Tuesday, 10 September 2019

The Sunday Dogsitting Catchup

Well, for the next two weeks things are going to be amazing. With things, i've planned and not mentioned to supporting those extra people here and there which have meant alot to me and also taking a new program up to make extra money to save up for things that might happen if some people get their own well is important too. But the vlog is below:

Directly plans to meets

So we begin by actually doing the small things, sure christea was on a diet which I did help her cheat on it on Friday and other things between us close together as friends. That helped with another fact that I did something special with Chloe by helping her change her life which also means I might get to see more of her soon with no issues on meetups. But it will take a few more delays before that happens I guess but the main thing is it's good there. 

But there is something good happening next weekend with someone and I'm not allowed to say anything about it so it will be hush-hush until it happens, but I'm mega excited for it. That and I ordered a laptop from Aliexpress. The Maibenben Xiaomai 6a which has an N4100 and an MX250 which I got for a staggering £270 ish. I did risk something for this but without realising what came next I just have to accept it. That will be reviewed as soon as I can. 

But I also joined a program with Directly which was just on a whim to see if I could help out for some extra money as those support agents. I started it and helped a few customers, from using Rufus to make their own USB for installing windows to even fixing sound problems and throw a dash of the chance to enjoy their own dealings with people purchasing the wrong version of Minecraft indeed. I guess it was based on how many happy customers answers you got paid. But actually its based on points and in that week I got about 11,000 points, sure 45 happy customers and 1 meh customers but thinking that would make me $50, it didn't, it made me nearly triple which is a shocking amount but then again I was using it up to 2 am on some of the nights. If you do apply. Then good luck and be patient and helpful and loads of copy-paste if you use advice from non-Microsoft sites. 

That and work is hectic with orders for games, 2K now taking the spotlight of the place and also a glass cabinet I and my colleague bought (split fiver each). But I'll show you in a day in the life vlog. 

The Morning. 

So I actually went to sleep at like 4am and also had a call with a former friend like just on the off chance, just out of the blue like do you want a phone call with me while her friend was there.  (this was a friend from many years ago I did have subway with and one of the first girls I bought food for online too). But it was nice catchup which helps things and now I have the privacy to do calls for the next two weeks. I smiled and then had a nice look at some fun bits before I woke up from the alarm clock of Google home. Which reminds me I need to check the sound for that to make it more me. 

Then I woke up, about 8am from that sound and then checked my phone to check the balance and my jaw fucking dropped Like it actually makes me feel like vincent after he cheated (you'll get that reference when I play Catherine Full body during this time off ). 

But then my mind still buzzed and shocked I made that much I was having a moment and did just well have a fap over what next week brings. But for that, I then got up and had the internet to check before a walk with Rosie and start the vlog. 

She enjoyed it but losing the balls for about 10 minutes at least which is a bit of a shame in away. But hey ho. I got back at 10:45 and then got changed and fed Rosie her breakfast and eyes watering to near luke in the process. I  then had to get more internet stuff done and type this up along with some laundry chores, to begin with.

The dog and her toy

By about 1:30  I gave Rosie one last quick walk before I was time to go off and a shower was done.  Since I was going to his at 2 instead of 12:30 so I had a chance to make some extra toasted sandwiches for lunch.

Before the PRess

After the Press

A Torchy stream moving. 

Well, it's back to the collabs, So I ran to his by 2:15, I got there and then we caught up since he just woke up then it was down to the basement to get the equipment setup. Which actually didn't take long and then a few test streams and settings in SLOBS and teaching him how to remux in OBS. by 5PM, it was time to leave since he was about to have his tea, It was a run in the slight rain indeed by this point. But most of that had been done and plans for the future to be made later. Sure things were limiting him indeed which we can say but it might be looking good there.

The Final chores of the day. 

I ran back home and got there, not that long spent, Sundays of a place of closing and all and well it was good that I then did the washing in the tumble as well as one final walk with Rosie (well not final but one before I end the post) and directly had more customers to go and help. But also Rubbish to be taken out and then that was it, I was finally done and also the parents called to see how things were and they enjoyed more cornish timings 

And there we have it, Stay turned for 2 reviews, a Q&A and also something very amazing to happen this weekend which will be soo good if I can tell you :)


Sunday, 18 August 2019

A British Meetupdough Fireworks night (Thursday 15th August 2019)

Well August is halfway there already and let's bee honest
This had been an emotional few weeks of closure and planning special meetups but sadly that has now lost that chance of those. I'll explain later. But for now its the fireworks again so let's enjoy this sun that appears.

