Thursday, 17 February 2022

A Close to COVID and Bonding

 Well, this has been another HETIC mostly WORKING MONTH already and it's not even been like 3 weeks since the previous post was up, I feel things have gotten really out of control but at the same time, having to accept what I've done and also part of that might lead to something special or just end up being hurt which by the end of this post, will probably mention it then but This is going to be maybe deep or maybe not. But what happens from the planning here is where things will go or not. 

We start on the January 

It comes to the end of the month so much fast approaching and it was also a Twitter catchup from that previous post fo the most part now this comes to. But it was coming to the stress of hoping to wait to see if I get lucky with a reply from someone I got the just eat for her birthday Since that was a fair bit of time until she did reply to me. It was also the time to have a nice deal of 2 of these wall burrito slices which are nice and even cold they can have a zang to it. 

I got 2 of these in the end and ate both which was nicer than they might expect it to be 

But then it was also getting to catch up in work since it eas soon to start of ANOTHER full weekend of working was panic due to how some repairs were going to end up, which instead it was the case of having to book them in and heating the boxes up can make it so much more useful on that side of things. 

The tags and tape can make it so bad 

But as it approaches the weekend it was going to be one of those other iPad repairs to finally sort out, Or was it, no, wait it was a MacBook screen to change which I had to sort out for Saturday night. But it was also when someone was stealing pics for a rate my plate sort of thing. 

Which from that to get some relaxing and catching up done since it was coming up to the first day off in 2 weeks and it mean a shave was going to be needed and that means time to go live. Plus it means to get a wordle in since soon they would be purchased by the New York Times 

The toasted sandwich and a smoothie 

But this was to be one of those afternoons to see grandparents since it been 2 weeks since last seeing them and it was going to be a nice meal out Ordered from the Voting Tree on that side of things and it was the time of getting to the part of having time to spend with them since it was soon going to mean bad choices but this post was too early for finding out that choice. But it was to help to make the bed and sort out some of the other chores since the spare bedroom was to be cleared out to the garage for some of it like walkers and some frames and other bits and pieces. But there was a smell which was never nice either. 

The Roast from the Voting Tree

Then it was coming to finally had the afternoon late to go home and then it was a case of walking the Dog on the moors like it was also going through some of the chats that mum was worried about with her family, potentially more chances at moving house which made it even work. But the wind was getting worse as well as then it was nice to see my sister's fiance's parents and have a catch up with them. 

The moors in the last weekend of the first month of 2022

But then its time to relax on that sign of things and it was just to get some bits of testing other sorted and it means to be able to get games played and also to enjoy something a bit more mellow out and now I did manage to get a Dual sense to eventually get fixed, via some soldering, I had a working headphone jack for it which is useful for being able to feel comfy with playing it since it was also the hype of steam deck. This means the Steam link was well worth getting years ago now it's discontinued but it works fine for basics or so I thought, But fall guys was too laggy and also it was soon time to dive into other games with the dual sense which did not work for me. But the bath had a nice tone to it but was a bit of a cut for it from the shaving cut earlier. Plus PS Now was quite good, with the last guy. 

The Shaving with the cut in the bath. 

Now then, it goes to the last day of the month, my legs shaking, realising things were going to go worse and it was back to the normal time of work which was going to REALLY mess things up. Now It was about 4 visits to do and it ended up having one take longer since a failing HDD on a PC which I kid you not, was purchased as a gaming PC back in December 2020 and did NOT have ANY USB 3.0 Ports AT ALL. like its a 3rd gen intel board with 12GB RAM and a GTX 1050 which of course the Rift S does not work with it since USB 3.0 is needed. 

But that was then causing a visit to be cancelled for the day morning after and instead, it was to go back to a customer at the 5pm mark for some mini bits to then finally go home. Which just causes that burnout to relax on that side. But it was turning to the part where things were going to change. 

Feeding Fever Feburary 

So it was coming overnight and I got a message at the 1am 2 am from a girl up the midlands, she seemed really nice and actually asked on what brought me to feabie and vice versa, but she said 

 i’m looking for something real, someone who can handle my appetite and attitude and enjoy having control over my weight

Which is fair and seems nice and it makes something seem good and she was really under the impression that a spark could happen between us, I mean yes this might be true, but she is a big age gap of 8 years, (19) but I was not realising what was coming to pass from her giving me her number, like wow, that is a big change so quickly, 🚩.

