Tuesday, 31 December 2019

A 2019 of Fluttering Feelings (2019 year in review)

Here we are, the world as we know it, 2019 is over, the end of the life-changing decade, love has changed me, alot of money spent and also moments of standing up and even meeting special ladies for the first-ever time and well also things are ready to change too. The music video is below:

Well, here we go...


There was alot of high hopes for this month since well dates were already being planned, since one of them I was meant ot have time off to travel to wales to meet a new feedee I've been chatting to at the end of 2018, But sadly things did not work out so well when Adina removed me from snap so no welsh coach trip for me. But It was close to happening, especially after posting the post of the new year's resolutions  (I'll be going through them on the 2020 post). Sure things like cheap Christmas chocolate for lunch and even the start of alot of the Mayflower Chinese curry mix from BM throughout the year since it is really peng.

But stuff from work had arrived as well 

Lights and the last sign of the bank since of the closure in 4 months from then

Smoothies were my good thing and work was getting busy but preparing for hopefully that holiday to Wales which was very much later not to happen But this was also the 1st full month with no tinder and actually, it was a relief, but little did I know the events later on in that year. I mean there was even a feeding weekend planned for March or meeting halfway with a girl from feabie, but when i said i would go up to that northeast, well it was a bit too much.  Eventually, though it was time to go back to a video to be made. Especially with the fact the field was soon to be the last moments of visiting by the coming year.

But soon it was nearing an exciting time since it was time to get dates planned out which was majorly exciting. Especially since that AND it was soon time for Kingdom hearts 3 to stream and also a close time to see if I was meant to get the capture card sorted from a Partnership from Prif regarding their stream box. It was also a time for the chance to do the #10yearchallenge of #2009vs2019

That and well it was also the first time to try to use the spoons app, which well for a feabie meetup went pretty well and got me in good ties with actually decent people from feabie and even 11 months later, still decent. Sure i did also feed some girl that later was actually a liar and a waste of time but that's life back then.
Now then, it was anticipation to soon to have a date with a girl from feabie and ALSO there was some girl that decided to message me to flirt but ask for food at the same time, which actually it did not go to plan at all there.
The near confirm of the date

A budget i5 laptop to stream a bit of KH 3 with a new capture card soon

There was *Censored* of weight loss from a few friends and also another girl from feabie who was on and off I helped with ordering £50's worth of pizza (her mate had 50 quid invested in it) But I never saw that happen and later on at one point, she said she would not survive if she didn't eat.

But then it was soon time for a few Home visits and family to catch up with, especially with the dates planned and nearing the end of my single life from what I was hoping for. Sure Cornish girls wanted to meet up and chatting to grey faces on FF who said they were 600lbs odd, which of course is hard to believe, actually, FF had alot of fake chats like this which I did get trapped into which I get the side of the loneliness but there was that anticipation of that not being needed anymore. Also, I never played the Resi 2 demo, did i...

Views on a January Sunday afternoon

The streets 
But then it was the few days of work and also the stupid fuckery of a girl messing with my chances with another girl that wanted feeding and wanted to meet, like sure she lived in mutley and sure i did get her my first just eat of the year from Atlantic Fryers which was DAYS before i was meant to have my 5th date in my life.  Also Yes that was me eating from that fork from a bin last year's fireworks. 

Well, it came to that DAy of the Date and it didn't happen.
Lidl to leave from again 

Still waiting for those buses 

the selfie when on the way

sunny winter afternoons

The stuff I bought like pot noodles is soo good. and perfect boxers for fapping. 

Like let's be real here, I was close but from letting you know of the chance with one girl to meet if the other bailed, one got upset and thought I was treating her like an option even though I messaged her every stage of the way and she didn't reply,  but she did lecture about it all but mostly about the fact I plane another date if she fall but it can be a bit emotionally draining. Especially when this other girl like pretty much messaged me for food once which I bought from al

But then it was the end of the Month a KHIII was soon to be in full swing (actually no that was later due to timing to play it)  and work ordered 10 copies of it as well, but it was normal life for the rest of the month. Since new challenges and also chats were to start then.

Plus I and Zara were chatting, sure at this point, she was planning to move into a flat which was nice, maybe there was a chance to travel to see her which at this point in time, it was a possibility.
Pl, us adding some of London friends on Facebook and maybe one day it might be something to come out of that.  Also, it was feeding another girl who I might have met up grims way but well maybe not,

Then our love of time takes us to February.


We start off with a catchup of making sure what happened on the date, Which actually this month was getting busy so no chance to even get blogposts done. But that was the time for things to low key start. This was also the time of the weekly visits to a customers house and with the cold wet weather, its no surprise things went wrong, well luckily they didn't since well it was just going to get me waiting for time of what might happen, little did I know back then I would have met new real girls and form a powerful bond.

But then things felt chaotic as work was piling on, throwbacks of shaving live which makes me feel like it might have been nothing happening, which in a way made sense, luckily family were okay this time, but also it was finally time to overcome what gracie said to me AND what the GP did tell me back in November last year.  Well actually both of those posts contradict each other but ah well. I meant its time to sort the D out, well get ot use it properly in some way. .

Now, this was actually going to be the big tough challenge of knowing how to put a condom on, worried my D was thicker than the 56mm most condoms offer, I bought that one from boots to see how it went, with *redacted* and the girl that stood me up believe it or nor helping me get it done, it took me 2 condoms and well its even worse when your still not really far minus actually yes I managed to put on a condom but it wasn't for long, I need to put one on all; day to see how it feels in all honesty. But then we got for my first #omracereats of the year.

The noodles and cocopops to be eaten.

But then it was time to join the Facebook Group rate my plate since alot of followers did suggest it and well might have been well a bad idea, sure some tweets were just a bit of the insult as the usual nonce kind, well I don't wear turbo nonces anymore that might not be the issue. But none the less it missed my mind of gold bars. oh, and people go to motion alot don't they.

Plus I was a bit still distraught over the stand-up bu lucy from last month, also turns out a girl I fed lost 8 stone and yet on insta she said it was because of not having money which well comes full circle on that story, but well it was also a heart too heart with someone that doesn't exist so it feels like it was meant to be #noonlinefeedingfeburayr and well that didn't last very long. Plus it was also the time I and C started talking and well she knows more than me in some ways and well its a different mindset which I respect.

But it was just normal food and getting time off work to plan and edit reviews which again little did I know it would be like no chance of that in the later months. But choco nussa is the keyword for most of this year food-wise sometimes. Bless George for getting it oh and omelettes are so good.,

People also noted i might feel ill or unhealthy due to the appetite but Nah I'm fine for the most part, even recently. But then it was time to plan a #omracersreview from the stuff i bought on the failed date.  But Sadly.

There was drama in the Town due to an article about #britiansangriesttown due to some stupid councillors deciding to demolish a car park, luckily a vote ended up crushing the biull so it never happened but some stupid journalist hardly does ANY research minus what AP might have given them and just used it.

 Plus drama with one girl mentioning feabie in the press which actually now they made a rule of the instant ban if that happens, strict but I get it, which was the start of being censored, (not me but you get the drift). But it did lead me, later on, to well fall out with the feedee I was going to travel up north to see since she didn't like being outed (i didn't even know her actual real name at the time) saying I was going to meet so, in this case, it was going to end in drama. Even if my colleague gave me a sausage roll and people said to me I stole it.

Also, I Joined curvage and well actual that is one nice community with No little bullshit to deal with sometimes on other sides, especially with one model I was close to and chatting to last year so it was nice to build the connection, I should have purchased her clips before she disappeared now but it was fun while it lasted with Roo. But I did get a free video during one of the home visits I was having with a customers laptop. which was Krispy Kreme and well soon I would be buying from her a bit more.

But it was then valentines day and it was pretty going to be expensive from the sounds of it. But before that, it was time to get not one but TWO omracer reviews sorted. A GPS Cable and also a chicken tikka slice. 

The GPS Cable 

The chicken tikka slice and app juice I had with it 

Which really made things only easier by a little bit of spending for Valentines, Like sure a Scottish girl I had on snap I helped out (which lead nowhere since she fell in love somewhere which is a good thing actually). But actually, there was a sex show on TV and there was a good way to see how things go with my condom issue, which it might actually it does nothing.

But alas things started to go wrong, being myself to protect myself got people upset and drama really did happen with the girl I fed twice, well it all happened on Valentines day and i broke my rule, so maybe I had to make a disclaimer that I'm open about my life, but it's funny since that girl ends up chatting to me on insta live sometimes and well it's like nothing bad happened since she had got more confident than when this happened. Okay, it was also a possibly reoccurring feature that might have happened as I learn but things were in uncharted territory. But we shall see...

Also, i managed to get uber vouchers working on the machine at work so feeding was almost a press of a few buttons with no charge at the point, deadly but maybe its the start of a reputation which might haunt me but also might have actually gotten me a relationship later on down the line, we shall see.

Turning out to spend about £45 if you include a voucher, well its a bad start to the new year's resolution I set out But little did I now then this was the start of alot of spending.

But it was also the reminder of what happened between me and a queen back in August last year but so glad i didn't bother with the H then. But questioned were raised on how Arianna grande has caused breakups due to the lyric of her new song at the time.

But work and just the normal life and even a Chelsea swirl a customer gave me at work that day. But it felt productive for this time. Even at the cost of daily boners again.

But also it was time for the time for a refurb bike to make the effort on a new route which was having to happen due to the face that David Wilson homes closed a road off for 5 months since January which soon that was to open when the best time of my life.

Then we went to the depths of channel 5 with reality TV of wives gaining weight, i did watch some and some feelings happened, especially when *redacted* told me it as on channel 5. and it was time for friendships to form from facebook to real life, which could mean another date that might actually happen. Plus had to refurb a laptop to use for streaming soon.

But the chance of things happening for the end of the month is slim, but work was wearing crocs for one day.

But then it was the first Greggs of the year to use and also a cold coming on, which was the 1st of the year, plug a Sony rep said peng. But things looked scruffy and shit like.

But then it was finally time to end the month, the time of the dates and serious things start pretty much in the March from what feelings could have happened.