The Catchup

Let's explain. Well, I cant since i got a message telling me not to mention anything.
But that and there were meetups which failed before I even knew that amazing girl which sadly the first week in August was just passing by and a promise not kept. That and I didn't realise until later chances with someone was going to get amazing.

Another girl on insta and I got chatting and we were thinking of meeting up but since she was unsure about things she passed up the offer. Even the video calling when eating doughnuts option was not her thing.

Christea had her birthday last weekend and I did get her some Greggs and even a pizza hut cookie dough deal and maybe ill get the chance to meet up with her this year again. Still the first girl I've ever met up with from online feeding.

work had been chaotic and mostly solo but this starts to end up having my possibly only non-Sunday day off in August tomorrow wince it helps get the blog up and also a wedding to dogsit while it happens :)

But now it was time to have the fireworks start.

The Morning.

Well I got up about 9 and I got up and changed before going to work
I did drink regen forced energy and focus today and then got in and things to get going but after customers old bosses and also the girl on insta passing up the unit offers. It was time to leave at 4:45.

I ran from work home. Bubble wrap in the hole of my ripped jeans but sadly it didn't help and still got chib rub. S was a bit worried when I told her it to bless when I squeezed it like a pinch and then chatted when checking mail and posting to Facebook a work page that I will not be in tomorrow and phone screens from twiggtech are delayed. Like its a pain but money can't be blown since bills next week.

Time to Leave

Eventually by 5:51 I was running to the bus stop and waited for the bus. The sun was out and felt happy for it. Eventually, the bus turned up and £5.80 for a dayrider plus now. I did drink regen before I left so I have extra energy and 2 teaspoons (well one morning, One now) helped me get the energy and maybe even to edit nicely tomorrow.

The outfit for the night (minus hoodie)

The Lidl as usual

Then It was a peaceful ride on top. View of sun and blue sky and also the bus was getting busier by the time we got to Derriford. The redmi 4 was on 80% battery from 100% when I woke up. The glass had powers and cable in case I needed it as well. But hopefully, something good wax to come up.

The old Airport

Buildings and stories

The put with a good curry

As I was nearing town. Chirstea text me and we chatted for a bit. Turn an out she was really full from the cookie dough I got her for her birthday and always sleeps but she craves it. Like mauve of makes me realise I think she's the one. Bt she showed me her cute belly hang which I was impressed and had to be said that I helped male that happens
The bit I then got to town
Now in Town


Then I walked my way to the casino which was nice big belong had some nice equipment I will have to look at more bit then I walked my way to the casino. Views were nice building changed and well Plymouth has a new range on the horizon I feel

The bottom side of town in the sun

I got into the casino and greeted by the lovely lady at the desk
I swiped on the entrance and walked up. It was quiet and will I was texting christea even when I was going toilet but she was shocked in not home but I'm gonna be a dick later 😂. But then I washed hands and went to the roulette table to think about trying my lick but I didn't feel it was the right thing to do but I left there anyway, Then I ran my way to the Barbican

The evening run and barbican

Well, I started just after seeing the messenger still crawling by, I mean my way to the Barbican and it was a nice run. The crowds were not hectic but then again it was all to the hoe as well. But we decided to take a walk to the barbican and then it was lovely.

The messenger still there

Roads to run on

The elephants in marble
As I browsed it was crowds, orchestras and good food
Tempted by cap n jaspers was fair but busy so I walked to the hoe.

Empty at the bottom of it 

Nearing the approach 

The free doughnut scandal

As I walked near the stand of where the mayflower was and I went to the little plaza and then to the Cafe at the end. This was great buy it was I noticed an empty table with two doughnuts just there, empty table and cups and two sugar doughnuts and then I wondered and soon I "Tidied up" and took the donors. No one batted an eyelid so it just of been just to bin anyway...

Insert Pics here

They were good donuts and I really did feel the size and just left there was so rare. Bit then I walked my way to the hoe
More Stalls 

The way to the hoe 

Now time to explore the Fair.

