Sunday, 5 January 2020

A first few days of 2020

Well, its a shock this is evening happening but as we already start the year with a dramatic start in the world and in a personal way, nothing changes. Lets take a look at what might be happening soon and the goals for this year. There is a vlog that follows this were we get some condoms in tesco and losing the cat and cleaning the bike.

The catchup of a new year

Well we begin with the chance that I've been editing ALOT of footage late for the video. and i mean it took me 13 hours at least even after starting it at 2am since choosing music and the like. I mean now I had the Mi Camera . I could easily film what I was like when editing overnight. 

Editing in the room 

It gets to near dawn 

Light outs 

quick fap break

back to editing at 8:13

But then it was getting that sorted until 2pm or so, It was a long day but after that and the first meal of the year being a casserole, it was pretty much life back to normal.

But *redacted* was doing okay and also hopefully there was a chill in the air as there hopes and dreams was going to happen. But work after was long days and home visits one after another. Eventually though its the Sunday. With my mind saying to do classic vlogs in the old way, it was interesting how it will appear for me. But with the Cat going and fighting and also bike cleaned to make sure of the Cycle journey I've yet got to offer for the Monday and Thursday. Timing was important. And files to be organised as well.

The Resolutions: 

The final check of the 2019. 

Did we managed to complete them. Lets find out.

  • Finish N Sane Trilogy  - No luck, I'm gonna stream 3 and skip the relic of 2 so FAILED 
  • Finish CTR Nitro Fuelled - With the amount of new tracks and modes arriving in each month, its hard to catch up so FAILED
  • Finish KH3 - Well 3 worlds done but it will be a interesting time for new time to play it But FAILED
  • Take at least 3 weekends away on holiday  - We managed 2 Holidays this year so PART SUCCESS
  • Have a kiss and cuddle with a girl  - This felt withing arms reach but feelings were made and born so FAILED 
  • Have a fast food or Buffet date with a girl - Since BANG BANG we can class as a buffet, we did a SUCCESS
  • Lose my virginity - Well we partly managed to wear a condom almost a year ago but FAILED 
  • Blog More - Well actually we made it to average year amount of posts but SUCCESS
  • Get back to YT Partner - WE ARE SO CLOSE since 1.01k Subs now but those online 
  • Feed Online Less - This went downhill SO FAST. I ended up being a sugar daddy for a month at least and ended up feeding way too much but it also brought me closer to 2 friends, one that actually met me for a good amount of time last year. but this is a FAILED. 

So with that and well this month time to recoup some of the digs from Feeding online less being a failure, we now have to set ourselves new goals. Which actually this could be the chance to make real and come true with effort, Gfuel and positive time to make for myself when needed. 

The 2020 resolutions

  • Finish KHIII - Well with Remind out end of the month, new chance to try it
  • Finish most of CTR - This will be hard but easier once all the GPs End
  • Stream more - I think I have laptops that can help me sort this. 
  • Have my 3rd kiss with someone special - This is edging close due to feelings built and a local growing chance made 
  • Have a donuts date with at least 24 donuts involved - Funny fact, it was close to happening with Enfield and also it will cost me £40 for 48 donuts (or 30 for original glazed) 
  • Have at least 3 holidays or weekends away
  • Make more videos non food - Some tutorials and reviews being planned and filmed. 
  • Get back to YT partner - This is what making more non food videos will do  this nicely. 

But for now we will see how this moth goes. Plans for Reviews and a tutorial as well.