Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Another Sunday Afternoon + Catch up on the Goals

 So with the 5th month into the swing of things and it also it coming into more conversations about moving if things get unstable and that starts to happen but that might be one we have to make a big choice in the end. 

But for now, enjoy a mini day in life today and what was meant to be just to get a vlog edited but instead today happened So let's go through that. 

The Morning, 

So, the 8am alarm via google nest mini was happening and then made me have the check my phone and catch up on what things are to be and hoping to plan to get the laptop open and then to eventually fap as the norm with the 1 day off a week /I'm getting an even the planned DAYS off are getting HARD to even CLAIM. But nonetheless, it was then 9:04am and got up and then time to get changed to then have an early walk with mum since there was an afternoon out planned to drop the family off for this event that was planned months ago for them. But instead, it was the time to get changed and get things paid in of the second job before getting changed. 

But then it was the case of going on the moors to talk and there were things brought up such as moving to bere Alston and I did mention that it would be then easier to cancel the shop and just do online work which for sure is easier long term but also its a case of how that will end up making it tough to end things. 

But there were also things to sort out for Dad's 60th birthday this year which there might be a Monday or Sunday I have to take off which will have to happen but also parents were looking for flights so I might have to help them, especially as I was offered to go holiday with them in September but it was also the reason that gaming work gets busy then let alone the back to school device needed vibe too. 

But then it was time to finally get going back home but we popped into lidl at the 11am the mark and it was getting pretty hectic with tills full and we rushed to get bits such as the amazing chocolate waffles and other groceries too. Then we got back at 11:20 and then time to pret some things up. 

Since the plan was to get the backup done of the PC to decent HDDs for then closing to a new SSHD to then use for Windows whiled editing on the mac would end up faster for the SN550, it was to first get that vlog up after the transfer fro one HDD to another is the goal. 

But before that was a nice bap of chocco nussa for brunch while more chatter on feabie to this girl that's really nice and sure not a feedee but shes squishy and really nice to chat to and 309lbs or so but still in the north of the UK which most amazing feedees are from what I've seen like scots of peachiness and even another that literally asked me to feed and did not say a WORD to me when I said I couldn't (2 weeks ago). 

The Toasted bap and coriander smoothie

But then it was time to get changed into jeans and the cloning to begin before going with parents to pick up gran and granddad for their afternoon out, that was after some early chicken salad for lunch, this was the first time since trying out some BBQ sauce I bought on the way home from when I got the vlog filmed which is actually RICH and so GOOOD. and £1.10 for it is a STEAL cue to Clubcard deals. 

The lunch. 

So it was then time to finish a few things before the time to head off. 

The Afternoon Pickup: 

So we headed off and time to drive our way to pick them up, we got there in the heat and it ended up getting things ready and then talked to the neighbour before we then got things ready to get it packed of all 5 of us in the car, nan helped in the wheelchair and then we drove off on the main road to get to drop them off. we were close to taking the down shortcut but 3 cyclists went on that road so we went the main road to get there. But eventually, after some traffic, we got there at 13:40. 

The car park 

Then it was a case of enjoying the first time of dropping them off, pushing the wheelchair to help her get settled in and in the chairs, some shandy was offered to the folks and eventually, it means they can spend time with others. 

We then left and it was a drive to B&Q first. 

The Shopping and break. 

So then it was the drive there and dad said a comment on being careful what I say when I made a joke about him helping out the driver for TASS, but then we got to B&Q and noticed the old pizza hut site was being worked on and turns out its a TIM HORTONS which is rare and the only one around further down from Cardiff, that is going to make some nice feeding ideas soon. 

the site 

So then it was wondering about solar lights in B&Q and then started chatting to an old friend I used to feed who was still asking about if I'm feeding and then told her about the past few months which pretty much when reading realised I was being a bit of a mug and then told her about curvage and she was surprised about how bloating works with sprite and banana. 

But then it was eventually 3pm or higher and we then drove to the Range to have a nice break, which then gets to a story on false advertising, like we got there and then saw a sign that said. 

Buy Any Drink and a Slice of Cake for £2

Now we were unsure and then we got to the till and picked the drinks out from the fridge, but asked which cakes could go for the £2 offer which the chap COULD and SHOULD have said the drinks were not in the offer but did not until we both chosen the cake, so it was one brownie for mum and one jam coconut slice for me. But then after a funny latte ham and cheese for dad. I sat by a booth in the window and turns out we didn't get it for the £2 offer so it came to £4.10 each which is like UM does the sign show anything of why, turns out it was only HOT drinks in that offer but that was not WRITTEN on that SIGN. But the slice was nice a can was refreshing.