Then we finally start the changes that will stay with me for the end of this year and with the next month of dates and well more.


 Now then, it was time to learn the start of changes for me. The first is that we finally will get the hair dyed. Which i think blonde was going to be the way, this was exciting for my future as well. 

But it was time for also new plans to upgrade the Mac OS on the laptop, which was well worth the effort but sadly alot of tinkering required to make it work and actually anything higher than Higher Sierra, then google glass will work no longer for importing video. So that SSD was going to make it easier.

The SSD for the laptop 
But it was also the start of feeding via just eat and well the introduction of Just Eat and a nice takeout which little did I realise I would walk into this takeout many months later. Also Sobble, i would choose but that's before I realised how work would get a bit financially fucked from that time of year. But also events in work to be planned and well Plugin was time to get away from it all and little did I know how things really changed. Plus it was not yet an introduction of Prawn Pathia. Plus we have the question of rhetorical proportions.

Then it was time to be the start of feeding via spoons app with a new friend that's actually statted their life on curvage and well its good to also keep a tradition of feeding on meetups.

Something nice

Now how things finally go and the trend of the year is halloumi fries

But it was soon to be pancakes, yup Shrove Tuesday was in march this time, and well i looked like crap with hair everywhere.

And by that, it was time to finally realise it was the vlog to eat and well gherkins and peanut butter on pancakes.

But there it was planning with friend, a friend that was local, on facebook and well actually i did find attractive and well after a facebook comment here and there, we well got chatting more and often which well was going to mean maybe things were going to be in a closer place, was it, well we were yet to find out. But it was none the less, a pancake vlog to film. and to catch up on other things going on during the windy. Now its been nearly 4 years and always windy this time of year, which especially it was close to 4 years since my FIRST ever date.

But then it was focusing on work and also family birthdays to consider as well. But before that, we copy with cut toes and well a time to shave. Especially now my sister moved into a proper house in Saltash, which actually makes me jealous since its a now fast food haven in some ways but limited in others.

Shaving live on insta 

Well a hooded selfie

Cut flower pots

loads of cheap food and drinks

Saltash is cute 

upgrading that laptop
Om the same time it was more dominoes pizza to order for someone I was excited to meet very soon without me realising it at the time. Plus we all make mistakes when eating a girl out (it probably will happen to me).  But a UTI I found out exist due to *redacted* which is a new shocker in its way. 

But sadly Greggs was starting to fail for gift cards via card or PayPal if used with an E-mail address which is strange but this was the start of many more of them to come, but it was also a case of the UK law changing (which fucking lucky I didn't with the BBFC running things to make it dystopian). The dark was nice to cycle in in some ways since we had some time left before the night went lighter. Also a click and collect for a feedee in sheffield whom actually has been really nice to me and maybe one day we might meet but americans in the uk have big appetites.

But well it was soon time to have a real 5th date hopefully, my heart was pounding, down there was majorly excited, doughnut burgers and much more were to be had before this big moment.

And also this time was my 2nd creams order (1st of 2019 but second ever) for well someone soon, little did I realise it was going to be common and also a place for a new date. Plus that tingling feeling in the bum is strange I will admit.  Also, the food in toasted sandwiches is amazing,

But alas it was finally time to make the effort and change my hair at a GOOD time, well did it work, yes since we live-streamed it.

Well there it was

Ane even with the finger on the nose at work for a simple kik group 

But it was soon time for Apex legends to take hold or even fornite has season 8, which well, by the end did we know the chaos for season X anyway. But well then it was the time of the Spoons burgers again. Oh and also feeding a model was good too, okay sent £20 but better than i thought.

But then it was time, the 5th Date. Did it happen, well basically no but that was reasons that i can't really blame her for since she had been going through alot at the time. But i did have a selfie with Pete and had my first ever greggs.

REgen, well actually it's still a good drink, until later on anyway

The selfie on a S10 actually

The tourist of a statue

Myt first-ever Greggs and well actually a vegan sausage roll at that
But with that, well it broke me inside a bit and well even though a small argument was not happening yet, i did make it up by getting maccies, since well it was actually how i should have taken it instead of rushing, which has been the way things go. But Also fanta grape got introduce which sometimes is worth a shot to try.

Maccies and nugget overdose

But then it was feeding another local which in the end will be a story of going nowhere with a simple meet up or we don't feed which is a shame but that was for much later on. But alas one more greggs for someone important soon to meet and then it was a month of streaming and preparing. Especially with BBQ weather fast approaching in the heatwave as well.

Plus it was finally time to end it on a high with a new MX blue RGB keyboard to review AND also a new #omracereats.

Watch Time to eat the cous cous from omracer6 on www.twitch.tv


Well its time to prepare for a trip but we start by reviewing a Mechanical keyboard by Gamdias.

The keyboard in action.

Then it also was some more ways to check about this burning sensation so well a urine test to prove i'm okay, since i was still nervous to see what could happen down there to me this year, will things happen or maybe its to far to take. It was an instant all clear. Also meetup anxiety was a bit of a worry with things i can control. 

The test 

But also i was chatting to a girl up liverpool but she was nice but also was annoyed that i go for the girls that use me yet wasn't too keen to meet which i told her if i was going to feed i need to meet, but sadly it was a blocking but sorry she was just a bit self centered about it.  Plus a clients website to setup at the time in the year. Plus gain shakes were cool and actually CC told me about those and a formula about how the powder ratio is crap with serious mass compared to another gain shake.  Oh and onion rings are just incredible. As well as corndogs

As work went on and also it was soon time to have time off to myself which means its okay to get streaming on the laptop and the PS4, its been like 3 months since i get to play KH3. But before this was Apex Legends to start off with.

Which from then it was testing streaming and it worked fine, but then we really had the chance to start KH3. This was anticipated and exciting to finally stream, did i make any YT videos on the game, no since i got busy with everything and even another Q&A soon to happen. Also creamed messed up on a ubereats order wwhen wrong with Creams and never delivered but so glad i got the money back on that,

Watch Olympus: Mount Olympus from omracer6 on www.twitch.tv

Also alas my second number was looking for a new home and it was good i left vectone, since i had to be quite deadly in the e-mail to get my PAC Code, which getting from EE was a simple phone call with no fuss of telling me to stay with them on offers too. But maybe it was also annoying with feeding and not getting anywhere which meant it wanted to be moe like a agreement in writing, which actually now i feel its not stupid and i might have done that with someone special whom i was to meet next month.

And then it was time to get the caravan back out, well not for me but actually it was time the family except me was going on holiday or at least having it out for the summer period.

But as the weekend goes on, I ended up having a call with CC with video editing help, even with it being on the moors when #dogwalkingwithomracer and it was nice to hear a lovely accent. This was the first time that i was feeling Voice notes on iMessage and Whatsapp are important. Oh and the Wind was STILL being very heavy gusts.

And then it happened, a new #omracersholiday was booked. With the coach paid for as £20 return from plym to London and the Airbnb booked for Silverstone for Plugin once again, it was time to see myself get a good vlog up, especially with how I got Given a nice suitcase for Xmas last year. .

Plus the fact it was year Another order at an Indian takeout AS Well as more Mcdonalds for local close to meets. Well at least the Mozzarella dippers are good. But work had posters to drop down and boy did that go no well.

But then by Jove it was a Q&A to film now  I had the place to myself. We originally bought an iPhone 6 64GB But it found to be a bit too much for me in terms of size to comfortably hold and well it was good quality I say that.

And then it was more KH3 streaming and well another #omracereats to enjoy, sure I spent £29.50 on pizza again and then yet more McDonalds from uber eats but well it makes its worth to see if it gets me anywhere, especially with ch.

Watch Toybox from omracer6 on www.twitch.tv

This also gets to the point for it being Easter this time, So a eating video is nice at this time of year.

But it was close to new dates that never happened as well. and more food .

But now normal life felt resumed with the family back, The Airbnb for London  at Isle of dogs, was booked for £110 and also another Greggs for someone i was very close to meeting for the first time and something else to make sure the trust between us was starting and believe me, its alot of trust to start. Sure we didn't video call as we wanted to but that's not the worry after what was going to happen next month. But that weekend was a BBQ too.

But work was now to be planned out and saving up for the time of going on a #omracersholiday with little knowledge of the feelings I would catch too. But then it was one amazing stream of KH3 and tangled was incredible in gameplay and looks.

Watch Kingdom of Corona from omracer6 on www.twitch.tv

But then it was the #londonmarathon2019 which i walked past last year, it was a sight to see i will admit , ham and peanut butter was my fave combo and well it was nearing the end of the different route to a customer's house on Mondays too.

The last poll on to dye the hair one last time before the holiday happened and it was a yes. Which means it was soon to really enjoy the time of new hair again. And alas that means time will tell on the biggest month of my life that started next month. Especially with a Blogpost to catchup on the month i might not have done much content on.

Now we venture into May......


What one month where actually things go right and feelings explode into giddiness, yes this was later on to happen to be the best. The first thing was to get the battery for the laptop so i can get editing done better for this holiday. Sure that did cost about £30 for a battery too :/. 
Oh and the announcement of the  Fanta Frozen was finally at Burger king. So it was time to ask where to get it. 

The finding out of the places to go to get some

With that in mind, the bathroom was finally fixed, new curtains and well it was nearing the end of routes and weather was getting better than I expected, sure the Half marathon was on the same time i'm away but I don't mind since this is more fun for vlogs and really good things to make sure happen. 

Oh and local elections happening as well as finally buying an iPhone SE for the holiday vlog due to sound issues for the Redmi 4, but little did I realise that £85 is for the worse sound quality of some odd scratching.

The 85 quid iPhone SE

Ohg and it was time for more sandwiches and also another review to get soon when the feelings of cuddles are important. 

But then it was finally time for a new vlog to catchup for the May bank holiday that was approaching. Which is meaning things were close to getting up and ready. This was also the plan to get for a new review which was going to be edited on the coach. Plus shaving to prepare for the vlog is important too.

This is the nice cycle vlog which was the normal way of cycling around plus getting stuff from Tesco and the start of the cycle computer. We can try to buy the slush but the review is always going to be for later.