So we exchanged and messaged on WhatsApp, which I thought was going to be a case of the past like Zara or even another girl I would discover had like 1k followers on Instagram since the last time we spoke was back in January 2021. But what straight away happens on the first day of chatting, Just Eat, so the buttons get pressed and well it's back to repeating what happened the week before, or so I thought...

Well, I actually got a Pic of what it was and this was interesting since it was Mcdonalds, which of course was raving with soon to be Chicken big mac to appear in the UK. But she was of course getting quite optimistic on this since of the first feed as it were. Plus she is quite excited on the gaining side which for me goes 🍆 and this was making things and judgement cloudy as per. I mean since joining feabie, the hormones have been in overdrive which is a stark contrast to 2 months ago when feelings of hope things work out and what the future. But I got home pretty late and then had a few Nandos wraps that mum cooked ass well as just crashing out a bit and playing some Fallguys on that night too. 

Fallguys on the TV but laggy via steam link 

Also questions on my mind which I'll need to sort out with the sex therapist if I get time off to book that and finally sort things out, the burning was getting intense at times. 

But anyway it was good to know about her and things and well I was surprised she was starting to talk to me ALOT more, like at least DAILY which is amazing in one way but its that I wonder what this is going to do, is this the right thing and it leads to more and more bonding in some ways, its felt different to the week before is the certainty a change. But it was nice to finally get some bits in Co-op such as finding coriander due to a new way to improve the metabolism as much as it's nice to fatten, the feabie effect feels a bit more. But I say that and Gyozas are £0.94 in co-op so omg I've got to get that as well as the last bag of the coriander. 

The after work shop from co-op 

But this then lead me to finally start a video on how to make a coriander smoothie. 

@omracer a #mini #omracerstotutorial on how to #make a #coriander #vitaminc #smoothie and #how it #tastes ♬ original sound - Mattie LT Marker

The meal that night 

But then it was more interesting facts on how I got a message back from someone that didn't actually meet in the first week of august back in 2019 when something was arranged, but she remembers me chatting shit about her (calling her out for not meeting) but doesn't remember arranging something on that first week. After that week and the week of the fireworks, I did meet a mutual friend at the time and that story has been told a few times in small stages. So that was that.  But that was also along the lines of Rosie 

But another message of someone that visits her Aunt in the UK wanted to mee only if I feed her while in the US , I said I could not do it that week and got blocked (message disappeared) 

Now it's been more chaotic at work with day after day, visits and repairs one after enough and other and also distractions and hormonal dreams coming true with the bonding. 
 But that was also along the lines of Rosie wanting a walk at 1am in the morning as sod's law goes so that means that. Plus Another Catfish on Feabie ss

Rosie on a walk at 1am in the pissing rain 

But that and NFTs were starting to be a pain for the many as well. But the work and long hours were going to be for the next few weeks and I felt like it was self destruct mode, especially from showing to make the effort with this new lady in my life, and since I had late nights it means paying for this is going to be tough and some IOUs. But we can see what happens. 

This does help with finally some American bits in LIDL for the final few days of the discounts of American food and this was good. like The Amicercna Snack box was such a good idea. This was actually at 9:36pm before it closes at 10 due to 2 visits aka lamerton and on the way nack from Whitchurch road. 
Cycling in the Pitch Black 

This looked Really good

The deals I got from Lidl on that night 

But then it was time to have a very light snack since it was 10pm by that time and well the doughnuts were the option and a toasted sandwich too. 

The Sandwich, Cookies and the Donut

But then it was nearing the mid to end of the week and things were getting a bit more expensive, since work was getting stressful with soon phone repairs were off the charts of demand, orders for devices were going to hopefully be sorted and it just know I was going to deal with ALOT of things. Whiny kids wanting cables did not help either (oh wait, that was the week after) . But this plan I've dug myself into was going to maybe change what was to come on it.  Plus getting the Paypal gifts take its time and well having to get one while playing Train Simulator from Exeter to Dawlish which plays 30FPS on the 6 Pro E5100 laptop 

A bottle of water after finally getting the time to go out of the 

Now, this lead to also colder nights and days and to combat this, wearing a thermal shirt upside down was a good idea to see if it does make it warmer and it actually does. Also, another late night means missed 

The shirt and the belly 

Leftover Indian takeout 

Then it comes to a weekend of sorrow and near loss of family and this was going to be the case of how it becomes for the family. Since from that night I got home, there was a phone call which nan could not get responsive and liked passed out, so in this case, it was the time to really work and parents went over there and I managed to get things going with working until 3am which was to get some things sorted. 

