Sunday, 27 October 2013

omracer's Night Out: A spooky quick one with a few friends

Well with the half term approaching, for school kids anyway. It was the weekend before Halloween, which for odd reasons makes nightclubs host the annual Halloween events. I also found out that Charley hosted a small gathering. I've missed that girl for about 3 months, is that long, she didn't feel it, but I did, we did talk about wanting a meal next week, but I'll explain later.

But to start this all off. With some events possibly happening, I was close to getting a proper night out, in fancy cosplay. I was thinking along the lines of a Hotline Miami Character. But insert coin still HAD THE JACKET INSPIRED BY THE GAME ON FUCKING PREORDER. which meant I was supposed to get one locally as well as an animal mask but had a catch up with friends which is actually more important.
So now it was Saturday, after a usual day of working, managing the shop as per, although by myself. It came to 4:25, I locked up and got the place sorted and the usual closing. Then started to run home, just as I passed my sister and mum by, yup, it was going to be a trip to Morrison's, which was a bit irritating since it was a rush to get prepped up and run to the bus. Which it happened to FUCKING PISS DOWN WITH RAIN.

By half 6 I was on the bus, paid £4.50 for a day rider, soaked mind you, but watching the Robotnik Collab, I have it on vlc on my iPod. Although the bus was quiet until Yelverton, where some guys decided to have a picnic right next to me, sort of. They got off at the stop just before mutely, which I got off then at mutely.
Just after getting on the bus, being soaked completely

I looked around, went for a piss while tweeting in the mannamead toilets, checked in papa Johns and even asked if they can do pizza without cheese, they can, also the prices were a rip off for the side orders. I also went into premier and I saw the biggest "slice" of angel cake I had ever seen with my own eyes. I mean each layer was the thickness of my own hands and it only cost £1.99, as seductive as that was, I decided to skip on it. That would be too forward after a 3 month gap. From here on out, the vlog kinda starts, well actually it started when i got off the bus, its below anyway: 

But it was now 7:30 and i decided to pelt it and run in the rain, which maybe it was a not too bad effort to get from mutely to the east side of efford in 30 minutes and that includes some stops along the way. But i got there just before 8. Knocked on the door, Charley said hi and let me in, then we chatted on her sofa, even talked about work, I'm not sure why she was interested, but she was. But we chatted about alot of things, from  organising a meal for next week, to some arguments between James and some Dave twat. But it was nice and comfy, nice to catch up and i know i could of been better but there is always the first time nerves when your with someone amazing. Her lounge looked really nice, with a decent TV, Wii, nice comfy sofa's, nicely lit, part of me made me feel cosy and well if i was lucky, i would be enjoying romance in that room. But I didn't risk that right now.

Later on, when me and Charley were in her bedroom, since she was finding some cigarettes, 2 of her other mates arrives, looking like some horror students from a haunted school, possibly vampires, well one (Jodie) had a custom made bite mark which looked quite cool. Soon after Muneetha and Oleisha arrived, then it was pretty much a nice gathering along with some not too bad music, chatter drinks and well my belly rumbling like thrice which got awkward towards the end. It was funny too with hearing some 3am voicemails from Jordan on the night before, which actually that was pretty fun, hearing alot of gossip but most of it went over my head. Muneetha also asked me if i had any laptops in work, ideally to give away but to buy, so i mentioned the recent stuff with XS Distribution, but that was a bit pricey to her.

By now it was nearing 10:15 and we all were trying to get taxi's, well calling various firms, some were expensive, some didn't even answer the call, but eventually we got a six seater which was about 10 minutes late and the fair came to around 9.70 for all of us, which from what i heard on the phone call to them, it was 9.70 per person to get there, so i paid that and let the cabbie have the change as a tip, although there was no good reason to.

By now i was with Oleisha and Jodie, which both of them added themselves to the guestlist, so i got in for free. which made that better, she said i would get her a drink, so i probably will next time i see her, i did kind of walk my way out of that. Just after i got in, i went straight to the Lodge bar and ordered tap water, and it was the best moment since Ashleigh served me, in her sadistic, muderous clown outfit, which she actually was slightly shocked to see me but smiled as the usual way with her, but i said thanks and walked around.

