Sunday, 31 December 2017

A Intense 2017 (Year In Review)

Well, its coming to this, the final of 2017. What a really spiralling year from lost bikes, food fame, flirting, spending and even leaving my first job. But its also been a time to really change some things and ending bonds as well as new ones which might end up into relationships and even more. the Music Video of 2017 is below:

So, without any further ado, lets dive in.

The Year in Review: 


This was actually a interesting start with some good and bad things going on. With the new goals of the year in place, will i get any done, it was a mystery but things didn't turn very well within the first few weeks. Being a online feeder via Just Eat was the start of things too. There wasn't as many according to some opinions but it will be intresting to see what happens further on in the year, which i will get to later.
From the sunny windy day at Widemouth when Rosie was walking on the beach for the very first time. 

The Dog on the nbeach

A nice resturant in the Cafe on Widemouth Bay

Her on the beach again

But then it was soon to get interesting, with the usual meals I have eaten becoming a bit of a trend, with likes and retweets and all. This was actually pretty nuts but I was no idea how much it would grow by, oh god no. This was how the new times of me will really take off. Especially with a Headset Review and also a Perfume Review. I also got a cute lesbian on feabie Rocket League.

The perfume

Out of the cover

The key point of having the headset

The wearing of it

 Also a bad case of the depressing feels happened with the marriage of a long loved ex from years ago, obviously it was going to happen but it can still hit hard. Little did i know the relationships and bonding I would be lucky to have as I was typing this. But this would come at a price either on friends becoming intervenes or spending more money, which little did I know that money was going to change a bit for me this year.  Like swiping right on Leah from Tinder and then we got to know each other from that, it sucks that she found her true one love because of me but thats life and she was pretty much a attractive girl in more ways than one.

The views from the amazing weather in January

Rosie biting my foot as per usual

Twitter stats so far

But things turned for the worse with a BAD case of the bike theft.  Okay lets be honest here, the bike had been performing quite badly in 2016 and nearly made me late for a important exam, and hindsight could of Saved me this time with a choice of buying Tile for Christmas, but I didn't. I still remember walking out of a customer's house and the cops called out asking if i was OK, then another call at home to say that basically "we can't afford an officer to look at 3 hours of CCTV". It really made things stressful. 

Selling DJ Decks as a sign to move on in 2017


More biking

The Final Picture of the bike before it had gone

Then it was also times for a mini clear out, with DDR dancemats and other gaming bits had to go, Actually to be fair, there have been a few of these throughout 2017, but one was actually REALLY important in August. As well as that, the World was going to be in shock of what actually will happen this year when Obama was officially leaving the White House and the Era of Trump is to be a real thing. The least I could say is that it was over and events this year will be much better. This was also the start of the KH DDD Playthrough which I did enjoy and later on would be the time where making this and other videos easier. Since Bills rising and poor speeds, maybe it was time to take back the broadband. 


Well this was hopefully to be a better month, Quieter on the blogging side which is fun but maybe it was me experiencing  Origin Broadband for the first time and what a decent time it was. I meant uploading content and streaming was NOW becoming EASIER and i can tune things BETTER. Sure I ordered from Just Eat twice this month and also had to wait for the switch over to happen which meant that videos and blogposts were much less. 

Flirting and a Tinder Profile rewrite for the 1st time this year was the key to it all. Especially when you have TV Shows now advertising and even APPS were advertising  via Tinder. But actually it wasn't since things were getting a bit heated in work and I was starting to get a bit exhausted from it all. #Dogwalkingwithomracer was actually a good way to ease the mind and get a video done. Rose was starting to get a bit stressful and it gets worse from here. This time it was to get a Half Marathon planned. From the twitter poll, it was a go for it, and that was a few hundred followers ago.

This was the first time that I was using instagram live and also the #omracereats was having to become a thing, maybe with people unsure if they are just for the likes or something that i genuinely eat, the kicking off of it still goes on, but it also was nice to make as filler vlogs too. I might have to reduce it next year but who knows. Also I got given a budget bike and a box of Tile arrived for a Review too. 

The Tile

A box of what it does

But it was also Valentines day, the 2nd year i've not done anything and it felt odd really, but it was also soon to be training for a big project, a big event in April this year which was going to be tricky to get there But things looked up for it. Maybe even getting to see leah for the first time I was hoping to myself in the summer. But once it was halfway in the month. The Router had to be changed, so I went for the same one but with a VDSL connection for Fibre, and that was cheaper on amazon than even suppliers at work back then could not match the price on

The router

The speedtest

Then it was in the nick of the times with another wedding show. but I might go since friendships have been building with  neighbours even after the big events yet to fathom and present themselves. It was actually fun to go backstage with alot of models, only like 1 or two i was attracted to as well, so no like in heaven moment for me there. 