So i eventually slept at 5:45am after fapping for an hour or two and then it was to get up since it was time for another day of work to be happening and this was to get some jobs sorted with this phone to repair so it was time to get that done, which I did get sorted and still panicked about 2 other phones to sort out since on that Saturday it was leading to not getting home until 8pm before the Indian takeout. 

So this then leads to working and getting the iPhone x screen repaired as well as either thing to sort out which the weather was getting better too. But I ended up getting home to have a toffee apple pastry thing and some crisps on top which was nice. Also Finley used his little hut. 

The Pastry and the crisps 

Finley in the little hole 

So then it was time to go to the grandparents to check on both of them after the events that occurred last night and well it was nice to see them and my nan and she felt normal but maybe a bit tired which can be one of those things, but it's a thing that it's showing how bad her health was to become. But grandad was seeming to have a cold and well actually that was later on to BE NOT the case and it was WORSE. But for now, it was to make sure things were nice and the sky was nice at night. Plus it was the first of more spending for some snacks for the girl that would later on really be nice to me in some ways. 

The sunset with the lights 

The Sky got really bright with the lights of the village above it 

So then we finally have a casserole which was nice but runny and even with the crispy onions from the previous time it was not as nice as other meals. But the money food thing was going to get a lot deeper in the week to come. 

But the next day was a Monday and actually, it was not as bad as it seemed but due to the food the night before for the greedy girl, it means it was time to get 2 visits sorted then it was time to go to lidl and get some extra bits, actually, that was not going to be the case due to the above. So it was time to get some more stocked booked in at work So i got home at 6pm and it was another meal to go for. 

The ham, egg, chips and salad at the end 

But then it was back to more work and it was going to be the start of the second week of non-stop working, which to be fair was quieter as it goes with the build-up of the POS from both Techland and Sony (Dying light 2 has been in the box for nearly 2 weeks) 

Horizon for the week of this post going up but like its was too big to bere in this location 

The day was quiet but things were going to be hectic since delays on parts were getting a bit rushed and more things were to be happening over this course of the week and online work was to help pay for some of the whats to come but was it's going to be enough was my question to ask. 

The Chilli with fries on that night

But as this evening was coming to a close, it was the case of my sister popping over announced which was nice and her week off was an I went to an event one day earlier since of her mindset with days off, but days off was going to be another week or so away. But this was going to lead to something else. 

COVID Isolation Panic in reverse. 

So it comes to the Wednesday, Which I wake up in the morning and mum and Dad both test and it's POSITIVE, Like SHIIIIIIT and panicked to get changed, get a test and get the fuck out of that house to go to work, since it's going to be tough with the current 5-day isolation rules for it. So It was coping with that, I mean the shaking has been quite intense on the leg that day and some jobs on top were getting here and there but it was then to have visits on top after to be careful on.

While this was happening. I got a message, being asked out on a virtual valentines date Like this was going to be a wait what moment of something special and maybe things were going to go somewhere. 

The invite for valentines

So it was going to end up a decision to go for the virtual date at miller and carter  and that was going to be the tough part of things and whether this might be a ploy or if there might be a real spark. So she said it got booked for that day. 

 Plus things that were ordered were to end up arriving a few days later than planned, plus a visit to a pub to sort wifi out was causing some delays and tablet refunds did not help on that side.

Eating along and the Negative test well 2nd that day. 

But then it lead to more of the work online to take my mind off things and especially from what was soon to happen with my love life of some sort, it was going to be important to work to feel focused, and nervous about testing every morning until the next Monday since that is when their tests were going to end and cause things to make it work without catching it. 

