Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Working and commitments - Lockdown Stage 5

Well another 3 weeks nearly gone since the previous catchup and things have been very quiet in some ways and well new friendships have been born in another way of nearly wasted time.

The first thing we start to learn before the changes introduced in June is actually a new quick omracer's tutorial on how to fit an SSD into a NUC which I had to do for work so to make it easier and fun for things to work out.

But that week was a clear sign of working and things to come to fruition since there were rumours of a new laptop to actually review (the Xiaomai 6 Pro with an MX350 which is a cut-down version of the GTX 1050 so it can be for video editing) So that was to be waiting for a good offer.  There was also the talk of more reviews were to be planned out. Especially as over £20 trainers I feel it  too expensive for what I need them for

Which was in between the soon to be announcements of how the lockdown was going to be eased and real-life work was starting to catch up with various more visits planned and even knowing I might have to do the deal with the bounceback devil of the Loan, but I was still unsure of the route to take for this. But for now, its dog walking in rivers and more egg bacon pasties to enjoy. Plus the laptop I was going to review arrived from Poland very quickly, but it was not the 6 Pro but the Xiaomai 5 which is one I've sold before.

Maccies was soon to reopen but soon the world changed. One racist cop did something he expected was normal, and that was murdering George Floyd which he said the words "I can't breathe". Which well, that was it, the world was really about to unravel the truth which can be a scary moment but that same weekend was also some amazing shots of When a private spaceship was launched as well.

When the Space Station was passing over home 

The day after when a small flicker of light was passing by 

It was then time to enjoy some shopping from Tesco on the sunny days and working in the heat with cycling for wok which well needed and makes it easier to get the dog cooler since the times are getting harder and 

This was also the start of the protests of the times that will change the UK and the world with things, it was time to get quiet and knuckle down on things as well as a chap called terry was meant to nag me to join a protest but I did not get the time to due to work and well since a white guy might get nagged for being there filming it so that too. But maybe one day I might join one to see what it will entail and be a tiny change to the world.

But then it was June

June to start the content ish

Well, this was now crunch time of the money and the month of maybe having to get things done without knowing what might happen. But well before reviews and tutorials to start, we have to get the chance for a remake on a shaving tutorial.

Which that was a good way to kick start a few tutorials to maker a pair of 2 videos from a series then a video of a different one then another 2 series to keep the video related goal of non-food videos.  So I might be able to tick that box off soon. But things were heard with the realisation of how it's illegal for indoor meetups which means feeding a girl is now illegal so a bit kick in the PM for love life there

But as well as this its been nice to just watch some random videos of trains since well learning about things and well thats for another time. But well, thats have been between working from offline job to online, But well sometimes things can make you fall asleep quicker like traffic compared to the quietness of the countryside. But there was a spot to go walking and well, its this lovely heat we were having but June was the time it started to go away and the rain was to arrive.

The walking on the final days of the heatwave 

But Work was to be getting pout of hand for both offline and online which means not much was happening, I mean sure I did chat to one friend called drew on insta whos been to class and also is worried about another insta following of mine but well things go in different directions. Sure I got a mask I later had to give to a friend since they did not have one and also well learning about how good to get a mini-fridge for whoever I move in with as I learned how someone has made full use of theirs too, but who knows is Real on FF nowadays.

the selfie and the face mask 

It was also time to rare times to understand that years ago I had an HIV test to make sure I was safe back years ago

There was also time to go to a farm shop to get some bits and plum sauce to buy is the first-ever time.

But there it goes with saying about plans to get another video sorted soon, which sadly will be for over a week. But it has been alot of growth for people and learning either better in souls or even better waistlines from what i've seen too. But well that's all I can hope for others I care about and also how i've changed in 6 months since things happening in the good sense and bad. 

But it was near the weekend and well knowing soon I'll have to check on a plan to get things working which will make sure I have to stay focused and even accounts to happen soon. But well it was nice to get a Sunday quick breakfast.

Then it was a plan after some work to get a day in the life video going, especially as people have been asking about it, which at the same time I got to chatting to someone but well it's not really a genuine one in all honesty. but a good friend on Facebook I've been helping out with things recently too.  Plus it was time to compare food too

But then it was time for more visits and late lunches

The dark moor of Brentor 

Stuff from Tesco to buy and an incredible craving 

Atlus then decided to release P4G in less than a week of rumours appearing and then it was a day in the life vlog to sort. It was a nice test in 4k since i've had to do shoutouts for Henry and Chris.

It was a fun one to edit, i've downloaded some nice remixes I get to use and editing too up 40GB of space too, But it was that and chatting to the roleplay of more reality questioning. Times were soon to be busy as the PS5 was announced as well it had to leave ideas on the future for the main work I do but that and it was soon finally time to have my first Chinese takeout since March.

The first takeout since lockdown began, click and collect as well

Then it was more working online and planning commitments for the future in small ways before it came to Sunday and a nice afternoon out with the family to the allotments to Pick berries and explore nature. Even seeing an owl for the first time on eye level is astounding, 

Greenhouses and Rosie 

the blurry Beatle  

Thats where I picked them from

This is one owl 

Amazing green in  a tucked park of the local area

As time goes, it was nice to hopefully take friends down here if she ever wanted to go and also knowing on hard choices I might have to make in the future especially with weddings but I will get to that later. At the same time, I realised its hard to build friendships back up with knowing what to say and well that will be another choice I have to make too. 

but as June is on the 15th and as well the ease of lockdown is getting more expanded, the new normal will soon return and minus gammons being gammons and also the shopping having crowds, times will be the expected test to see how things go before we can. 

All I can say is that choices will affect us all and well we have to hope for the best.