Tuesday, 16 November 2021

A November of Wet Fireworks and Remembrance Reflections

 Well, lets be fair, this November seems to be the start of something that could be a big impact to the family. But we will see, since it was coming to the point of where working means things can be left out and health of relatives and this can cause that moment of having to reflect, there is also signs of jealousy and self questioning I will face as well this month. But we start this journey over from the Bonfire Weekend to celebrate the first of it. 

The First part of the Week of November: 

Well , it actually starts from the aftermath of the Hottest Sausages i've EVER tasted which was dad's purchased mistake. I mean they were HOT and Morrisons did not lie about the meaning of hot, this made me mouth go on fire. 

But with that, it was having to deal with a tummy being a bit funny from the Side of things. But this was the first full weekday since the clocks changed back, But this was going to be 2 months, until a fair bit of safety and also alot of working until I feel like I drop or even the chance that I could die from covid, if catching it on a single jab with not being cafeful is the general census. 

especially as this day was the big dealing with potentially the E-bike having a fucked battery on that side of things due the ran in the recent weeks have been the case. But then it was to do a long way out to Princetown. 
So that day was a crazy one first due to how it was to be the normal of a setup of a printer and really not really any time or full day off since october in all honesty there. But once that was the first visit, it was time to pelt it to princetown and this was on a weak battery which eventually ran out of juice as I went up the first hill, well no, that did not happen,  But after 20 minutes with cycling and walking up the nasty hill, I cleaned the contact for the battery and it did kick in and work for most of the rest of the journey, well until I got to past merrivale. Then it kicked out. But I got there in just under 1 hour 50 minute. 

Then it was the case of the visit with dealing around kids on birthdays and also trying to use a DHCP Server on a TP link omada switch which did not work, even after 2 hours of checking VLAN's and other setttings. But with that and a birthday cake, I eventually cycled home in the Cold air, with a mix of fresh moonlight and also clouds of pouring Soaked rain, Which even then it was luckily not raining over the moors, and finally it makes it to be a goal I wanted to do, completed. Take photos in the pure dark on the moors. With The modded Google Camera, it was time to enjoy the night view. Which had that eary feeling of emptiness tranquility and also maybe being lost or killed on the road. 

A view towards the Plymouth

The lights of Tavi 

Empty Darkness over the moors view

The vertical view of Tavi 

Using the Redmi Camera 

And again on the Redmi Camera

The clouds swirl at night 

You  can see the clear sky here 

The clouds over the Tavi Lights

That is probably the best shot out of the bunch 

The light was not as much 

The princetown mast and a car coming over the horizon

Which then it was time to leave there by 7:30 and then the Cycle back to Tavi, which in all honest, was a wet washout and Also crashed with both Brakes not working again, But then it was time to get home and inside and deal with the bike being wet and all too. But then it was finally nice to come home and get a nice leftover meal sorted. Even if it was another case of Spicy food like chicken wings. 

The spicy chicken wings, cashew butter, chips and even snack a jacks. 

But then it was the case of the rest of the week to deal with. Which It was hopefully to be a case of some things to fix, but in the end, things still get delayed to a nasty point but that is the supply chain can really mess things up, Plus with other releases that week, it was goung to be expensive but a small hope of it to sell. But that first Tuesday was a busy one, sure my ex work partner got his phone sorted and mum dropped me a drink while I was on the phone to the Xbox rep. Even to this day as I type this over a week later, that drink is still with me. 

The Tropical drink as well as a lemon drizzle fibre bite too

But then it was another day, More visits were appearing, with one after another plus it was waiting for stock to arrive and paying for COD and even other titles, which this was coming up to the anniversaries of a fiew things from Xbox, PS5 and even 2 years since my last holiday, but it was more of the same, long visits and left overs and even making crispy kale at the same time, the nights were pulling in very quickly now too. 

A mix of things but the overdone Crispy kale was nice

But it was also the time to go to visit spar on a quick 2 delivery visit on the way back, which actually had some deals in there and they do give some value every so often, especially since at the time, My mum even on her slimming world diet, liked the fruit pastille ice lollies and i did too, so a £2.25 box is worth that for sharing. Plus £0.30 for potato dogs is amazing, then its even nicer with Wraps that fill me up afterwards


The nice shop on the way home from spar

The wraps and the Salad

Then it was coming up to the first big event in november....actually normal day at work and a last minute visit as well. 