Game of Thrones was getting a bit peak on the ending and well I was getting booked up fully before my trip away to London and Plugin. Especially when I was chatting about footy to my regular customers, well it didn't make sense to me but listening is the key of anything. But Greggs was to make it up to as *redacted* and we both ended up getting it wrong since it was not listed as from me but as an ex which majorly nearly split a friendship up, little did I know the friendship would be pushed to its limits later on in the year. Oh and me and zar fell out since i didnt chat to her since she wasnt chatting to me since she was busy movin into a flat for the past 3 months and also said "i won't ask ever again for food" along those lines except thatt was not true by the end of the year.

Plus from RMAS like above to even another feeding from the Indian takeout 2 weeks before I finally got the experience of a lifetime for a real 5th date. Plus there was close to being one last date to happen before going but well what could happen, nerves were rising as well but it was finally going to go right for me i said to myself.  Even if it was to shop before the date to get prepared. Love Island was starting yet again which made no sense to me as well, the hair dye was well worth to get. James Charles had drama i didn't understand and well then it was the Sunday. .

Well to sum up the Sunday, it was no date to happen yet again, no replies do hurt indeed which that really can make things go pearshaped but in a way, I realise it was going to be in my favour that happened.

This was the sim card to finally have a good plan for data, 100mb and 30 min a month was good. 

Visiting a garden centre

Shopping for bits before i had my travels
But well it was a good time to get to know a new friend of a friend from London called Katie, which is was nice she was slightly interested but then she was planning on wanting to meet when i got to London as well, but more on that later. And also it was time to end up blocked by a girl from snap. which meant it was time for more reflective polls about me. Self esteeem was low since i don't know what was going to happen on the first #omracersholiday of the year. 

Then it was only a few days time until i was off to London. The hair was much blonder with the help of mum this time. Oh and the #omracersreview of the slushpuppie was so nice even if it hurt my tounge when sucking.

#omracersHoliday #1: 

We begin by the first day, a bit of nerve and also a bit of excitement with the positive weather and the chance to learn new tech and also a bit more privacy compared to last years place. Which this time no having to worry about running around in all honesty since I just take the tube. It's amazing how you can save £9.00 when booking online for a train to Milton Keynes. Plus this was the first day that actually is the start of the end of Google Glass, well it was and still is never the same after this day. Also, it's a pain that I was rushed off my feet for the bus so it was time to actually change plans and get the earlier the bus to Plymouth. 

Sometimes the music from forza is much better than others and it suited the romantic tone of this journey and to test the skills of the iPhone SE. 

The time to close work

The sunrise as i left



More views of the museum

in the tube

Waiting at euston

That run 
the fields with the smell of dogpoop 

Selfies of soaked joy

The reward for a long run and travel from Milton Keynes

Then we edit this until 3am in the morning and also listen to a strange sound that sounds like a muffled distorted FM Radio. But we find out about that in the end before we leave on the 3rd day. The place was actually one amazing extended garden shed into a fully cute lodge. Oh, and I gave the airbnb host a micro sd card since that cute dog you see later chewed it up. That I'm not kidding about with.

The sunset as i got there 


The shower i don't understand 

Cute gardens 

The amazing shed of badgers

The inside of the badgers shed

The fields outside

But until then which it was the first full day by myself which I learned alot of tech tips and got nice goody bags which have stayed with me, even now. Brands with names in the big business of things from arguing with turtle beach to the chance Medion making laptops which I was ye to discover I would type on a Like for like (minus colour and inside) in a few months time. Plus just as I got there, C called me just to know she was okay, well even though she could not move. This made my heart pound.

Running by little huts

the road is not a busy one 

Passing campsites 

Courses and fences

The reach of the centre

Then it was some amazing food, uploading on fibre was amazing and well then it was time to explore and learn, the Asus bus was really cool and gave me an insight of what was to be expected if you do run a gaming cafe. Hair removal products were there, you have the amazing playseat , Asus was giving some crazy gifts which like thermal slushy cartons just like what Slush Puppie made for the review before I left.  I mean I had plastered on and jacked up on gfuel to make me work, oh and loads of orange juice too, I did get tummy pains again. 


lunch 1 

lunch 2

the rog bus

that hall

the smart kitchen

The bag of goodies to get back even with the rucksack to bring back me 

LEaving the centre

And alas it was then the run and the climb over the fences (yes I had to climb a fence near the car park for the rally part of Silverstone, it helped shave time off but it was knacerking until a lovely chap picked me up and drove me to the junction near the stables.  Then we finally get back and its time for the big date, the 5th date that actually happens and well feelings start to build from the click. 

Well, then it was time to enjoy the best day of this entire year. Seriously, the best. Even if it didn't start out this way.  To explain, well I was almost late for the coach back to Milton Keynes and had a lift, sure we finally found out what that buzzing sound is all about. its a special swarm of bees from the other side of the shed. I was also a 4 hour under sleep again from the editing of the video to keep it going up quicker.  But by 9:20 ish, showers were done, the place was tidy ish and even merchandise left behind and the wildlife camera checked out.

Fridges to use

Lat bits to tidy 

The wildlife camera

But it was soon time to have that phone call of what plans to change up with an amazing girl, we decided to meet at 1pm but we were leaving for 10:35am. I left at 9:42 which  to get the x52. 

suitcases and rucksacks


But after the train journeys and delays, it was finally 1pm and at Colindale, tube money and train money spent, and it was finally to see the girl that would change my life for the rest of the year. To the best place for oriental romantic gluttony that is bang bang. 

Milton Keynes 

rails and graffti

blurred tubes

But after a bit of wait and stand up anxiety yet again (which little did I know I would be up to be meeting C again) and I finally had the text and call to say on the way. This was a major step and we hugged and chatted as we drove our way to Bangbang sure she needed bits first but well, I was finally on a 5th date with a girl I chat and bought food for in the past. and well, let's just say it was a good way to bond over something we both enjoyed but maybe we might take it further one day.  

I could do the whole description of her beauty here but to be honest, that's something only me and her know together but this was the start of something and little did i know how much this would mean to me. 
out of the statiob and taco bell right opposite

the only picture of us this year, I wish we could take more but that's a 2020 goal

the best Chinese i've ever had

It was so nice in there, the smoothies were good but pricey the food was just oomph and well I managed to spend £33.61 between the both of our foods, but what I was not counting on, was a big appetite and then it was off to the nicest place she adores and that is creams. But we went and it was amazing, sure I was too nervous to be excited since it's like a perfect 1st date between us.

creams, the menu

the amazing cookie dough

Yes sure it set me back £25.12 for the both of us but well she is one appetite worth alot more than I will ever know and then it was a drive and chat back to a tube station, which looking back, made me wish I had an Airbnb near here since that could have brought more togetherness but I think it was a first time so we didn't know how our feelings would behold. Eventually, though, it was time to travel to Isle of Dogs. 

blurred dlr tunnels

posh barges for canary wharf

The modern dlr station 
Which then it was finally time to get up the steps and stairs and enter using the passcode from the Airbnb messages. It was nice and easy there but heavy to get up in all honesty and the stairs were narrow. But none the less, its a nice little apartment. Relish was for the 4G routers too. 

the bed

a lovely view

another lovely view

the mirror selfie

the shower


the kitchen.

And then we head on to the first full day in London, a day of making sure we can get to where we wanted to go which was the Mi Store, via the place to get a fanta frozen. Oh and this was a reupload since swaggy pointed out I was being racist in the vlog

This was fun in some sorts of way, exploration, fitness and money-saving. like £2.00 per half-hour is a pain, £2 an hour is much more affordable to be fair. Sure I met someone from plugin along the ay and got thins from the mi store and should have vlogged more,  but you know some shopping moors hate filming around them. The fanta frozen alone was nearly worth a big journey.

the boris bikes

a glasshole cyclist meme here 

those views

cycle highway too 

the eye and he opposite view from where i stayed last time. 


swapping bikes to save money

posh arches

Finally made it for the fries and fanta frozen

This was it, a slurp of this to taste the dream and it might come through eventually. But then we got to Westfield and the mi store was a dream and a half and walked out with ideas and wants for another day. But then it was other stores to look at and I didnt go and get many other things even though the mi store online was and has been a big difference, more I would find out later in the year.


the best shop in there 

it was too tempting to ignore 

Then it was back before nightclub out which actually when I look at it, it has its interesting feelings new followings and sitting next to girls that one gave me her number and one wanted t to seem my D  and didn't mind the size :).

The cycle to get there was tragic but the meal with the thickmadames was a unique one, I didn't feel hungry but had to have something so only a £14 for the pf changs and meeting a lovely bunch of ladies and even one part of a group I fell out with on facebook that was amazing and chatty, even if I was the only GUY there.

running to the chinatown

the entrance for next m

£14.21 for this is not bd ish, taste nice but not worth the money. 

Then it was the night which was okay and alot of chatter and knowing girls i've indirectly fed and even models too. but still one amazing experience. Love of friendliness and sure less romance.  I mean I even pulled a growing girl that got even bigger since I saw her last an even with her extra cute roll and bulges,  put her number into my phone but also I  skipped an uber with her and made my own way back. To tell you the truth, some texts from c and that was when I know I was meant to be there for someone special. But also i will go to feabie meets in 2020. But alas a 3-4am cycle will do me

sunset and the buildings

the pint of water as i got in 

The dark for canary wharf 

The station lit up

Then it was a case of catching up for most of the day with editing, a visit to Greenwich food festival and typing until it was a WhatsApp inviting me to have one date at an Indian restaurant with C, I said yes and she got one planned. so 2 dates with someone reliable, greedy and amazing and also right when swaggy says she reminds me of Charley and also she reminds me of a beautiful girl with a soft spot but she never liked me back. But for now, it felt like the time was right ...

the station near dusk


kings cross. 