Special Chocolate, no wait, that something different

The event was busy

Wedding show catwalks

Then it was coming towards more eating, more tweeting, more playthroughs and now with fibre, life felt a bit easier. But another bike trips was also the way to go too. not much actually happened with it too. Since it was actually for a customer then with rain and also Bikes to have fixed, it wasn't going good for this new £60 bike I was given. Also i bought some girl on Feabie some $15 sandwich for her lunch/

Also the KH DDD playthrough was going smoothly since of Origin Broadband and boy jumping up around in La Citie De Cloth was amazing af. But it was soon to be the 3rd Month. But I also was chatting to Chantelle on Snap, shes mostly asking on her snap for weed now, but shes pretty down to earth and enjoys pigging out sometimes, theirs a few ladies like this i chat to on the social stuff this year. I also started to do more thigh Taping to squeeze into jeans a bit more, it hasn't helped but I might but a belt for each leg to get that sorted in the end. Pancake day was also approaching.Also Tape on Legs don't work that well..

Trying tape on thighs

Tinder Profile updates

The Ham ad ketchup pancake


Now this month is one of those filler gaps. Trump is now the official president of the USA,  food was still popular and new ideas and cravings were coming to mind as well. oh and more Tinder bots were appearing, which was making things a little bit harder to even want to bother with it. Also Soup for a #omracereats and also more #dogwalkingwithomracer and now muzzles too. That and I invited this amazing girl to one of the House BBQs in the summer since things felt like they were going to plan but sadly she blocked me.

But it was also trying to get a date with Leah before that chance had well and truly gone, (as of now 6 months too late), AMD were hyping things up with Ryzen and people in work handing in lost iPhones too, that was where real drama was happening. But memories of 2 years ago were always creeping in and its nearly been 2 years since I've had my first date and to this date, its still a highlight of my love life.Then it was the start of shopping at Tesco again, also Lidl i've been in a few times too. But both places were pretty good. It then leads on with more Editing and also with the talk of big plans, I was possibly looking forward to that time off which has been the 1st week off since 2012. But it was coming at a price but hey ho. This also did a review on Lime Pickle, which from a Indian Takeout to the Isle at Tesco, was proving to be a popular taste.

The Lime Pickle

How it goes on a meal

I was also on the takeout ban which will see how things will play out, rejecting one asking for a meal and also toasted sandwiches were being a thing of tasty, later on was full of them too. Also remember the golden rule of #nooneisobligatedtoreplytoyou. There was also a improvement to a benchmark the N3050 PC i built in November.

The benchmark tesrt

But then it was coming to the big ones, a review of some Xiaomi gear, like a new phone, the Redmi 4 Prada and also a Mi Band 2. The pair of these will go far in life and actually, you know, its been solid on the battery. Like using 40% in 8 hours with GPS, Bluetooth and Mobile data as well. But that phone isn't as good in the Camera as the bulging Battery of the Ulefone Paris, which was easily dead just going for a #dogwalkingwithomracer. But setting that Phone up with Unlocking it from Xiaomi was a nightmare at the BEST of times. But once I got it running, it was fine, even with possibly a speaker broken due to rain later on in the months to come. But a catch up before this was pretty good to give the Paris one last vlog.

someone that was dating her girlfriend, was giving me advice on dating on tinder

Sometimesd, its nice to get some catching up done via rants on snapchat

The Xiaomi Gear

The Mi Band 2

The Strap

How it performs on steps

Charging the Redmi 4


Also i found out Poundland stopped doing online orders, which sucked since I needed to diet before the important month of Running and I mean running. But from Adele eating pizza which i never saw to other creams and ointments for the next month too. Oh and more #omracereats. That and I bought a gift card for a friend since i was mentoring him for that week.

The Gift Card

That and it was also nearing Mothers day and after more swooning, there was a chance to really get a nice mothers day Present and also give Rosie a good walk. So a #dogwalkingwithomracer to Long Ash and back was the next key point.

a meal deal from a local cafe for under £5.00

Views from the path

A distance walked
I know i got a bit of an argument going for that one with my dad. But with that, the takeout ban was almost going well, then more food was donated and after that was a event my sister did with Boxing, it actually helped me get some things done.

But it was soon to be another Bike trip into Plymouth on a reasonably hot day in the 3rd month of the year, which the past few years has been actually pretty warm over these months. But since i had the gift card from Last year with £100 still on it, it helped me get some things purchased, like Aloe Vera Juice and also a new phone case for the Redmi 4, which is STILL going strong as i type this in December. Oh and BBQ chilli sauce too for the fun of it.


Cars n sky

New Phone case

Poundland deals

Aloe Vera Juice

A selfie

But then it was coming to the last parts with March. With my old number being almost abandoned due to the credit expiry. That and also #brexiteve and #brexitnight was upon  us. With the frustrated choice of a nostalgic UK, deciding to BOLEAVE the EU, with the politicians in turmoil and Mrs May not realising what she might of done or had her walk with her hubby later on in the year. People didn't really celebrate but I just had some normal my type of dinner anyway .

Then we have the exciting Month and also KH DDD was finished as best as I could do. This was great and that means I've really gotten one part of the Goals of this year complete. We also has the Hat-tastic day which made things a bit comical too. Oh and we also have a BBQ Sauce review.

