Thursday, 29 June 2017

An NSane Day off

Ok this wasn't busy but its actually a interesting day off to say the least. Sure it didn't really involve much  but sometimes it's nice to do.

A raining morning

So, it was 8am, I woke up even after my alarm for 7:30 everyday goes off and I put it off (not snooze) and then checked the internet,,Snapchat was nice with a really cute and beautiful gaining pic I got sent with leggings and I was amazed. After fapping and getting changed, it was time to check emails , with managing the capture card a few days ago, streaming will be easier after having to do a clearout. Eventually my dad was asking quick questions then I said I was off to see nan and also a client before that, work gets busy.

I ran in the rain and got to the bus stop, a fed ex  van was parked but suddenly left as I was waiting. Then the bus arrived.

The rain and the road by the bus stop

I got on it and paid the £3.60 return, a work colleague said hi and chatted before I got off on an earlier stop than usual, which the rain was better and had stopped by then. Sure it was nice to do a bit of sorting on my phone. It was a little bit wet but not peeing it down as I got there.

The midday at Grandparents.

I got to the place I needed, taught her how to use the dvd drive and then ran to my Nans. It was wet, passing builders as I ran by places then got to nans just as my grandad was parking the car in the garage. Then we chatted and got indoors and it was a nice drink and a catch up.

The glass of lemonade
Then it was helping grandad setup a phone he bought for £20, those doros and making it work with his simcard he bought for £0.99, that took its time and then it was time for a fish and chips for lunch. While watching the news, sure it was depressing but things were nice to chat and hear about the days of the rules of everyone to take care of each other. I was a bit longer than usual since i was having to check the TV in their bedroom quickly so it was slightly colder than I thought. 

The Fish, Chips, Vinegar and Ketchup

Then we had a nice lemon sponge and chatted a bit more before watching the news before packing up and walking up the hill with grandad to get the bus back at 1:40. We chatted and he wanted me to check on something with streaming dongles before the bus eventually arrived 1:55 and got back on. 

As i was on, some lady was telling me about nail biting before she got off on the next stop then some kids got on  and it was a nice wait until I got to the bus stop. Once i got there, I ran up the hill and then to get to Home. Once I was there is was a quick change then it was a dogwalking. 

A damp #Dogwalkingwithomracer

Once, I was changed, it was time to get Rosie ready and then Walk to town to get something from work. It was slightly better but the ground was still soaked from earlier on. 

Rosie is ready
I walked on and via the railway line, foot biting and drinking from the stream, it was the damp air and the mild weather to go with it, but eventually in 18 minutes, we got to the Viaduct. Which 2 guys were talking on the viaduct, rosie didn't want to go toilet so we walked down the hill to work. 

The Viaduct

Then I got to work, I stood by the kid's van in work while my colleague was serving a customer, then my neighbour saw me and I signed a card, Paid £5 towards my landlord's getting married present (going to Cyprus or something like that). Whch then my Copy of Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy arrived and I was hyped which then I walked out. As i did, I saw my mum and sister accoss the square and then they saw Rosie biting me foot. Then we walked to a watch shop to see if a Kors watch could be fixed before going to a jewellers to see if a pandora could be fixed. 



The Back home

We walked to central to check on what could be bought for tea tonight, no luck with any offers, but mum bought some things and then me and my sister drove home, putting Rosie in the car and then we got out after parking outside our home. Once she picked up her washing in the Tumble, she left and then it was time to get this up and relax. But I decided to make a quick snack after i got home. 

The chicken, Pasty, salad, crisps, ketchup and chocolate sauce afternoon meal

And that was it, it was then after tea to play some Crash Bandicoot. To see how the trilogy plays and my excitement could not be contained. Which will be video full definitely. 

Insert Pics and video Here

With this, then my time will be busy but i will find time to vlog and with events during mid july and maybe specialise announcement on anniversary. 


Tuesday, 20 June 2017

A Cornish Hot Day Out

With his amazing hat that's been happening, I decided to finally take that day out I was wanting to get done. After a chillaxing day  in the sun and shade in the hottest day of the year the day before, it told me that the best way was a day out to Cornwall. You can see the vlog below:

A heated morning

Ok, after shaving and fapping that night before, I had my eyes awake me at 6:25 which was 5 minutes before the 6:30 alarm. Eventually that alarm woke me up and I wax out of bed and getting prepared. Glass was on charge but has a problem of saying it's actual percentage to then saying 0% in a amount of time. I noticed that in the other recent blog of going to cadover.

