Sunday, 14 June 2015

a camel bike ride #through glass

so then, it was another planned vlog, this time me and my sister were going to enjoy and bike the camel trail. I woke up around 9:15 after a fap and the usual internet checking, it was funny to see Aries playing or even licking a Morrison's plastic bag, vt after getting the solar changer, my glass cable and my sister's iPhone cable, as well as the bikes placed into the car, we were leaving before 10 anyway :)

Heading on the way and nearing a pub that i went to a few times in my younger years

Nearing Wadebridge, YAY

Padstow was the place to bike it to

We got to wadebridge about 11:10 and after paying £5 for parking for 24 hours and getting the bikes out, we were off and a nice half hour bike ride.There was alot of people and we did stop by the rocky part and take a very short break, which was nearby a mini stand which i'll talk about later.

Mine and my (technically mums) sisters bike just after we got them out of the car

The trail begins

Heading near the marsh on the first part of the trail

Some good views of the Camel Esturay

Passing Sings

Passing and stopping by here to rest

A view from the rocks

Getting to the Bridge and then to Padstow

Parking the bike

A brother  - Sister Selfie

By 11:45 we made it to the harbour side of padstow, we parked on the bikelock and then after a toilet break, we walked our way inward, seeing shoe s, hops and rick stein's buildings we saw products and chatted alike, but gift ideas for father's day was being planned. Some very taste food ideas were shown too.

Water Jugs were for sale

This cracker with the pear flavour was sort of nice

Harbour casual picture

Various shells on offer

Walking through the backstreets

The back streets always end somewhere

Another harbour pic
Then by 12:40 we ordered a nice bit of takeout which for emma was cod n chips for me was a burger and chips for around the same price.This included water, fanta orange mayo and curry sauce, which cost me £16.45 and the wait was around 20 minutes or less.

Serving the salt and vinegar

Harbour views when eating

More harbour view

The burger and chips for £4.25 + £2.15 for chips + £0.35 for mayo and + Fanta

That Burger

A big nom

Time for some Golf of the Crazy Variety

Then we walked our way to the crazy golf, sure this was £4 for each of us and it was actually pretty fun and glass was showing how good we sort of both were. I got a few hole in ones and she mostly got 2 or 3s. Also one of the course the first time i missed but the second time it went straight in and also another one was quite fun with the hole in the middle. By 2:15 we had finished and were walking our way to the beach.

A view 

Looking back at the courses

The sword in the stone irl

Beating my sister by 2 points bettween each other in total
Eventually we finished and I won by 2 points then we walked our way to the beach, the path was wider but I nearly slipped, but then we chillaxed and then I dipped my feet in the water. it was cold, so much so that my feet went purple. then I left glass on charge and typed this up. then we left the beach at 2:45 then got in town very shortly after 3. 

My feet in the water, they look purple

A ship moving the sand around

Charging via the solar power bank while walking on the beach

Beautiful views

Putting the sock on is hard with a beach full of sand

Then we walked around and organising was what we did and eventually I bought a farthers day gift worth £8.97 and my sister bought a old guys rule cap and a blonde bbw served us, she had a cute smile and lovely arms. then we went to but 250g of fudge forca £5. that was nice I got caramel and peanut butter and sis got marzipan and lemon meringue, the person who served us was quite abrupt in general, then we walked our way back to our bikes, looking for smoothies, but sadly we didn't find one.As we were unpacking bikes from the parking, there was this drunk group and some stoned, it was funny her still drinking and about to cycle back, me and sis left at 3:55.

Unlocking the bike
The bike ride was clean, but we stopped halfway for drinks and it was a nice £1.50 for a can of this unique brand which was a apple fizzy drinks, it tasted like tango apple but with a bit more sorbet. also the chap was nice and asked about glass, he was almost interviewing me about it, but he thought we were racing each other and joked about a £20 bet. after we paid and thanked, we enjoyed the drink and cycled on.
More afternoon views

Trying a new drink that cost me £1.50 its called Suso, it like Tango Apple but more soberty/sugary

We made it back

Then we got back to wadebridge lidl by 4:30 and it was still warm, but we tried to fit both bikes back in the car, it took us 10 minutes after some trying. but we left by 4:45 and were heading back home , we think OK the Bodmin and liskeard route back, which was OK. Sure, we had to pull over to check if a jumper was lost, it was in the back, but it was nice to take the a38 back. eventually we passed into tesco to top up some fuel.then we got home about 6 which was good timing. Then a roast chicken for tea was a nice meal to end the day...

