Sunday, 30 October 2016

A Kerbal Visits Planet Pannier

So, its the final weekend in October, after a pretty busy month for me, with Goose Fair, food videos and that feelings still in my mind after the second date with Gracie. Things are turning into the winter after this. But enjoy a quick vlog in a costume hardly anyone knew about.

The stages of building it. 

This was actually a more complex idea than once thought of. Being creative for a costume like this is actually easy but putting it into practice can be quite difficult and this can make the problems harder for the mini parts like the head staying upright normally. But to build this I purchased: 

Then it was a case of making it, now I originally had a plan of slitting a circle in the circle and slotting the poster roll in there but that would not work at all, so sellotape around was my friend and after 30 minutes of that or attempting, it was starting to form. 
The ring and poster roll

After getting it taped up
Then it was delay with making it due to the dog and thinking and being with the family, but then me and mum got the rest sorted. With black oil paint used for the hair, the balls cut in half and drawn then painted on, and a mouth cut out and painted around, this was starting to get the kerbal look. 

The paint and shape is starting to form
Then it was time to glue the eyes on which was standard PVA glue and, it stuck on overnight or so i thought until i put it upright and it fell down, More glue and firmly pressing on it got it sorted. 

The Head is done

Then it was time to rest before the day begins.

The wake up and prep up.  

AS it was morning, It was pac jump up blasting on my phone and the Internets to be checked and fap then a shower before getting changed into the uniform and then heading out to work, which my mum dropped me off since she was heading town way to walk rosie anyway. But then it was time to get walking to work, which the vlog begins and already a horn on a passing car was blasted. Then I walked into work, there was a laugh or few and this entertaining day was about to happen. 

A kerbal in work
Now for this event, I was on a treasure trail, which is kind of a thing the landlords set up to help promote the businesses in the building and get customers to probably go back there, I was chosen as as stand for it, so what was Planet Colouratimus going to offer, well It was 30 copies of Endorlight on Steam. Which thanks to a plan of buying a website plan and getting the money to buy that put on as a credit balance (like phone top up) at the end of 2015., I had €20 left from spending that for various sales such as DOOM, Max and the curse for brotherhood, Xbox live and Steam gift cards via CodesWholesale, That plan was to get 30 copies of some cheap steam game and give the kids on the trail a copy, For this, was Endorlight, which basically cost me around £17 for 30 copies. 

Then it was time for the day of customers.

The working as a Kerbal. 

To be fair, its not much that happened except work stuff but minor mentions include: 
  • More chatter with a mate of mine dressed up as Masterchief with a helmet he built himself, Some kids did take pics of us. 
  • The Music was the normal old stuff until 10:30ish which then the Sci fi music was really blasting. 
  • The Mayor had a look at most of the costumes, Her comment of me was "Did aliens know and use that much sellotape in their day"
  • I made someones day when a kid jumped up and down in excitement since I gave him a code as part of the trail.
  • The Star wars Cosplayers from Bristol got given the shop at the bottom for the Jedi training in the afternoon
  • Then the cosplayers were like the pied piper with kids following them around.
  • 2 regulars popped in at the same time and one I just had to book in and sort out Tuesday, the other was just to plug a 2.4GH mouse dongle to a OTG cable for a tablet i sold him. 
  • The costume was ripping as i was bending or leaning down.
Then it was time to get some lunch, So, with the costume, I walked to the shop i usually go to post stuff in, which had some classic pasties (ones i used to buy during the #crappycityplym era) as well as cheap bubblegum drinks for £0.48 (The cheapest small flavoured drink in the centre of tavi). That and a chicken slice that was reduced to £1.05 and then a standard space raiders to finish it off. That £1.73 deal is nice 

The combo for £1.73

Eating this was a struggle, it had taken me an hour to eat it all in between. But it was then of the same thing, work and I was meant to get some things reinstalled but it was no time to do that and the internet is committing suicide every so often with its disconnects which work is sort of to blame for from others viewpoints. Ah well.

Then it was someone mentioning a router i sold them is blocking iphones from working ever since I fitted it and other problems i've not been told about but hasn't happened to anyone else. Then it was Jedi Training nearby which was not too bad. Then it felt like a normal day by 3pm with slightly empty walkways and people dressed up back to normal, which a regular returned to buy a smart watch after another customer popped in and I set up his I kid you not, Ulefone Paris X. Which was not too bad and i got that working with the help of OTG. The contacts for the watch phone was a nightmare on a small tocuh screen. By then it was 4pm. 

The end of day and a walking home. 

It was finally time to pack up and realising i've made some good money today was ideal, then it was the usual end of day, money counting and Dust sheets to put over, which I had to take our friend off to help do that. 

