Monday, 25 August 2014

omracer's Weekend Away: A wet barbican outing

So, this is pretty a big evening, the night they say is going young. Actually the going part was autocorrect but this night might be hopes of a new plan. Even though for now the night before has to be ignored for a reason i can't discuss (yes, i mean pretend it never happened :@ type ignore)

Well I'm 36 hours up now, yep, 36 hours jacked up on coffee, I'm happy with getting the vlog done, but the problem ended up with a friend of mine from tavi dating the first girl I ever kissed's friend. So I had to take the pics of us down, which I didn't want but some shit went down with her which I don't even know but its drastic enough to want her to forget the pic. Also swaggy made me coffee before i left, he is a decent guy. 
The mug of black coffee

But this night out  begins at Charley's, she wanted me there, I had to bring back her ring, I borrowed Pete's house key, then after discussing plans with the house for the new years resolutions I've got left, which is  just a day out and a meal out. Its time to run over and see her, I know I need to talk to her about how I feel but for know I need to keep that in, its a party night. I saw her and she asked about last night, her and Lauren were happy, which was ok, but like I've said and they did, its "something to tick off the list" which I have.

But after chatting to both, others arrived, including ben, but I was calm, more chatting and I even played anamanaguchi which the lot didn't know and didn't mind, but me an Charley did talk and she put her arms around me, which means I know I have that amazing feeling to lose if I do the right thing. But then she smooched Ben after, but what else can I do. She did ask how my home life was, I did mention to Lauren about matt last night. She did explain to me to ignore him, then bex did mention something with boardmasters money, then there was an invite to the ice bucket challenge, both Lauren and Charley are nominated now, so they might do something next week.
About 8:50 I left for the barbican and the vlog begins, with a short clip of the predrinks before I introduce it. But I get to the barbican in an ok time.
also some of the snapchat selfies of pre-drinks before i left, yeah, it was quite early so its only 2. 
Me and charley, she was like a more seductive version of Marilyn Monroe, she aimed for that look :)

Me and lauren, now i did a high exposure edit, but this kinda shows her pout

A BSOD i saw in drake's Circus, thats mostly like a ram issue. Can be HDD worst case

As I got there, some guys wanted a selfie so I got them one, then I spoke to miss rooks and I explained something about eyebrows then I said I kissed someone last night, I also offered to take han out to a meal but she shot that out quicker than a rapid fire stage in point blank. But it was a short idea. Then I go to omg, but I was almost started on by some guy who picked this women up and she was about to fall on the floor, he was going to punch me. But I walked into omg and then looked out on the balcony then left.
A view of the barbican by OMG

After a case of wandering around, I found Emily, we hugged then it was a case of she watched the vlog then wasn't aware I recorded some of the convoys that night. But I told her about what happened with the girl and she said I shouldn't of deleted the pics, but then me and her and her friend who knows of my YT stuff, I can't remember the name now. We walked into a pub nearby then it was so crowded that we got lost. I almost found her but no avail. It was also awesome that she wanted to wear my hoodie :D
She wore my hoodie *yay*

I wandered around some more...
  • I got into this bar then Ryan c started to warn me off Chelsie, which I mentioned what Dan said the night before. Then he just warned me to back off her. And that lout inside me shouted "OK THEN" and I walked off. 
  • I went into barakuda and had a selfie with Georgie, joĆ© and lara. Georgie hugged me before hand. I also said hi to Charley s and Jasmine, Jas hugged me and "I'm so happy for you" was out of her mouth. 
  • Then it was packed and I walked around but I also got told by jay that him and Bronti are more than happy to have me join me for meals. I mean a +1 but he implied don't think of it like that.  He knew how I felt but they have been talking about wanting me with them, I'm unsure on what to feel. But they are in jesters tonight from 1:30 onwards
  • Then there was walking past Lauren N, she said hi and asked if I know who she was. She jogged my memory and I remembered. 
  • I also saw 888edgy888 and he wanted a selfie then I followed him on Twitter. 
  • I saw Ryan and he asked me when I was going oceana and if I saw Oleshia at the pre drinks, I said nope. 
  • I also saw Chelsea bance, yay I might get to sort a date out

Georige and i. 