Another working Weekend

But then it goes to the Friday and well this is where things were going to get tense from it, like, it was going to be one long day and well work was getting like more hectic from some repairs and one customer was wanting a repair job part to arrive like it was waiting until 9pm But before we get that far, there was a customer to visit with McAfee having some language install issues but worked in the end, then it was a nice mini shop in Co-op for bread and some extra snacks since of the parents self-isolation law to come through on that side of things. But some good deals and then it was time to get back to the shop and keep it open, 

Now while waiting, I was still talking and it was good to find out what was going to be like what it could be and am I going to have to spend loads more than maybe have. But my nerves did kick in and called 2 of the places around the area, one did just have a voicemail left and the other well actually they checked and it was not booked to the one on the west side of the city. But with it still waiting for DPD to turn up, I left by 8:50pm.

Leaving work by 8:50pm

Then I got home and it was a nice leftover meal before risking bath, that parents have made which actually it was a choice to take the air in or feel uncosy without the bath, so I did a compromise on that, which then it was time to have a bath with a mask on. 

The leftover chicken curry with a ricecake

A mask selfie in the bath 

But then it was more chatting and time to go to sleep and then it was another day and more of the weekend to wor,m and wait for deliveries to happen. But it was more work to catch up with, visits to do and then it leads to more shopping plus thee heavy drizzle was to be occurring. But it does make it feel a bit easier to plan the excitement and also get some fragile bits of Eggs and even other parts that parents needed for their final few days of self-isolation. 

The mini shop from Tesco after a visit 

Then I walked home and it was some chicken steaks and chicken nuggets for tea while then to do some online work since of the future would need to save up more and I was already pushing plans due to original coming out with the £39.14 payment was going to come out on Tuesday. 

The Saturday night meal 

Which it was then working and fapping until about 3am the mark and then it was another day of work since it's the 3rd Sunday in a Row to happen now. Which actually was pouring with rain, it was quiet and it was getting some of the fixes done, I was getting tempted to list stuff on amazon but due to the risk of the positive test, I didn't bother in the end. But it was then to finish the day at 3pm and time to walk/run home, thinking if tomorrow or Valentine was going to mess up and how things I was being stupid and making mistakes with this. But it was also the negative tests. 

The Tests 

The high river on the way home 

But as it was coming to get some more bits done and some online work to catch up on, the talking was more exciting on the day of Valentine. but it ended up with some late-night hunger and meant having to pay for some food and well this was making the day pretty intense.  But since it was Superbowl, the money was higher and I had to put pressure on myself for getting things done. But then it was to wake up to the normal life

A Valentines Day with a close 8th date

So its the special day, Valentines and my nerves had to pick up due to the end game of bills as well as if this ended up having a video call for the first time in nearly 2 years (Well excluding work and family), But the rain was coming so it was the normal visit to start off with and they paid. Then It was time to cycle back to the shop to get some things sorted and it eas some more chatting as well as stock to sort in and money to get paid and even some orders to do that have been demanded. 

But before I left it was time to have one visit just up the road to help some thermostat battery connector but as it should be then she gave me half a slice of her chocolate and almond cake which does look like bread but is actually quite nice to eat when I found out later on/. Also, I finally put a GTX 1650 which is what might be in for a review later on this year.

The Chocolate Almond Cake 

Packing a GTX 1650 on the cycle home

Time to Cycle home 

Then I finally got home about the 5:30 mark and it was then time to have an early ta before it was time to sort out the date itself. Which was a nice bit of burgers and chips. But then it was time to catch up, get shaved and change since she did reply to me saying she was on her way to the steakhouse. But then she finally replied and it was the first pic of the night of a cocktail 

The cocktail

Now we were a hope we could video call to make it feel more like a virtual date but sadly that did not happen due to battery and signal so its a shame, but that eagerness in my head was really anxious but shortly after that I saw the final meal of that date, some starters.

The starters I think 

But eventually, it was then to type this yup and see how it goes, eventually, time passes and its 11pm and there was an attempt of a phone call but then no luck with calling backend it was the case of her TalkTalk router was down, So this was not looking lie it was to be what it was,. But that was pretty much it since the day after on Tuesday was the realisation things were just to be burned out and typing this up was the part of the pain from the delay on it. ALOT of people were getting shocked about the Selfie from Friday last week. Plus I found out the girl I used to feed is on Instagram with over 1,000 followers but she did let me follow her so that's a good sign I was not blocked, just ghosted

But for now, we will keep you updated on what is to come since my thoughts are not as raw but still you're in the best way t stay was going on.