She was late but we had the place to ourselves and boy it was so romantic I felt feeling build in small ways and she was enjoying it, okay I had to move away from her so she could not hurt her neck but she loved the food and well it was telling me food has been so good to her and now us 2 bonds with food (soon to find out how much more we bond) it was well worth the spending of the £68 or 2 people and I just had water with mine lol. 

just to ourselves

starters were so good

the love and the puri love

a buffet for 2 people indeed

the £68 bill for both and yes I paid since feederism

As she dropped me off that night, feelings were taking hold, love was in the air here and it was ending on a high I have never had before in my life since paying for Gracie but even this felt more real than that.  Tears were watering as I waited for tube home, the place was empty I will admit. I could never thank her enough for doing that she did that weekend and well maybe this was the start of saying i had found love.

the tube station to get back

views of the Thames near the Airbnb

But then it was finally time to leave for home, with running on suitcases, sweat, trains and even a long bus ride and more runs when back home.  This was a reflective trip due to the events and also a nice closure since i get there on time and also the mild weather was more humid too.

Leaving for the coach 

Under the tunnel

one posh market

WE go the direction of the trains which is the same price as the tubes in all cases, it's a shame the trains did not go waterloo but I was running around places I never know and customers calling me via VoIP did not help as well. Oh and this was the final moment of the suitcase that did not even last 5 days with me before legs had burnt off. 

gift bought

Construction  when lost 

That was one painful run but well it was finally time to Coach it home and well after then, c and I did text and things ensured but it was now a probing point of how things might go. Which later on a fuck it right up for us both and even more friends. Even if it was more creams to buy.

The views on blackfriars

Statues indeed

That wait for the coach for normality 

The sunny drive back

And then it was finally back home, life was soon to resume for me and well the future is going to present challenges and new things to play, but maybe not over yet.  Oh and this was the final moment of the suitcase that did not even last 5 days with me before legs had burnt off. So this was going to be a warranty replacement on Amazon from the simple mindset of things not working.

We then have normally in  food which made sense in some ways but it was just catching up to alot but I was on a major high since something amazing happened and it really made my year. But the plan was to get accounting done since I had 2 weeks of nonstop work due the final bank holiday in May and actually it helped me get some of the 2018-2019 accounts scanned up and uploaded to get organised a little bit better so I can make sure I'm not in jail.

But then was the start of near summer for most of the sis in the UK with festival season, June. But one last ting was that mcdonalds had to be ordered for C since of the falling out we had since i came back since i was busy nearly falling in love and enjoying my life back then. Plus i got to enjoy videos and sets from a good feabie friend whom i subbed to her site, shes been a good friend and really enjoys feeding wiht her partner but well its a new friend made for years to come. There was also the big moment one girl who kept joking about daitng and having sex me was pretty blunt with me like "who do you think your talking to" after talking about food and well actually that set me up to know shes not worth to buy for, months later ignorance and unfollowing is blis with the gorge.


Well this month is when things dont go to plan but also the best announcment of the decade was soon to be released at the end of the month, with CTR of course.  But #pridemonth started which was not for me but for alot of others. But feeding someone special is always going to bring feelings and the no worry just let me get that done attitude to things even though i didn't realise i would b ble to recoup money in the next few months.  But we finally have some more chinese and to order food i had up with her was one goal to try to achieve as well. 

But it was also time to get annoyed with #loveisland yet again even though it would be only just a rumour back then if a person killed themselves from being on it, but sadly in this dystopan society, it did happen and questioned will be asked but thra waant my place to decided on that fate.

This was at the time of the start of the cycles on moday and also a reiew of the headset i purchased from the Mi Store. Its actually a decent earpiece and not many times it slipped out until a part of September.

The headset in the box

The headset on the ear in a wrong position 
But then it was just  soon time for the reflection of how far i might or have not come which is going to prevalent in the next 2 months indeed, since that was when alot of how i was born on that date 10 years ago on the 20th July (not literally born he but the way my life of my true self) was how things hang on when they get tough, Especially your into voice note stages with someone special it can really give the giddy feeling.

But it was also time the land outside near my estate was going to be cleared to make way for houses and ohhh boyyy here come Bovis homes with their poor decision making an and cuts to skip the towns need for £££ to be put in the developers holes.

There was also a time to meetup with an ex i got stood up buy but shes now a Cornish lass and no way she will bother to meet at this point  which is nice closure in a way.

But it was fast approaching E3 week with games on the Epic Store is really cheap and good sales ad well work had major Sony ones and MS didn't do much to help I think. But E3 week meant game news and also the fun time of big deals and PayPal working capital loans which later on would be the undoing of the polls and politics, which on that ground, don't ask was what we could be facing since it was bickering after bicker up in that yellow walkway, except we don't know the future at this point.

Epic did Shakedown Hawaii for £4. 98 and roller coaster tycoon touch I think for about £6.23 and then it was also more Greggs to deal with but little did I know it's making I for a video another day. And one order from the 6th date place since well we can't get enough of the stuff, and my lips missed Pathia and puri.

But this week was closing in on plans, well plans of commitment were to be attempt and sadly it didn't work out and well it caused a big of n uproar and changed us forever longer.  But well this was a key point of having to make it up. But Aldi did some chocolate but this was what was found in a store a what mug and there so much harder to explore and find locally to me.

Also, the noodle pot meals like pot noodle and naked noodle really do help with a quick filling snack. Unless its an omelette, those are the actual best.

But then it was time to be the truth and start to commit to do something which in a way which some say is stupid but for how things have progressed, it was the right support to do but it well caused a big rift all over the place for many of us involved. But things changed when the rift happen so plans never came true. Plus this was the start for the end of the easy  #dogwalkingwithomracer

From this, it felt like an ended silence, things that I had the time of my life with felt undone and well it was some time apart to cure the wounds of this.  Plus it was good timing to stream the Sims 4 before actually wait, EA gave it AWAY FOR FREE in June, then went on did 50% off it the week after, what a strange feeling.

Watch Time to design the Sim: from omracer6 on www.twitch.tv

Oh and forest nothing was such a good age of empires II map.

Watch The End of me from omracer6 on www.twitch.tv

The feelings were strong here but With food breaks in between or late nights, this was the first game I ever bought PS Plus to play with it on too.

Then it was a router and also fake blue raspberry and strawberry slush that I ordered, the relish router was locked which was meh but the slush lasted me for nearly 4 months. Plus it was finally at the time of getting videos done of CTR. It felt perfect since I lost another friend over the crisis due lectures and rants and threats, but there was a glimmer of hope of a meetup for one feedee in august, but little did I know of a storm of talking and failed plans that would shock me into confusion

CTR and PS Plus

Then it was planning a twitter giveaway for the 20th anniversary of twitter for me, well we had to think of a gift, plus the slush tubs arrived.

But it was nearly the month things differed and my heart was going to feel the most of pain in the memories..., but the town had street food fair during the summer that started for some easy presents for birthdays and mum presents etc.

But then it was time to finally jump into July with new people, big memories and also new days out with the family too.


Well, this was going to be one emotional month and well a month of actual alot of reflections, streaming and well the introduction of a girl that well made this summer strange and yet also the start of where things don't make sense and disappearing conversation.

We start off by doing thew usually thing of working and actually Cycling to Lydford and actually near Lydford gorge. Which the food is expensive in national trust places and also regen is still there but soon to be the last of it and actually nearly work dealing with Lime distribution for the real effect of my focus with Gfuel.

The work was busy and soon to be every Monday working in there for August which made time off hard and also it was a shame with PS4 clips going astray as it crashes on cortex castle as I win.  But it was wrapped and work to make things work out.

Plus yet another attempted to meet the girl I attempted to meet back in march went to complete end of and work was meant to have a competition prize delivered since it was near hers, but alas it did not work out and that hurt, especially with the fact august would be hard to meet anyone minus a few days, well to put it lightly it was the time of nearly 2 x 14 days straight to get work done.

But we finally had the competition to start, well yes a £50 just eat gift card was a fitting tale and since work's machine started them (which lead to annoying rip off issues but racism to deal with the situation of VoIP calls being poor quality does NOT help). It was the perfect timing for the giveaway to show if twitter was a good place and well, maybe i was right on that.

But love island stars get back pain from fame and the responsibilities from being there.but soon it was time to enjoy a vlog of a sister trip to Padstow yet again.  Now this was a nice trip, sure times had changed since last year like the sister buying a house and soon to be leaving her Newquay job but well it was nice to spend time and hopefully, maybe dates I could do more like this (maybe mins cycling since of it could be alot different size-wise)

the start of the cruise 


in the car 

Throughglass we cycle 

lush fish and chips 

Mini Golf to enjoy  
More of the course


Selfie with the action camera 


This was worth over £200

The bridge to cycle back on

passing  the restaurant of American bliss, 
Which getting that done was a nice bliss, even though we sadly being the madness into 12 days of working straight. But it was then finally time for Karla to enter my life, oh yes this girl, full of cute chat and no feeding needed but later on I was about to realise how a Callington girl can really fuck with things that could ACTUALLY happen to me and just got exhausting, it was great we clicked but well from there it was changing and phone calls disteact fapping.

Since the 2 weeks straight begins on the note of Royalty, YES, Royalty arrived into Tavistock, well I didn't see much of them but a few Facebook friends served them and a nice quick vlog was up and there to show.

British pride flags of course 

The nice lunch 

Somewhere there 

oh THERRES the duchess

The excitement was in the air for me due to possible dates and meeting Karla. Sure I did feed Livia for once trying but that wasn't for much. Plus there were dates planned with another Plymouth local but well she did say in July then she did say 1st week of august this was hopeful. But it was soon a  decade of twitter oh my. Plus it was my first time to enjoy a CTR Tourney via discord
. It was a nice time to use Vegas to render it quickly. also this was the day i ordered my first Christmas bit of shopping which was meant to be a birthday  present in all honesty.

But as the time went closer, it was harder to catch up on the 10th twitterversary blogpost which i should have done highlights of the decade but  i didn't really get the chance to since it can be a nightmare to have up in the time I had to get it done. Its even amazing how some soundtracks motivate you.  But well it was alot to take in knowing I've been on twitter for 10 years for this journey of love and looking back then, well there is a chance it could have been found. even if it wasn't from who you expect.Plus when someone who broke your heart 10 years ago subs to YouTube and follows me on insta and added me n Facebook,, No matt, i'm not adding since that chance with abbey 10 cant always be forgotten even if love for her has fizzed away .

the edited logo i used from the twitter banner of 10 years

But then it was finally time to get the Carnival done, this was good weather but  a simple get down, film and leave affair. Nothing much to enjoy minus the procession which has a better theme and it was good enough that a customer told me about how it showed off the presence of Elmo the elephant.

