Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A cupcake themed 22nd birthday day out

Well I've been anticipating today for quite a while (even as far back as June this year), but the reason is....

Its Emma's 22nd Birthday (Well actually the day before, Monday 9th Sept) which is quite an important note an possible chance opener, Maybe i had an idea to treat her to something incredibly special but i was getting cold feet or big doubts about doing that. OK it does cost £130 with a 20% discount for using my Prepaid Card but i did leave this until the last minute, so this was now out of the question.

But before i go into that i have one or actually 2 things to mention.

First off


Also I'm now working on a new novel or short story that is a side story that exists in the first story "The Sexual Tension of a Drive-Thru". This is an ongoing side project with other various things starting out or taking hold, i aim to finish it by December (at least before Christmas).

But lets now start:

The Journey There:

As with most days, it was a nice lay in, although i woke up about 9:30 after fapping. Then i got up, checked e-mails, tidied up, got the bike out and then after a little 20 pumps and blu-tacking one of my tyre caps, i cycled off at 10:25ish.

Of course, with that happening, it makes cycling harder and dangerous, i also think i had both tyres flat although i pumped both up at least 30 pumps. But i made it to Drakes circus in just over 2 hours anyhow. 

Around about 11:30, nearing clearbrook from Yelverton

The search and sending of the right present

After i got into town, my mind was even set on cycling to Wagamammas to get  a gift-card, but i was searching around a few stops, heck i was even debating on a gift-card from Clinton cards, especially with the card i got from there cost £3.00, which might of been a bit steep but it did give a cute message as well. 

A choice of giftcards to pick, from experience days to even coffee from that non taxed coffee bar - Starbucks.
Oh and my favourite pizza place, Pizza hut

But i walked around about to get some other presents and Boom, i saw a shop named Mr Buns, now many of you might not know this place, but they do some really good cakes, on par with Ice Cream Studio 54 from where i've bought a few cupcakes for girls from that nice place.
So i walked in and asked the staff if they did gift-cards, she said no, then i asked about the cupcakes, i did get confused with prices but it was 6 for £6, basically £1 per cupcake after you pick at least 4. 
I chose a few flavours, some chocolate, one a seductive classic, a romantic based one and they looked beautiful. After paying for them and making sure the box was tight, i had to get some presents for my mum's birthday which was the 12th Sept.

I walked over to HMV, looked for the CD compilation i needed, called "Now that's what i call disco", i also picked up some cheap headphones for £5 and a ABBA CD for £2.99, as i was about to pay for this on what i thought i could using a gift-card i got for Christmas, i had a called from Jess and it was hard to speak to her as well as having to be told the gift-card hasn't been activated, so i had to pay in cash, then Jess hung up :(. 
After HMV, i called her back and she said to deliver the presents to her nans place, near the life centre, so i went to primark to have a very quick look at cheap jeans, i found none. Then i tried to write Emma's card out using a lotto stand, the ink was dry, so i borrowed a pen from the Cornwall College stand. I did take a pic just to make sure i didn't forget what i bought, enjoy:
The card above the cupcakes, ranging from oreos and cream, to malteaser style ones to even love hearts. At least i tried as well as hopefully gave her some oral enjoyment

So after that, i ran to my bike, and pedalled to the Life centre, which was the way i had cycled in, so as i got there, i text Jess, she said to cross the road and after a bit of calls, we eventually found each other as she was out of the flat, i gave her the box and we caught up slightly. She even said I've lost a bit of weight, as well as her in a cute dressing gown and a pink and white polka dot pyjamas. I thanked her for this and she said "its ok, i like these kinda things" which did give me a "awwww" type moment.

The easy afternoon

After blushing and catching up with Jess, i cycled back into town and just as i got back, i got a text from James saying he and Pete were in town, so i said i would meet them there, looked in maplin, didn't see ally, she must of had a day off. Then i walked to meet them both, we hung out for a few hours, chatting and overhearing various things, also we went blockbuster since i saw RR for PS Vita and of course with the announcement of the PS Vita TV, this was the best time to make sure i could play the game i want before i buy the console, like i did with RR7 at CEX before i bought a PS3 from Argos the day before the slims were announced. I also had the opportunity to buy a blue raspberry slush, which was incredible ;)
Ridge Racer Vita for £13.99 (Pre-owned) and an ice cold blue raspberry large slushie for £1.99.
I think that was well worth it, well for both anyway

After more chatting about various things with both Pete and James, then Pete had to go back to work, so it was just me and James, having a browse, i bought some more Jeans from Primark, they cost £10 but i supposed that still not bad really. I also saw a few people as we past, Like Lacy for example, a cute short girl, of course with her baby in a pram (*sigh with a bit of sadness in my eye, the non fly one*), she even asked us both if it looked like his dads, which i had no idea really but she then said "your shit with babies anyway", which is mostly true.

Then we went Starbucks for a bit, mostly checking up on tweets and all. I had to take a piss, then before we left, James needed one as per usual. Then it was more killing time, exploring places and also having a chat with some Staff at EE with the roaming problem on my phone, which now can be fixed and its not entirely the phone, its the network availability, so it has to be EE 3G, not Orange or T-Mobile 2g/3g. Then it was more looking around, in CEX and some browsing in there.

I also mentioned to him about an "event" that a friend of both of ours was in and it was caused by the j20 girl, which i have mentioned in a earlier blogpost, you know with the one that kept calling me etc...That was a little surprise for him but meh, he asked if i was going for her (like flirt ot i want to date you type thing) and i said, possibly but shes a bit skinny for me, and she has alot better my type of mates, heck i even said Bronti on that then i took it partly back since she is petite, but loves food too much.

Also it seems i met some mates of his who run a Socialist party which is pretty good, although its more for the benefits legislation change, its better than me in some respect,

The cycle back:

After about 4:30, we met up with Pete again and decided to walk back to my bike, and my exhausting journey begins, which actually wasn't as bad as it seems but it was getting tiring towards the end, i did nearly crash into a lady with a dual pram in the subway by crownhill and i also popped by the new Units by lidl in woolwell and it was funny, after i walked into the charity shop, i went into domino's and i saw an old friend from #crappycityplym and he looked well, asked how we both were and this and that, then i carried on.
Eventually it was nearing 6pm and time was getting late and tiring but the sun was still bright, even with the clouds getting bigger and darker. Like the Sunset at Yelverton below:

Beautiful sunset passing Yelverton before going onto the trail

Then it was more downhill riding and eventually getting home at about 7pm, moved the bike in and my legs were limping. Then a nice fried tea was here and it was a nice mix of onion rings, chicken, ham, curly fries and of course i added a white bap and some ketchup and mustard. 
My tea for that night, a mix of US fried food (onion rings, curly fries, potato wedges, chicken) a white bap, ham, ketchup and mustard. 

The next step in life:

Then that was the day, with the main thing done and out the way and i hope she liked them, she did text me saying thanks, although i shouldn't of bothered but at least it was nice thought. But things in the air are changing and maybe my search for a chance with her might be unravelling itself or i end up losing a chance forever, which i really don't want to have that on my conscience and end up wanting to rip my own heart out like it nearly shattered to pieces 4 years ago 2 months before now. 

But for now, i might have a surprise for you guys this weekend, Although i have Pre-Ordered Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD remix to finally enjoy the beginning of this amazing franchise from Amazon. I might skip playing it if an opportunity arises to be able to achieve something greater, which probably won't happen but you might find out soon. There are some pretty competitive prices for this, Amazon are doing it for £23.99 which i find quite good, so if you want it, get it soon. 

But for now, i'll see you in the next blogpost whenever that might be.

omracer :)