Now the fair was here and not as much as i expected compared go last year. But more of the extreme tall rides like Bungie and Atomosfear.

The view of the Fair

Peiople in the way and Tagada

Crazy Shake


A new ride


A glitched up picture

More fair looks 

The Archery 

The fair from entering from Town. 
There was even 2kg chocolate roulette here which tempted me but I then still explored. Glass was feeling better I think. But the wonders of food was still there and even went to wet wok as well. There was tempting but I know I will have a Date there one day. I met some customers on the way there and exploring the area too.

Walking on the grass to the Wet Wok

The end of the wet Wok.
Then I wondered back to different places the fair. Alsmpg eating on chocolate roulette but I decided on if I should try it on the way back home since its a rigged but I also found out the cost of the chocolates later on. By 9 I was heading to my usual viewpoint for the fireworks.

Walking to the Lido

The marble elephants again

Crowds in Blur

The lit up fair

The Ferry leaving. 
Then typing this up and opening up was a good thing bit 9:30 and the display began.

The View from the viewpoint

The calm ocean

The sky darkening
Selfie before the display.

The displays

The first

There was a lot of bangs on that one of was cool bug also apocalyptic feeling as well.

Just as it starts




I also had to reboot the phone when doing that since it was playing up and I also snapped Chloe if I could visit and pop by. If that happens then I could break the ice and it would make the effort.

Then the second one

This one started about 9:55 and was a nice middle one of the smiley faces and others and I got a reply which meant I was about to make dreams true. But then it was the third one

The pink

The colours

The bangs


Hills and booms

The ssparkle



The third display

A mix of bright and loud and also the anticipation of the meetup and also a special treat for myself when I get home. Bit it was finally nice and actually then time to run.

The bright lights

The colours 

The blinking

The blue and gold

The bling and gold 
The glistening

Time to run

The run To the dream

So it ended and then I snapped Chloe I was on my way and then it was okay with her since she had to wait for some things from a mate. So the run began and the crowds hectic but I made it to hers in about 12 minutes
The blurred run

Then I saw her. Wide black chillout until I walked closer than she invited me to the entrance of the flat and we chatted. She is definitely a dream size and lovely girl as well. We talked about w shakes since she ordered some in (for housemate ) and also she said we can start to do more things now it's broken the ice.

This is a good change and finally something real in the pipeline. Soon I can take more days off go see her. Bit by 10 to I left and we hugged. Well, I could just about hug her. Plus she liked my hair brown bit have I light lighter it or new colour soon.



Well. Running up the hill isn't that bad but it's about 6 minutes up that hill and down to Mutley. Eventual I got to the pizza hut. Now I walked in the wrong door and then got in the right one. I could have collected a free pizza since the rep said ”mat?” I said ”yep but I'mhete to order”. So he put it back and then went to let me order. I asked ”is still 2 for £8 on the cookie dough,” he said yup bit I wasn't hungry so I only offered the white chocolate and caramel cookie dough got £4.45 since he gave me £0.55 change since he was out of £0.01 so bargain.

In Pizza Hut

I waited and then he gave me the ice cream in a tub then cookie dough and I rushed out after thanking them twice. As I blogged my way out of there. I saw Pete and we caught up and chatted while waiting for the bus. Soon one arrived and he made a hand symbol to show other bus was on the way and then by 11:30 another one turned up.

The pizza hut box 

It was good going through the past few months with Pete and he enjoyed his holiday too and did offer me a sofa if the bus never turned up. Then the cookie dough in the hoodie per and then made my way on it. Got upstairs and typed this up as I was on the way home.

It was nice to listen to some cute couple who I think knew me but not sure. Then it was near Yelverton by midnight though I said to myself that it's a good start.

Eventually, I get off the bus and it's time I head home.
Sure I have time to video edit and things and get this mostly typed up ad well but also I have to now save up for what I want to get done and potential being the IRL feeder I was meant to be (if you listen to the music in the vlog you get that reference ).

And then I finally had the cookie dough before I got this up for the typing and go male sure and boy that was so good and even on the bus it was warm too.

Then the selfie when I got home 

Well, hopefully, this means the blog posts will be more now. VBlogs not so much but I can work around this life now. But see you soon