Tuesday, 7 June 2022

A Jubliee of Normality and potential of the same

 Well, it's June ALREADY, the 6 months of the year have flown by with a lot of past mistakes and to be fair from what I've done and dealt with in some ways. But it has been a far bit of a strange mix final time to catch things up in May from even being finally able to get a video up for the first time in months. And as with the start of summer approaching, things are going to go with a bang and new choices to be made. 

But a catch-up post will eventually come, but for now, it's a post of the bank Holiday named of the Platty Joobs for this life and this is going to be for one of the lifetimes that never fades away to a degree. But the vlog is below for when I get the energy and time to get it uploaded. 

The First day: 

So it ends up waking up as normal and with this chat on feabie going well with a new girl with a name of a flavour that goes with chocolate bars, it was nice things were going well, but that did make it a bit of the late one. BUT with no visits planned it was nice to finally get some cleaning up done and little did I know things would get busier. But then Shave done and Sack truck in my rucksack. It was time to run to work at the normal time, I got there at about the 9:35 mark. 

Then it was just getting work done from being able to deal with this kid that was trying to get a free entry-level Gaming PC built from me. Plus luckily it meant money could not be spent on the stock due to things closed and also some chances to be able to catch up on jobs, it was going to be 6 jobs to sort out from what I found out. Hopefully, it was the time to try to knuckle it, but there were a few distractions and also time was flowing sort of by. With the vibe of the parade outside which I did see a glimpse of, it didn't show much of it since it was like a march of kids but not really like a full carnival as per see,.  Plus it was nice chatting with this girl.

But it was then getting to the end of the day and actually it was a Start to finally pack some boxes up. Plus there was some issue with cloning via A USB 3,.0 port for a way of reasons., But that meant it was a good excuse to do a check disk to see if it was going to work while. But it was then all packed and trying to walk up the hill back home. IT did take just under 30 minutes. But then we got home and it was time for a nice bit of tea which was actually more of a leftover chicken. 

But alas it was then time to catch up with Obi-wan Kenobi and really enjoy the fact of how deep they had gotten and how tense it got. but it felt right for watching it and it was nice to kill the time before the beacons were to go off, and instead of a run to the pimple. It was to the field nearby. Which was then to the run-up to the hill to get the tripod set up and I just about got it in the nick of time. 

The view 

the 48mp view

a blurred view

another blurred one

Which then It was a bit of filming and as parents waled up and chatted, we then walked just around the corner to see the other side and there were even more points, heck one of them was a massive bonfire which looked soo close but was as far away as kit-hill or was it gulworthy, either way, a big beacon there. 

a blurred view 

the night mode made it look shaper 

and gcam does make it look more vibrant 

By this point, it was heading toward the 10pm mark and we headed to walk back home and then watch another film, so then it lead to being ready for bed and chatting to the girl again which felt nice and well the keen part is there but the hope is in the talking for sure. 

Day 2: 

Now, this makes it another day of being able to actually get a lift down to work from mum since she had the day off, So waking up after another fap, then getting changed and the cream on before packing the sacktruck in the car and being driven to work, then just as I got out, I got a customer ask about some Doubleshock 4s not syncing. But maybe they might be in to pick up the real Dualshock another day. But on the whole, a REALLY quiet day where I was tackling the issue with the Black screen on a Pavilion g6 even with the Win key + B but no luck, But it was minus about 4 customers it was a very quiet day. the Point I finally managed to Leave not so late from work, With another box ready to be sacked up the hill. But then that was a bit less hassle and some neighbours did stare. But Then it was time to haul it up. 

a work selfie 

Hauling it back

But then it was time to get it packed and then time to finally eat, which was time to have some microwave meal since my parents got back just after I did and then it was a time for Sweet and sour chicken along with the rice and more extras. 

The meal from the Friday

That evening was then spent working online and more chatting, which is good but also it did end up meaning about the fact of food hints, which gets to the fact things might be a repetition of themselves, but if that does happen, time will tell. But I ended up finishing at 00:30 and managed to watch some vids at the same time for example, from hotel reviews to more GPU reviews and the LTT stuff. 

