Friday, 24 February 2012

Another quiet week.

Well this week has been quiet. Some things stood out though.


Well this was a nice day at work, mostly dealing with a problem with norton causing chaos on a computer. My lunch was a nice one. Two reduced things and them small bottles i used to drink when i was in Crappy City Plym.
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The saturday night though, i was editing a video for the first part of it then decided to go out that night. Well that was to be honest a BIG MISTAKE. Just felt really awkward and then to make it worse i went in chams and it seems all the big shots/popular lot from Tavistock College were there. It was even more awkward when i had Josh leeson sitting on my lap like he was really really into me (seuxal wise) then i ended up talking to Jasmine Hocking for a bit.

Then after walking around and about to leave, i walked past Jay and he said something along the lines of this: "Everyone else likes me, except you and i don't understand why, i've been nice to you the past two years". Which pretty much means that stuff that happened in Tavi never did. That pretty much was stuck in me the whole night. Also "Jaaaaaaaddddddeeeeeee"

This was a relaxing day at home to be fair. Just rendering and uploading videos

SPS: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: The Game -... by omracer

and playing Catherine, which is a real good game.
My lunch for that day was this:
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Well this was a nice quiet day at work as far as i can remember, just a few laptops to sort out and paperwork and tidy up the workshop :) My lunch was a nice amount but more expensive than usual lol:
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Then the cookies actually looked like a pasty :P. It was really really fun to eat :)
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However later that night i decided to try some morphing again, it looked really really unrealistic and crap. This for example, is a really unrealistic morph of a very beautiful friend called Bronti. Friends with the girl i love and we've talked for a few years on and off :)
i was supposed to do about 20 different people but in the end i did about 5 lol.

Well that day i went over to visit my nan. However i legit overslept and fapped for a bit then got up and ran to catch the next bus, since its a 1 hour wait. Then got the bus which now costs £3.15 return. But i arrived about 11:20am and then enjoyed helping my grandad out with his laptop. He was experimenting with how to use Speech Recognition using his headset he got from me for christmas. My lunch was delish :)
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Then after teaching well reminding my grandad on how to download videos off youtube and load them in media center for him to watch, it was time i went home. so i did, it was cold while waiting with him for the bus back. Then it arrived and i hopped on it and off i went home. Then when i was home i ended up playing games. Oh and recorded a shoutout video

These were too the following people:
Kelly Anderson
Brooke Lee
Jodie Harrison
Will Carter
Gemma Morgan/Morgasm
Tracey Stevens
Demi Mcferren
Jodie Pethick
Chloe Harman
Tom Mitchell

This was a quiet day, woke up, fapped over the girl i love, which is usual now for me lol. Then listened to some cash cash and other songs from Sonic Games then started editing the ending for the Scott Pilgrim Playthrough.
SPS: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: The Game -... by omracer

My lunch for that day was a something quite different i attempted to cook using a microwave.

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This was quorn chicken fillets with waffles and a sausage roll, along with a chocolate biscuit and mayo. :) It didn't taste off either, i feel proud of that :)

well a nice but insanely busy day at work, having two home visits. one at a hairdressers just up the road from the shop. This was a funny one and the problem was fixed when she updated the facebook app on her iphone 4. was there for about 20 minutes trying to work out why it wasn't posting content as her business page on the page section of the app.

Then my lunch was this:
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Then i helped diagnose some new machines that arrived in to be serviced then had a home visit up courtlands at 2pm, i've been up there about 4 times now. very kind customers but it was the same problem as when i first went up there. a low wireless signal which didn't allow internet access.
After that, came back before 3pm and still working out possible solutions to some laptops that were there and covering the desk.

Well today was a really quiet day at work, but was troubleshooting this one laptop with network connection. Eventually he decided it was best to reinstall and so we did. well that i'm still working on. just having to use a VLK disc. Only had two muffins for lunch today though:
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Then when i arrived home, i played some WipEout HD Fury with eliminator online and then found out a sequel to a game i really liked was released. Heres my playthrough of it:

Then i started writing this.

Hope you enjoyed reading. Lets see what happens next week if anything lol.

Friday, 17 February 2012

The week my plan is done. But fails :(

Well this week is one of the most important plans i've had this year went ahead.
Lets Start.

Monday was to be fair a boring day. Not many jobs on and my Lunch was this: Share photos on twitter with Twitpic


This was the day i've been wanting to arrive for several weeks. I was finally going to give the girl i love (Emma) the present i've thought about for 4 weeks (on the day after i cried my eyes out after arguements which was on the night of the day i last went plymouth). The present wasn't much looks wise. But it was one of the most meaningful presents i've ever done. It was a card with a usb stick. That and a small sum of cash for her to use.