BBQ Chilli

How it goes in a sandwich


Now we get to the summer months and the anticipation of a event I was nervous about and also with a customer and friends help, Managed to get there but in the mean time, A shave has begun. 

Then it was the 1st trip out with Parents this year, to Looe for a day out, which actually included some things for Reviewing, like Kool Aid oh and the Review of Aloe Vera Juice

One of the tubs of Aloe Vera Juice

Drinking Selfie

A car selfie

Streets of Looe

Kool Aid

The view from the Car Park

The Kool Aid

How it turns out

This then it was a filler on the blog at the least, a big gap before the Big half marathon. But then we were having #dogwalkingwithomracer, Takeouts to order from Just Eat and also having kids just saying random crap like "you run weird" as I'm running home on a sunny afternoon. But also the Meerkat hunt was happening at work which I did make a trailer for. It was also interesting as I had to pick up an Xbox One from Tesco for work too. 

This was also the time Google stated selling domains on their own and that meant I could get the blogs up and running properly as well.Those domains were about £9.99 each. But worth the ease of use to make it nicer to look at. Then we have the Reviews of the HDMI adaptors. One was a Wii2HDMI adaptor, which i ended up giving to a colleague at work, the other was a Scart to HDMI which is much better for some PS1 Action. 


plugging it in to the PS1

The result

The wii part of the wii2hdmi

Wii Sports

But then it was the Easter Holidays approaching, which hopefully meant a chance to see Leah before it was up, But things didn't turn out that way. But it was flirting, tweeting and also planning how the Half marathon was going to Plan out, Tacos were lovely too with Peanut Butter and Lime Pickle and also finishing the upload of the the DDD playthrough as well to catch up. Work was also getting a bit tense, with new choices looming and even sliding my name into the Papers for the new venture.

There was also Simcity I played and was the star of me buying Origin codes from G2a which i've had a good experience with to be fair. Well for the price of it, it was good and cheap af. And also by the game girl had 2 takeouts via me and just eat in the space of 5 days apart. The Crown Thai Takeaway has been pretty good really :)

But then it was the Half marathon. The most intense moment I've done in a while and it also felt like I've done more than this, which i have when running back from Plymouth. But an average guy like me doing it in jeans in 2 hours 14 minutes is pretty impressive. I did make sure i had no bleeding on the nipples but there was in the end, one of my friends and customers dropped me in and it was only right he got the discount ticket at Drakes Circus. But it also showed a new side of Plymouth  from the Saltram end of things. But I think that has not been much videos where a marathon has been done in the first person view #throughglass.

the selfie before running

The tag

The crowds 
About to begin

More running 

Mi Fit wasn't prepared for that day

Rewards are needed

After some last bits with KH 0.2 finished, even at a poor rating, it was a pretty intense boss,. those whirlwind heartless I bet. But that was finally complete and it was then the movie to watch and that was finally the first game done of the New Years Resolutions. But it was also the time that voting was to happen. Well sore nipples didn't help either.

Also it was getting better with chatting to more girls, okay, one of Welsh's mates blocked me when i offered her some easter eggs. This was more or less the same over time along with normal life getting in the way, well things were starting to be preparing me up for a new life change.  Also another mini election looms which didn't seem to be a good sign. Then we were heading into may.  With some shops in Town changing to the news about the future of working next year.


We start off the month with a nice Oreo Baguette, they are lush af and later in the year, I made more as well . This was after a mini catchup of the past 2 months. This was also a important time where plans were going to be processed for what I will be doing next year and actually now as this is typed. But also i got a lecture for hinting a model to go on feabie to look for girls for a event in London. Since when did i join a fightclub style social network I ask. But with the drama on that place, its always happening.

Now we also had the first of the #dogsatpollingstations which will really help on how the government will be, but this was supposed to be the only one as far as the UK knew. But Rosie could handle it, well she had some responsibilities. But then we deal with the world going mad for planting on kit hill and also there was plans to get a new omracer's tutorials done as well which was actually a requested one. Of cutting jeans. The design was a bit tweaked to make it look better and those montage of fashion. Oh we also had a Burger cream tea too.

Then it was nearly time for various walks and things which a Overcast Moor walk was one of them. It was nice from the food in the old police station to the railway line and also seeing the geese at Two Bridges too.

The Fishcake and chips

the Dull railway 

Things got greener yet golden

Geese that bit bums, #notjoking

But then we had another errand in Plymouth, with good weather to join it, it felt like summer had come early, which this was actually to find out on business bank accounts for the new Plan, but the way to get this done was a pretty big nightmare. Phone calls were doing bad too on it.

The sun on the path

Getting to Woolwell

The start of the roadworks by Mcdonalds

Boats in Ports

The favourite spot
But it was a short gap before things got really good. With more of a day off to get another #omracereats sorted. Prepping on Crash 2 before the NSane trilogy came out 2 months later.
From family events and allotments to look in to settings up the business I am now running. It was hectic, but small tinder matches and someone amazing's birthday too.