It also seemed that they've changed the place around a fair bit, With the usual entrace to the Woo Woo bar changed and new carpets. But i raved in the ice room for  short while, randomly dancing with anyone, some girls knew me in there, so dancing with them was neat, i saw a few bbws in there, some in Alice outfits, which was quite funny since one or two of them were tall, so it made the giantess appeal happen.

Soon after, i walked around the smoking area a few times, i chatted to some people, one of them knew a girl i used to know years ago, and she was out of her ass, but she went on to chat things like "that girl is absolutely beautiful, her tits are amazing", "you into tits", "if you treat her wrong i swear to god i'lll...", "I love you, some people just go like "yeah ok", but your like "yeah ok" and i can feel were good friends" that was from someone i've probably only seen once in my life and this was that once. Also before i walked back inside, i saw a friend of mine that i thought was pregnant since i was a bit down when i found out she was, when i asked zoey about it, she said "do i look like i'm pregnant" and mentioned that Jessie fraped her, which pretty much meant that well, i overreacted in august

Time was nearing 11:30 and i had one last rave in the ice rooms, but before i did, i saw charley and said goodbye and kissed her on the neck, or actually the shoulder, but she didn't pay much attention, but she did say bye, so its better than nothing. Then while raving in the ice room, i swear to whatever i saw Jess out, but it turns out i was hugging Jasmine, but i hugged her a bit too hard, then danced then wandered off.

Finally before i started leaving i realised i have 2 packets of Love Hearts in my pocket, so i gave one to ash and she smiled in an "aww" sort of sense, then i went out. As i was leaving i was passing by 3 pretty attractive girls, i knew and have fapped over all 3 in the past, so one of them saw me and said "hi mattie, oh look who it is" when Ashleigh in a cute cheerleaders dress with amazing thighs and belly pointed in Sophie's direction, she didn't even see but meh. Since ash was a bit hurt after some car crash earlier on the week, i asked how she was, she mentioned something about her shoulder, but it was a bit crowded to hear her.

After that i left and got the bus back home, i waited about 10 minutes at Bretonside, got on the bus with the day return and then a relaxing journey home, well typing some of this up which was nice,  i got off at Lidl, then ran home, eventually my phone's battery died just after i got off the bus, so it missed a call, i got home like 12:40 and got my soaked clothes off and then relaxed before deciding to call it a night and sleep.

That sums up this short night out, Next week i might be able to get a meal out so another post and vlog might happen, i can't 100% guarantee that (i've said that line to customers at least 15 times this week :@) but after that, its fireworks which means more vlogs and blog posts.

See you soon

Sunday, 13 October 2013

omracer's Night Out: The Frozen Finale of the Fair

So with the final night of Goose Fair happening, i decided to have a final visit for this year and see the rides for one last time.

After about 8:30pm, i got changed after watching some SaltyBet. Into my old jeans with various holes and the bacon strips shirt and the hoodie i wore to work earlier on in the day. So i ran down, it was cold but the fair was louder than ever and the crisp air was probably the reason, unlike last year when it was a damp and wet night :(. So i pass my usual viewpoint and the fair was standing out, just as ever...
The view of the fair from the viewpoint near monksmead, 

Then i get down there about 8:45 or so, walk around and then i started filming, it was ok, i mean there was no changes for the most part, the rides were starting to be dismantled one by one nearing 9:30 or so, with the trucks nearing in.

While i was walking around, i didn't see many people i know, just about 1 or 2. Mostly underagers and i had a girl called Kayleigh say that she liked me and gave me that cute girl tease type smile, but i walked around a bit more. I also tried a fruit machine, lost £1.20 which was a shame. Here are the pics from the fair for the final time:
The View of the fair looking towards the east side

Typhoon in motion for the 2nd to final time this year

Shane Rowland's Twsit with the sign being taken down. But Izzle is a nice name :D

XLR8 with people still riding it, even in the final hours

So after 9:30, i decided to wander into town, i first went to the orduplh, which apparently on the way there, one of the guys from the bus i used to take to go to #crappcityplym said there were some SSBBWs there, i checked and there was none, also it was like most people were ramdomly staring at me, so i left. After that, i walked into Co-Op and had a check on any deals, which there was none. Then i wandered ino the Tavy inn (The british legion pub) and there was some band playing, so i sat down on an empty table and was going to check the internet while they were playing, but there was no signal :(. So after 5 minutes, i just walked out and then decided to head out to the Cornish.