But then it was more insomnia for things happening and on the mind, my question is with things potentially going well, will things end up being mistaken and past mistakes return, that I realised was sooner than I thought. 

Day 3: 

So we then begin with a pouring day, thew train was taking hold and I got a text from a customer that Kaspersky was not activated, SO I had to run in the rain to get to his by 9:35 I got there, (LEft at 9:20 after a fap as normal), but then it was only for 5 minutes and then ran in the rain to get to work. Sure, it was actually a customer from Wednesday only popping in before I opened so like more and then another customer, which meant a home visit to deal with that day. But it was ending up another quiet day from ending up playing OLD Dos games to finally getting some accounts started. But then the weather was much better and time to run to the customer's house to then sort out more issues, Tickets for FS 2020 were needed in the end. In the end that was running home at 7:45 or so and then getting home at 8pm since turns out parents were on the way back from walking Rosie and then it was time to have some shredded chicken with something else. 

The crisps, with chicken 

Then it was watching more movies with parents while chatting and attempting to type this up, with the celebrations from the jubilee party having some good moments and some cheesy ones for sure which the tradition is that is all about it. But then it was time to watch Gargoyles for the midnight insomnia and then time to sleep and fap as usual. Which I was thought to be another day and dusted. One more day of work is the plan I said to myself. 

Day 4: 

Well, this gets to run and fun of ££. So I woke up at 7am with Finley meowing, So as I was going to feed him from his night out exploring, I got a repeated text which was from 6am asking for a taxi and that we might be able to meet up and say hi lol since she was in Tavi that day, Oh so since of the bank holiday paying money into the bank is been a bit of a pin pain. I did manage to sort something with it, then as things go, sadly no reply. That lingered on my mind Especially with this other girl on feabie trying to be keen to meet up which surprises me in one way and yet I have that feeling things might repeat If I do the same as before, but either way. Time was then to wake up after going back to bed 1 hour later and get the fuck for normal work. 

Deciding not to have time to get going mum drove me to work and then it was a nice quiet time to get things tidied to hoover up and then it was then getting some accounts done. It was nice to get about 1 month or so outgoings and all of the incomes from February until now which felt good. Then again it was dead quiet like perfect timing even if it was only 1 customer in the shop at about 12pm then I decided to cash up and go home by about 2pm. I did resolder the USB Drive or desolder it and tape it, ending up with a mistake brewing sooner than I thought, 

So after chasing out, I then start to walk via the meadows going home, thee steam fair is pay to enter and was more carpark but the steam rides might have been good say, then it was to get to the meadows and it was a small part of it for the event, the picnic did look ok-ish and some stalls but £10 for world food is a bit of the steep side but that is a local business which is a risk. 

Then I text mum and started to run home, both of them were shopping somewhere, but then I got home and had time to walk the dog, but that was the time to end the vlog from that part of things. Rosie did behave herself minus walking to the end of the field and then just like more me walking around the field while she runs with the ball every time I go near. 

But eventually, we then walk back and play ball every few times. Then it was time for me to get changed after the 45-minute walk. Then to check things as I was about to get food and my parents got home and it was nice to eat some leftover KFC rice and then catch up on this post as well. 

Time passed and it was then time to have some Lamb Shank for tea and then it was to be a bath after that, which then was the time to try to just chill and watch movies until it was then time for 11pm to come and finding Morbius off which has some interesting multiversal choices which even the trailers did leak that. 

The lamb shank 

But then it was more typing up of this while watching Gargoyles, as well as Finley, was eating a bird in the garden since it was nice to have the door open to have some sort of cold summer air in. which I reflected for a bit and things might change for the good or bad. 

Day 5 (Bonus blogpost  - not a bank holiday) 

So it comes to the 5th day, I woke up to a WhatsApp from an old friend I did crush on and fed back in 2018 and it was nice to catch up even for a few replies, but then fapping got me late for leaving and then up by 9:35, Changed and USB stick prepper for about 9:55 and then some customer calls twice which means more of this. 