Leaving Wadebridge :/

A nice roast dinner to have

So that was a cool summer vlog before e3 and hopefully some more like these might happen soon, definitely if i get lucky with a girlfriend we could do something like this but with the kissing and holding hands and maybe feeding and cuddling, but for now, sometimes family time is a good thing to have.


Sunday, 7 June 2015

Shopping and Biking on a Sunday

Well, with this time of June coming again with weather hot and friend busy, i decided to take another bike ride into Plymouth, Since a few things i needed to buy which although i could wait, it was too good of a time not too.Well after a nice fap and wake up at 10:00 or so, i was up and checking e-mail and the sun was blasting, £1.13 was made from solar panel that morning and i decided to go at a late notice, but after checking pumps and gears with my dad, i was off by 10:55.

The vlog is below but below that, the journey begins

Passing Tavi College

Nearing Yelverton

Between Yelverton and Clearbrook

Trying to pair bluetooth devices while cycling

Down to crownhill

Intersections are the worst etc
Now as i was passing by, i noticed a Car Boot Sale by the argyle stadium, so i browsed it, sure there were some good deals, but i did see a game Sandy wanted to see me do a lets play of, But Harry Potter & The philosphers Stone for £3 (reduced to 2) was not worth it, as you saw from the vlog.

The carboot sale 
 But then i left by 12:45 and it was another bike ride to Town, which was quite nice and then after the bike locking, i was free to explore this city again.

Central park and its views, it was busy here too

Locking the bike.

The start of this day. after going to the toilet i decided to explore the town, There was some sights and some things to have a look at, the main things i need to buy were:

  • Sports earphones  - since i needed new ones and the ones i have are broke so i've been using psp earphones and thats hard to manage
  • a 4GB PS vita memory card - i think i've told you the mini story of buying a steam game in exchange for a PS TV
  • Aloe Vera Water - I was going to review that later on this week. 
So i looked around in various stores, i found out Sports Direct are moving somewhere, also i saw someone i know and looks incredible, Keria actually smiled at me while serving a customer too, Which i smiled again, but i just paid £7.99 for some earphones which hooks on them, sports earphones. 
The earphones from Maplin
Now i made my way to the hoe and i Passed CEX which then since i didn't see a 4GB vita card, i checked on what sizes there were, turns out they had a 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. So i bought the 4GB for £5 then wandered to the hoe. 
The vita card for £5
Then it was a case of relaxing by my usual spot, now on the way i noticed there was a cruise liner in the bay and it was not a brittany ferries one, which might be a good hint for the city to have another port. But i relaxed and i was going to go and put my feet in the water but the tide was low. But it was so relaxed down there. 
Thats really nice but odd

So i found out the wet wok

There was also an art Gallery near my usual spot

Then i walked my way to the barbican, 
This time as i walked to the barbican, i passed a wedding, which means more sigh in my insides while i realise that girls i love are going to be doing the same shit but not with me and i miss out as usual. The barbican didn't have anyone i knew so i wandered onto the mall again via primark, the bus station was actually quite busy, but then it was time to buy some Kripsy Kr eme. 

The £8.95 was the usual price but i noticed the chap sounded like he knew me and the girls giggled when handing me over the box, hmm, hmm, but they were the nice normal type attractive girl one, brunette and one blonde. But i was slightly weirded out.
A dozen on Krispy Kreme
Then i wandered down to Poundland to buy the last 3 items, 3 bottles of Aloe Vera Juice, which is £1 each for a 1L bottle in Poundland, which was quite a good buy, then i walked back up to the bike.
Poundland had them.
Then it was a case of just walking back, i also noticed more food im the import store and Kool-Aid was £0.90 and even chelsea had some from a snapchat ;). But i walked on the way back and i saw Keira and i was daydreaming, but its too late since shes dating :// So i decided to cycle home and although the GPS wasn't working, Glass was. 
The flyover nearby

Passing and having  rest by Dartmoor Diner

Between Yelverton and Clearbrook

Beautiful views by the final stretch

I'm back in Tavi. 

Well that was it, i was very close to home and i ended the vlog here, so i biked it up and then it was a nice time to have a nice meal afterwards, then my evening had relaxed and ended the day here.

A nice sunday roast to end the day

Well, with new things happening, you might see a new vlog from me soon, plus a review and another lets play. 

All the best