Going to the cornish however, was a wasted walk, it was almost completely full and no seats i could sit down at which weren't mainly for food, with the prices there, food is no way worth it. So i walked out another door and then to the Union, which was also jam packed and busy, i saw a mate of my work mates and then i was kind of feeling in a fuck it and not even bother, so i walked to the square and then popped in spar just as they closed (the guy in there closed the door just after i left), then i ended the vlog at this point and walked home, though the fair, with most of the rides being dismantled, the dodgem trucks arriving and then i saw XLR8 Being taken down. After, i ran home, as usual.

To be honest, this night ended here, with nothing important to say. Maybe i'm just feeling lonely and missing people and worried about things, but thats life in general these days. But i do have some new videos planned as well as maybe some more content on here. But you'll find out soon enough

And a final goodbye to the Fair this year
omracer out

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Tavistock Goose Fair 2013: A Chilling Night

So it was after 6pm. i've just finished editing the day vlog and it was time to start to head out to enjoy the evening. I left just before my parents and ran down to the town, it was getting busy with people leaving and entering Tavi, buses were getting packed and all in all, mostly a better time. Even as i was walking, the bright and attracting rides were there and just as ever.
Heading down the fair from the West Side of Tavi, near Drakes Statue Roundabout.
As i was walking, i noticed a few things here and there, as well as stock being cleared out, the general atmosphere was more busier and harder to get around, but i was getting closer and closer to the fairground. Passing by almost hundreds of people, even some that knew me but didn't say hi or i thought wasn't shouting to/at me. But as i got to the fairground it was nearing towards 6:30pm and the clouds were getting darker and the night was closing in, which the bright attraction was reflecting on the sun very nicely and as the usual, taken some pictures.
The view from the west side, near Meadowlands and the XLR8 Booster
The Ghost Train

Shanes Sizzler Twister

XLR8 in full swing while the clouds are starting to move in 

Freddy's Revenge in motion while the lighting was as bright as ever

From this point, i looked around the fair some more, then started to make my way to the square, and just as i walk down, i end up meeting with 2 friends of mine, Summer and Meg, its been a while since we last saw each other, we asked how each other was, then she said about job wise and then no ones down here tonight, any of the old lot. She then said to me that Abbey split with matt, now years ago, i would of wanted to hear that, but now, i smiled and even though i was tempted, i know I've lost the chance, so there is no going back. Then i walked back to the fairground with them both, and i left them as they went on the dodgems. From here on out, it was 7:30 and started vlogging, just as it was raining, and i mean a heavy dose of light showers, which was a shame, although that didn't last long.

Since there wasn't much i've already covered, the clips were shorter and i didn't film as much, i did walk around and meet up with some people. Like i saw Eloise while i was filming, especially which her baby was due today or actually yesterday but as far as i knew, she didn't have the baby that night. As well as while i was looking at some sweets, i ended up right next to another ex, Sammy. I was right next to her, then she noticed me and said "hey you" in her cute voice as ever while nudging me with a plastic tub of sweets, she looked as nice, but more brunette hair than black but the same figure as always. I then walked around the fair and square some more:

Freddy's Revenge on another ride, going as fast as usual

The view of the Fairground from the East Side of the car park

Another view of the fairground from the opposite side of the car park

Tuson Evan's Ministry of Sound spinning as fast as ever and the speed is shown in this amazing blur

The Sizzler in the squar

I walked around and I found a nice little invention which was a air based whisk, which is used to make a better froth for coffees or even make omlettes with it. You saw it in the vlog with a demonstration, i liked it to be fair, even bought one for £10 before i left. I'll do a review on it soon but if you want a similar one, look below:

As well as that, i ended up buying some more incense, since incense is a nice fragrance that you can burn and make it easier to smell and relax your senses, especially if you feeling various emotions and all. I decided to buy 6 for £5. which isn't too bad and there is about 10 in each box. But after buying those, i browsed and wandered the fair a bit more, i saw sadie and saffie and we talked for a bit, she even asked if i lost my virginity yet, i said nope, but she wanted to see my hawaiiian shirt so i gave her a peek. Then after that, walked around in general for a bit until 10:10 and then decided to run home and get prepared for rendering and the day blogpost. So i got home and then upacked everything, what i bought is below:

The 6 different packs of incense i bought for £5 and the whisk i bought for £10. 