Me, Jas, Fluer and someone else :)

About 22:28 I ran for oceana. I got there by 10:40, no payment, quick I'd then saw a nice amount of bbws. My favourite vegan worker was there, ash smiled at me, I noticed a nice softness to it. Mattie, I can't think about her, she will only talk, but maybe that's the next step and talking is all i'm good at with this unless i'm guided. But I sat right in front of Niamh and she ignored me, either that or she was a my type lookalike that didn't know who I was. I saw Lauren w, now she smiled and said hi, but I bought her pizza months ago when she was single, but her boyfriend was there, so it was just a greeting.
But it was time to rave, which was pretty good, some good music, maybe by freejak. I've almost got close to copying the same technique as what I was hinted to by Emily on a girl with a pink dress and white iPhone 5s. She was whatsapping. I was close to the hand on the leg but I know I chickened out. Some girls were happy to speak, some like the beautiful girl I saw on my final night out of 2013, pretty much hates me, she said go away, not intrested, then while typing this up next to this couple making out, I heard the words "I'm gonna have words with him" "Mattie marker", it was a high pitched tone. Of course this will probably come later on in the night if I end up nearby. But its just the dirty looks.
A ramdom selfie which i look like a petrified character from the Harry potter franchise

By 12, I've gone over 40 hours with no sleep and I'm buzing, ok maybe I'm a twat and not eaten, but I became an complete idiot by knocking Charley's cup over when trying to hug her, Ben gave me some " your paying for it" look, she knows I would do but she just said "awwww Mattie" then walked back to him, later on we danced then I saw a ring, I sort of sank for the wrong reasons. But again, I need to think more of if I should risk giving up, she wants me to just get on with him, I know I can't. Well you understand the point of this. But that and the smoking area was packed since only half was used, it was nice seeing amber, she was busy with friends and friends exes so she didn't have time to talk, something about superviser Joe. That and JP tried to get me and Sophie B (one who was amazing many years ago) to hug but she was cringing and trying to free herself. Also tandi and amie tried to convince me to let them draw eyebrows on but I said no. The area was packed, due to the rain. By 1:15 I was leaving, I think ash smiled at me on the way out, but she doesn't want me to make the effort.There was also this guy that mention to me about the hoodie i was wearing, then his jaw dropped when he realised i was the guy who shaved his eyebrows and never know what happened after. I've noticed alot of guys were just thrusting girls and almost like controlling them, i did get enraged a tiny bit

Well I left and ran in the rain to jesters, hoping to see Bronti, I left and as I got to the casino as usual, a guy chats to me, he greeted me like a real gentleman. Then we walked to walkabout, where miss palmer was looking at me and she said "we are good friends" then said "I blocked you since you were a cunt to me". You can't be both Mattie, surely, but I know its the latter.

The view of jesters

Then I get to jesters, I walk around after paying £4. I notice Hannah and Danielle. We talk and then I end up having to take 3 pics of them, some looked good but both do in general, they are weight aware so me telling them they look good or sexy is bad thing in their eyes. But at least they saw themselves on a Chinese phone. :). Dancing with those 2 however, was an intense time and thing from grinding her bum, she let me shake it, she tried to get her boobs to seduce me, no luck, but then she really made a passionate fake attempt to get me to have sex with her, of course, she was joking sadly but hannah mostly cut me off completely when i looked at her during chating to Danielle.

Then it was around 2:11am and my coffee buzz is dying and my yawning is getting bad, but that's 42 hours, but I want to see Bronti and pals first. But instead I was dancing and made an ass of myself on the floor due to its dangerous slips. I enjoyed the chance to outdance a guy, he shaken my hand and I also escorted Bridie to a dance, one hand, twirl, she looked different compared to when I seen her in barclays a few weeks ago. As i left jesters, i noticed 2 people, i just avoided them, she looked great but its the usual etc. 