Also I was supposed to buy a birthday present for Hannah, there was this cupcake firm in London called Crumbs and Dollies, but things went really weird with how she was going to pick them up and then the order went haywire and got refunded. This is how feederism and gifting online can go bad without just giving money. Some guy that worked in Oceana (before the pryzm effect) added me on FB and then posted a girl from a craigslist advert on my profile, actually my Nan said "I don't need to go courting like that", even though she doesn't know I've had 2 (at this point) dates with Gracie for £220 and £150 each time. Also Rosie was biting the foot as per usual.

Antother tinder profile update

But then it was time for the only Night out of 2017, yes, one night out and it actually went really well, from old friend catch ups to raving and then actually running home, a month after the half marathon funnily enough. But i must admit, it really did go well and more things done than I expected. But the Shoes of LED died after it. It was also nice with the snack on the table when running home. It was tasty too. Oh and when i tried to help out this girl about her phone, she said #fuckoffyou.

The snapchat filter selfie

Ah, Pryzm a new thing 

How i survive a night out
one of the first times i'm in these photos with girls i've never met before

old mates

people i'm not sure on

dead shoes

The end of north hill

The free hash brown for breakfast that day

This is when I was soaked from sweat and needed the toilet  

But that was a immense night and then we found out a walk 2 people had would mess up the country for a long time by making the General Election happen again. So the #registertovote was back and more feabie drama about #realfeeder makes things clear that money is the way that things get done relationships build up in that food greedy lifestyle and well more. It was also a birthday of a girl i liked and lost, who now moved up north etc. But then it was a Wipeout stream and then a day out with my sister and that was quite nice. Family and all that, even though people have rushed into decisions recently, including myself. We all have to do something.

Shopping in Tesco as per

Nan's cooking is nice. 

The Tower when #dogwalkingwithomracer

This was also then coming up to the storms which will then make work really busy annd N Sane trilogy was out really soon. Hype for 2017 right there, along with Wipeout which was a surprise a bit too. But noodles are hard to eat sometimes.

Then we had the time of a Tamar View visit which did include the Bank Holiday, which is boring, I know but still something had to be filled here. 

foggy Walking


Special food deals
And then that was the end of May, okay sure there have been plans for a day out and also another tinder match which is promising. 


We then head to the time of the General Election and also heatwaves and games too.  OH and we have the biggest scares with 2 bombings in the month, With the bombings in Manchester and also the #londonbridge attack. The world was getting gripped up and peace was getting undone. But we also start with the fun times of going shopping in a Heatwave.

But as usual life carries on, it was Devon day so pictures of the county would be nice too really. But also omega collection was coming out and seafood sticks was a nice choice to the meals for some of this month. Also redemption cards can be good for eating pasta as well, since that was nice for budget filling lunches.

Then it was #generalelection, when something that didn't need to happen, happened and made this government in shambles. But alas a vlog had to be done and we also needed to have #dogsatpollingstations return too. That and a playing of Omega Collection felt good too.

But we really were in a limbo with various bits. From Fathers day to a bone for Rosie and also chatting on feabie to lovely ladies as well. But #E32017 was arriving and things looked incredible for the world of Gaming. Which little did I realise how much this would involve me in the coming months. But from projects to a way out to other lead titles in the next few months and year. I was excited.

But with phone issues and more, I managed to get a quick vlog up before it was a interesting review of a snack I've had for a while but not many people have mentioned it on the internet. The Potato Dog. This was one of the tastiest snacks I've had in a while for lunch when working at my old job.
Also a trips for work ended up me going to Cadover Bridge, you know, I was going to carry on to Lord Louis but effort on bikes in humid weather is a nope.

The Potato Dog

that might look familar

 But soon it was time to have a day out with Glass. Down to St Ives, which was actually amazing, with a £9.50 return ticket. But Glass was starting to die on me, with the battery at least and oh look at me for losing Chocolates in a toilet on the way back. But i really did want to get more of that done this year, but it only happened once. I know 2018 might be more of those trips.

Passing on the train

Crowded trains

Hot esturary views

How St Ives looks

a bit of choccie

1PM by the sea

a £3.15 pasty

heading back

The train back to Plym

Then we were heading towards the last days, with the final event of Crash being sold, A pre order of 4 copies was arriving and I had luckily sold 3 of them. But it was a good wet day to get things finished off before the real big changes in life were starting in July. And also the Pig ear filters on snapchat was cute af and really making some amazing looks and rounder smiles on girls i like.

The GAME OF 2017 for me 

Rosie Posie as per usual

Nice meals after
But we also have one last thing to get done on the #omracereats end of things.


The big month. I mean big with what was to come. From Tinder matches to the resignation of my first job But first we review a controller pack which will be ideal for the lets play of Crash 1 in the N Sane trilogy.

The kit

How the rubber cover looks on the Dualshock 4

But then we are facing the end of the shitty #loveisland and also it was interesting how someone i ws flirting with on Instagram in June just randomly started shit on one of my food snaps and it was really odd too. But I did ghost someone who visits Plymouth and would of gone on a date with me if I paid her money to get her grocery shopping. I've not heard anything from her since with Alice really. With memes aside and flirting too. I also started getting into a YT channel about theme parks in Florida and it was pretty relaxing to hear Tim's voice really. Also I've not had a bargain bucket in a while...