So after a quick fap. i got changed, brought my laptop in my rucksack. then ran to the bus. it was 10:12. i was wating for the Bus. Then i had the guy that i went to his place to fix his laptop call me just as it arrived. grrr. He asked me to see if its ok for my work to order a part for him and fit it on his laptop. I said yes and while doing this, multitasking and paying for the bus fare. it was £6.10 which is now the usual. Text my mum once the bus was moving and then listened to music then played some Galage 88 G 30th Edition for a while. The bus was crowded and then at Yeleverton, a mum with two kids was sat next to me. Did piss me off.

It was getting by Morrisons at outland road and the roadworks there was bringing a very long queue, and by chance the bus was stopping there. So i got off and started running. It felt like my old days at crappy city plym ( ). Then running all the way down that road, past DHS and then to the pub at the corner where the road splits. I never saw the bus again which means i ran quite well. But now was my run. Shown below:

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at this point i was at the 3rd white dot approx. So i ran and stuck on Worsely Road for the rest of hers. Then once i got to Lidls, i went in there for a little time to well. Get some confidence since this was one important decision. Then i went to her work and a guy with black short hair and a stubble beard served me. I said "could you give this to a friend of mine that works here", he said "sure, can do" if i can recall and i said "Cheers then, Thanks" and headed out. I felt really proud and relieved.

Then i was looking around in the co-op just above from her place to see for any reduced sandwiches or food. Then i was supposed to meet one of Emma's friends at her flat in St judes. So i text her asking if it was still ok. But didn't get a reply so i tweeted her roommate HERE and asked. That was her reply. So i ran back to town, following the same route as above, except as i got to the pub. My mum called me asking me to buy her some trackies in Primark, she loves Primark stuff alot :). This was at the pub on the corner, the weatherspoon one.

So i ran into town then got a text from Jess saying she was working as well, but her roommate (who i tweeted and linked reply) was free. so i had a weird feeling i wasn't wanted there. So i walked around town by myself for a few hours. Brought my mum some nice gray yoga leg trackies from Primark for £5.00.

I went to iceland to look around and brought part of my lunch, then went Wilkinson and brought the other part of my lunch, one of emmas friends served me. She was like a bronze statue but has a nice accent and asked if i got the present to her. I said i did and she didn't see the cash i gave her when she asked for payment. in total lunch came to £1.57.
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Then later on (around 2:10pm) i went to Grosvenor Casino and spend my £5.00 BJ voucher and betted £10. so i had 3 £5 chips. only used one, won twice, lost once and ended up with £20, felt nice, but it was 1 on 1, me vs the dealer. Then walked around some more then brought the Playstation 3 Game called Catherine. Which i did play a demo on on my YT channel

My boss called me about some database problem while i was buying it, nearly forgot my wallet in HMV. the Game was £39.99. I really recommend it. Especially with the amount of males in Plymouth and possibly Tavistock that apparently cheat on their girlfriend, this will scare you completely and change you i hope.

Anyways, looked around some more, then started to run home. My left foot was starting to be in pain by this point, so i didn't run far. only back to the stop i got off at (but on the opposite side of the road). I was knackered and soaked of sweat.
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Then went home and one of my work colleagues was on the bus and a guy that one time tried playing with my moobs on the bus to crappy city plym. Still refering to the past mistakes i've done in my life Josh Vernon was.
Then got off at lidls and ran home and relaxed.

This was a relaxing day, pretty much just playing Catherine.Well after going to work for a few hours to fix something urgently. But then Emma text me saying about the present, she was worried that i wouldn't have money. I really tried to assure her that i had enough and said that "if i couldn't afford it or needed the money, i wouldn't of done it" which is one teaching my grandmother says to me still to this day. But she really felt guilty which made me feel even more gulity for trying to give her something to make it up to her since i felt gulity after the arguments 4 weeks ago :(. But we came to a compromise even though i didn't want her to do it. But it means she keeps the money without having to pay me back whatsoever :). I really wish i had once chance to be with her in a relationship. But my luck and dreams don't come true :(.

Well i had work. it was quite quiet but i did have a home visit and got a £10 tip to "spend on a pint" even though the customer didn't know i don't drink. Very kind chap. Lunch was not too bad: £1.67.
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Well this was a really quiet day. Although i had a home visit before i went to work. Just to untick "use proxy settings" in internet options. Then ran to work from there and pretty much focused on one job which was nice . I did skip lunch since there was nothing cheap to buy and i kind of didn't feel hungry. But that then ran home and then started editing a video i recorded a few days ago. The last world in Scott Pilgrim Vs the World and the ending. Then here i am, typing this up.

Well i have nothing to look forward to for a few weeks or at all for now. :( But all i can do it wait for that chance to open up and i take it, since i don't want to move on to a 7th girl and end up in the same situation thats happened for the past 5 times. It fucking hurts and makes me feel like maybe i'm not cut out for this. People say to me "Relationships are overrated, all you need is your friends", but maybe they forget unlike most people, i don't have friends i see everyday, or even every week. I end up sticking by myself or with a internet enabled device. Thats what gets me through, with social networking like Twitter and Facebook, i actually get to chat to people that most are nice to me.