By 2:58 I left for either a goodbodies or a caffeine club coffee since I was needing a kick and my tummy was clicking with every step I take when running, I looked in both then realised I could do a takeout, I text Charley if she wanted a quick catch up but she was ok and wanted sleep, so trying to run back to the house with a coffee for £1.99 then a wrap from premier for £1.49  didn't work out as well as I wanted it to. But once I got back, it was a case of prepping up then I attempted to edit but I had to use a power nap.

The coffee and tandori 

And there we have it, 2 nights of unique events with some good and some bad and I could take you to the 2nd closest thing to joining me. Glass is the main thing but that might be risky.
Well I've got to go and sort this out, farewell from me for a few weeks since I have no confirmed ideas planned,maybe twitching and gaming stuff and maybe gifts for girls close to you.

For now omracer out 

Sunday, 24 August 2014

omracer's Weekend Away: A cuban first kiss

So, with the August bank holiday approaching, i was offered the oppoturnity by the house to work on finally getting that first kiss. Now even though it might not be a perfect one since the night after is the legendary BANK HOLIDAY, its clear that i need to make the effort, sure this means i might not feel like i've been in love and sure i'm wasting my effor since i'm not waiting, but its a thing to mention anyway.

So, the days have been ok, sure i have been busy at work and even a hetic day from printing 100 pages then reprinting it to tablet wifi fixing and "I LOST MY KEYS". But i got home and it was time to pack, I put a few things in my rucksack from misco which includes:

  • 2 pairs of pants
  • 2 pairs of socks 
  • 1 pair of jeans (i'm wearing the other pair)
  • 2 t-shirts that i'm usually known for when clubbing
  • Laptop + charger
  • The famous BNGI onesie
  • Some muffins i bought from a guy in work for £1.50
A list of the above

The Muffins and brownie i bought for £1.50
I got changed, rushed in to find my sister was about to wash her car which even though did suprise me, she greeted me and asked how i was then i greeted the cat and before you know it, i ran for lidl. Now even though i did run for the bus, i realised i missed the 86 which was going to be at 6:20 so i ran for the 83 instead which was at 6:35, the run was longer since i had a rucksack that was nearly ready to burst on my back, but i still made it by 2 minutes but then it was late by another minute,

Leaving Lidl for the bus

I started vlogging and even filmed myself buying the ticket but afterwards it was a reasonable busy journey, sunny weather while passing through horrabridge and then it was a case of having to get off at a stop then run to the house. I'm admitting that it was quite a new thing since i've not had more than one night away from home since i went on holiday in 2012, but if i was wanting to make sure i could get that first kiss and catch up to the rest of this society, then you have to push your own limits, maybe even fight for it, and since August is ending and the final months of this heart shattering, guys that don't deserve to be with the people that just feel they can get whatever they want with a click of a finger year, i'm hoping i can finally get that chance and prove myself and finally catch up.

Playing games on my laptop on a bus

I made it to morrisons then ran to the house, which was pretty quick. But i got there in about 20 minutes which wasn't too bad. The weather was sunny but slightly cloudy which didn't really help, that and it was getting into september style coldness. But i was greeted by Taylor then she said both were in, then we went to petes room which he was having some vibes. After catching up and talking about stuff in life and exs and the plans for tonight, me and swaggy headed out to the bus stop to pick emily up, then actually the night out begins here.

So, us 3 went to the caffine club, which is a pretty ok 24 hour cafe, but we chatted from various things, Holly sends here love and kisses to me (one of her uni friends) and some of it went pretty deep, i mean it was like home truths at some point, but at least they understand where i'm trying to come from, emily even said i was too good for emma, which made me feel a bit worried but thats a mini fact and all. It took ages to get some food ordered, well i was taking a long time, i mean i ended up having a black americano and a portion of chips to let everyone share. The total cost of that was £4.70, which is not too bad i guess. Since a burger and chips (no drink) was £4.95 so 2 for £0.20 less.