The end of day for closing work

Then I walked to the shop again, to top up some money which is for me to purchase a graphics card for next week a GTX 1050 Ti and a N3050m along with a case to build a PC as a lulz and the 1050 will go for the steambox too. Then it was the walk and run to home. Including some Trampoline fun on the way. 

The costume in full height

A close up of the suit

And there we have it, with the suit finished and the head nearly wrecked, it was a finished day. With a blogpost to review the past 2 months coming soon as well. 

All the best until then. 

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Tavistock Goose Fair 2016 - The Full Moon Finale

The final night and it is fresh and cool, with work been slow in between vlogs, it was a nice chance to tie off loose ends of the vlogs and also make sure im ready for things. The vlog is below.

We being this day as I was working after a 3 days stint, but we made sire that I was ready for this, the chill is strong with this weather bit after tain, it dries up nicely. Running gome in sun was nice and I got home to a chat with my sister and email checking. But after tea and photo thumbnail editing, it was time to head down to the fair which was about 7:45. The air was fresh and the sky was nearly mostly clear with that full moon. As i ran down to the fair, i forgot hat the led trainers were not charged after using them the Wednesday night vlog and that meant only one was working.

The LED Shoes

The view on the way down

Heading into the fair
Then it was exploring  the fair. With more busy people that i've never seen before, except one which was Chris and we talked for a bit in a catch up since he was bored since no one was queuing up for a ride, I shown him a pic then he joked about saving up the £320 for a i3-6100 and windows 10. But it wax killing time.



Phantom Menace in mid air


Fun Dodgems

A Fairscape 

Then I wandered into town and the square was empty except one or two cars and a taxi rank full of hopeful fares to be picked up by those drivers, I then walked my way back go the fair for another look.By now it was 9:30 and the fair was really showing the packing up, like a rush to leave Tavistock for another year, with parts being taken apart, drilling sounds to undo Stargate, and fun houses nearly folded up

Laser Dome, you can see some of it being pulled down

The helter Skelter was being folded up

a pic of #extremerideuk in a full moon

the red blur

Fun houses being pulled down and folded up

Then I wandered aback not town and this time popped up to the co op where i used to work nearby and I saw fireworks, how typical is that, since fireworks is just 3 weeks away. I browsed I co op and saw something about what honey g was and went meh, no reduced food deals that tempted me I there so i walked out to wheterspoons and explored, the smell was strong and some bbws about and some stares from people, but apart from one bbw I the smoking terrace, who was on the phone, I decided to leave and buy some donuts and head home, but I got to the stand, there was none left, so i bought mum candy gloss for £2 instead

The candy floss for £2

Then I decided to made my way home, it was past 10pm and getting the video up and such, so I made the effort to so that if i left cealer. A run up the hill and i was home by 10:15
And that is good fair done, another week gone, I hope the videos went out ok, fro the views, it seems only  me and another yt user have videos of this year's fair on there and mine were 78 in total, not much but it can make a difference somewhere.

Anyone as. I will see you as i land on a plannet call Pannier


Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Tavistock Goose Fair 2016 - A Mild LED Evening

Well, this is the evening of the fair, with lush and moonlight weather as well as more walking and a LED change in the air maybe. But All I know is, it went quite smoothly and nicely. So lets start this off. The vlog is below:

A Rush down to the Fair

So, it was 7:15, I was just about to leave after a shower and changing while the Day vlog was being up, I decided on a shirt and jumper, a hoodie which actually came from a neighbours shop in work months ago, but I rushed down and listened along with a Picture of the view. 

The view is just about there

Time to have a BroLEDwse 

AS we head into the street
I walked in and past the barriers, it was time to put the shoes on, which I did and people had reactions everywhere, some good and only one bad, As i was passing I saw chloe which was "oh its mattie marker", " Hey Mattie". that was a wave. Soon after i walked into a shoe stall which low and behold, I was copied, WHITE TRAINER LED SHOES, and for £25 as well. I was tempted for a 3rd pair as a backup since this was my last pair but I said nah and walked on, I might regret that by the end of the year.

Busy streets #throughglass

The shoes for £25 which i got tempted on.

Then it was a walk, A walk which was long but the stalls of food, colouring, polish and more in the courtyard, to seeing my parents and they asked if i was vlogging (since i told them about the powwow contest). Then I walked my way to the fair, passing crowds and seeing the shoes get love and "OMG I NEED THEM". But then it was the bus station, and a good friend i've made from him visiting us in work (one of the janitor's for the landlord) saw me and we caught up, from Skylanders talk, Pokemon Go talk, Samsung talk and generally "nothing much happened in the market".