So this year has been an OK one, sure there wasn't as much of a good range of products this year but, the rides were slightly better than last, with repaints and all. I also seen people here and there, chatted and well just a glimpse to be fair. Heck i did even find out that Charley's family was there and saw me but didn't shout or i might not of heard them. But i did feel lonely as fuck, that is mostly my fault. But waking up on the morning after did make me realise i do wish i never moved on, but i said to myself, if i moved on, this would of happened anyway.

For now, that's a big event in my year almost over, once its the end of this week, then that's official Goose Fair done and over with, which is a shame but its a once a year of some amazing things at times. I'll let you know what's next for me in the Night out blogpost. Even this Saturday makes me realise that I've been a YT partner for 2 years about now. Which is pretty amazing and its also helped me with life and in a essence, selling my story.

For now though, i will see you Saturday

Tavistock Goose Fair 2013: The Day of Wondering

Well after the thrills of the rides starting last night, it was finally the official day of the fair. So i had to prep up and start getting the coverage and set up my PC ready for me to quickly get editing once i arrived home.

I woke up at about 9:40 and then did the usual shower and also set up my main pc to install the font i will use for the vlog and also copied music from my laptop to the PC as well, also theres an annoying glitch with USB mice on OSX for me if i plug a device into the front usb ports, i think i've been overdoing the bandwidth.
Anyways, after the music was copied and the font was installed, i got changed into a all white style night out attire and ran down to the town.

A Poor and blurry selfie to show off what i wore for the day and night. My Hawaiian Shirt, White jeans and White Socks

I walked around, down the main section, passing various stalls and making my way down to where i have started the day vlogs for the fair the past few years. It wasn't as crowded as earlier years, but as the day progressed, it got busier and busier. But from here on out, the rest of the part of this story is in the vlog. 

But there were some neat additions and the apple juice was tasty, i did miss getting a squishee but the food looked just as good, but i didn't notice many people during the day, also it was nice to pop in work and catch up, yet again customers pop in asking random questions like if we sold Coaxial leads for a car radio. 
But below is some of the best pictures i snapped before i went home to edit the vlog:

The View from the entrance from the main road

The DAT ASS Kardashian girl lookalike on Atlanta Dodgems

Typhoon during the day, just as a ride was about to start

Terminator along with Oxygen

A view of the east side of the car park, with Toro Loco and Oxygen

Energy Rush

Rowland's Terminator

The Phantom Menace in swing

eVolution. Just as it starts to ride

Sizzler at the square

Then i get home, start to eat my lunch which as you saw from the vlog, it was a burger and chips. Although i did add some extras on to it (see below), it did taste really nice and was worth the £5 and the running up the hill in a bread bag for.

My lunch as i got home. 1/4lb Burger, Chips, Crisps, Coco pops and salad cream

Now after that, i got the dog out to do his business after a fair bit of nagging to say the least, then i edited the vlog until 6. Which then the tale of the Night at goose fair begins. Which is alot busier and will be in a separate blogpost. 

See you then.


Tavistock Goose Fair 2013: Live from the Tuesday Night - The Extra detail

Well its this time of year again, with October in the now. Its the time of the fun of the fair. As, always, I will try to keep coverage of it for you. 
I could start from the beginning of the day, but the main jist of it was I went over to my grandmother's house and spent some time with them, caught the bus to theirs for £3.30 and helped my granddad out with my old GoTab Gbt740rs which I gave him and he loves it. Also Chromecast was a bitch to setup although me, my granddad and my nan watched a 28 minute documentary of The independence of the seas which my sister used to work on last year while eating a roast dinner.