The nice mix of Cereal, with Coronation Chicken filler too. 

But then it comes to the jam packed weekend which actually ends up scaring me in some ways.....

The Weekend of Bonfire skipped and Family visits: 

So it comes to the saturday, which was another day at work and it was the case of having to get things sorted out, but it ended up a last minute visit  to some customers and also they were on a bit of here and there and well, then AS i left them, it was then to run home, now in this case it turns out, there was the new location of the fireworks, which was the Field from the red and black club, and on the way home in the damp weather, they were being prepared for, so running past that never is easy. 

The Fireworks  being placed 

The marquees are up 

Then I got home and it was a case of talking with mum and then it was a phone call while  seeing some of the fireworks from our house, well it was somewhat magical in that regard. But then it was time for more work online to get it sorted for extra money this week ahead. But then it was getting to the day after sorted which was the plan of being able to finally take over the day to getting a family visit. 

The Sunday:

So it was a case of getting to work out a few things, Mum and dad planned to sort something out regarding being able to see my sister and take Dad's own dad with him which is for a change of a very long time, of course it was a almost late waking up in that side of things ,  but it all begins with waking up and then getting changed for another dog walk to prepare, since it was going to be late in the afternoon for the visit. But before that, its my advice on being in an airbnb. 

Which then it was time for a nice fresh and quite long dogwalk but the sun was getting out there and that little bit warmer. Some dog along the way and Rosie going into the leat which made it quite nice to be honest. 

The clouds and the cut down ferns on a autumn moor

Sheep on the moor being on their own 

Then it goes back to home, with  the chance to warm up and prepare for the unexpected, but before that, was a very warm mix of spicy carrot parsnip tomato powder soy sauce and chicken stock soup to go with some bits to dip it in, which made it quite nice for the most part too.

The soup with the crisps, sausage roll and english muffin 

Then we get changed and some chores such as getting the lights off the Bike and also making sure the brakes are ok, before  it was finally time to drive down to pick up the grandad on the dad's side of the family before we go over to see our sister. Since this was the only chance to see him before christmas due to working and also at one point, its got to be recording 4 hours worth of footage to convert it from tape to digital in that regard and he wanted the SCART to HDMI adapter I ordered for him via work. But we picked him up and then spoke to dad's brother before we drove over. 

The journey was ok but there waa a fair bit of memories, repetition and A LOT of negativity, sure he asked me about the second jab which for me is january, (1.5 months left to go almost), but it was nice weather, views about forgetfulness and also seeing a mast I never did before too, But eventually we got to my sister's place then he got given a guided tour of the place for a short bit then sat in the cold lounge to talk and go on about various parts such as: 

  • Suggestions about christmas
  • Other side of the family, aka cousin buying a house in london with his partner
  •  Working
  • Cold weather inside and out
  • Grandad should get a pet but worries about looking after it due to maybe travelling to see his brother
  • Cost of living and expenses going up
  • Who to use for Bookeeping 
While that was going on, it was a case of having a homemade brookie my sister made for her fiance's birthday along with a victoria sponge, the brooked looked really good and tasted amazingly rich too, even the point of my special secret wanted a recipe for it which i've still got to get that over. 

The Brookie

Eventually it as the evening was fading in, it was time for us to go home and drop grandad back, which it was not too bad on the way home, since it felt nice  and mentioning more memories such as going on the main car park between gunni and callington to park and watch the fireworks in plymouth a long time ago. There was plenty of memories from what was on the camcorder, maybe one day i'll add some of it to a vlog or so, even if it probably is not legal due to the long time of ago when I was a kid and topless with skimboarding. Plus him being shocked regarding that he will need a medical exam when he's 90 regarding driving and if he fails, that would be the end of him. 

