Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Starting the lockdown again - Lockdown stage 17

 Well, nearly 2 weeks have passed since the time that we started lockdown 3, which for some have been a disaster and for others, has been the normal time frame for many, since cases seem to be worse, deaths are up and well tensions will rise. But unlike the #nationalrestrictions, it was a good time for me to take a different step and this time Not do click and collect as well as limit when i need to be in the shop, due to the false accusations. But here we go with more of the catch ups. 

The first week: 

Well, after the lockdown began, there were some things to point out and sort such as an iPad repair and also it was soon to be overdue of getting a vlog filmed regarding the goals I had this year and also the weird Start of the shakes after some work with cleaning up. This was after the announcement of lockdown. But also it was interesting that this lockdown I was not needing to rush around like before, like with getting stock moved out. But there was a bit of accounting I needed to catch up with which this was going to be the nice time to do it, even maybe time to stream and get Among Us, Well so I thought. 

But for me, it didnt seem to be too bad since well it was the final week to get visits sorted for those that wanted it, but also it was more time to go #dogwalkingwithomracer as well as the new debates were starting regarding how far you can travel for exercise, which soon would feel drastic controversial times for a few up north. But the Red sunset was good too. Plus I changed to the new version of the Google Camera Port  Which lead me to want to try a few tests. With it, since it was not as effective as it used to be back in April last year. 

The Red Sunset when walking on the moors 

Attempted Night photography again

But as things go by, recovering from that tingle feeling took a few days I will admit, But i had a few things to sort out with a few customers to cancel luckily and also booking appointments for new ones which I was not to realize how vast that will be. But it was then time to find out how DC was going to be in chaos for Trumps last week or 2 until he leaves the presidency. Which even that shocked the world, but it is also the related to how Qanon was in the plan of schemes and even someone I used to feed was in a major support of it, which I'll find out why later on. Plus it was a time to support some indi projects which will be used in upcoming #omracerreviews, the first being a slushiness maker of a new type. 


By this point, I also got the video up for the catch-up to also announce the new year resolutions too since that was overdue and I planned to go that sorted in the first 5 days of 2021.

But as time goes, it was mostly back to whatever normal is for some, I was knuckling down on accounts but also having to get visits done for customers and it was nice to go back to eating my own lunches again. Especially as I wanted to plan out some cooking videos this year, Crispy Seaweed being one of them , which was even influenced by someone on insta.

The Egg mayo sub after going to Tesco. 

This was then to lead to a long run for a visit, which was to get some Wifi extended, which worked out and running in the cold is a good sense of pressure to be fair, that and it was also the same time as a friend i used to feeds birthday so I decided to get it sorted with another gift card, well since work's machine no longer uses ubereats anymore, so its Just eat. But that visit was pretty much most of the day, and good exercise too, but it was good to learn about networking too. 

The run for a visit 

Free Pies and sausage rolls for tea 

But that was the first weekend of the lockdown started, which helped me get things sort of productive, but it was sadly time that the bike yet again, plus one show i watched on Netflix was getting cancelled already but it is about 13 years old. 


Then it was a nice onion sandwich for breakfast before knuckling down to getting the bike cleaned and also that new Tyre sorted to help me use it for when I needed a visit, which was sooner than I thought. 

The spring onion sandwich 

While  cleaning the bike 

The end of the bike clean 

It did take a bit of help but It helped me sort things out with needing it ready for a visit later in that day, Since the plan  to cycle to okhampton is still a long way off of at least a month, especially as I need go get the earbuds for glass sorted before I get that done too. But it was nice to finally take it easy for some of that week too. 

The plan of week preparing 

Well, as this first full week , so things were getting into place for rules and the work as well as trying to get some things will plan out for streaming due to Scott Pilgrim was out on Thursday, and I did not want to get back to the second job before finishing that game and well it was a good chance to get the laptop and desktop to stream again, which actually I would find out, it was batter than expected. But it was now some Fajitas for a change. 

That monday was the final time I saw my Dell laptop in my own hands since it was sold as well as the fact another customer I ended visits with since they wanted to shield which again was fine.