Then a meal with my sister in July was something different, my mind in interesting times and also the twitterversary just a 11 days away. So a walk around Burrator would do the job.

A lush roast from the Burrator Inn

Clouds and Lakes

The Steep Drop

WE start the week with yet ANOTHER shopping vlog to get the ball rolling, With me starting spotify as well, I could be able to carry on the listening to music every so often and have the ego with bragging about it. Oh and there was nice chance of getting some sunbathing in as well.

The Bike

Getting pack the roadworks

Poundland clothes (that don't fit) and more drinks

Doughnuts for all

But then we were heading to the final few weeks and decisions were being made before leaving my first job. The week of The Tavistock Carnival and also the last week of Glass actually working. Yes, it was handing in my notice and also Glass dying that was life changing, the former more than the latter but it was a big choice and one that also helped reinforce the reason for leaving. Maybe i was tired out, maybe i was too much relied on, but the main thing is. It was done and from now until August, was a final bit of fun.

more Fair

The statue



Which then it was leaving to the 8th Twitterversary, which now things were starting to place, I was really going for new things and also how this year would really start out for me. Well actually more how this new life which would hopefully give me time to reflect on things and also with Pizza bought for someone special.

the pizza for someone special 

Near R.I.P Glass September 2014 - October 2017
Well it was also the actual end of love island and realising it would be my first FULL week off in 5 years as a shocking surprise. But things in my head of what i can do.  But what I actually did was much different.  Food was nicer and also fidget spinners were going strong as a fun phase still, Pokemon Go had the anniversary 2nd Gen update as well. Days off were nice too.

Sausages, Hash Browns 

The shopping 

Then we had a shopping and that ended up with trying out some Tenpura seaweed, this was a lovely overpriced lil snack from Tesco. I mean that for a fact. Its something like oriental supermarkets would put on their store. it was a nice review to make too.

the Packet

How it looks 

How it tastes 

Then by the final few days of July were here and it was time to get the next month going. Another shave of course. With a river catchup of Rosie playing in the water.


The Nun first, well lets enjoy. Running around work in a Nuns outfit on the last week of working in my first job is always the captivating experience and a entertaining way to get the start of it. I didn't do too well but it was good fun. As well as eating. Oh and this Wooplus Match who was pretty rude when I messaged her, but we rematch every so often.

We also had cammy message me about being on reddit but shes a 10/10 and growing too with her new boyfriend, moving in together less than 6 month dating too :/. But as that was coming to a close, it was now the time to leave and make my time more for me. It was a almost big day of clearing out and a big day of making sure that the time was right and things were ready for my colleague to cope with the new responsibilities. Things were good and also there was few goodbyes too. But it ended nice with a Indian takeout and a pint of water.

The Glass of Water

The cards to say goodbye

But then we have the first week off in the 5 years since I went on Holiday. We begin with another #omracereats and see how things go.

But this week off was actually with working and some customers here and there as well as the big moment. The British Fireworks Championships, for both 1 and 2 days.

The selfie

The views before the display

Fair Views

The bangs

the Booms

the Ooohs

Both days were pretty good, with new sights, sure I was on my own for most of day 1, but day 2 I had to purchase something from a customer, caught up with whats left of the house and then it was time to get the display finished.

The city

The Barbican

The hoe

The crowds by the tower

Mid Air 

Add caption


Lights and sunsets

The Fair
Then it was enjoy the rest of me time off before starting the business up with the website .But it was also coming up to shopping at lidl and it meant the LED shoes which Lidl were selling. I bought them along with other things. 

It was a mini reflection on what was going on in my life up to this point and also happy birthdays, insurance was a pain to get going, I said to a Vegas model that a Whetherspoons is a good British pub to go to. A Scottish girl I liked but had to block me until she split up with her ex got dating with a personal trainer. Another day working was the plan too along with the #omracerreviews of Doner Kebab and also a burger sauce craving was with me.

The best sandwiches too 



The £1.00 from Tescos 

A folded kebab

The inside of the kebab

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But then it was back to working and planning this new future of mine. With customers starting to build up and also more things with flirting, snapchat with interesting eating snaps from raven and others, it really felt stale. But then it was the Bank Holiday Weekend. With a bit of Swimming with Rosie. Oh and chatting to more girls.

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the views

The dog in the water

a fat selfie

The distance down to the river

This was going to be with various bits from a #dogwalkingwithomracer to the #omracereviews of the Lidl LED Trainers. I also bought some Hair dye which that will be a special Surprise for January 2018.

The box

How they look

Those lights

But alas the time was ending and the Best month of this year was about to begin. Game of Thrones had finished and the NOWTV pass was still waiting for a good few months yet.