After teeth cleaning, vitamin drinking and changing into shorts, I was running to the bus from 6:55 onwards, I got there by 7:07 and luckily with my old knowledge of school Buses, I was not late nor missed it. I got on when it did arrive by 7:15 and paid the £5.50 return in cash (my wallet was now empty from this) and went up top, I sat behind a friend but I don't think he saw me until later on, we chatted but the views were lovely to say the least.

A blue sky at derriford

A Gorgeous Wait

I gotten off the same stop as my friend then we chatted until he went past the sundial and then I went to start the vlog before going to the toilet in drakes circus. Then I started to .and my way to the hoe with he most amazing heat and wind along with a blue sea and sea air. 

Town in the morning

A selfie before leaving

Shopping for bits

But soon if was 8:50 and i was off to poundland to get breakfast and maybe glue to get glass fixed, this crack is worrying me so I want to try to fix it on the way there, since at Ives is 2 hours 35 mins approximately​. I got some uhu glue and 2 drinks and a sandwich along with a bag for £3.05. Poundland had no queues at that time of the morning luckily.

The £3.05 worth of Poundland stuff

Then I rushed off to the station, the heat was stronger, the wind was off and my sweat was raining in me. But I got to tthe station by 9:12 and ordered the ticket and was ready to wait for the train by 9:15. The rep was nice and the cost was £10.40 to get to St Ives for a off peak return.

The station

The train tickets 

The train journey

Then a quick toilet break was next but I'm glad I didn't take my laptop when I saw the train arrive, it was only a 2 coach which was nearly packed, a fair few got off and I managed to get in, sure thee was no table so eating was not ideal but I'm a creative guy. Then the train was off and our journey started. I manage to glue glass and uhu did fix it and the battery didn't say 0 when I tried it after a quick plugin and turn on. The conductor was checking tickets by St Germans.

Leaving Plymouth

The Tamar Bridge


Passing rivers

Then it was near Liskard and things got busy, the train was starting to really get packed and by Lostwithiel, a chap was sitting next  to me and people were standing waiting for room.


Bodmin Parkway

More views 

The viaducts and the start of resortmel

The packed train

But I tried that sandwich and it was nice, you could really taste the chicken and bacon in the mayo mash, no butter was a bonus and drinking the Aloe Vera made it nice too.
Then it was getting past Truro and people were getting off, not many people got off at par , with me thinking they might to get to Newquay, but nope. It was a bit less crowded as we were passing to Redruth and on to Hayle, which after that would be my next stop.

When passing Hayle, ASDA in the middle of a harbour, hum

Just as the train arrives to St erth, the St Ives train was revving and started to head out. The drivers were looking at the train but sadly the policy is no waiting, which essentially meant a 30 minute wait. The amount of people getting off was a fair whack.

Getting off the train

Waiting at the station

So with a wait to happen, I decided to get to the toilet, now St Erth is undergoing renovations which means the toilets are actually in a portable cabin along with the ticket office. Which queues for ladies to go toilets but no queue for the guys. Then I walked to the tearooms and looked at the railway posters and gifts on offer, something similar to what work has some of, but by 11:45 the train was arriving.

The train

It was a bigger train this time and I got on and manage to get a good view of carbis bay as the train was passing but it was 12:10 and I was finally in st Ives.

The estuary passing

Nature and the Ocean

The arrival

The exploring of St Ives

As I and everyone got off, the pathway was packed, so I decided to walk a different path which had so much nicer views and I mean really nice.

The view from the top. 

Some of the side streets

A mini shopping arcade

Then I walked in further, passing in fit shops, gift shops and even a shop about chocolate pie, it was mesmerising on how nice the streets are with mixes of top brands and also locals and even a wetherspoons was heere too. I saw skimboards which I wish I could try but I don't have the right clothes for that on me either. I tasted some  chocolate pies which are basically strong chocolate with other flavours mixex in, I tried popcorn. And chilli myself, I might buy some for home.

More of the side streets
Starting to head up the busy alleyway

Heading in the main side alley

The nice chocolate pie shop

Then I was looking for Phillips, one of the best pasty shops in Cornwall I've ever. Renew too, and with finding them, I noticed the hockey. Flavour was not there :(, so I went for a standard steak for a whopping £3.15.

The harbour beach views

The harbour again

The £3.15 Steak pasty

A walk to lunch 

As I went around the harbour go the north of st Ives, with dogs in the sea, kinis of all sizes, cars in lanes, it felt like a nice tourist day and I walked on to another beach then around that to a nice spot to eat lunch.

The harbour slipway where dogs could bath and play

heading towards another beach

The waves and the path

The Lunch

It was a nice pasty, only one big chunk of steak in there and the drink helped, ants were in my way and some got slapped to death but it was a slight chill and waves were picking up by 1:40, which by around then, I decided to head to the beach to dip my feet in the Atlantic ocean.