But then it was the trend of the times to organised myself a bit and also relax due to planning with Scott Pilgrim. But it was also more chatting on omgele due to the missing of some empty inside as well as catching up with friends to make sure they are ok, I also got planned to invest for something important later on in the year. Plus drew was keeping me updated with a friend of his and mine as well, plus chatting to a new friend was okay but the chatting soon stopped. Plus the trend of Cartoon AI pics were to be staying. 

Pixarify myself/ maybe the eyebrows 

This reminds me of an old picture I was sent years ago

But as the time progressed I was killing time with day to day, but some interesting chats on omegle as well as well as more brunches and second lunches too. 

The sausage roll chocco nussa sandwich 

Then we add it with pineapple 

But it was then the time to prepare, Scott Pilgrim was only hours away and then it was time to stream it, which means it was time to  stream it,, Which evne I used a channel I've had in hiding for a fair bit of time to start it. 

Which most of that day was getting it sorted and recording was easier than I thought, the desktop anyway. But it helps me to get it planned and move game videos to that channel maybe. But soon it will make me realize its ready to be used on the laptop to stream portable. But for now it was making me realize I need to use gfuel again thought one cup of coffee did make me stay awake for a fair bit of time during the music video to edit and a celeb should try it too.

The Friday was actually a long cycle to yelverton for another visit, like yes, it had me to get over and there were a bit of leaves and branches on the paths but that as well as the main road, since the tyre was soft when i got back after only having it changed like the Sunday before last. So maybe it could have been me.

But the last few days of the week, was more streams as well as relaxing before a busy start of the week coming up with hearing MORE PS5s were arriving into work. But it was nice to keep warm and also relaxing on a Sunday minus getting to try to install something on a AMlogic android box the cyclone x4+ which for me was no luck and it ended up bricking the box as well. But the lemon drizzle cake mum mad was lush and also it was more on the fact visits were getting planned as well, like it can make delays and put me off arranging other things which are important, which I'll find out later on.

But as this week starts, it feels like its time to get back to work and it will bed soon I'll have to really get to work and that will be nothing but typing and hopefully in hotter conditions, but its needed to cut off to get things ready for the future. But a vlog before that is a nice way to recap the hardly things i've done, but the more plans ensure with another review of a indie project, this time for a unique capture card called the ShadowCast. Maybe that might help streaming in some ways. But for the price its a tempting one. 

And there we have it, time to end the post. In all honest, the time we catch up next will be 1 month in to 2021 and little might change, but things are on order for new plans...



Tuesday, 5 January 2021

The frosty few days of 2021 before #lockdown3

 Well, Happy New year, this is finally it, 2021 and the hope for better times ahead, well actually soon that will be lockdown but instead things feel the same as 2020. But well all we can do for now is to see how things perform, my mind has had little time to really choose the path that happens but well, its some facts to go for. 

Happy New Exhausting year 

Well we start off with a LONG time to get the music video sorted, which actually I started at 2am, there was a bit of frustration due to a lot of irritation and emotions some family members were going through, my dads being one of those times, like saying no thanks to eating fudge was a way of that frustration kicking off.  But it was a nice frosty weather outside as well as the fireworks going off, this year we didn't see the fireworks go off on the TV in London. I did have one cup of coffee since 11:30pm the year before. 

The night shot outside my house 

Now it was this part of  the night of to focus down and well it was to choose the music, well I was close to going for NWH again but instead I went for Voyager which was still from Hotline Miami 2: Wrong number. 


But the night went on and a good friend was chatting to me on her night off work well, only for an hour or so, which then it was crunch time, since there was a repetition of the beat every 0:07 seconds (7th of a second)  and added some bits in there as call backs to some hidden important times like the final day out before lockdown started and much later even the timing of a extra day that was never even shown on video and was a crucial moment of the summer. While this was happening, one toilet break and I saw my dad sitting on the sofa, his ears were giving him trouble again. 

It was heading into the twilight zone and this year was also with the majorly freezing cold air as well, so the focus was not as strong but the coffee was still having its effect as well, which means I was back to my 2014 state of one cup of coffee could last me 24 hours.  That I do appreciate. But the progress was still slow and eventually it was getting near the dawn and well it was only 1 minute and 20 seconds edited, which by this time I was getting a buzz which was being distracting for me but It was soon to be the alarms going off and well, that means it was nearing 7am already. I did have a few 

But by this point, I decided to get Finley up and fed since well its time for him to eat, with the clothes peg on my nose, it was one chore. After this, i did check some things and was feeling like I could not concentrate at all, I wasn't on the migraine side either. Which then it was heading to a break. 