The chips for £2.50 and the Coffee (Black americano) for £2.20

Then the rest of the house arrived and it was nice fun banter, some i did try to record but it was a meh affair, from an idea of revenge at a nightclub to well work stuff to even hitting girls (if they asked to hit you, would you etc) which was slightly odd. I also finished a hotdog that ash had eaten but he missed the coselaw and stuff. I also talked to Eloise for the first time who was super nice and irl reminded me of a friend of Janines, Lindsey A. But we hasd a mini heart to heart, me and her and her friends next to her. But then i walked out with the rest who waited outside for me

Soon after, we all went to Scholar which was just up from there, i mean this was not too bad and alot of ideas went on as well as chat up techniques, i'll admit that Emily was acting like a pretty good pickup artists style with the teaching and advice, There was this one 29 year old that looked similar to BC bonnie but was using a pickup line like "Would you ride me like Shergo" or "Would you ride me like seabiscuit" which was some references to Horse Racing, But then there was this nice blonde girl which was cute, with sparkle eyes, a flowery top and was with 2 other people, She was nice and we chatted but i was not comfortable at all with it in the end, i mean she wasn't doing much conversation, then again nor was i. But i did have my first shot glass of water.
The shot from Scholar

Now it was 11:00pm and time for cuba, which this is where things heat up, i mean it. After paying to get me and Nath in (£1 each except for taylor since shes staff), it was a quick look around, but then as i was ordering a drink, this girl came up next to me and we started to chat, now she was pretty drunk (not wasted but tipsy at least) she had black hair, a nice smile with some pirecings, a smallish figure but her accent was nice too. She was talking about how much of an alchoholic she is and if she worked in cuba, she would be drinking too much stock, but after we both ordered, she went to the pole and i got my drink. But i was not about to realise the fate that was in store. 

The glass from cuba i think

Now James and emily were telling me what i should do next which i was nervy but she said and guide me with body language. We danced on the pole together, we were grinding a slight bit, but after a short while, by pete and ash chatting both of them up, i was sat next to her. Emily winked and nodded to get me to touch her legs which i was shy and for some reason, getting aroused, why since she wasn't my dream figure, i don't know but i was, The girl noticed and she said "you can touch my leg if you want" so i stuttered and tried to, she helped a little bit then she said "are you okay" a few times and said "i've never been with a guy so shy before" which made it snap, i mean she thought we were together, so it was VERY close, i stutter when trying to say something then we got off the table and then she asked "do you want to make out" then i said yes and that was it, i mean we kissed, i mean we actually had tongue to tongue contact, i didn't move it much but holy shit something i've dreamed and needed to do i was doing, even if it was for a mere 30 seconds or less. Then we sat back up the cuba bar and then i asked "can we take a selfie" which i didn't really make it clear since i did a scene, then she kissed me on the cheek then we made out again (on video). She said "don't use too much tongue" i murmured "sorry" but everyone was shocked with glee, my rush and energy was flowing through and then i whispered in her ear "you were my first", maybe i shouldn't of but then she asked "how old are you", i said "21", she replied, "thats cute". 

From then on, my mind was in a rush, not the "OMG I love you so much" rush but the fact i've managed to do this after years of wanting to rush. Everyone was happy, maybe its pointless and a bit late to catch up but i finally have and even though i didn't know her or even that she has a slimmer figure, i was glad to finally know what it feels like. Which i heard the "smooching" sound, i felt her tounge, and it was exactly the way i could expect a kiss (if i was some smug cunt, which i can partly say i am now). But she wandered off then i ended up hugging her mate who said "i'm so happy for you", her mate had a nicer belly but i didn't care about desires, this was catching up, so i made up for many late years. 

The kiss

Now, cuba was too intense for me at this point, i think i nearly cried when hugging James and Emily for helping me to make this happen, but i was almost feeling like fainting. Shortly after most of us were chatting in the smoking area even my sister was involved but i did offer the chance she could join for predrinks which is the reason why. But we left for bacbar. Pete and ash left for some time to reach for the skies. 