The route to take


Rice in thick mix
Then we had to finally announce the winner which was just random girl follower, since it was a girl, there was a feeling of rigging and well 2 of the entries were actually fed anyway so that cant be used their excuse for me not picking them.

But it was soon time for the last week before i get one Sunday off which for me was good  and sweaty and also good for a birthday meal for a shirt that was meant to arrive and well it didn't, until actually months later. But sometimes its good to think of the people that matter to you when they think of you too. 

It was soon to be the final weekend of July, well, there were meets planned for august and Well one last decent meal, flirting and feeding before is what is planned to be one exciting month but i actually meet someone even if i'm their daddy or not. 

The pan au chocoolat 

budget lunches

The final months of this field were fast approaching

The views of the moor

The roast from Prince of Wales

More sunny views 

Work was getting busy again with Mondays being open and well it was nearing 2 years since I left the first job I ever had , do I regret it actually yes but one of the reasons was soon to be cancelled out so working was okay.  Even with omelettes and soon to be the CTR lets play finished and even an #omracereats to get done.

But it was one final order at Naag saag before we basically go to the point of the august.


Well, this month we have arguments, vlogs, and finally meet up with someone too.  But we start with new rounds of the CTR tournemrent which was going along nicely. Sure it was also the star of working for 2 weeks straight for yet another time towards the end of the month which you'll find out if i managed to accomplish this. Plus this is where the skills for iPhone repairs had to start, since colleague was hardly here due to his kids, I had to fulfil customer demand.

It was also the start of the small things to make it up  to C after the drama an actually 4 people messaged her about what was said and well that is nt her fault for my eagerness which i realise later on what that means for me and her even if i didn't know what the events were coming to pass.

Okay sue in this time i did buy some curvage clips from a girl that actually never replied me to me when I introduced myself said hi via snap. So that was just the end there, ignorance i'm afraid i understand if you dont want to but then again it means i can make effort with someone that does. Which this month was going to be an example for it. little did i know i would be running past a place this making up was from a few months time. Plus bingo is a fad as far as a poll told me bu the stress lumps in my scalp were really getting itchy.

But work resumed after this weekend. , McDonald's ordered for someone i was very soon to meet (a hope i wanted to but no expectation it would happen).  Buy 5 sugar donuts there are delish. As well as cookie beef sandwiches too on top of the selfie .

Then it was crazy close for one f the girls back in indulge last year, was not far from me at all and its a mega shame we didn't meet since i was been in a begging heart outcry to meet, Since even a girl i bought food for locally said she was free the first full wreek in august but you know, a no message means forgotten and not interested.  But ah well,  we can sure try.

It was finally time to forget about Karla since due to something that happened during her holiday, it ended badly and then had to go to her family so s far as i was implied, it was not the one for me anyway, Little did i know how dire things would go between me and her with conversation disappearing and even leaving me to wait around for her at Euston for 2 hours.

There was also an annoyance with Cuniq not supporting 4G and e-mails back and forth and then got a new simcard and well well, after that 4G worked on the iPhone i vlogged on but the main Redmi 4 was never meant to support o2 on Data since people want it faster speed in one way.  Even bug and the carpet did not stop me.

This was finally the time i bought a coach card for 3 years in case i needed to retrieve that mugshot of me for it all to ave money and travel more which i found out later than not it could be happening to me soon . This helped me with regards ott updates via the free life sport has ended and he was back on his finesses.

But the chats with me and Karla and *redacted* mentioned about me having the same problems over and over like i'm a broken record which didn't make my confidence improve and made meeting
feel like those sponsored mountain climbing sessions, but little did i know that would change as early as the week after.

But work was to be resumed, there were little orders from the big reps at CS and soon it was getting time with a big change from the supplier i visited in march. And it was time to finally get the 2018-2019 tax year done, Since sure wave was actually getting to the point of closing in September due to shitty new uk banking laws coming into place.  But that weekend was a big help and well after toasted quorn sandwiches.

but soon it was time for the fireworks which made it the really special and important night for this month and broke the ice and built up a friendship from there. Reflections of the feelings over the past years were hitting me and i was not even going to be prepared for the emotions the next few months were going to bring, not by a long shot. But Redacted helped me these past few months by a whack and really feelings should go for her but its always been clear we won't be compatible. So we both have to follow our own path.

But it was one dominoes to order and then the Fireworks big moment begins.  This was the only time this year i met Chloe and well it was a jaw drop back then too, this was a good start to break the ice and well hopefully it was more time to meet and see if things could happen, this was before alot of things changed. Some of which is not my place to say but next month was the time to change the game so to speak.

The tesco shirt selfie

sun and old airports

Sunsets and bars

The messenger sill there

Elephants all over the city
 It was also this point i got 2 freee donuts which is amazing as hell. They were a good taste to lets be clear on that .

Fairgrounds and sunsets 

always busy

The wet wok, i will have a date with someone here next year

Now the rides light up

As the sun falls and fades



Cookie dought for the fiirst ever time

But sadly not for now. 

Then it was the time to Review the cookie dough, since well that special really hinted how good it was, so we should try it. But knowing me I almost blew up the microwave. Plus the house has a channel going for the past year which is well worth a look. 

The underneath of it 

The effect after the microwave

But after a new burger joint on just eat i might try with Chloe one day, it was soon nearing the end of our working time and well things to look forward to and well it was soon to introduce myself to the second job to get absolutely busy out of me head and maybe why this post has been typed up on all nighters. But at the time toasted sandwiches were so fucking good I can NOT even describe the beauty of it.

It was finally this weekend the Tax was sorted and well in 2020 we will find out if it worked out okay or not. Plus one girl was not happy about me being open about something but sometimes its easier since behind closed doors can actually hurt more as i was about to discover in the next few months.But it was soon to be one final Chinese of the summer and my parents were soon to be off for 2 weeks, which well it's meaning some amazing big steps can now be taken. But it was also feeding a girl that also had a phobia of going outside but alas nothing good came from that

Well soon to be, especially when it got introduced to a freelancing work which is live chat support, I applied and well that was going to be incredible to change me and well it has.  Plus chatting when going to new Range for the first time was good too. It got me a trolley for when go on holiday again to see well someone. But since we were STILL waiting for a REFUND for the BROKEN suitcase, it was the next  alternative to be found.  Fly bites and soon a rash to be appearing on the inner thigh would give me the pain of a lifetime...  And one more Gregg's again.

But then it was soon the start of this new lifestyle and a laptop was purchased which is one of the budget gaming laptops from china people keep seeing about and actually even as I type this the new laptop was used.

My heart was reflecting on the events and well it was that feeling of the meeting which was on my mind. But it was clear it was drawing to a close. Feabie didn't have much-going mine some chats here and there, no sign from Zara and Karla was messaging but it felt like we need to make this work and meet. Plus the CTR tournament was falling to part around the racers was with or up against. Oh and Catherine Full body as been released in September 1st week

But final lunches and also thje hurricane and storms did hit across Florida, Plus it was worse when cheap 4g dongles were around but they work etc.

Then it was really time for a sugary sour September.

Sugar September: 

Well, this month was the start of life-changing this season, this time we finally make some important decisions which really will make the right turn for the future, sure maybe waste £150 and well it starts off with expensive times and also a secret I only found about in December as well.

We start by the fact directly was paying AND a nice toasted sandwich to start.

But there was anticipation, let's be clear there was a mega chance I could have had a girl at my hose due to the time I had od to myself for 2 weeks but we will get there soon. I wanted to get a few videos out and a night out planned, but little did I know I was going to be feeling like a massive daddy of sugar which this was soon to ch. It starts with an uber order for maccies which did help build up the bond with a local and also things come full circle with the drama I caused back in June.
But in between this, it was time to also cycle 10 miles an hour and also pre-order Catherine Full Body before its release date.

But that and it was soon time to purchase a the Maibenben Laptop which actually when it comes doe to it, its a fantastic laptop for the budget it provides. As wlel it was soon to be planning on the fantastic time to have 2 weeks off aka by myself Sure there was the girl i bought 2 ubers which was for her 2 birthdays for a good year or 2 ago but yet at one when i asked her if she would ever go to a restaurant with me, she said no, so well it was soon time to move on but she was a incredible size back then, but well we all make mistakes.

But my 2 weeks to myself had begun and to celebrate, it was getting pancakes to bring back with me after a home visit near the other end of Tavi, yes i could have starved and gone on a night out but i remember what happened last time.

Now instead, it let me have an opportunity to make money using the new second job to help get some extra in which i Really pushed it with the all nighter that night. I mean it was the start of many  a like this and well it knows it will be a big change for me and sure my body and also how my love life was about to be affected. But well it ended up making choices too. To top it all off, I got one hella cute phone call on messenger from an friend of an old Ex i used to fall for,, which me and soph chatted for like 10 minutes or so. , bear in mind this was at 3 am or so.

Buit it was also the final round of my time with CTR in the CTR league.

Now it was then the chance to help Torchy out with how things have been and also help his stream out by resetting up, but it didn't get as entertaining as i wanted it to be.

This dog to look after

The toasted sandwiches

But then it was the start of spending and actually No, it was reverse paying back which is something incredibly special and well maybe how things were to become later on in the world of me. Since i was also planning with Karla for her to stay over mine for a couple of days, That weekend coming, which was mega exciting and got me massively pumped to finally get ot have romantic time with someone local, but well it was only a few days away, i kept this quiet for sure but well regardless of in public or in private this was the start of What i realised to be not just the first time me and her don't get anywhere. But then it was a expected surprise of the Laptop arriving, which the review of this took a rather long time and it was looking good on my end to see how this performs. By God this actually performs quite well. Plus a Q&A was in the works but i don't think 10 questions was enough.

But as this week goes by of small snacks, Directly, uber eats to buy, work to bail on, it was looking like i was making a difference. But minus lunches and memes of lunches, it was soon to be the Review of the Laptop. which was on the Weekend i was meant to have Karla staying over but well she bailed out a day before or so which well did upset me but also i felt not surprised in others.