But then it was dropping him off and he called me from the cousins name as I gave him the adapter and the HDMI cable, which then after that, we turned around and it was a drive home in the closing day of light, reflections were being done and dad was really mention about the negative vibes and how it can be very unfair treatment, which actually has been showing in the past year more in the talks mum and dad have in bed which i do keep hearing when either working late or earlier on when typing this at the 11:45pm mark while thinking of things. 

But when I got home, it was time to walk rosie in the dark with the ball and she almost lost it, but we found it, While tweeting some pics and also seeing the fireworks over in the distance over monksmead. 

The night views over the town 

But then it was time to get home and carry on with a night, the chicken casserole was nice but quite running or liquidy, it was also preparing for another day of long work and I mean little did i Know it would be a fair bit of visits in one day for that side of things. 


But then it was seeing something that made me panic, not in a work way, not in a family situation way, but in another way which just felt quite bad, maybe one of those questions I was eventually going to face, But for now it was going to worry about it and cry over it, which Yes that is one thing that makes me feel like things can go backwards, which soon emotions were going to be on a Edge, Since it was coping with that for the next days or so, which other events were going to come in.

Another week, Things take a turn....

So it gets problematic, with having to sort out orders the night before as well and also getting deliveries and visits done as well as knowing I could die on the roads in the dark if not careful, but this day, was not the end. First it was to make sure the crystal my mum got me was worn, since it was going to be potentially emotions messing with my mind. 

The crystal as I wore a thermal shirt before heading off to work 

But then it got bad, since I sliced my finger on a screw for the brake when trying to tighten it, since I was noticing from last week that I was not being able to stop when going down hill, which minus shoes being burned, it was the meaning to potential be hit by a car on a nasty steep hill. But it did help that tiny bit of not happening but blood all over the finger until i got there was not nice, even with sucking it. 

Eventually it was the first visit done after settng up an iPhone with a giffgaff sim but then it was more of that being a big important vibe of done, which I left at 1:30 in the end, so then it was on to the shop, the roads were muddy with that dry mud about, so it meant stained shoes and bike, which to the point of the time to clean it in a toilet near work. But that finger did heal up. 

the finger bleeding drying up

Then I got to the shop back and time to get some stand and cables before making my way to The 2nd visit, which was a quick turn a phone on, then off again, then a cycle on the Railway line/drake's trail to horrabridge to then deal with a quick drop off a stand for a monitor a month ago, but then it was a cute cat, greeting me before going to to the final visit. He was cute and almost followed me to the road with a passing car, but i got him on a driveway to be safe. 

the cat and the wheel

Then, it turns out to the final visit, which was near a customer that cancelled me 2 years ago, but I was then on my way to get that sorted, the weather was dry but you can tell the clouds were coming in for the dark night ahead, but I got there, parked up and got the router sorted in 30 minutes or less, then I was on my way to lidl, which one of my fave reps at work and most expensive decided to call about an overdue order for All stars brawl and smufs of all things, but I didn't really feel i can so that order while cycling in the near dark. Then I eventually arrived at lidl. 

Lidl had some deals on and I got some bits i wanted for me and also food for Finley as well, also new raspberry vitamin C and crunchie spread was a nice buy there, total of £16.31 but no salad like the pic shows since I could not fit it in. 

The nice shop from lidl 

But then it was time to haul that in the rucksack on the hill with almost no battery left  on the bike, which was a nice 15 minute ride or so, then time to unpack and get a nice bit of leftover meal with some extras like using that rice and even Salt and Vinegar Ringos.

The mix from Egg fried rice, burger sauce, ringos and even mums tinned vegetable chilli 

Tben it was more working to catch up with before, actually no, This is where shit gets scary, So now my nan had another fall the night before, which Dad helped her that time and grandad called with telling mum that she was freezing and did not feel comfortable to leave her chair, So me and mum went to help her get out. 

This did involve the lovely neighbours so that was a good thing and they are nice people, and one being an ex Carer, taught me how to lock into my nans arms to help lift her, while his partner was on the other, then we helped her get to the commode, then eventually wheeled her to bed and it was that moment of emotion, mum was straining it and this could mean the end of nan in the long term if this kept up, like with putting her in a home and well, the talks on the choice will be in the week after this happened we expect. 