The slice and the Can for £4.10 in total when it's supposed to be £2

But then we enjoyed it and I needed to go for a pee after. Also passing that was a cool feature for the fact you can buy the frozen food in Iceland and it will let you be cooking it in the kitchen cafe then have it and then buy it at the tills when you want to for it on that end running aka when leaving. 

But alas we finished that and had a look around since it was nearly 3:30 or passing that already. So it was suitcases, frames, fitness bits and even an e-bike with a similar battery to what I have on the bike currently. But the closest piece on that bike was the 1039 mark like ouch. 

Then it was me to look in the art section and saw frames and then it was looking for the chance to finally make a cheapish portable monitor using the 14" x 11" frame which the actual dimension would support the 15.6" screen on its own So I purchased that for £3.59 and that is a bargain for the usefulness of that, now its to get the screen ordered from reps at work when a screen next to be ordered in. 

Then we had to rush out since it was 4pm and it was time to make the way home to pick the grandparents up. 

The dropping back 

So it was then 4pm and we got in the car and started to make our way back, there was a chance of getting ice cream but for some reason, my head was starting to hurt and it was going to be a case of possible waiting until the event finished but we drove there and noticed buses were leaving and well it turns out it ended early and well. The grandparents were outsides by the entrance to the car park and buses were still reversing out. 

We then loaded them back in and had to organise some room made up while they got in and then we are a time to drive back, it was taking the normal route home to theirs, through Tavi and then the road by the college and then it was time to get them home. 

We eventually got there and helped them get back inside, which then I had to then check on this DAB radio which was supposed to keep the screen on but it doesn't give that option for it. But then it was chatter and some drinks of peach water and white grape lidl brand shloer before we were time to drop ourselves to go home. 

We then left and it was time to get home and it means it was time to have a nice dog walk to myself while mum was getting some things sorted out for an earlier tea but then again it was nearing 6pm on that side too.  But after that and reflecting on things which might happen.  Plus before tea, I ended up weighing in and now 195 but that was sooner to change the day after. 

Insert pics of tea here 

Then it was a case of waiting for the cloning to finish and do another one but that crashes it on that side of things sadly it was not the most important one to clone over of the older omracer plays archive, but that can be for another day.  Then it was to type this up and also have a bath before another cycling day at work was to happen. 

The Progress on the Goals. 

So we need to talk about this and to be fair it's been one of those moments where its 5 months into the year and it feels like only 1 step has been progressed in that entire span and mistakes have been made from the moments with feelings for me happened after spending out of control even when I said its too much and no. 

Old people from my past called up at 1am asking for money due to the cash app playing up and then not hearing back from them. Work dragging me into autopilot to the point of even parents asking me to take time off with them let alone potentially making me shake with the chance of moving. Days of are hard to come by and even the time to edit is getting tough, fuck even typing this is an another do it at midnight to 1am job with a migraine some nights and disney+ insomnia ends some nights with it to just well see how it goes 

Plus the doctor's appointment means it finally starts sorting things out, sure there was the steroid cream I'm managing just about once a day and sometimes twice every other day, but it has a lot of progress and pain to put me though in. Especially as being it a quiet time on feabie minus a cute girl from London interested in the dick even with the size of it and not knowing the truth that might scare me once I pull. 

But here they are below:

  • Sort out the Down their problems and prepare to be able to have sex  - Well after that appointment with the Cyst (Still there in a way)  - it is on the way to wait for a urologist appointment if that doesn't conflict with work 
  • Have branded fast food with someone outside the family - This has not worked out at all and was close but again it's a gamble if I jump and repeat the past and hope it works out this time 
  • Tweet more - It happened more in a way but I'm slowly forcing myself to tweet after eating or just before I eat if I have tea late 
  • Try to make more videos at least 2 per month  - This has FAILED since like NO VIDEOS in 3 months 
  • Do more Day out vlogs  - Hopefully more than 1 this year to be done. Exeter is the first. Still saying this shit even 4 months later....fuck 

But there we are, there is something planning If I get time but a catch-up vlog from the past 3 months is on the way when I get a day to edit it. plus Work is easing off slowly which means more time to get accounts done since even that was near VAT levels.

For now, take it easy and we will catch up more in the next few months.