Now sadly an old problem just have to fucking happen. The problem, i'm leaving it at that since its too bitchy and ££££ to explain. But its not forgotten. If you know what i mean, then just ask me in person or PM or something.
After that talk and then talk about open relationships and other things, we went back into cuba, although emily left at this point and i hugged her good, which also a meal might be in the cards next week. After it was more dancing and active stuff until 2am, which everyone else decided to leave and i went to jesters.
The Bacbar wrist strap

The cuba wrist strip

One the way to jesters, i saw an old college mate of mine, who is actually attractive but of course not vice versa, we chatted normally then she changed her tone when i was trying to vlog it, then she just called me a freak and just expected me to go like a fly in the trash, of course i cba with arguements so i just left and walked into jesters. But when i got near there, i saw a girl i was formerly attracted too, Jodie, she said hi then "i love you" then a sassy "thanks for making me feel better", i walked down and then some guy said "you should of got with her", i said "she already has someone", we then ended up having a casual talk before i walked in and paid for Jesters.
The Jesters Stamp
Jesters was casual, i mean sure it wasn't packed but it wasn't exactly empty either. So i decided to explore, sure there were some good looking girls but it was more than what people would think there were. There were some good looking girls but it wasn't easy to chat them up. Then it was time to get over back to the house, or then i ended up going oceana. 

Going oceana and when i got there, it was packed when people were leaving, i saw amber and chatted up some girls, but it wasn't too easy to get done. Then i walked back to the house via cuba, then it was more intense. After that, i noticed a friend of brontis when she introduced herself and then we had a selfie then she was told that i'm a really good person. Raved in Cuba, turns out I met a mate of Bronti, then it was more dancing, she held her leg on my hand, saw Stacey's mate, Jo, lovely figure, then left, after it was to the house, only to find that they were empty, went Cuba again, then more dancing and then caffeine club for a coffee, after, a homeless guy I chatted to when a girl was getting violent when offered £20 for a bj. He was a nice chap. Nicer than others.
Caffine Club entrance
The drink with a spoon and sugar as well for £2.20, on the card :)

North Hill

Then i got to the house, and it was pretty locked tight, i know i didn't call but i didn't know if they would answer the phones. So i went to various places. Texaco and saw a decent newspaper then i got told "this is not a libary" so i walked away, then later on, i walked to Goodbody's and have an espresso that was £1.45. 

The espresso for £1.45

After that it was time to head off to the house to get this all ready and uploaded. I noticed it was longer to get up and i was buzzing from the coffee. 
But all in all, it was a good night and i was lucky to have that at a good night :). The kiss was amazing and a part of my life is complete. 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

100th post - The Spitfire Sunday of selling kits

Well, today has partly been a day i've been not doing much prep except work, but this weekend has been an event which is technically the 2nd time we have been outside for an event this big.
This is also my 100th blogpost, thats crazy, well actually its not as quick as i would of hoped but this is a good milestone for me.

So, i woke up this morning, about 7:30am and then checked the internetz, then it was a case of a nice romantic dream from 8 but by 8:40 i had to get up and get the bike out, by about 9am, i was packed and ready to go, wearing jeans, a blue shirt and my leather jacket.
Leaving for Harrowbeer
So it was a wet cycle and after diverting myself to the bowling green in yelverton to check if the carboot sale was on, sadly it wasnt but the weather was so poor and wet there that it was sensible to cancel that, but i ended up cycling over to the event, it was near 10:00am by that time

View Larger Map

I got there and eventually after looking for somewhere to park my bike, i ended up tying it to the back of the tent work was borrowing, then it was just killing time to wait for customers to arrive, when i got there, it was pretty empty.
Getting to the event, it was empty

Then it was time to kill, with various events going on, me serving customers and then i bought some brunch, bolieve it or not, which was the best 10 pence i ever spent, yes £0.10 for a SCONE.It was a fresh one too.
The Scone for £0.10
Then it was more of a case of it becoming busy and with the rain pouring down, more people were visiting our tent and even though there was alot of kits we could of sold, people weren't as interested as we hoped it to be. 
Pretty much what my work was selling on that daym Airfix kits.