This month was filled with Time off, shitty rain but also the best romantic goodbye vibe i've ever had. With Gracie on my mind with hearing a chance of having 2 weeks to look after Rosie by myself, I can rise to the challenge and be more productive, and trust me, this next 2 weeks were going to be amazing for me. We start of by a nice Cous Cous based brunch. It was also time to check on the family before they leave on Holiday and also the Boners Per Day was back, since i've been flirting and chatting more. Oh and more double dragon orders this month from Just eat, nearly the last order this year. oh and Bae hates me still

Then there was a review on a OTG Hub which I bought for work.

The OTG Hub

This was also a time to see if things were going to work, it didn't

But then it was more of the Playthrough on Crash 1 and that was doing fine, minus a few bits of stress here and there. With the announcement of the #royalbaby as well, things were going to be down on the life things for 2018, Panicking to myself, but with the important 3rd Date this year. things were going to be better, but also it felt like a final time with me being stupid and saying I had fallen in love with someone else and as of now that someone else is back with her ex, but also someone else came along and we might be meeting up and even later on, someone might even want to m...actually i'll explain later.

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The selfie before getting there

The glass of water

The we socks

The selfie 
With that happening and work starting to be busy, it felt great, I mean things looked up, I felt more confident, the price of that was worth every penny, it really upped the BPD and the first time I didn't get too well nervy around her. It was also nice to vent, okay sure some thing we did repeat but actually the talking felt really nice in terms of I learned a few things, like this Slow cooker curried soup she learned. But things were now getting busy in work, I had a decent vlog to get done of how my Day in the life is now

Building a PC and binging on westworld

The £4.00 shoes, not turbo nonce ones

The beginning of the business

The first order of many from Brummy
The Quorn Chickpea curry

two dogs, not happy to see each other
Some meme i was in, (Credit: Joolive)

I then had things to finish off before Parents came back. Meals were getting done and work was still picking up. Food was still causing hype and controversy at various times too. It was also chatting to Porsha and Daisy, both nice ladies but sadly just a bit over the 18 years border mark so making the effort for dates might be harder, but there is hope for 2018 if things gotten worse. 

Fall was coming in pretty fast now and it was nice weather along with Family back and happy too. Even with Deliveries breaking for work which meant a nagging E-mail as well, things got sorted pretty quick when that got received.

Now it was the chance to get to know this girl online, she is this blonde lovely girl and we have chatted since around this time. OK yes i did send £22 to her for food already but this was the start of something, I mean a chance at a feedee girlfriend, shes quite far near the docks up the south coast of the UK so it will be a tricky time to travel or get the time off for, but thanks to the new job, things can be better with Choosing when I  want time off. But then it was another swimming vlog coming along. Oh and I was also buying someone else food. Elise is one of those beys on FB but shes actually pretty spot on with things, we hardly talk since she got a BF in late November. It was the same with her mate I still occasionally buy food for, so maybe a chance or meet up in the long term is the go

Then we deal with Work and Fifa and also running home at night in rain, yes this is a thing and also important to enjoy. But most of my life will be running more anyway.

Also it was time for the outing to a high place as well as also nice popcorn deals to buy after work. That and I was

the Plan for a first Geofilter

A dull Calstock

The area is not too shabby though

But finally, it is now the end of that month. With the BPD averaging to 5 boners a day, which was actually pretty active in most cases. As well as the infamous Cuphead has been released. 

Also we have the fun times of teasing a cute chav on feabie. I'm just going to post the first message since a special treat and all.

it would be interesting to get you so big that everyone stares at you in a restaurant when you bum takes up 2 chairs and your arms almost touch your love handles, then when your 2 meals arrive, people give the disgust look while I watch you lose control and indulge like the overfed diva you are. making you blush when your belly touches the table and feel stuck from being so full...
then helping you waddle out and accounting you back to your place and you end up sleeping on the sofa since it's too much effort to go to bed.
eventually you become those supersized ladies that sits on a mobility scooter when shopping in Morrison's with your addicted junk food in the trolley but with your greedy double chin smiling when you see a new flavour of Oreo or something haha.
it's nice to see a gigantic softie at 19, I know I'm into the too fat to walk by 25 type which could work out nicely :)


We start with the fine time of my dad needing me to Drink in a pub. But this is where the vlogging gets pretty much covered with Goose Fair. That with the review of the past couple of months as well.
Mu was bringing lunches to work for me, bless her and it was also waiting for 2 laptops to arrive which is to get the time planned for 2018.

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But one piece of advice Gracie gave me which can really sort out a hindered ability is something about pulling back down with the P. This resulted in some E45 being needed. A pharmacist ends up having the plain one needed, while Boots have different ones, superdrug did too, like just PLAIN E45 was the goal here.

Also cuphead memes ^
But Finally, we have the Last part of Crash 1 done, it was a nightmare to push on editing and I tried to Simplify that with the Crash 2 play-through in 2018.

But then it was the week before the Goose Fair vlogs, with me being able to take that week off, I can focus more time on the vlogs now. We start off with the fun times of a Plymouth shopping vlog to boot.