Now this on top of the night before was getting to worry everyone, which this was not helping and one my end, I was maybe closing in on a choice to finally sort out the questions on my mind to prepare for things if the worst came to it on the non family issue and found this school which offers workshops for older virgins or people with alot of sexual confidence anxiety which maybe what I need to consider in the future. This also reminds me I still have not had any chance to sort out the Phimosis and its not on short burnings every so often after peeing more than a climax after a fap. 

But with that, it was back to work the very next day. 

A week for the worrying and non stop work:

So this was the next day, the nerves were not as noticable but there was going to be trouble with stock that arrived which had demand after demand for Drives, that literally just ended up selling all of them in the matter of a day or 2, which on top of that, one rep was asking me about Cat and dog flea powder which then it was time to get more order, in, But also it was the launch of the festival with Forza Horizon 5, so hopefully it will sell for christmas, But it will have to be paid for at some point So that's a gamble. This was also the case with BBC news filming outside the shop due to the Geffoery Cox Second Job scandal, which actually I might have been on TV during that, but one of my customers that still has not paid for the GOTG order was on the BBC article which is a nice twist. 

The Game in its case to see if that works out 

But then it leads to getting work sorted with the influx of 4 jobs to sort out, dad dropping me off with a big box of BF 2042, then Phones to setup for visits as well as other parts, But sometimes there is also a joke my mum said about wanting the Lindt calendar an well it was time to  eventually get that to be a real thing to check, Since i've seen £12.50 for them and well, since of a visit near tesco on the thursday for a Phone setup, it was nice to get it. Plus some other extras for like £6 including 2 decent chicken sandwiches too. Which as that was on the day of Armistice day, it was that sign of remembrance.  Plus the greggs giftcard brings back memories too. 

The shopping from Tesco

The Dad made pork curry with a curry load and brioche 

But since work has that moment of being quiet since of me focusing on why 2 SSDS were actually SLOW af which turns out Transcend had a buggy firmware on the 220s work purchased from suppliers. But that eventually got sorted from a updating the firmware. That was only found out on the Saturday, which in this case, it was well the weekend already. 

The weekend of Family and reflection

So, it was Saturday, a long visit was booked from a regular with up and downs, but it was also the case that it was finalising some of the jobs for that day, from Cleaning Print heads in canon printer to getting Posters put up for the games out next week. But Then it was the visit, which actually isn't too bad, I took a BIG risk by not wearing a mask so that could be a final regret on top of all other things, but this was not a crowd of per say but still a risk is there. But eventually I got dropped back near home, then walking back home for a few minute walk was the case, but it was also a lot of talking about both his relationship and also my love life and in ways, it can be the same questions to ask, but in the end it will be the time to ask that, but I finally got home and then it was time for another bit of leftovers which Iceland offer this really nice chip shop curry. 

The chip shop curry chips as well as crunchie spread 

Then it was a case of another bath and also typing up the blogpost which for that does take time, even when typing up until 1:30am in that morning while listening to music. Which then leads to the last 2 days before its passing to the new end of this month which anything can still happen. But it leads to the Sunday, which remembrance sunday was a different approach for it.

The Sunday of Remembrance and reflection: 

So waking up at 8:30am since mum had to help waker and get her mum (grandmother) out of bed with the recent wake ups and falling out of bed. So I got up and changed and we drove in a new red Ford Focus ST to visit them, before that, it was a case of getting to purchase some cranberry juice, which we looked in spar but turns out there was a customer I had to sort out with a potential PC, so that caused delays which mum had to collect me from the shop since we were running late. So we left and got to nans around the 9:10am mark. 

We got there and both were in bed, so it was a case of Tidying up before they got up, which involved a nice breakfast of chocco nussa toasted buns. This was along with getting a toy dog called bow out. 

The choco nussa and the toy dog called bow

Then it was a case of helping Grandmother get changed and then getting the Lenovo tablet for zoom but I forgot it does not work on zoom very well since of the sound not outputting there, since of the mic support. But then it was time to watch a church service. The topic was odd regarding meanings of the word hot, spt and hotspot and how it relates to god. Plus song lyrics that mention that you are immortal if you believe in god, so cannot die. 