The weather started to clear up then it was more killing time and selling kits and touring the place. But it made the event better than what i thought it would turn out to be this year. Some pics of the event i've taken are below, including a decent lunch for £3.25.
A lush bacon and egg bap with BBQ , ketchup and burger sauce for £2.75 and then blackcurrent squash for £0.50

The event gets busier

A working replica (well the motor runs) of a Spitfire
After the hours had passed, the sun was coming out and it was time to pack up, from putting all the kits in the boxes we had left then having to unload them at the shop at 5:20 then coming back for the final packing and the cleaning of the tables, now that was annoyingly tricky, espcially when surgical spirit was slowly doing the trick and some kids went ott with paint.
Nearly done with clearing the tables 
But that was more wiping gently and using water and kitchen towel, but as with the chances in life, things have to come to an end, it was about 6:55 and me and my managers left and part our ways, both of them drove back to the shop and i cycled back home. it was a not too bad journey but there was some bumpy bits and my sister called to ask where i was when i was by gem bridge.
The view as i was leaving for home

View Larger Map

Well its time to say goodbye for another week and with this event over, its back to normal for me i think. But with this week being a busy one when i made sure i found out what i did and made sure i was clean and even enjoyed fireworks i've actually never seen before. But i've been told that i might be out for the final bank holiday in 2014. But i still don't know my plans for that yet.

See you soon

Thursday, 14 August 2014

omracer's night out: the late championship fireworks

So, the day after the health check, actually that
means nothing, but I was productive, this day. But since I was offered to go to the fireworks and I also to hope I could get a chance to maybe make the daydream come true, I decided to not miss this.

The morning, well a good one, I woke up after the usual fap, then caught a bus to my Nana's and enjoyed their company for a few hours, sure I ended up listening to "memory" being played by my granddad using 2 keyboards connected to midi to USB adapter I bought for him for £10. It gave me another romantic idea in my head but I was unsure. A nice sausage, chips and beans was cooked.

A nice sausges, chips and beans with a bottle of j20

Then after chatting and I got home about 2, which was relaxing watching the gamescom conferences, I'm impressed with the line up, both Sony and Microsoft pulled a good show, well except the beginning of the Xbox one, cod and Fifa, ugh. But quantum break I was stunned at, so fast and great strategy, well stop time before a truck kills you, that's cool.
Then it came to getting the bus, I made a quick think and ran for it at 6:38 and in 9 minutes, I made it to lidl, then I saw a customer and greeted him, the view was good and the run was fast, but have you ever imagined running fast, well I'm a average weight so nope.

Running past the football pitch on may way to lidl

The bus was quiet and the £4.50 was paid, I walked upstairs and then I noticed someone and she said hi. Wearing jeans with a hoodie and had nice glasses, with a ponytail, we chatted turns out her named was Chloe, then I helped her with her mate to decide which bus she wanted to get, since the bus past horrabridge while she was at the stop. But the weather picked up and I was admiring the view and weather, not bbw view but just the scenes I was cycling past yesterday, with no rain.
Then I got into town and the vlog began, I greeted Chloe out or more so I left before Chloe did. But meh, I knew tonight is a night that I could get a kiss or even fight for love, of course its unpredictable but chelsie was going to be here and so is Jodie and maybe even someone that might be too good to be true.


Now, I got to text Charley, maybe we could of had a catch up, sadly she was ill but I did offer anything if she wanted it, medicine that stuff. It was nice weather and I ran into town, I was quick and also I was going to the casino, which I did run on video to, but I only went in for a piss, I wasn't as thirsty as I thought and the blackjack table was closed. But I then made my way to the hoe, I was thinking barbican but it was getting packed so made it up to the hoe instead.

