some offers, but nothing that made me go OMG.
Then it was CEX time, i noticed some good graphics cards and a 512GB SSD but i've spent a bit today so i passsed those up. As i left cex, i walked next door, to Sports Direct, which was where i did find a perfect belt and it was the same price as the belt i bought in tescos before the May BBQ. I bought it then got a tweet saying join us for desert, so i took my old belt off then put it on and rushed to the resturant.
The Belt for £7, it was half price

Passing the Barbican as i was running to the resturant
As i was running to them, i slowly passed an old ex, Laura looked at me, maybe she didn't know, maybe i was going too fast, but i could tell it was her, with a white shirt, black hair and her amazing eyes and nose. But then i rushed on and made it, i noticed them two outside, sitting down at empty plates, Emily said hi then James did then it was a mix of so many deep and ramdom conversations. I'll list some of them.

  • The presents i got, Turned about a good story about linkcharms
  • Girl talk and basically options for dates
  • i learned what dogging actually is (basically an orgy in a car) 
  • Bought up the recording without letting people know, (aka that means you might not get extra scenes since thats pretty much what they are) 
  • More of the money talk
  • Keeping the eyebrows and moustache, it turns out Emily's brother shaves them as well
  • We talked about spooning and some stories and what i could do to get that
  • Also food talk while both Swaggy's pudding was ok, but Emily's Apple and cherry crumble was too hot, 
  • I talked about my sister for a little bit, Emily thought she did uni, but she would do her, so would james, i think i did say to my sis about this but she took no notice.
Then after they paid via card, we got our stuff and left for town, it was 3pm, which was more conversation, but as we passed oceana, near the road, we passed 2 people, James recognised them and said "thats xxx" as we passed, i noticed it was her, the first girl i kissed only a few weeks ago. Then we looked back and as she looked back she shouted "CUNT", Emily said there was no need for the C-Bomb. But the trio (me, James and Emily) just shrugged it off and then chatted about it, i mean luckily i didn't fall for her, since that would be heartbreaking. Then we chatted, it turns out Emily uses FCP X which she was hinting at me to get it, which i might soon. 

Then as we were nearing town, we mentioned where we needed to go, Emily needed to go home, while James had a meeting, at 3:30, so we walked via the mall back, i told them both about the girl i like in carphone warehouse, which Emily realised she was actually in her year and she was nice which is a good sign, so both of them tried to do the Carlos Xuma (build my confidence up) and give her my number. So i did in a long way, it turns out the same guy served me again so i asked if he could give her my number and go from there, So i wrote it on a note and thanked him. Then i got back out and Emily already left, but James and me walked out and he went his ways while went mine. 

Then i wandered into Maplin, i saw some HDDs on offer but a bit pricey. Then i looked and saw a GT640 and GT 740, £80 and £90 respectively, thats a bit steep, so i walked out and walked to the bottom of town. I firstly checked Nerdz, which had some umds and some games i used to have, then i wandered around into the market, it turns out i saw someone. 

As i past flavour vapours, Eloise said hi and then we started talking, it started with a how are you style conversation, then she said "don't dwell on getting that girl a present", i said to her how i feel about it, since i do feel guilty that i'm not and then we ended up talking and then i did mention about getting that girls number, she giggled why i said why i like her. After that, we part our ways and i wander around, more games and then i wander into computerbase, which has the GT740 for £90 too. 

After that, i wander back up, but passing shops as i walk by from asking about HDMI capture in a 2nd hand shop then its poundland, which was essentially getting a headset and another  usb fan. The queue was not too long but i got it paid and just did it using cash, i was tempted to do card but its not worth it. 
The usb fan and the headset
 Then it was time to walk back up to the bike and then it was another cycle back home, which was in a good amount of heat, The traffic was strong and busy but i made it to lidl in about 1 hour and a half. On the way, near the George, i saw a friend of mine, Tamsin, her accent was strong and asked i was. Then she said i looked exhausted, which i didn't look too kacked out, she then walked down southway saying "i'm going home now".  Then when i got to lidl in Tavistock i decided to buy some drinks, a waffle and some sauces. That was a nice £2.65 which will be tasty later on. But all in all it took just under 2 hours including the shop. 

The waffles, ketchup and apple juice for £2.65 i paid on card
Then it was home and a day done and a relaxing evening, Hopefully there might be opportunity to see Emily for one last time before she leaves for Uni back up north, there might be chances to get another kiss, maybe not on video but another chance for that feeling, but its also a hope that i might get a call from the girl i gave my number too, i did get 2 unknown calls on the way home, i'm worried it could of been her, but i hope i might get another chance. 