The bags that work makes life easy to carry stuff in

Filling it up with stuff already

The remains of the last money spent on my Drake's Circus Giftcard from the music video last year

Then we deal with the fun that is Goose Fair. We start with the Night before, with a live stream and a empty fair to see how it really looks for 2017 after #brexit.

The peek at the rides

Such a classic

Preparing for the big day 

New Rides....

As we head our leave 
Then we have the day, with full of animals, wet surprises and even the occasional cuphead meme to boot. This was actually quite simplistic but some good sights to see as well.

The stalls 

That £32.00 Geofilter though





the Mi (Fake) Earphones

The combination of donuts and burgers

Oh, and then we enjoy the REAL memefest of this year. This was really fun and Red Hot sauce too. But this was actually interesting where a beautiful girl saw me while she was with her mates, a beautiful blonde called Lucie, but there was a big shock with me and her later on.

The Geofilter with the Fair

Candy and LED Shoes

More Crowds #throughglass

The Orbiter in smoke



A Multi Coloured Slushie
But then it was finishing everything off to get the next vlog up on Saturday, the end of the fair, with less rain and not much going on in both the town and the fair itself. But me and Lucie were chatting a bit more.

Then we have another shoppping after work in the rain, since things go busy and also when shopping, I noticed a nice mini game called Mini Lidl, this was a fun game to make your own lidl and it can be fun to play too. Also free with no Freemium crap too.

Chatting with Katie was actually quite fun still, with some money been sent for takeouts and some really fun favours in return too, well i didn't actually ask but its one of those deals we have, but she is really wanting to be super unhealthy too, which is kind of something I wasn't expecting. But then again, heres a review of chicken nuggets. 

The box

The nuggets and dips

Cooking it

Then it was more Feabie chatting with Hannah wanting £20 just randomly asking me, then another girl messaged me wanting a £5.00 wrap, like what the hell is that price. Then we also have bites on my legs as well as a teaser for the cuphead video as well. I was starting to realise with what was happening with money helping me get girls.

It was now also the time I found out that Lucie was actually her boyfriend using her account to snap me, After i was sarcastic to him, he never replied, Then later on it turns out she split up from him which went a smile on my face as good Karma. Also Me and someone else were chatting, I hard to get her out of some situations with buying a bus ticket via BACS and also the firstbus app. Tinder was updated again which made things quite nice but it didn't get me many matches either, even though there was some more matches in December.

We finally enjoy a tutorial on how to make an Oreo Sandwich, which when there was a bargain of Oreos for £0.50, then get them. That and I bought Emma a Pizza to her work. That was fun in itself and also having to call up the Dominoes regarding what was a Margarita  pizza.


We then Head in the the final 2 months, with Working becoming busy and other things, but it was the week of Call of Duty: WWII. But that also got things quicker in terms of after this, work was really busy and it delayed it. I was also meant to get some Zoo Tycoon Played but that is a bit OTT on the requirements side. So that failed. So eating was the case instead for lunch.

But I was starting to chat on the FantasyFeeder Chat room. With a girl from Bulgaria who is being fattened up by her stepdad. It was odd but I was excited when speaking to her. But then we got to the Bonfire night. . This was actually quite fun, pretty cold, full of some memes and good vibes with how things might play out for me next year.

The view 

#lestweforget #throughglass

More Crowds

More fair

the fire on the hoe


Then we were dealing with more kik fun and also work bits with selling on ebay, chatting on Feabie, FF too. But this was all in between running and bussing from one place to another, with places to go and People to see which I feel there is a good way to enjoy the weather. 

The first run after the bus

Bus stops

That distance

More shopping. 
The weather is really odd with this, I mean it was wet then sunny, and that repeated for many days off and on as well. But it was soon the middle of the month, Christmas themes were fast approaching and it was the hype for black Friday that was on everyone's minds as well. I also missed the chance with the Xmas lights switch on since Lucie did invite me and since snapchat was crashing, it was making some delays with answering.

But then things went a bit dark. Well I got invited to join some discord servers and well, Joining the chat was fine and then after chatting some of the others were getting a bit annoyed about me and hinting that CBT was the best way to get help to understand who I am and i might be something that people end up put off by almost instant which some people go as #undateable or #empolyable. But since i'm NOT like that, it was getting irritating with them pushing me about so I fell out with Johnny and others. Then he was on about me NOT buying Emma the Pizza or anything since she just takes the piss and bully me and is also a thot. It was going with bad thoughts in my head. But I know next year i'm sorting things out one step at a time without them/ Really i Shouldn't of joined it back but I've not joined the chat and to be fair things are better off after just slyly watching things go by. But the mean time it was Cuphead finally started.

And it was then the problems that it was making things stressed out so much that I do a stupid as fuck thing as forget my card in Tesco when doing a shopping vlog.