Running down north hill

Reaching the hoe

Looking back into City Centre from the hoe

A closer look at the memorial with the fair

Some small tents to the side of the hoe

The memorial and the fair

A sunset look at the fair in action

Now the how was looking lush, the sunset was pretty good and the crowd was nice, I mean getting packed, the rides were in full boost. But I took a relaxing break, I know I should of got food but the queues were as long as a bus, well the Chinese takeout van was. To be fair, most of these are action shots of the fairground.

Stargate in action

A view of the fair looking towards the sun

Conneley's Thunderdome Walzter

Freddy's Revenge pops back again :)

XLR8 Booster

Much people, much tagada

Danter's Extreme ride orbiter


A unique one this year

Smeatons Tower

A view of the fair from the grass on the hoe

A Darker view of the fair from  9:10 or so, with the lights brighter than ever

Another view of stargate
Smeatons Tower before it got dark
My viewpoint for the fireworks this year
Then it was a case of trying to find a space which I will admit did take me about 15 minutes of mat walking, watching and laughing at the dominoes van's generator shutting down. I also saw Chloe and she introduced me to her friends eventually got sat down somewhere near smeatons tower at 9:20 then it was the waiting game. I mean waiting game as in it started at 10ish. But enjoy the pictures of the first contender, named PYRO1 below:

That ended at 10:10 then it was another 10 minute wait for the second contender named reaction Fireworks. People were not leaving just yet which is well...stupid if they were. But at about 10:20 the second one started and wasn't as good as the first but there was more to come which was in the lineup.

Now. This was the waiting game, I mean after this one, people started to clear out, not everyone but you could tell people were leaving and the gaps on the grass were showing, I moved a bit further down and I was warming up which is the nice irony here, but by 10:47 the 3rd contender, known as MLE Pyrotechnics was underway to prove if they were the pyrotechnic company to excite the night. Even though they did pull a good show, I couldn't say they were the best. Enjoy pics of the 3rd display below.

Then by 10:58 it was everyone clearing put and walking back to get themselves Home. I started strolling a long way back just with hopes to see if I could see anyone and maybe have a romantic moment, of course the first kiss was not going to happen, I'm not moaning on that point, but I didn't even see the house tonight too, that's odd but my luck.

The fair just before leaving

Looking from the fair with the full moon, aka werewolves are fucked tonight

I walked then decided to do a running on camera montage to McDonalds to order a large big Mac meal.
Now the queue was busy and it was cute and funny to see Becky in here, she smiled at me, her belly wasn't as good as when I talked to her on the night out a few weeks ago, but at least she ordered some medium fries, I wanted to feed her some but she was out before I picked my order up, but a nice £4.69 for this lot I find is reasonable for money. I paid on card for fun. While I was eating, my sister text me to see how I was getting home, I said I had McDonald's then getting the bus back

The nice Large BigMac meal for £4.69, i paid on card and its a sprite in there

Then I decided to go to the bus stop, maybe I went too early but I realised, "shit, I need a piss" then sprinted back to McDonald's , only to find the toilets were closed, so I ran back then headed into "The brass monkey", the chap at the bar said they were closes but let me use the toilets, which is nice of him. Then I waited for the bus. But I saw some people that recognised me, they giggled and smiled at me. I smiled back than stood next to one of them, one said hi and asked if I still vlog and I said yep, 200,000 views later.
Reaching the Bus stop

Then it was a queue with getting on the bus, but I got on the top deck then heard a
"geddon mattie" then I sat down and it was a relaxing journey home, but there were 2 buses which then one was cleared and put on our bus at Yelverton.
But it was soon time to get that running back home and after getting off at lidl, it was a quick late run home and this was the end of the night.

Maybe this might wasn't worth it in the terms of the search to find love but it was a quick break and sometimes fireworks can cause more love then what people see, but the next blog post might be the event at harrow beer, but is that really something you would be interested in, maybe not but I have a loose cannon that I might be going camping, but for now, i'll see you soon.