Thursday, 20 May 2021

Life feels semi-normal - Lockdown Stage 25

 Well, over 3 weeks passed since it was the end of April and now halfway through may, But this is how things go. But its been fully working to a lot of ends which can make even me feel the toll of burnout again. 

So lets begin from that point on when its the 1st weekend in May: 

Well, it starts with Saturday, Which is working and also the time of realising it was the pure second bank holiday of the year. Which this it also to be working on that bank Holiday back to normal cycling on the very many routines but actually it was soon to be more exhausting than I thought. Plus the roads were going to get chaotic with the roadworks of Gas Works now being dug up until the end of the June. This was causing chaos over traffic lights  being out of action. I'm lucky this did not cause a crash. Also I did not hear anything from a site people wanted me to use for selling shoutouts, even though alot of Right wingers used it 

The Roadworks

But after this, it was looking towards another Sunday and first it was to be the Sunday of potential rest . But instead it, was a trip, to a Garden centre I've not been since, May 2019, well to this one anyway, It felt nice but there is that chance of what the future could hold, even if the future did not look as bright as what I was hoping it to be, with more reasons on that to unfold in the weeks after. 

The trolley and plants at plants galore. 

It was a nice way to get back to normal life with afternoons out, sure it caused delays with what I plan out for yourselves, but the family time gave me inspiration, But from the first my dad wanted me to use Google maps to find out how to get there, we did get lost and stuck in one corner but then we got there and looked for various plants and more of the fruit ones to herbs to even making own versions of hanging baskets. But eventually we got out around the 3:30 and then it was a drive to KFC, which for a late lunch and well this was my first time this year and even the first time eating in the car for over a year too. I did manage to clam some of stamp using the kfc app but I really should have looked on the apps for the savings, that is one feeder mistake I'll learn not to do if i get to get food in real life in the future that's not just for me. 

The KFC was amazing to see and it looked so nice too, proper modern and feels nice to walk into a fast food place, but hoping to go on a date there this year when things are ready to happen but probably when I go on holiday next. 

The KFC under the clouds 

As we were eating, we could tell the clouds were getting darker and rain was close to happening but it was soon to pour down on our way home.  

The grey clouds over the east side of Plymouth 

But then we passed Cadover Bridge which actually I've not been there for a good few years now, but, we just had ice cream/ice lolly in the car. Which it was nice and maybe I'll go here again eventually. 

The Strawberry push up 

Then we got home and relaxed and taken it easy, I had to prepare for a long day tomorrow on that end and it was going to be a no exception. But that Monday was alot of cycling, with going from one place to another and then another, it ended up 3 people and even then it was a long time and did not get back until 8pm but it meant an overdue roast with the addition of BBQ pringles. 

The roast with the choco nussa and the spicy bbq Pringles

But then it turns over to more of daily work, the shop was actually not as busy until later on, but that week was actually going to be one with Resident Evil Village, and there was a planned midnight release but since it was looking like a last minute thing, so in the end, it felt like no point trying to get that bit open and do that. But it was also time to have to the call the bank at work, since the new card was blocked due to the bar for the past 2 months. But that was a sign of relief to finally get that sorted and get back to having money sorted out. And even after that was a visit so it took me to get a nice reward of a big meal to add chicken mushroom pasta with it. Plus about smart mirrors, one day I might try to build one. 

The Pasta and extras for that night's tea

It was then to catch up and prepare for more deliveries and also customer visits was abound. And it was soon to finally be the first time of having lunch in Work since re-opening and well it happens due to the posting on amazon to clear games out, Which was starting to really help bulk some cashflow into the business as per say. Luck on my end might run out later, but its the spur of the moment for now. 

The Pasta and the Water

Now lets be fair, the Co-op water is not that bad to be honest and its healthier than other choices I've made before, but When I got to end in the evening, it was finally time to have some extras such as Burger sauce which was on offer from the same time I got the Co-op, with pasties, Plus the salad is always what I had before.  

The Tea from Thursday night

But that night was also the first time to check and test out Instagram Captions, which for me might be a nice way to make vlogs interesting and later on was a chance to try it, But it was actually pretty accurate, But it was also time that shaving was needed to be done soon too. 

The Caption bath selfie

That went according to plan for the most part. but then it was fineally the day of RE village and well, actually no sales. but on that Friday, it was a run to work and a fly got swallowed up and I swear I felt like I had covid, from the coughing to the eye watering and well I had to spit it out in the end in a nearly puking manner. 