For now, i have some twitch to play


Sunday, 7 September 2014

omracer's night out: A BBQ in a sensational september

This is another BBQ. Which is good since the last moments of these are a god sign of time and reflection. With a busy day at work and a even already planned, i was excited to enjoy this.

I mean the saturday at work was hetic, selling 2 laptops while fitting a screen on another while serving customers, i was rush off my  feet. it didn't help my belt was held on using bluetack earlier on in the week, but thats life. I got home from work, my parents were leaving for some fish and chips, my sister was on a girl date thing in cornwall, so it was a good moment, i got a lush cold shower going then it was time to get changed while downloading some new music. 

By 5:45, i was leaving for the bus, it was hazy but hot. so the run wasn't too bad, well I almost missed the bus but it was a minute late so I was lucky for the most part. I paid £4.50 for the return/day pass then it was a case of getting up and then waiting for the journey to take me to town then I had to make my way to union street for getting the lidl goods.
The journey was quiet, sure I did try to watch some clips to help boost my mood and playing virble on my iPhone was ok, I mean I lost twice due to annoying words that don't exist and there were these guys having ramdom conversations on the bus, but I got off at toysrus for a change, since it was easier to get
To lidl this way, since that is where the stuff needs to be bought. 

Arriving by Toys  R us
Once I reached lidl, it was quite quiet from the outside but quite busy from within, I mean I took about 20 minutes to choose various products, all in all it came to £11.47 which was just about right, with, ok maybe thinking about it, it was less waffles than I had hoped, but i was happy so I got it then ran to the house. In the end I purchased

The BBQ food i bought. 2 packs of burgers for £2.99 each 2 packs of 12 waffles for £0.59 each, onion rings for £0.75 each, bbq burger ketchup for £0.67, Bacon for £1.49 and a marizpan cake for £1.69

Then it was time to head to the house, I was also meeting an old acquaintance of mine who is a good friend, Orion. He tweet me saying he would be late which gave me a nice rush to get to mutley from union street, I got the GPS locked and then I was rushing through town holding a paper bag for £0.15. As i passed a bus stop, I noticed a clean cookie, I ate it, yup, that was an actual nice and tasty one from a bus stop seat, I do sometimes do that, it's not too bad really. 

Leaving lidl

I got to goodbodies at 7:45, it was late but then I saw Orion and then we walked to the house. Catching up and chatting about work and life, including android life, it was calm, but we got there pretty quick, then we all partly introduced but it was calm. I mentioned the burger waffles then we started cooking them, by we I mean Orion's friend Alex offered. But we all chatted, from realising one of the guys there was an ex of a friend of a blonde friend I think looks sexy. But that was not too bad, then it was about foreign people are nicer then English folk, then the icloud dumps of celeb nudes. It was genuinely cool. Then we retold the story of the first kiss, that was good. After that, the burgers were ready. 

The burger waffle, it was missing the bacon but it was lush
People tried them and they really did like it, the strength of sweet was a good amount, I mean a really good one, Orion and ash liked it. But then it was bacon cooking and all more conversation. By half 8. Orion and Alex had to leave, which is fair enough, they did go quietly which might of made it odd but the house shouted "bye then" well mostly nath. More chatter, green pleasure and conversation, maybe it was a funny oddity about the cookie on the bus stop, but it was all high hopes. I also was offered a needle of medication but I say no, I don't smoke. One of the guys webg on a sweat trip which was eary to say the least. We all had some selfies though.
Me, nath, pete, ash, james and ethan

me and ethan, in a blurry way

Finally i did leave about 10:30 after more convo and chatting, i felt a little bit drowsy but that was just me being a week person. But before that, it was nice and relaxing and then taylor came in which was more chatting and catching up, one of the guys was tripping but that wasn't a suprise, but when i left, it was starting to get a bit colder, not freezing october night sky but a feel of a smoother transition between summer and winter, which really is september. Running for the bus and i stopped into premier to get a nice can of tango apple for £0.49 and then just drink it while waiting for the bus at 10:52, which wasn't the last one so i wasn't too worried.

The can for £0.49

Mutley at 10:50. 

I got on the bus but there were some middleaged partygoers that were chasing the bus to i was one foot off and on and they got on it after me, you could call it a good deed i suppose. But then it was upstairs to relax and this guy was coughing, he was in a white shirt and also acted like he was going to pass out, he did give me evils, but i ignored him then went to carry on typing this up, He got off at woolwell. But eventually about 11:40, the buss arrived at lidl, and it was time to get off then run to the good ole home while listening to trance.

And that ended a quick night, i will try to blog soon but i'm seeing what i can do first.