It was also time to get the Video review of the Maibenben done and actually this went pretty smoothly.

The box it came in 

That is one nice laptop 

The bottom of it 

Runs minecraft smoothly 

Fornite even plays near 60fps on 720p

Its not good brightness outside though

But then it was one week left until my time alone was up, its a shame nothing really romantic happened as well. Well in real life, but online it was feeling like a big of that ego and well it did crazy things but i think those things made a real difference on where my love life will take and well it would not make me feel the way i'm feeling now
. But apart from the Bhuna sauce in toasted, the rash on my thigh was getting very nasty and very irritation indeed.

But it was soon time to cook for a video and test the webcam of the Maibenben out, since now its lower down, it made things easier to film like mukbangs.

the curry

tempura battered sausages 

But as the end of the week was occurring and like normal life was to be back. But it wasn't since there was on more, sure a mine to name a daughter Rilvelta didn't go down well but it was soon time for the final chances to use the field for #dogwalkingwithomracer.

But it was soon coming up for One last vlog and a catch up on the recent 2 weeks with things that might i've missed saying here. But it was good since it was when Gfuel arrived, i managed ti get a supplier in the UK for it and they also do good stuff with Gaming keyboard and accessories for streamers too. Plus it was a better time due to getting the new Links Awakening in.

There was also a chance to cycle up okehampton to see a huge cute girl from FF to feed her but sadly this never came to pass since she was only there on holiday, ladies like her are hard to find in the countryside.

Gfuel which later on really helps me 

The girl wanting a walk in the field 

a sneak peek at a trolley 
Inside the order 

Pandora for mum (little did i realise the place i bought it from closes down) 

The roundabout near my house

Polls to make 

Nice toasted Sandiwhces with a lush bit of blue raspberry slush syrup 

Fifa 20 and soon to be its #fixcarrearmode

Well almost. It was looking time for something real which some say risk and i agree with that, but it was the chance to change a friends like well actually 2 friends, It was a bit of a dip over that week. Sure i did buy a 4G router to review (which trust me if i reviewed, it would be all over the place) and also Work needed some bailing out due to orders too. But it was a big dip of cravings, fuels, rent deposit and also the introduction of a soon found out catfish.. Which actually up north and seemed nice and we got on okay even at the risk of £150 total spent and well then we had a whatsapp call and her voice was well...,  a male scousers, which gave me 2 impressions.  One of catfish the other is me having a backward viewpoint on life but well that my hold i dug myself into. But again We all make mistakes. But it was on to more food and also planning for the next event in my life.

Plus it was s Untitled Goose Game i HAD To purchase and alot of Ribena and Sausage Roklls which the pastry on it is really good too.

But Alas it was the time of me not realising things and wanting something to happen so badly but without realising it, part of the spree actually DID help me get something to happen. I wasn't aware of how it would happen but oh boy i was excited for it to happen once i found out. But then it was my mums's birthday and again to the price of wales went to.  Which that week has been alot of chaos my way and even downgrading a phone to get things sorted to support someone special so they can survive that little while longer. Alas it was the end for me and Karla since she ended up getting into a relationship and specifically said.

I do not want to meet Mattie, things are serious with bf and we do not to meet others outside. He said he is uncomfortable with meeting you because of our bond of food and he knows it sexual to the both of us so he feels like that is betraying him . Sorry I have been on Holiday !

This told me the pure time of closure has happened and it was never going to work out, so done and dusted was my train of thought, little did I know I would be dragged into this again

Time to send the iPhone SE off to the friend that needs it 

This pub is a nice one 

that roast is mmm

The rainbow

But it was also this point i connected with a old feedee friend who actually been really good and isn't demanding not on bit but its just like a really nice online friend but she kept leaving feabie but now we have each other on whatsapp it feels for like a friendship but little did i know feelings would not be expanding here. But it was very much soon to be October but there was a few last tricks up my sleeve like a feabie meet spoons order and Pizza Hut. But shaving is always good too. 

Well then it was on to a in between month.


It was then the time to prepare for the antics of what was to come. With hearts building, throbbing, irritation down there going away and even the chance of the fair bringing feelings and planning Christmas presents early. But for now it was time to Review some Gfuel Hydration. 

The tub of gfuel

its looks like it powder

But it was work and the planning soon to be of the Goose Fair yet again this year and well I was excited in its own way, Directly was going well but starting to change their rules to one on one conversation which means it was time to have to focus on this, especially as little did i Know i was going to be on holiday next month. But there ways a Phone call from a catfish called Kayla which actually did have a girl accent but it was a bill to pay just to get her number.

It was also the time I was learning how girls say Hun, mostly from up northern way, Birmingham and well others. But it was good that i got paid and another just eat to make it worthwhile. Plus who could say no to Fishcakes and chippy on a Friday night.

But apart from that, it was finally time go get that rash cured which is actually ringworm, ans it was told people think my diet caused this, um no. But we also discover the end of a near 10 year use of a card with virgin money, turns out £120 to someone called SuzanneRoyb was sent but neither work no my account had any record, which i did call Virgin but they pretty much threw it in my face. But well this story picks up later on with a surprise. I only found this out since i was meant to get Just eat for someone and before that was Krispy-Kreme for a friend to pickup. That and a chance to feed one girl that been pretty popular but well later on its realising its just having to pay to see her is a change of no, especially when little did i know things would finally go my way.

This cream is decent. 

But that weekend was the first time I've had McDonald's ALL year with the first chance to visit a Home bargains too, since my sister got a new puppy. The weather was amazing and also with in the plans with more fast food to enjoy next month or so my D was throbbing to hope.

introducing peaches 



this place is always amazing

a romantic October view

But then it was the final 2 days before we being this new event of Goose Fair, with Gfuel ready and the equipment to go, it was time to soon Enjoy the fair and not bad for the Snapchat filter for £21. But we finally get the night before sorted out . But i also saw a bag of donughnut mix and this gave me a major fantasy of buying it for someone I know who would be seriously dedicated and have the freedom to make 12.5kg of donuts but there wasn't anyone with that dedication i knew well minus maybe patty, but well £40 is steep.

The filter for £21

the food before going 

The air outside 




flapjacks too 

The road

The first part of the fair and well it was fun, sure a catfish was crying on snap since her flatmate ate her food, (trivia, i did not actually censor the conversation out since well that her fault for being needy and not even sharing much with me anyway). Plus i had to do a home visit before going, which is fair but that rain was such an annoyance as well. But it felt great to be able to record going down a helter skelter, I was close to first person dodgems but that better at night. Plus also finding out about a new girl on snap and well okay £30 to buy it but it was a waste of time in the end. That and Shrek is Scottish but played by a Canadian, a interesting trick there i found out.

The horse #throughglass

The chickens

The geese

The snap filter in action

gifts and deals 

Views from the helter skelter 

The more views

Donuts burgers

But that was a rush to get the vlog up before leaving for the night one and really the rain put me off in one way but also it actually bought me to get the deals and the right thing in another. Since there was this cat T-shirt and actually there were 2 choices for someone to get it for on the spur of the moment and well it ended up going to one that didn't think it was something an old cat lady would wear, so it was perfect chance  to get to make someone happy. Plus the shortbread from suppliers and also a drink for a review later on in the month when i had the time. 

The wet street 

the filter and a delay 

the wheel 

the stall i got the kitten shirt from 

blurred wet ending nights 

seductive oreo cupcakes, calpyso lemonade and the shirt 

look how cute it is 

Then it was work for the days ahead until the Saturday where I just did a after work vlog since I was major tied and exhausted from it all . But it was finally out of the way and not much to say else. 

Danger Zone 






The Chinese that night 

But then we approach the times of near Halloween and Christmas, sure it was me working both jobs and watching the chaos unfold of the #forniteblackout, which means a new version of the map is coming, I've still yet to play it as well. might do that with han at one point.

But another subway was ordered for 2 days in a row and it was soon time to plan out the next month for a 2nd omracer's holiday, which yes was to London again, it was also the opening of the pokemon centre in London for the next month . Heart Italian bread is always the nice taste though. But there was more commitment and chaos and also due to the start of that card issue with Virgin refusing to help. I had to find a new bank, which means a chance to choose revolut or Starling, now I chose Revolutt which had some amazing features for later on. Costing only £4.95, i was finally going to have a decent account, one of my other customers recommended it to me in work. sure the FCA are doing investigations on them too but they do work. Plus a KFC order had to be done for local as well as the dominoes since well pizza always cheers someone special up. But then it was to keep my head down and wait until i Got paid to make sure i could book the airbnb and coach for this holiday.

But then it was soon to be the time to get the places booked, sure I did cycle to a home visit to setup an atrocious 4G router that if i went expensive and just used the simple one it would have saved me so much time but then again later on it makes work £170 out of pocket almost. But it was nice to finally cycle to theirs and will do that and take the train in more to Plymouth that way I think, especially if friends live near  stations. But this was RIP to the Mi Headset from June.

But I was finally booked, Paid about 8 quid less than the Airbnb AND Coach travel for this holiday is awesome, but well you have to work to live in some ways, but £202 spent which is good for 5 nights but little did i know where i stayed was my undoing for part of the the purpose of going. Also people were whining about what i eat., which yes i should do better diet wise but i exercise as and when i can. Plus it turns out my camera was being a bit dank with the colours. This

But then it was a Tesco trip after work to taste the WORST SAUCE I'VE EVER Tasted and by god that is the Heinz Baconaise. I could not eat one tongue of it. But the last slush puppie my tesco did and might ever have until 2020. But then the Revolut card did arrive.

But then this week was a big week, I was caning the second job to really make a difference, which sadly made less money than the week before. But it was soon time to get one Last #omracersreview and any video up that month and that was with the Calypso Lemonade. 

The bottles 

Ocean blue

Tropical mango

Both tasted nice and that was a nice way to do the end of the reviews for 2019, sure i could have done better but there was enough to do as it is. January might have not 1 but 3 reviews. *redacted* was doing ok and there was also a chance to meet her for the first time due to a schedule which worked in my favour. Sure lets hope this is true but there was always fate to fuck this up.  But it then leads on to a new fate with a cat. 