Then by 10:05 or so, I left for the normal routine, the plan was only 2 visits but one was Oke. So a long ride to get home from, but the first view of the route was nice and to be fair, it's been over 1 year since going back there,.  But the first visit was nice to talk and catch up, spirits high and more birthday ideas for dad due to some knee issues he's had. But the thing, is, they cant send it to the UK easily from what I got told, so there might be a UK version somewhere. Then it was a Gloom way for the second lesson of teaching how to play wordle and share results. Which felt nice but part of that, my eyes started getting cracky vision on the left. That ended partly on the way fore the next route. 

So it was the cycle to Oke again and it took about 27 minutes to get to Lyford and then it was time to try to conserve more to then cycle on the Granite way, it felt a bit easier in some stages but it show the difference when I got to the Sourton part and they had much easier gates. But then it was downhill to the Meldon and then back on the main part. Which was fine then shit happens and I think I dropped the USB Drive, So I stopped to organise the key and then after that, it was the final stretch to then cycle to the town and get this visit done. Eventually got there at 14:40. 

IT eventually was sorted out after having to reformat stick and a lot of strange Edge causing LAG of the system to fix via a rename of a folder and DDU. PLUS I got told from the girl I'm talking to is coming near me next week so shes keen for me to go and have lunch with her, YES is one mind and caution if #omracers8thdate becomes real or fake. 

 But then it was 5pm and too late to pay money in, so it was time to walk and cycle back to the station and just as I got there, the train arrived. 

The train

It stopped for like 5 minutes to change driver and then it was 17:25 and time to head off on their schedule, which GWR are nerfing some services and bettering this one from the gossip groups of Gunni. But eventually, that was the cue for me to start the cycle home too. The urge to go one was tempting, 

The train just before it left 

The ticket machine proved some surprises on what fares were even with and without railcard the true tory membership some would say due to the cost of trains in the current times. But then I got ready and started to cycle, especially as I wanted to find the stick on the way home in case. 

The first part of the route

So I stopped to look for the stick and EVEN then I got a call for an S20 ultra screen replacement, and the customer was shocked at £200 for the screen alone, like well it was a sub 1k phone so make that remember prices for parts are not cheap. But Then no luck with the stick and time to move on from the broken dual USB type C and then time to cain the cycle back. 

The route home 

The route was tougher until I got back to sourton, and it felt more downhill, taking the jumper off was not the best idea from the wind but I was pushing the way home. Getting to Lydford in about 50 minutes and then it was about 1 hour by the time I got to brentor, like 1 hour is NOT BAD from Oke to brentor. 

Then it was the last half hour and the bike battery was struggling but working, and then it was nearing the 1 hour 25 mark and the bike battery just cut out as I got on the main road near Home. But then it was me home in the duration of 1:26:08 and I was proud since Google says it's 1 hour 52 minutes. 

Then I was home and the bike out the way and changed, food was a nice pasty and stir-fry mixed together with chips, which was yummy but was wanting a lot of drink and also more sauces to make it nicer to taste.

The meal from Monday night

And alas after that and talking, it was finally time to cain this post and also more chatting even though it was HEAVY implies of me getting her food from how hungry she was like I can feel this repetition of my life coming if I'm not careful even though she said a few days ago she wants to change that. Plus I was Mega thirsty most of the night.

So that might be a case of hmm. But even as I typed this around 1am, I got replies from the WhatsApp and it felt nice to catch up more and at the same time, it reminded me to get vlogs sorted of going places like Nandos and also try the Spicy noodle challenge which I did get that pot again since seeing it 3 years ago and having it on the day of the 7th date with someone special I have to move on from.

And there we have it, this weekend over and maybe plans to happen and at least this is caught up and I'll hate myself for not typing much in April and may but future me can fuck itself and put the effort it more than current me should now.

For now, it's worth planning to get plans sorted for maybe this might happen and fit time in to get the vlog edited up. 
Take care