The Fly that spat out 

But then it was a quiet ish day, sure there was some visits to do at the end which was for wifi extension and this was not as long as i was worried about, but Here we are. Eventually it was the case that it felt like another wasted week, but accounts were caught up much better than before, though there are some bits I really have to think on how to create for it. This was lucky too since on another posting I got 2 days of lucnch in one go. 

The 2 days of lunch, the Pasta was for the Friday, the Chicken Tikka Slice for the Saturday. 

But i finally got home and with tea, it was nice to have a cold slushie lemonade, which was from the blue raspberry syrup purchased when it was the day out to Plymouth over 1 month ago. But with the added Vitamin C tablet, it turned it green. 

The Vitamin C and blue raspberry drink 

But then it was finally the weekend, which for me means another day of working and it was no change there, sure things had been a bit better and more people since of the weekend, but not as busy as it used to be. But on the way back from a visit of actually a new customer, I got to pick up things from Co-op since mum gave me a text asking for some chocolate and on the way back from that, it was time to get some good deals on Sandwiches too. Even though I ate all of them later on that night. 

The Shop from Co-op after work

 But it was the time to also hopefully get time to film, but sadly it did not. In this case the weather was a disaster but it meant we could relaxed in the day or get thing sorted, Which Actually I was about to learn a sharp truth, since it seems my tyre was going flat on the bike again. But my luck of not getting that right was well timing, since I might have had a spare tube, that was working, or so I thought. But before we get to that. It was announced about hugging being legal by the 17th May. 

It was funny since Curvage has been buzzing with interesting clips, from tiktok models ending up making videos on there, funnels from a lot of British girls being to try it out too, I wondered about hoping I could try it in my lifetime, There is a hope for it maybe but its got ALOT of trust to build up before it could happen maybe. But this was also the debate that calzone is the greasiest meal in the UK. Actually no debate on there, but it made me wonder myself about it but 65 people said its not. 

But this was then later on to be founded when in the afternoon, me and mum went over to check out on how her mum and dad were getting on, since its good to keep in touch. But since Rosie did not get the chance to give her a walk. So I was dropped off near the park and walked Rosie back to nans, while doing, the dog's ball disappeared, another dog took it. 

Rosie and the ball on the field 

But then we put the lead on and carried on to get to nan. 

The road of walking down, well looking back anyway 

Then we dropped  off the stuff and caught up with family. Then mum and me drove home but she wanted Spicy spuds, so we drove to town and then got me dropped off, and then for a £4.60 for 10 potatoes, it took 45 FUCKING MINUTES, I KID YOU NOT.     Like that is a bit of a joke to deal with for the least of it, but eventually we got home and had them. 

The Spicy Spuds

Then it was the case of changing the tube on the tyres, which worked fine BUT turns out it was one already with a puncture so I had no bike for that week aka the day after. Which means it was going to be a LONG day ahead. Especially with 3 to 4 customers to see on that day...

This was then time to work on it, So eventually getting up and trying the new trainers I used when i went on that Sunday outing, it was the best way to really get to run and run I did.  The jeans were stretch was it or something that feels elastic, but well it was actually a quick time of 1 hour 24 minutes. The Rain held off and I was feeling sweaty but the feet did not feel as badly numb as the previous shoes which is a bonus. 

But that was then the hour or 2 of relaxing during the lesson and then it was time to work and run my way to the shop to deal with preparing for things and actually another visit or well 2 more. So My legs were to carry me over to the shop eventually which was in 1 hour 35 ish. , which I did get some things checked out, a rep called. But by about 4pm, I was running over to the next place after posting an item, but that was going to be a fair bit of stress even on that part. But then it was to run back to town for one last visit for issues with safari which eventually lead to another issue on top but that was a week later to deal with the endgame of that visit. 

But then it was time to go home and then relax for a bit of more work to do online, but actually it was have a bath and crash out from the 38,000 steps + I did that day. Chorizo was a nice way to end it i will admit. 

But the day after seems to not be as massively painful as I remembered, there was a bit of limping I will admit but I kept on. More posting was the key to getting payments sorted too. But then it was another booking and the rain poured down, but this was a near opportunity to get some shopping mum wanted me to get sorted. Which lead to the trip to tesco. 

The £14.46 shop from tesco. 

The meal when I got home 

Editing this was going to be a nightmare but I managed to start this earlier than I planned and since work was getting better for have more time for myself. But work was to catch up and so it meant to put it aside, oh and also since using the video editing laptop as a till now the charger does not charge the battery, it means the point of using it as a portable laptop is now end of life. But another long day at work and mass effect to pre order meant it was more to plan out, whether this made a difference is to be seen. Plus working on line and watching RE8 streams is always a good choice. Well RE8 streams did help me distract myself i will admit. 