We then were in the last couple of weeks of November, with Work busy and Black Friday coming and going, food and deals and chats were still on my mind, 

Now, things get good and also bad, a potential customer starts messaging me and giving subtle hints but when I ask her to talk to me on the personal FB instead of flirting on my work messages, she doesn't, then gets annoyed about me and thinks i'm cheating on her then thinks i'm not empathetic and i have to understand who I am and later on when streaming a playthrough part, someone says "i'll call your phone", which means to say that was a CATFISH, but that was in December we found that truth out. #omracereats also talks about more than just the eating and food. Which by this time, it was really getting popular too. Oh and buying food in tesco makes a nice mini packed lunch too.

But then it was the time of the Hori Minipads that arrived for work earlier in the week, this was for a big night of working for this year, to prove myself yet also make sure that Christmas spirit was really going to happen.

The Minipads

Tiny and cute

The Ps3 works with it

Also some of the Presents after black Friday were starting to arrive.

But then we enter the final year with more fun, run, drama and also food too.


Well, we have to start by the fun fact of its Dickensian Night, which I will admit  that I didn't film as much as I should of, but it was a pretty productive Evening and making more money than the rent for that night is a good sign too.

The cards to Print out

A selfie before going

Running down the hill #throughglass

The Stage and hall after the antics #throughglass

Then we have the fun of getting that up, which it was around this time that things were looking on the up, more chatting and planning for things next year and also that it was Christmas shopping time and some of it was starting at B&M as well as Peacocks

Advent Calendars and smoothies too. 

B&M and M&S

Toilet golf, those joke presents, ya know
But as things were going, my mind was on other things, with gift ideas for everyone, I really decided on what to do. I didn't have the chance to get the Santa outfit even though it was under my sister's bed too, which was a shocker as per usual. But the meals, well it was Christmas fo suck it. 

This was also at the time some girl was on a night event with a UFC star and people accused her of being on to him or cheating or something with the whole Rita Ora X McGreger thing, it didn't matter at all. But besides, it didn't matter since I did start the Playthrough of Crash 2 but to be fair, It was pretty badly done and rushed. So I'm going to start it in the new year. But  my weight was actually staying in the short bump under 200lbs for most of the year, since mi fit is pretty good at a track record at all the stats.

This was also getting to the point of the black Friday from Valve, the Steam link Arriving. Exciting times and that was ended up to give to my Granddad's Fiance to give as a present to me, she paid £20 for that AND the PS Coasters which was nice.
Also a quick #omracerreviews on some TGel Shampoo.

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Eventually this lead to a quick catch up on #dogwalkingwithomracer before the busy period of Xmas was going to battle me in working respect. The Chill was there and it was almost leading me to a bit of man flu since that is now a REAL thing according to Canadian scientists as well as other drama.

Wit the Christmas ideas polling, the ideas were good but not since Just Eat don't do Gift cards.

So instead it had to be the Greggs gift card and for that and others, it was the Christmas Shopping. I meant it went well minus the fact that the GREGGS GIFT CARDS were out of FUCKING STOCK. That made things nightmarish.

About to leave

The run

The gifts to buy


Poundland fun
The christmas vibe inside a mall

The best deal of drinks 

There is no Hope

Donalds Rump

Then it lead to the final few days, Roleplaying on Feabie, working and also the Christmas Haul video which was also the testament of posting the items. That made things nightmarish, also a customer bought a candle i was going to post to someone, I should of posted the Skyrim Candle instead but nope, but i did that mistake of sending it to her old place i think and she was with her girlfriends for Christmas :(. But at the end of the day, it was way to say goodbye, maybe not move on since i did have feelings but feelings over distance does not work like that. but the other Gift card was for Emma since she deserves it and really, it was nice to chat to her over the months and year. But I found out that some shoes I had are now what Sex offenders wear.

The Mug and the Pins

The Gift 

The wrapping for the presents I had bought. 

And then after the final day of work, it was now the final season and Christmas was here. This time, roles were reversed with one event on Christmas Eve and the other on Christmas day.  But It really went well for both of them, sadly the video was in a rushed state which caused some stress in the Xmas Day afternoon.

The selfie before going

Festive Soup

The Roast

The Desert

The after meal tea buffet thing

A birthday gift to someone I did actually not give £20 for when she asked, but when it the right time. 

Even Clover said Merry Christmas


The Selfie before dogwalking


#queenspeech #throughglass

A suprise decision to get the chair

Flooding outside my house


A bit of Snow White and the Huntsmans

Then  we finally have the Crimbo Limbo, with Boxing day being relaxing, then work and actually caning this type up as well as the flirting and realising more cute feedees live in Devon, it was a sign that 2018 was going to be a interesting year. Heck, even carrying stuff back from work to home since that was finally going to have the roof redone, it was a bit of a exhausting effort and also the final few days my insides have been odd, but its just a mini bug i'm having, since the cold came back but not with a vengeance as well. Oh and more food shopping for Katie as well. 

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And there we have it, just a fraction of the fun in 2017 that i have had and its been ups and downs. Its also given me more choices and chances as well as also realised mistakes and some bad choices too. We will see what happens in the new year for the antics of NYE and also the Goals for 2018 and if I had passed the resolutions in 2017. 

But Happy New Year for now and Enjoy the celebrations,