Then it was time to look in the Fairground and it was hyped but not heaving, With rides nearly packed, queues were 2 people to nearly off the line and much more. Not many people were seen apart from a couple I saw on the Tuesday night, passing Mcdougall who was with her boyf and the kids that one was in the tuesday vlog with (how funny is it that the thumbnail is me and her, dam YT auto thumbnails)


A Helter Skelter

Typhoon in a blur

Stargate with a hypnotic shape

The PHantom menace is ready for the next ride
The thurst of the Terminators

Tilt for Tagada

Then it was time to enter the Square which was through the path next to the river, which with flashing shoes, led me to the square. That was still pretty busy at 8pm and some stalls were starting to do last sales and some were queued up or packed. But some deals on slushie, some deals on watches and VR headsets,food and drink were doing very popular,  But, I felt slightly hungry but ignored it since it wasn't that bad.

A busy view #throughglass

Rock N Roll Dodgems 


Then I walked up, which that was hardly much to be gawping at, okay sure, we had smartwatches for £10 and various clothes and also Pirate Gear. Then it was walking in the amusements and seeing slot machines and coin pushers, I do miss it but walked on  Chilled foods were busy and packed, and no mess from there. Which was not surprising when there was an offer for thorntons for £2.00, i know mum bought 2 boxes i think. But it came to the Auctioneers, which was interesting when i found out Nose trimmers are £20. That was nice but since i have the facial  trimmer. Then I made my way past stalls and lights, seeing people look at the shoes and another ganders around the fair it was.

More fair views
#Extremerideuk #throughglass

But Time was ticking and browsing was still happening, Passing the 2nd time, I saw a mate and he was looking for a budget PC so i was going to sell him this i3 which is the same specs apart from the RAM as my steambox but bigger literally. I also saw josh who said hi. Then I walked back around the square. Which this time around, It was still busy, Although JP walked passed me and he waved as i tried to say hi to him while he was with mates. But passing up the road again and there was a deal I was Tempted by, a pirated retro games console, the PVE something 2 which was a 16bit console that was portable but plugged into a TV via RCA, that and a bluetooth speaker combined for £20, tempted but not for the speaker, So i haggled, the redhead sales rep asked about glass, I said "its like the smartwatch but in glasses", "oh cool, I noticed you with it bit wasn't sure on what it was. Sadly no deal was struck. 

Looking back towards the square 

Then I started to walk my way back, which apart from people asking on the shoes still, it was pretty quiet, Sure it was one last browse on the fair, then some of my landlords staff saw me and we chatted a short bit before they went off to see someone else. But then it was my first purchase of the night, 6 boxes of incense for £4, this was some premium packs as well.

The incense for £4.

Then I walked along and it was still busy, but I noticed a xbox one wireless controller, a used one which was from Argos and that was £20, it did look slightly tatty, but I passed since i have a PS3 controller for steam and of course a ps3 and vita TV. So, I walked on and it was then a stand for donuts, which was 4 for £2.50, so I went for 8 for a £5. mmmm

The donuts for £2.50 a bag

Then I walked on and on, which it turned out to be a sweet stall for £0.50 a tub, i've not seen that, even from last year, So flying saucers were bought. Which was my final bit.

The flying saucers 

Finally it was nearing 9:50 and I decided to say that its and run home, which thanks for a bag, made it easier even with this head cold still whining around in my body. Alas it was time to leave for another year, not the last time for Funfair rides anyway. 

Our final #throughglass look before another year done 

And it was then done, I was home, Walked rosie and say my parents coming up the hill near her usual toilet place, the fair was still loud in the clear sky and I can't believe how time felt rapid at this point.

And that is that, with one more blogpost and vlog to go before Tavistock is Fairless once again, Its been a pleasure and maybe more hype to see in the next year if all goes to plan


Tavistock Goose Fair 2016 - A Bright Browsing

Well, the big day has arrived, its Tavistock Goosey Fair. This was a story of walking, taste testing and more. This started out quite a good morning and ok i did feel i rushed the last bit but this was the time for me to get it going. The vlog is below:

A rushed morning

This was the before and I was up after 9am after the fap and making sure devices were charged and ready for this big day, the weather was good, the cold was still there and the energy I had was quite a boost for me. But with attempting to get to walk the dog with mum, it was stress since since rosie is slightly like me with the not happy around other people sense, a bulldog was in one field and there was cows in the field opposite where the park and ride was. But that was a delay to getting out, eventually I was running down by 10:35.