And with that not, Goodbye for this week :)

Friday, 10 February 2012

Another quiet week

Well not much has happened this week.

I had work. not much happened, mostly sorting paperwork out and also getting told i'm getting a 50% payrise and working 4 hours less. quite chuffed with that. My lunch for that day was nice
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Well this was one of my days off. So i was mostly video editing and also my lunch for that day was this.
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Since i was uploading a game video at the time. I watched episode 15 or something from MLP: FIM Season 1. Then at 2pm, i ran down to the top of Monksmead to pick up a laptop someone wanted me to install Windows 7 Home Premium on. That was easy, then i took it apart to diagnose the sound of the fan. Seems the motor is going on it. So i put it back together.

Well i had a Home visit at 10:15. I Woke up at 9:50 after a nice fap. Packed up the laptop in my £40 rucksack which i've had for almost a year or two and still going strong :) and then ran to West street, just a quick tell someone how to copy and paste files to an external hard drive to be fair. Then popped back to work then i ran up to the guy with the laptop's house and showed him his laptop working and also activated his product key over the phone. ended up having a female agent give me the right installation id. While i was there, i was overhearing the Chav show (The Jeremy Kyle show if no-one understood the reference) which was winding me up but i was only there for 30 minutes.
It was 11:40, so after dropping the laptop off, i ran home. But took some money out for next week. Then brought some bread rolls from Spar for £0.25 and then ran home. Cooked a nice lunch which was:
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Then i was typing up Chapter 7 of my novel. That was pretty much what happened on Wednesday.

Another day at work. This time was more relaxed and i think i finished earlier but can't remember. My lunch was this:
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That and i had to fix an ipod touch but one problem after another and i broke the screen, but since it was fudged (won't show in itunes even with recovery mode on, and tried 3 different computers) she told me not to worry about it.

Friday (Day of post):
Well it was a nice busy day at work. Cold weather and woke up slightly late, but it was nice fap i had. That and then i arrived and had to take a working screen out of a laptop that wasn't economic to repair then fit another new screen for a different laptop then some difficulties with the pc downstairs was causing chaos. That and then cleaned a printer head from a HP printer, and a new 3.5" hard drive to install on a desktop and install windows. Then a HDD to laptop transfer. My lunch was a nice one today though:
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That and i planned some reminders i need to get done this weekend and next week for when a important plan of mine goes into action, but one of them has gone wrong so i need to find a work around, Thanks Bianca :(

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And i'll see you next week where there should be more to talk about, especially on that special day :)

Friday, 3 February 2012

A video full week :)

Well this past week has been quite intresting. Lets Start then.....


Well had work and it was quite quiet. One annoying problem with a virus not making a keyboard work and these Dells had no PS/2 ports. So me and a colleauge attempted various fixes. Later, i had some lunch.
Then during the evening. i went out to browse some pubs, then it was boring and i was pretty much on a leather sofa checking the internet. Then i left and headed out to Jame Usill's house, i've been here a few times. Then the rest is featured below:
After i got home, had a nice sleep.

Later Sunday
i went Morrisons for lunch then to a shed to move a caravan and it was shit weather. Then arrived home and edited the vlog which is above.

So i woke up, had amazing dreams like i usually do. then ran to work. Was quiet but i did two home visits, one of which was to my sisters friend's mother's house. Then i think i was doing some editing and continuing with chapter 7 of my story.

Well boy this day was very productive. To be honest you might of seen whats happened already. These three Videos were made :)

Well that and in the end, i used eyecreate to record the shoutouts, but converting from a sony version of MPEG-4 to MOV is annoying. I did spam the cinamon video though. I don't regret doing that.

Another day off and recorded another video

That and had a creative lunch and playing Pac-Man Championship Edition DX.

Well this was a much less productive day. Work was slightly busy with various jobs. Had a good lunch. Then i had a home vist from 4:20 (happy #420) and i left there at 6pm. lol. Woke up late from a amazing sexual fantasy though. it was marrying the girl i love (she was around 42 stone then)

Today (Friday).
This day was much fresher start, however i think i have a bad cold arriving, since i have a runny nose. But work was busy then empty then packed out for the rest of the day then going over to a friends house to fit a replacement hdd that he had brought, turns out his fan was what was making the noise which made him think the hard drive was failing. in the end i brought it off him for £50 (which was the money used for a pressie :( ). then ran home (from redmoor close, in this freezing weather might i add) and there was a Chinese takeaway waiting for me and after 20 minutes, my plate become this Then had a bath and was eating some chips i forgot to eat during
Then after that, this was written :)

Thats all to say for now. See you next friday for a new post