Well it turns out a home visit I went on which could also have been an 8th date (that didn't happen since well Chloe was not free then) was to a Cornish village of grass and well, after chatting, she was offering a cat for FREE, well its a stray. But that was soon to happen and actually NO regrets just expenses (not many either, just usual ones for food) . It was that cold windy day and i even stepped in duck poo but well it was mind on other people and other things than what I  was then. 

Love a Chinese 
The bus to wait for 

The bridges

A chicken stuffing cake sandwich

Plus then it  soon to be Halloween so then it was time to get the scary costume out for work and also use the selfie for advertisements as well for the weeks until I was soon to be away for the holiday ( in work wise) and so some clothes to impress someone helps as well.  

The costume and mask from B&M

Which then it was soon time to finish this month and a new month full of excitement, feelings, panics and even that standing up in Euston to deal with. But we see you then.


Well here we go, for the most expensive month of my life in one way but also feeling at the lowest in the other. But time tells and people make choices. Sure i was meant to do #NonutNovember but with the fantasies that this holiday could bring, it was hard to NOT NUT.. But the catchup from October appeared up. This was then the work of 2 weeks to make sure I was prepared, since well i was not prepared in the slightest view, But work for both jobs was starting to get pretty busy, sure Pokemon on one side and also we were close to doing bonfire night.

That day was important since the day after was time, a time to finally have a cat. Well, if you remember that home visit from the person that offered me one. Well she delivered it and by god he is a lovely boy. Originally nicknamed Fendley which was some relative of the lady that gave him to me. He was beautiful and well a interesting couple of months for sure ahead.

But it was soon to be Bonfire night, which unlike Last year was to visit the city for one last go of a fun vlog, I did end up looking after this new boy. We eventually named him Finely, which my mum actually said its easier for him to name him that, Sure other members of the family like my sister call him Satan but that is for later on how he treats Rosie. This was also a chance to make a few orders and plans come to fruition which well a Deseret parlour for someone i was chatting to on kik before it was meant to be shut down.  (but was actually okay for meeting before realising it was a sex worker instead of actually commitment etc). But wit this in mind is was settling down with the cat for that week. Plus Bonfire night was cute near my house.

Of course this was also when money to save up for this holiday was sort of happening since Remember this was Christmas presents for me to get at well. Plus it was also time to make sure I was to have Data for when i needed it, since god knows what i would be up against in the stabbing capital of the UK. But I managed to churn a vlog out too.

With things to work out with, it was making sure Finely had to be neutered and it was making the time to get it done, since 2 weeks from now i might be holding hands with a special lady and knowing alot of chaos and panic lead to the right thing. But sure one thing was a uber for again the girl i didn't even know name back in February, well okay now in between i did from the drama and chatting and all. But Also AliExpress did Singles day so the maibenben had some amazing deals on which was going to be good for customers but since it was so close to When i would be away, I could not be able to order it.

Then it was another home visit in Crapstone way and actually the night before *redacted* actually told me about White chocolate spread . So well, on the way back, I bought 2 tubs of it which was £2.50 each.

A post shared by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

But lets also face it, the weather was starting to chill right off which means a cold and sore throat was going, what was my plan, Well 4 vitamin C tablets a DAY which they only recommend one, which was 2 tablets in 1 glass and do that twice a day, that was my routine for the next week to make sure I was better before I left to see that special one. I did want to try to see Chloe before leaving but fate never worked out. *redacted was mega excited for me but not for her since a concert got cancelled so actually we wee not going to meet in London which did hurt a little bit but it was like fate was making sure I could see only C, which is well what i should be thinking about and to be fair, after what we kept talking about, it was exciting.

But as the last week before going on holiday is nearing to the end and also Pokemon coming out, it was time for preparing in serious ways. Money to go in, Revolut to setup and also China mobile to get ready for. But it was also getting to the timing of Christmas lights going on earlier in the town then i guessed. But a Thai collection for a friend is okay to end of as the LAST JUST EAT of the Year, since it was soon the LAST UBER at the strangest time. The times of Election were in full swing mode too. But little did we know it was the game that was a big gamble for some and also a major win in others.

But then it was time for the Christmas lights on the Saturday but also the second to last eating video the night before since I had the night to myself.

This was also passing of both Sophie's and Abbeys birthdays too, 10 years ago that would of really hurt but as you have to move on which Now i realise i was ready for something much happier in my life with effort finally being made back to me. This was very close to the Best time where Krispy Kreme did some winter events and the Buy a dozen for £1 which that with C that week would have been the dream come true and would bend over backwards to make that happen. Little did I know a message from feabie appeared. It was Karla and boy this was going to be a right stress, well after catching up it turns out she was near north London and was actually wanting to meet, for real this time, well I was hesitant at first and my doubts were there but that soon to be told.

We Then made it to the Day before the holiday, nerves were high, the shop was informed of my absence which maybe i went a bit too far but then again with the colleague just bearing 2 hours on 2 days a week for the past few, it was no surprise i had little faith.

The last time before 6 days of god knows what 

The banners out

The final normal meal before leaving 

Finley and the Suitcase

But then it was the Big deal, the FIRST DAY of the second Holiday.

omracer's Holiday #2: 

We begin the First day with the love of the cat but well packing up always has its moments and I was finally excited to see someone special and well, well, well, it was also time that KARLA said we were going to MEET outside EUSTON. This was the plan, but well as you find out, actually no she never arrived and deleted feabie after waiting outside for 2 hours. There was some success with running to Euston from Victoria in an hour and also getting in to Victoria 30 minutes earlier. But CTR music is always the best, especially how it fitted into the 3rd day. 

The cat and the dreamies at 6 am in the morning 

leaving parents 

The selfie 

Drakes circus 

But it was also close to missing it with poundland shopping and the finally finding out YouTube got me 1k subs, which is one step closer  to the Partner. But that was good with the throat going away.
chicken and Bacon sandwich 


 But then that run and storing lockers for £6.00 from the nicest Rep there and Stasher is one great service. Which at this time, the poor soul did not survive the rush at Oxford Circus .
The selfie as i was in euston

The end of the line

Video editing, the first of many. but that TV is nice

But then it was time to go to the Airbnb and my self esteem a little bit lower but excited since I get to finally see someone who has made the effort for me. and so begins the second day.  Which was an afternoon with the special girl. Sure work called and the flat that Marlow owned was really  nice and I respect him alot for it. 

TVs and uploading

The bedroom 

The lounge 
The kitchen

The bathroom 


But then it was to explore Barnet and its not too bad, a quaint little city like town with green, shopping centre. It was freezing and running around to getting lost. But well it was good to explore somewhere I might be visiting more in 2020 but neither one knows the truth until it happens.

The views are lovely 

Cute streets

Shopping Centres

The other end of the Centre

This was amazing chance to feel actually like well a couple, we went to cyberdog and even us looking at bikinis and the adult section, that really meant alot to me for her to be okay to go there with me. Plus I was actually bit excited watching her eat the pizza at least. Even the moments where i put my arms around her waist just felt right and she appreciated it as the sugar being glazed on that day.

The street to meet 

Camden looks busy

This pizza was something amazing to watch, but fanta for me 

Waiting and views while collars to be made 

But well this was soon to be the last time i would see her this year, that hurts and I wish it wasn't true but well it was a defining moment for me to realise, even if i didn't realise it until i had to come home. That night was a blur i'm not really going to talk about but it really did make something happen but my instinct should have been to be there when needed the most. 
Plus she had a wallpaper of a chanted politician so it also settled my vote for the Election this year that was next month.

Even with Ramen thats mouth burning and Cookies from the coach up

But that day was also a night i had to help a friend with their Errand which worked out fine. Yes the time it did take me to get it done vlog wise helped with Gfuel and comfortable seats, but the Wi-Fi was the same as home so upload was good.

As a small sleep on a double bed happened, it was then Day 3.  Probably my favourite day with how much I saw and what was done. But it was the final time for an uber order before i left, actually it was for her, even though i could have ran down the road to get it, it didn't work out that way. But it was then time to shower and well, have a Wandering at Winter Wonderland.

The tube was not busy, the park only opened up the day before, the weather was dry and well time to have old habits never die with running around everywhere. Plus the Microsoft Store was great, the little holder in the end went to my sister Boyfriend anyway. 
Running in Parks 

Empty Tubes 

The Microsoft store and the Senna 

The streets #throughGlass 

But then it was the Park and loads to explore, mind was blown but only Spent about £65 or so.

Houses and Rings 



Ice Rink 

The olmpic coaster 

Those lumberjacks boys never leave 

Glow up markets 

That film got a tower 

What a nice entrance 

The arches to leave

But sure from there to Chinatown via soho has its fun but i was in peak time territory so might as well live the life there from food to porn shops. 

Bags break


Now this is amazing

Chinatown ever fails 

and so does the tube 

Then it was time to head back and get it edited, someone was feeling a bit better and there was a glimmer of hope to see her for one last night soon but my hopes were never doing that great. Sure leftover food was amazing at a risk but well we have to challenge ourselves.

Leftover food the airbnb host had 

But then we have the last full vlog day in London. Indeed it was. We finally had the chance to go to the Mi Store yet again, even if we didn't get what we wanted in all, we had a good look around as well. 

The weird timing of good black Friday sales and the time of the wet rain and cycling past Notting hill since the phone was NOT PLAYING BALL.

The tube

up the escalator 

Glasshole Selfie 

When glass works but the phone doesn't 

Reaching roundabouts 

The centre

Then it was spending in the store and the SAME chap that served me back in may SERVED me again and well i got what i needed, Part of me should have bought the Note 8t but 4 camera seemed a bit much and well the Note 7 looked and will be better for £30 cheaper anyway (actually paid £4 less for the note 7 + Mi Band 4 compared to £179 for the Note 8t and the Mi band 4 for free) But other presents not on offer there was then spent on the Mi Store. Also slush is so good too. 

