Sunday, 15 October 2017

Tavistock Goose Fair 2017: A Busy Clear Finale

The final night of the fair in 2017. This was it and after getting the clips and photos planned for the fair on Instagram and snap and a nice tea made, it was done and dusted with me. The vlog is below.

The tea for that night

I ran down and by 8:15 ish, I was around and the fair was busy. Loud music and other factors came into play. I saw underagers everywhere, in clubbing attire but it was a time to walk around anyway.

Entering the fair again

Terminator and Superstar

Cranes and stalls


Superstar, i noticed new paint

Fair Scape

Freddy Lit up

Then by 8:35 i was walking into town, the square was busier since a wedding was on, but then I walked up to the Co -op, I noticed some PSN Gift Cards and a few snack deals. But then I walked out and made my way to Central and noticed some more gift ideas for Christmas at reduced prices.

Heading towards the square again

Then I walked around the fair, it was the last few minutes and rides were packing up, but by 9:30, I was making my way home.

Typhoon on its last bout


The helter Skelter Folding up

Freddy's closing in

Then it was a walk in spar and run up the hill, which that was it, I finally have enjoyed this interesting week and took time. I have some ideas planned but also i need to focus on work as well, But we will see what happens.

the last shot of spar

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Tavistock Goose Fair 2017: A Night of Spending

Its time again, the night of Goose Fair, with the weather clearing up, the time was getting late before i would miss the chance, but I was in a rush to get the video made from the day. Uploading in 30 minutes is a nice touch and i'm still getting to grips with the new laptop, but rendering is pretty ok. The vlog is below:

A wonder down the road. 

Leaving at 7:45, I ran down the hill in the LED shoes and Hoodie.  I made my way down to the Fair, with the sky black but also clear with little clouds above, which sure means its colder but it also means its October So, don't expect any warmer weather. 

Running down the hill to get to the fair

Entering the road
Cornish Fudge

Walking around #throughglass
In the Courtyard
The  stalls and the filter

It was the courtyard and I started filming, there was a mini drone which was flying around, one of the stalls had it on. I tried to look for few items which were further down. Gloves, sweets and there were surprise purchases too. But I eventually got to the square to have another look around.

The gloves for £1.50 each

Some chocolates for £1.00 each with the LED Shoes

The square #throughglass


There were a few stares and also the puddles were happening, the fair, was buzzing and more memes with hot sauces and Food happened. I did see someone that i've done a deal with but even when walking next to hime for 5 minutes, he didn't notice me there. Thats odd. Saw leash with a kid near her and also not many others until I made my way to the fairground.

The square and the Filter

The dodgems #throughglass

A ferris wheel #throughglass

Orbiter in smoke #throughglass

A lit dragon coaster

The stalls

The gluttony of food

I then walked my way to the fair, with more crowds and rides happening, it was all good for the most part. No phone calls, I didn't go live but then it was just a walk around, I didn't see many people minus a few hey or hello now and then.

Groove Rider


More Fairscapes

Ghost Train

Fun House

Tings felt repeated, ok sure I did see someone who asked me about a game they wanted to pre order (cancelled it) but things looked up As i bought a few gifts on the way. 

The last look in the Square

a cheap £2 noisey dog toy


Closing Stalls

The way back

A slushy for £1.00

Then I made my way back with a slushy, bag of stuff and a dog pillow, it was a nice way to end the night and by 10, I was home and ready to get this up the day after. 

The £6.00 pillow bed

And then its one blogpost left until this event is all done for another year, weather has been mixed and time will tell. 


Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Tavistock Goose Fair 2017: A Dull Discovery

Here, we go, the time of Goose Fair, the actual day is here. So we explore the fair in the rain and drizzle and dull clouds. The time to get the preparations ready and then some, With nostalgia announcers and Geese alike. The vlog is below:

A Drizzly Morning:

We start of, waking up making sure I was ready after the 3am sleeping from getting the vlog done of the night before. The times of bat weather was upon us, the blogpost was started when i got up (the night before one) then by the time that was finished, it was ready to get changed and get going. I ran with some money to bank and also that was to mean to go to another way to town, which is the way i run to work 

West Street
But then I topped up money in the bank, there was a bit of a queue but then it was time to explore the fair.

The cattle market lookaround

I started the vlog by the Market and made my way up to the cattle market. This was busy to get up there, stalls everywhere, it wasn't heaving but there was a shuffle to get past some people. The snapchat Filter worked lovely too. £32 for that and (as of the Friday 13th) 90 people used it.

The start of our discovery

The street #throughglass

The fair and the filter
So, I made my way up, with more people this time than I was expecting, But the clouds were there which made it seem dull, but it was busy with different stalls up there. Pony Meat, Stags. Photographers, beagles, Health preservation and more. Also this goose was trying to escape,

The scout Goose #throughglass

The ramp down to the Market

A cute Pony #throughglass

Pony meat #throughglass

Baaa #throughglass

Then it was time to try some Pony meat, which to be fair i've tried before but its succulent, theres a nice tang with the flavour, it looked like a pony sausage but it was actually a pony burger, but the taste was good. I also then decided to head back to the fair.

A Walk around

Now we explore the stalls, with the various stalls, there were so many different stalls, from Food, clothes, cards and I explored with different things, Auctions with witty banter and the rain was holding off.

Fair Views

New Extreme Orbiter

Another shot of the orbiter

Orbiter with the Filter
Dragon Coaster

Kid and the Sizzler


Rock N Roll Dodgems


The Auctions

Tubs of Candy

Statuses and things

More gifts and leggins

Heading towards the bus station

A Fair to gaze upon

So, then it was walking around the fair, with half of it used due to rents again this year, but there was quite a few things the were more spacious, there were still a bit of the crowds though. Buit just as I was walking around, a customer called me, I had to say i'm busy and I said i wouldn't be free. He then said "Don't Worry" and hung up. I then made my way out to the stalls again.

Heading into the Fairground

Atlanta Dodgems





Terminator again

A Goose and Look back

Then it was time to head back, with more bargains to see and also a lunch to buy, now I did notice some Mi Earphones for £5.00, they ended up to be fake but the design was pretty good in all honesty.
The chap wasn't very quick to buy off me or take my money until i stared at him.

The snap filter 

Another look back

A selection of Mi Earbuds for £5.00 each

The Redmi 4 and the fake earbuds

Once the earphones were purchased, I carried on and it ended up to the courtyard with a phone stall and some other stalls there too, even Tavi College was there selling Apple Juice.

A Tiny Car #throughglass

Nice Jewelry #throughglass

The views from the Car Park where the phone stall was
The car park with the geofilter

But then it was the last part, to buy the donut burger, this ended up £9.00 but I had to rush from one stall to another to get it setup, the burgers were bigger than the donuts which made it awkward, but some Classic Burger sauce on top really did help the taste. But then it was time to go and then run up the hill to get home.

The £9.00 burger for lunch

The geofilter before leaving for the day

Then that was it, it was time to go, I've spent about £14 by this point and it was then getting that eaten with editing the vlog before it was time to get the night one done. 

Enjoy the night post and more posts coming soon.