The viewpoint of where i was eating lunch

The beach dipping

I headed out to the beach, it was nice and the water obviously was cold at first, with my feet bare and holding my socks and shoes, it was nice to set them free. Some waves were pretty sronrg, others were meh others were small but fast. It was still refreshing to say the least. Then I walked my way to the other end of the beach. With my feet in the sand and a heat while the wind was strong in some parts. But it was then the hard part.

It wax a struggle to get my feet dry for the socks to be put back on. I eventually got on some tall rock and got it done, then I looked at the café and walked to the tate.

Washing my feet in the sea

Back off the beach

A relaxing wander 

As I got to the tate, I walked up to it, then looked to see the entrance costs and was a no thank you vibe to it, so I carried on the backstreets to get back to the harbour.

Inside the entrance to the tate

More alleyways to walk to the harbour again

A coin pusher chill

To get in to the relaxing chill mood to kill a bit of time, which I spent £1.80 in total. £1.5 on fruit machines, but won £2 from that, £0.80 on coin pushers and then I left with one pound, so it was nice to enjoy Pacman ball again. With a old lady in a wheelchair winning on coin pushers, a new version of space invaders and no more point blank :(.
Then I looked in some shops, like one shop had micro usb fans and I tried it in the Redmi 4 and it turned the phone off, I'm like and the serving rep was confused as well.

The window with the mobile fans 

Then I walked into salrock and saw £5 t shirts and trousers for £12.50, but I didn't go for then since I didn't need shirts.  But then I went to get some chocolate pies, I went for the three flavours popcorn, chilli and peppermint, that was a nice fiver spent.

The chocolate Pies

The fun bit of looking. 

I wax thirsty so I went to look for a slushie for £1, since a shop in Tavi has them for that but I had no luck when wandering around the streets. So I might have an idea to make my way back to the beach and see if I can get a slushie from the shops there, it was no luck but  I saw lovely views.

A rocky beach for dogs 

The nice backstreet to the station

On to yet another beach, with a look back at the hotel I walked past

The beach before the station.

Then I went to the toilets and here is where my mistakes always happen, I hung glass up on the doorway but I put the bag of chocolate on the floor while going for a oee and washing my face to cool the sweat down, then I walked out forgetting the bag on the floor, which as I walked up to the station which was getting packed, it was not in my mind, after buying a £0.70 apple juice, I only found out as the train arrived, I regretted not getting it but getting home with no delay is more important , so I have to go without it

The £0.70 drink

The journey back Plymouth

Now I got on and this was a packed train, I sat down luckily. The views were really lovely.

The beach with the dunes on the coast

Once it had passed Lelant Saltings, the train was cleared out pretty much. Which then we arrived back to St Erth, which then it was another short wait to get this train back to get back home.
The another 2 coach train arrived and this was getting packed, I had to stand until redruth which some chaps got off, the conductor was quite cheery but struggled to get a refund for a mistake sold ticket for someone else, but she was ok with mine. Then it was nice views of the other side while end of work commutes were getting their way home.

Redruth to pass

The cathedral of Truro

Green Viaduct Views

It was passing Liskard and things really started to speed up, passing g route 38 by 6:23 and it was only 15 minutes until I had to be waiting for that bus, it arrives at 6:45 and then a nice bus ride back before the major effort of getting this up. It was lucky on the train skipping devonport which made it at a good time.

The rivers on the last part of Cornwall

The Tamar Bridge

Looking at the views
I managed to get off the train at 6:43 and ran back to the bus stop, I made it on time. The bus was late so I was not in a panic.

The waiting for the bus

A sweaty bus ride home

I waited and felt sweaty but after a few citybus passed by, I got on the same double-decker as the one I got on when starting and a smooth journey was the plan, a nicer breeze swept by and I was lower down this time. By Crownhill it was a mishap with a mobility scooter getting off the bus when she forgot to press the button, but that was done and passing the roadworks was sure to be easy and off back home.

The bus back home

By 7:30 I was finally at lidl and about to run home. But i checked in there to see if i could get a £0.30 drink, sadly there was no luck, which means I could finally get home and there was a bath in the works, showed parents the pics and pretty much crashed out at 2am with getting the video halfway made.

Total spent: £29.60

  • £10.40 - The Train Journey
  • £5.5 - The Bus Journey
  • £5.00 - Raw chocolate Pies (that didn't get brought back with me)
  • £3.15 - Phillips Standard Steak Pasty
  • £3.05 - Poundland 
  • £1.80 - Arcade
  • £0.70 - Applejuice

For a day out that isn't too bad. And I might do another one in August if things are free which might be the case. But for now, let's relax and work in this heatwave which might be for he rest of the week.