The Zoom service 

Then it was having that until 11:15 and we then headed off to go back home, which then was time to get this car sorted for the upgrades, Which connecting the Ford to wifi was then waiting up to 1 hour for it to download and update from sync 3.2 to sync 3.4. 

Once that was done and some other bits, it was time to then get going for a nice drive out to walk Rosie, So we went to kit hill, which from talking, it was one of the clearest times Dad had ever seen it, the views were spanning far and wide. So it was that amazing view to see on a sunny mid november. 

The views heading towards the see

As we were walking, we did talk to our neighbour right opposite us at home, her dog was not into the ball but Rosie was not liking the attention. But then a 7 month  old puppy Sheepdog ran past and made the other dog bark and we carried on the walk as per. 

More of the views from north of Kit Hill 

You can see the skyline from this side

Eventually an hour gone by and it was time to drive home. Then it was a late lunch which the chicken curry super noodles and a rustlers burger was nice. Since after that it was some accounts to do then it was time for a nice piri piri roast chicken before it was nice to finish off the night with being able to watch Dune, See Finley stretched out and also get this typed up. 

The burger with the noodles 

The Roast Chicken with the runner beans 

Finley sleeping upside down

As my mind was thinking on things, it was time to cope with potentially another long day ahead. 

The Long mini wet monday of visits. 

So this monday was going to be long and well, it was. But we begin with getting up at 9:15 for checking emails, getting teeth cleaned and also a nice glass of sour apple gfuel mixed with a raspberry vitamin C Tablet with 2 cubes of ice. 

The drink of gfuel and raspberry

Then it was emails to sort out and that took some typing in me which While that happened, Rosie was barking and there was a heavy sort of drizzle (Not pouring) so it mean that can cause issues for later, on, but around 10am, I cycled for the first visit, which actually near the end, I got a call to collect a phone that had a superglued button. 

Then after the first visit, it was time to get that sorted, potentially get more MDF for a project at work and then it was time to cycle to lydford for a long visit of forms to help fill in. Which that started at 14:03 and ended at 16:58, which is not the 2.5 hours but I charged the local rates compared to the proper ones. Then it was the way home, well not, there was 2 visits left to go. 

So the first one was to another regular on a back road but in Tavi, so it was a hour pelt from Lydford to Tavi in the dark, not pure dark until I got to say around the Lydford Gorge area, by the white lady waterfall, and well.....the BATTERY shorted, which I parked it back in the car park, screaming at it while cleaning out the contacts to dry it, which worked for a little bit and halfway up the hill, it shorted AGAIN, so another clean and I was on the cycle roll. I got to the customers back in Tavi, dead on 1 hour and 46 seconds. 

Getting past lydford and before the other side of the Gorge car park

Then it was the case of getting things to work and exporting files and snaky e-mails to help her out, which I left there about 7:25 and on to cycle to the next customer and final, which I did park just up the road and the sky at night was amazing in some ways. 

The Sky views as I was leaving

The same but with the red light

Then It was time to pick up a phone that had a glued on button and cycled off back  home, Getting home at around 8:10 pm to find the back door was locked and just staring at the dog having 3 our of her 4 paws clipped from sharp claws that hurt, then she wagged to see me before I pretty much had leftover chilli with some chicken and extras. 

The chili with burger sauce, chicken, curry loaf, roast potatoes and crunchie spread

AS I ate that and watched video,s I had a few emails to sort out and boy it means its going to be expensive at work and also a therapist got back to me which I did reply its going to be tricky until January due to christmas, especially as this week could be a 2 week non stop affair (aka no sunday off for the next 2 weeks. 

But then that's about it, not much happens, Ill try to get a vlog up but the motivation is not there without ranting about the above, Sure I have a happy birthday to sort out on Twitter too. 

And we'll catch up probably on the end of November as we approach december, Sure I have to buy RR6 now its backwards compatible, which is a Fucking blessing but well, things are going to be exhausting  to say the least, also sure there is a finally second kickstarter product that arrived I have to review too at some point

By for now