Then it was more to concentrate on the video after greeting parents about the 10:00am mark, but more on an off work was to be done until it was eventually a 3 Bird roast for lunch. Which is a good way to start the new Year. 

The First Roast of the year. 

After that it was more crunch time and eventually 4 hours crept by and the music video was up.  Which I was really showing the exhaustion and that moment that you realise things don't sound the same as they did the 1st time it played. 

Now this was also the time to finally relax with family, since It was overdue and well there was enough work and the release of pressure that had me doing crunch time on even a blogpost that isn't working and the Microsoft spell checker even glitched it out as well did not help. But in the end it was a nice bit of 2 films on Netflix to watch then finally time to hit the sack at 11 since my body was kaput by this point. Maybe it was just me to deal with a lot and at least I had 3 days to get preparations and well even get this post up to finally start the new year which wont be on a better start but at least get things planned and sorted. 

But then it was the first day of 2021, well after the actual first day. 

The second day 

Well it was time for the catch-up, this one was more of those organising days and it was also time to have a nice walk on a new fresh bit of scenery as well. It was first to walk Rosie before the start of the organising of files and backing up the laptop after 2020 was finished. Since it makes the chance to be safer than sorry and clean up after a year done. 

The view of the town and the snow on the moors 

After that is was finally time to have some lunch which was actually some nice and spicy warm soup which is carrot and coriander, which does work with crackers as well as some warmed up roast potatoes. Which after that was then the chance to be able to relax with the parents with netflix and films while backing up the files and pictures and also chatting to friends too. 

The soup, crackers and roast potatoes for lunch 

The pets resting next to each other 

But then it was finally time to eventually have a bit of  dinner to relax with as well, making it a first fry up of 2020.  But it was one of those time to just relax and let  the time flow slowly, since this was only the second day of the year. 

The fry up for the second day

Then it was leading to the 3rd day. which actually was a bit more of the time of what was planned on the first day of 2021, the chance to visit my grandparents in their bubble and then have a meal with them to make them feel hope or involved. But we start on waking up about the 10am mark which is not bad but a nice sort of close to final lay in before working again.

But after that and bits of typing up and preparing on a dog walk, it was finally time to visit them and we had a nice mix of roast and beef casserole, then a tolberone cheesecake, both were nice and rich and it was nice to catch up and talk with everyone too. 

Shortly after that and relaxing while I taught my grandad how to use his new google Chromecast, we all shortly went on a trip to the river, which is a classic view point and weir quay has been a fair bit of memories of views years ago, my dad and grandad walked with us both while we took time to reflect on things. Plus I've been a while since chatting on snapchat last. 

The sign of the wildlife

The road and the estuary 

The sky was getting darker

another non shave selfie 

the boggy marsh

the darker sun

A look to the north

As then we drove through bere fereres on the way back to drop off the grandparents, it was nice to let them explore and see the outdoors since its been over 1 year since my nan left the house. But then t was nearing 4pm and me, mum and dad headed off home. Which then we got back and time to relax and more Netflix while I was typing this up, it was also giving me chance to think on some of the goals i want to achieve this year even though some I can start since I now have PS Plus back for 1 year to enjoy games on PS4 like Fall guys and worms battle royale. 

The Final day of freedom, 

Well it was going to happen but on the 4th day, which was meant to be a day of typing this up, plus the night before was a tough one with sleeping since sure there was some omegle chats. Which I was typing this up, watching some Sonic X and also there was a bit of walking Rosie and to think of the goals I wanted to achieve. But then it was a massive microwave meal, mixing a that curry with chicken tikka masala. Later when parents arrived it was the chance to have a pasty which was okay but a bit on the spicy side 

The chicken tikka masala with extra 

But as the socials were panicking and the rumours of lockdown to become true, it was also time to consider what to do, and chose how it works out, but well, it was going to be the case but it was soon time for another dog walking. 