Running down, notice there are no tall rides this year, so the skyline is clear 
Then it was time to get entering the event and browse in bright weather, 

The Bright Browsing Begins

Then I got glass on and walked through, which I saw various stands and it all started out with a bit of perfume on the wrist which one aas some usual name and the other was called Intimate Male, I kid you not. Also this trader said you alright bud as i was filming but he didn't get seen. Then i walked my way to the market, with the back alley favouring Ghost Pepper and also then seeing as Wolf Solictior. 

The lane to the market

The views looking towards the square. 

Then it was in the market, which my colleague was on his phone and we caught up and chatted to the neighbour, he was busy earlier on and then after 10 minutes, it was time to walk my way up to the cattle market which has some tasting involved.

More crowd views #throughglass

The geese signs point left

We made it

And made it #throughglass

A Cattle Market of food, poultry and chatting. 

Once i got there, it was time to explore, which some stalls were different and there was some unique ideas, of course there was a caravan for a photobooth, only Tavi would have that sort of thing. Then it was the next plot of seeing stalls and I tried some bites out. A Kiastu, Cinnamon and Cider Pudding,  that was nice and soft and the flavour was familiar from the Cinnamon Challenge. But then it was close to seeing Ponies. Which i was 10 minutes before a talk about them.

The Ponies 

Then it was walking nearly to the shed, which on the way i saw a tent which had wool that looked like sheep poo but it was quite nicely crafted. Then it was tasting a Chiorizo and Sweetcorn Pita bread which was lovely and had a nice paprika kick to it as well. Then it was seeing bugle puppies that were 6 months old and one licked my hand, seeing achievement training was new as well. Then we had to see what really happened with the cattle and the sheep were walked in to a cage, while another sheep stared them off. Geese looking after their young and chicklets hiding under their mother too, its a bless them situation really.

Geese protecting each other

This hen was staring me out

Then I finally walked my way back, minus staring at pizza and also made sure I was ready to head my long way back.

The Plymouth Road Back

This was it, the long stretch, so after passing pans which the cute lady mentioned Cockwhen and seeing people I knew of slightly., I walked up the road. With stalls and crowds everywhere, from Lego pieces to Digerdoos, the Slush stand that cured my throat with the pepper sauce, then it was nearing the Stardust. Also this donut stand looked incredible which i wanted to but the vlue to quantity was not me.

the donuts looking peng

Looking back

Now, it went to the Phil Saunders, with the Auctioneer pushing a VR headset and 306 bluetooth speaker for a £10. Now while I was there, I was next to someone i recognised and she looked amazing, dream size, beautiful hair and eyes and It came back to it it was someone I bought flowers for when she worked in bank years ago, but shes gone with someone else just after those flowers but it dazed me seeing tash again. 

Then I walked on an explored while there was soon to be the Fairground. 

The Fun of the Fair or just a walk around

Now it was the fair, i was suprised on how empty it felt but I walked around and seeing the rides with people gasping at some. I did see soemone I work next to in work with her kid but that and some kid said "alright omracer". 

Back on the road

Now, I left the ground and walked my way up, featuring incense, sweet tubs, slush and the usual stands we all seen. AS i walked up, the time was getting nearly 12:30 which for me was a EEEP moment since of getting this up before the night begins, but the next part was to the courtyard and some surprised were there. 

A look back at the stands and the Road

AS I got up there, I passed a National trust stand and we chatted for a few minutes for him to try to get me to buy a Young person's Yearly pass at £23.61, which seemed tempting but its not for me or i would do a life pass if I had the justify of it. Then i saw the phone stand since last year and I asked the chap to seee if he could get a case for the ulefone Paris and you know, minus a almost nicked phone as a joke, He found one for £10 and it fits with the camera. So I impulsed it and got it and looks nice though. Passing a £5 roast dinner food stand is amazing as well. 

The new phone case #throughglass

Then it was time to head up and get back to the house of home. But before that, Lunch time since that a tradition, AS i started to, i saw tash walk rush by but didn't get the chance to speak, I passed on and got some BBQ Sauce and chips, now they were or this cute bbw sales rep was "um what is that" when looking at glass, but she called me babe when asking for more sauce :), Then it was a burger stand just up from there and this was a nice idea for £3.50 for 1/4lb burger, that was paid and it was ready to get home with. 

The Chips for £4 and the Burger for £3.50 
Then just as I was leaving, I saw Tash walking a 3rd time and was wanting to catch up but I chatted to a nice balloon salesman and he was tempted for glass itself, I told him how it feels and it might of tempted him to go for it, he thought I was an App Developer too which was funny.
I then went to the bus stop to see but no luck so I ran home, passing a customer or 2 of mine from work who said Hi to me. 

And by 12:45 I was home, Sweet Home. Which it was time to unpack and then get this up before the night, which i'll see you soon