The Roast Pork Chops i had for lunch at my nans earlier

Then I got home at 2pm and was doing some capture testing and refreshing my FB and twitter cover photos as well as my YT page, that was until 6:30 when I had tea. I'll just upload the updated images if people don't see them at all, its basically a far shot looking towards the fair, i used last years on since i was lazy. 
The Twitter and Facebook cover, it replaces the pony with my snapchat and my instagram

The Youtube Cosmic Panda All in one type picture, i decided to keep everything the same while just changing the background

The arrival to the damp fairground...

Then it was about 7:15, I got changed then ran down to the car park and then walked around, took some pics and then decided to live stream on Ustream. It was funny since just as I set the even up, I randomly got a 30 day trial of Ustream PRO. The video of the stream is below,

 It was quite quiet around and I did see a few people, like an  ex crush who's now engaged :(. she asked how I was and vice versa, she did look more beautiful than I saw her last but alas, as the saying goes "the ship set sail ages ago", then more walking around. I ended up talking to her sister with a friend of hers and a guy i knew, we chatted about things, heck, saffie wanted me to make a video about her, but i'll just add her to a shoutout video later on.

I decided to walk to the square to check out if any new rides have appeared. But evolution and sizzler are in the same places as last year. Then I walked to the toilet and then some people i knew asked me to pop over then mentioned that one of the girls there wanted feeding and then it was more sex related questions, like if "i wanted to feed her, is she hot, whats my dream girl weight" which wasn't too bad the wanted me to show them some of the pics in my bbw porn collection.
Looking towards the Square near Bedford Hotel

Then i walked back into the fair and looked around some more, it was nearing 9pm and the eastern side of the carpark was closing up for the night, so it was mostly walking around the centre. But i decided to head out through the main entrance then some friends of a friend i know were out and we chatted, it felt awkward due to the 4 year age gap but one of the girls called chloe was really really interested in my preference, like facinates her from what it felt like, one of the other girls mentioned about wanting to get high by the bandstand and doing an all nighter, which made me have a awkward laugh in my head.

Then i walked through the street, a guy ramdomly asked me how long the stretch of road was and i pointed towards the statue on the west side of Tavi. Then he said "ah right, cheers" then we walked off, then i started pelting it up the hill, then looked back on the view of the fair, actually the same way i ran to it. Then ran home and typed this up. Now i won't say much else, except enjoy the pics i took of tonight:

Tuson Evan's Typhoon, i've been told that it has been redone, which you can see has had some work done to the booth

Laser Dome Waltzer

A New one this year Terminator, now this Miami doe pay homage to Terminator 3. If you notice the chick on centre right

Typhoon again - All lit, i'm not sure why its blurry but i'll get better pics soon

A New ride completly that i've never seen before. Toco Loco. its basically a Bullride type 

Energy Rush Returns, although some bulbs are missing on the title still. Also to the right is the Standard Terminator. Oh hello Christian bale is what some girls might say, or is that for tom hardy, ah, mostly for tom hardy

Freddy's Revenge returns, Looking fresh and scary with the artwork. 

David Rolands Rock n Roll Dodgems, still here and looking in its good condition, also the pay booth looks more retro 80s which is nice, neon lightng can be good :)

A new ride for this year. XLR8, a boost on the opposite end and just very close to the Ghost Train, this was featured at one of the Plym Firework festivals on the hoe i think

Shane Rowlands Sizzler had a redesing, looks very nice, in the spot that Typhoon used to be in

Hellraiser - Still looking the same but feels like a repaint which gives a fresher look.

XLR8 using the iphone style way of filming, well it does have its uses

A clip of XLR8 in action, actually here it looks like a crappy gif, also notice the reflection just hanging by lighting, thats probably from the place i taken this clip, since it was near a sign which might be relflecting
A view of the Fair from a viewpoint, near monskmead, this was zoomed in, which is why it does look poor quality. 

So thats the tale for the beginning. Now i need to get to sleep and fap since a man has to cover his needs, well i'm nearly a man but socially i'm far behind, which is still for me to sort out my new years resolutions to keep on track with. But anyways expect a blogpost with a summary of the day and night at one point tomorrow or thursday, as well as the vlogs, which will take longer due to effort and no fibre until 2014 :@.