That was in the rain and cold wind, but then it was a trip to lidl, knowing there was an announcement regarding the lockdown, but we got some bits and pieces including microwaveable bits for a Chinese fakeaway, and also the gateway for that LED strip. 

But soon it was time to get home, then my conscience was going to be overloaded, so well I decided to get a clear-out done of the shop, well the rubbish anyway. Plus some bits needed to come back for jobs and well its also the time to get organised for the financials as well. 

Which was to be a goal of mine indeed. It felt not as emosh but at the same time, it was expected to happen, Part of me I should have left it to do click and collect but after the stress last time, I get to avoid it this time at the risk of reputation, luckily unlike last time, the BBLS make it more of a comfortable position to take a bit of breather. 

A Selfie on that moment 


After this it was finally time to have that fakeaway which was really tasty . Especially with bbq ribs and homemade crispy kale. My Mum absolutely loved it. 

The lush fakeaway, 

 But then it was more things to do, finding my lost wallet and also trying to find out where glass went which it was inside its own case. and also setup some smart home bits i bought for £39.99 which was for to control a simple led strip. By by 8pm we watched it and well, it was the case of the truth to be happening. 

And then it was to see how things go again 

The New year resolutions: 

Well, there is no doubt about it, some  of these will be tricky to have completed and also makes it slightly different on what to set due to the reality of the new challenges faced to many of us this year, but before we do, lets have a look to se if we managed to complete them. 

The 2020 resolutions

  • Finish KHIII - No chance of this happening - FAILED 
  • Finish most of CTR - Well the GPs and content ended in march but  - FAILED 
  • Stream more - I hardly did any  - NO
  • Have my 3rd kiss with someone special - Lockdown so kissing is illegal since march 2020 - NO
  • Have a donuts date with at least 24 donuts involved - This has been on an off illegal since march 2020 - NO 
  • Have at least 3 holidays or weekends away - Work and the pandemic so this never happened  - NO 
  • Make more videos non food - This was  - SUCESS 
  • Get back to YT partner - I managed it finally it, even in the last 3 weeks of the year - SUCESS 

Which as you can tell, most of the pandemic blocked a lot of the chances for goals to even happen, which that does make it tricky to make a choice of what to do this year,  but it makes it a hard choice to find out what to do with 2021.  Which for me does make this harder to do this post. 

The 2021 Resolutions: 

  • Stream more - Now I have a decent feeling I can get time to this, especially with  PS Plus too. 
  • Catch up with the  accounts in work - This I should have time to do with the lockdown in place.
  • Be able to hug someone non work or family related - This might not happen for a long while.
  • Complete at least 2 games in a story mode  - This can be a range of games that are out this year 
  • Do more Day out vlogs  - This will be hard with the restrictions and lockdown but some will be fine due to the cycling is on my own and in fresh air. 
  • Schedule/plan out days more -  This helps to get things a bit organised, like just task some days that i need to do X Y and Z 

And there we are, that might be the choices of this year will have their consequences and also make sure that they can make it easier for me to cope with the impulsive events of the pandemic. But for now we get to reflect on the past year once more with some quick facts of 2020. 

A quirky few facts of 2020: 

  • Total Spent on just eat - £36.18 (Excluding gift cards from work) 
  • Total Spent on Uber eats £0.00 (Excluding gift cards from work) 
  • Total Distance Ran   - 415.3 miles
  • Total Distance Cycled   - 841.8 Miles
  • Current weight as of 31/12/220 - 193.9 lbs 
  • New Followers on Twitter  = 42
  • Tweets  = 2,549
  • Blocked form others on Twitter = At least 5
  • HouseParties Attended (Not real life, but the app) = 3 
  • Zoom meetings attended not teaching how to use related  = 0 
  • YouTube Views in 2020 = 104,138
  • Subscribers from Youtube in 2020 = +140
  • Trousers I've ripped  = 6 
Total Exercises

Total Distance Ran 

Total Distance Cycled 

Total Distance Walked

And there we are, well its time to have little posts again and it will be at least 2 months before a less chance of normality could occur. But its back to the 2 weeks per blogpost, which will be some fun times and also maybe some complications but this time I am better prepared. 

See you soon and stay safe