The Powerwall 

More of the tube 

Donuts and sushi

Then it was actually a day of catching up with the vlogs to edit, which made my time a heck of alot easier, but there was that really important hope i get to see her for the real final time, but after she went to see relatives it did hurt me that little bit but one last date in the indian place she loves would have made us both happy. But that didn't happen and it hurt, but it wasn't actually her fault either so i cant blame her. The lead into the last day of the way home.  Which was a walk the night before .

Visiting the takeout i used so much this year with her 

Dark views near a park 

Who doesn't love pizza hut

A nice cold drink

Onion and sauce is just a nice mix 

This was also the time to finally make sure i'm packed up for the way home. It was good to get the last few bits to drop off to that special girl. Buit then it was the tube at woodside park. was the easy way to go, especially when jacking up with mountain dew, not had that drink since 2010.

Time to leave 

More to walk

The final gift in person to that special one

The best drink 

A final tube

Then it was to change at Euston and well this was the end of my earphones for Glass. Then it was one last tube to Victoria before the walk to get a final McDonald's of 2019 to eat the coach home. 

Euston for the last time in 2019

Victoria wasn't too empty
Victoria Coach station, when the holidays have to fall 

Eating McDonald on the suitcase

Then it was the coach home, yes I upset a friend by scaring her since it was McDonald home instead of the presents. But that and video editing the vlog home was a perfect end, it really does mark it, sure i could have done Directly better but i made more on the week on Holiday than i did the week before. Sure there was an amazing weatherspoons in the end from the family, but I didn't tell them, all of the truth, to be fair, I've not mentioned the full truth hear since its not fair on what people would react like.

Gambling wins in Sedgemoor

The Ultimate Burger

AS things turned to normal, which actually they didn't and me and her nearly lost complete contact and it would have been the worst ending to the year, we ended up working it out in a way which lead to something crazy to happen soon. Also Finely  got neutered and the usual medial things and a chip in my name, so well hes now legibly my cat .

But then it was Wednesday in work, well that didn't go to plan. Feelings were mega high and well, I found out:

  • colleague didn't manage any sales
  • People were shocked i was not in
But then it was just one joke from a customer and well Slice, bang, eyes watered. Like the customer joked I had a pretend holiday and well it snapped me, like the click of the fingers like Thanos, except i wasn't disappearing, I was watering in the eyes. But with a PP loan to take out and a bill to pay, things just built up and well sobbing to the reps at koch is not such a fucking good idea. But a customer did call to check on me later on since i was still a bit teary. 

But then it was preparing for Black Friday, since that sales had to happen, so what did i do, £15 games include Fifa 20 and you know what, it did sell 3 copies but still 1 copy remains, even today,the deals didn't cause a rush, no consoles sold Whatsoever so work kinda wasted over £1000 with sony and it did got no where. I have to just sigh, i mean that over the Christmas period in all. But there was a few online feeds with a few but this was also a birthday for CC too but well it was close to a finale. 


Well it was the final month, feelings were high and Sales better with the massive gamble on the games to shift, yes it did work. Especially for fallen Jedi and COD. That sold like i wanted it to. But the amount of plans for this were mostly working that money back and waiting for the orders to arrive, Remember that Mi Store order was a DPD Parcel in france of all things.

But it was working my actual but off and knowing the end of the year approaching, this post will take weeks to type and well actually it took me about 13 days if all in a straight line, I'll get to that later. But Spotify decided to recap the year.

Best artist out of spofity to play 

The top 5, surprising with sega actually
But as i worked my butt off with plans and customers to make sure Dickensian was a success as a second black Friday, it was nothing special, but making sure friends are okay and also another birthday for *redacted* to plan out which also things done a half year ago actually get done this time since feelings do get involved, So that was going to plan this 2020 out for me as well. But soon we deal with Dickensian as well as the little things like FINELY GET OFF THE SHED ROOF. 

Which minus earthquakes and more stock on Dickensian to buy, it was also looking after the IRRITABLE KID WHICH WAS BEGGING FOR FREE STUFF AND THIS DID NOT STOP UNTIL CHRISTMAS. Like yes i had to lose stock for this thing. But this was also the start of a very worrying and strange message.

The selfie. 


The street food for £7.50

The end of the day on dickensian 

Lights out 

But then, I had a message from a girl on feabie, now this was extremely strange and well it was also a point of concern about scamming and also involving one of the girls i met this year, now whatever Lacey was playing at i don't know, but the moment i called her out on it, the message disappeared. I mean i did screenshot it but well it just has a slight tie in to what might be happening soon which is not good at all. 

Then it was just coasting through work and the final day off and the start of typing this up. There was also an all righter which someone was driving down to see me and that made my heart melt after the trauma she had been through, I just wished she didn't drive at 1 am and drove the morning after, like feelings were rapid high for both of us and it would have made the best effort and end to this year. But alas cold and tiredness break romantic fatal conquest and we had to go to normal lives. Especially with soon an Election AND also a birthday indian which brought me back old memories. Also now with people saying they prefer the flash on the camera, it was on so some pics look yellowy tint compared to washed out colour.  

Also a slug in a PS4

The Xmas tree up 

Presents and a tesco shop 

Pint of Water 

Saltash, one place think to move 

A lush indian with prawn puri and even chicken tikka

But then it was finally time to knuckle down, the next 2 weeks I wanted to get this review as much as possible done, Even with the home visits almost DAILY and also directly taking a told on the sleep. 
Friends were still chatting, but when she knows what she needs to do, well it gets done and sure it will be a big wait and missing but with news Like Taco Bell arriving in Plymouth and also onion rings cravings, it was not too bad to focus in a way. 

But then the world changed, people voted for the ones publicly people didn't like, Yes I voted labour too but well the silent majority really pushed it in. But it was #christmasjumperday and well that meant using a ripped up packaging for a Fortnite jumper .

Christmas jumper day 

a Prize for just wearing the above. 

But then it was finally the last 10 days until the big Christmas, it was caning time in work, and blogposts to type after, my eyes really didn't catch a break and it was also heartbreaking a little bit when she said shes off and won't be able to see her. But after things which have been, its important and you've got to be supportive. But locally it feels like nothing which in a way made sense, until soon to realise Chloe start making clips, well like a plan talked about for September, it never happened but maybe 2020 might. But from never drinking to Sunday workings and even more elbows bruised (actually 3 times this year due to shoes from Shoezone.)

Elbows scraped again 

Packing up supplier's presents 

AS the world saw trump was soon to be impeached and it was also the power of #stormelsa which that video was then for sale with newsflare even made things go hectic and me to make some money from video that was just filmed quickly, it was also the time Finely and Rosie were not getting on. So much so Rosie had to sleep under my covers next to me for some of the nights. But it was also the time of an order of one last.

Eventually the end of days were appearing, No day off for me for the next 5 days left of 14 straight, bills to pay, second job to go for and this to type up, it was a hectic week, even if the Mandorelan was a fucking great TV show to watch for some of the meals or free times I did have.

The Last of the presents was to be bought very soon for the last 3 days left and well, that and then we had the Present haul and wrapping up. The review of the year was finished until August by this point which means after Christmas it was 4 months left to type up.

This also came a time when a a letter arrived, a letter of Paypal asking for £248 and well it was a long story short, some massive counter of identity fraud i will now have to deal with in 2020 the police are better than last time.  It was actually THAT LONG AGO with the lovely scamming of the Matthew O Kane, which actually a Paypal E-mail came to me saying he rejected the repayment I asked him to, what a cheeky well insult here.

Also it was the time of a few final gift cards to a few feedees to bring the closure (especially one or 2) and it just felt right, okay CC still hasn't even seen that shes got one but shes busy which as retail both know, there was no time.

Then MERRY CHRISTMAS, I did receive a few messages and 2 were special which one relieved me and the other was massively exciting,  Food, Presents and perfect weather for a Christmas message. Even if the namco bandai onesie from primark almost 10 years ago has now been binned, RIP. As i was editing this i had to listen to some strange music and one friend had to go shop on the day for food but well its good karma

the Presents 

The views 

Xmas Dessert

Presents to unwrap 

The amount i got 

A Christmas mini dog walk

That evening leftovers 

Which then leads on to the soaked boxing day. . It was nice to catch up with family that are close enough to visit but non visit unless once a year for money reasons, which it was nice to hear stories, learn facts, eat nice curries and well it felt like a chilled off way to end the celebrations. But it did lead to a #omracereats that Rate my Plate went mental on.

The cat that went outside and soaked before he ate 

Blackscmiths pub 

Chicken Madras

Getting Loset 

A mini buffet tea
The leftovers from christmas day

Then we deal with the end of the year. Work was fine but naff for sales but for a change i took the New years eve off to get this done, Directly didn't do much as I liked but well only so much you can do until  2am every night. sure dark chocolate digestives were ruling and also Adina messages me only on the Sunday just to chat, how weird that she ghosted an the beginning and at the end of very she chatted to me. Things go strange. But the Credit company helped alot since Like i warned them, I don't want to just have this brushed off and still end up paying for something i didn't do.

The way i left work on Saturday evening

RIP to the Rucksack 

Before the desk clean 

After the Desk clean 

The final walk around the leat 
Bless Rosie in the leat 
 Then it was one final Takeout for a feedees birthday on NYE and making sure this was all up. But the last of the Gufel hydration was used as well as a final #dogwalkingwithomracer on the moors

A Smoothie

The last gufel hydration

Nice toasted Sandwiches 

The moors 


And then we have the finals of things. The end of the year. You'll see the New year Resolution in 2020. Have a good one and take safe care, this year has been a rapid one. Well here is a quick fact check this year.

  • Twitter Followers = 2,619
  • Instagram Followers = 671
  • Youtube Subscribers  = 1,010
  • Youtube Watch Hours = 3,683
  • Been blocked on Snap by  = 10 people
  • Total Spent on Just Eat  = £‭267.84‬ (excluding Giftcards via work) 
  • Total Spent on UberEats  = £175.79 (excluding Giftcards Via work)
  • Total spent on Greggs Gift gards = £120.00 
  • Total money sent via PP  = £448
  • Trousers I've ripped  = 5
  • Miles Ran on Mi Fit = 142.406471

See you in 2020