Nasi goreing for tea 

But then it was just that work, FF chat including guys that apparently spike food to help their partner gain weight then send pics of that to me on kik without me asking or wanting them but hoping for me to do the same is like actually no, thio is not how it goes and its creepy af, especially when the chap is like somerset wayu. But apart from that and keeping dry from the weather outside, since there were moments of it being from the wind and the stormy to the sunny and warm outside, it did confuse me to the best of my ability here.  But thats how things go. But Reduced chicken tikka slices are great too. 

The Reduced lunch

Then it was another weekend, which actually full of working online and then 2 long nights, which eventually it was getting to the part of me that was feeling drained, I mean drained to the port, I had a Call on saturday night and it was to visit someone on Sunday at 10am, Yikes. Plus then I was up on Sunday morning and my sight was blurry, like not fully but a small bit in my right eye and it was also a bit of migraines, Sure i got up and then got changed and sorted the customer out, but once that was done I was feeling a bit giddy and was even struggling to eat lunch. So i ended up having a 3 hour nap and then felt a bit better (not still 100%). 

The sunday Roast lamb for lunch

But that 3 hour kip made it to nearly 4pm and then it was time to get changed and go to deliver more bits to mums parents and check up on them, just like the week before. But my mum had the similar migraine thing to me the day before, so it could be the sign we both get exhausted in our own ways. But we greeted them and then we spent time to checkon a few things, such as preparing the food shopping mum purchased, talking about the Car he sold which I was offered and earlier tin the week very coerced to try driving but I had to and clearly did say I was uncomfortable which will only make it worse in the long time but for me now, its not the right time. 

The boot of bits to take in from the car to their house

Eventually we got home and no takeout to stop for on the way. And it was me craving a lot from the tea which was lunch, to then potato and lamb sandwiches and then more  chicken lamb sandwiches as well as ice lollies. 

The tea which wad the same lamb but it really had some extra bits like the sausages and the gravy 

Now then it was the finally time for the chance for the day after, feeding and also time to enjoy eating indoors for those that get the chance to, I know its going to be the start of the project I got tastecard for but its to make sure I can finally get the funds saved up for the summer of food in one way....

But for me the best part was actually having the first Monday off since the peak of the 3rd lockdown, and this was still me recovering, sure one message on insta from someone that went up a waist size but apparently goes to uni in manchester and has a thing for food too. But that and walking the dog in the pissing rain, lead to a home visit just after then once done, it was some nice soup for lunch. 

Tomato Chicken Stock noodle pasta soup with a nice honey spring onion curry sauce tiger sandwich 

Then it was relaxing and eating that and then cleaning up while finishing some more of Pokemon Sun and Moon season 3. But then it was finally time to get a review up and in the works, which was the review of a few months now. The Stripe Vlogging light. 

The box in the green screen behind 

A warm light selfie 

A Normal light selfie 

A cool light selfie 

How it looks when clipped to the desk 

And then it was back to work, sure I had the vlog to edit on the mac and ending up downgrading it to get the rendering to work and sure FF chat was okay and even work was good with not as many visits happening as well as amazon posting in work as the normal. The Tyre for the Bike was fitted in the tube and i'll find out if it ended up a bit weak from later on but for now thats all i can say....or maybe. 

First up was the fact it was still quiet in work this week so it was some more lucmhs and also it was another day of work and wednesday was great for a casserole, even if the mustard did get me a bit tummy acid burn.  Sure my sister got me some chocolate for helping out with her work';s devices over a whatsapp video call last week but sadly it meant the end of life of those devices anyway by a coincidence. 

The lunch on a quiet day. 

The casserole but with a lot of mustard to keep the flavour in to me, but it hurt my nose big time 

But after a walk and a bath and typing this up, to then listen to Classical music (from my laptop library not the genre of classical music) It was time to sleep at 1:30am. To then wake up to a lot of rain and also to then have to haul a POS box from my mums work to the shop and then one customer wanted to pop by the door to check the times when i did make clear I was not open yet. 

Which then it was more buts and pieces and more shop organising before finally getting some customers sorted then getting more of he Review edited before finishing it up tomorrow, but on the way back home was posting off AND mum calling to ask if i wanted a lift but then getting confused on where I was, it was best for me to run home and by the time i got the up the hill, Rosie and her were walking and we chatted. But i did get some good £0-.80 bits of chicken from central .

The £0.80 bargain of 2 boxes of chicken  

Then we decided to go for something nice for cooking tea, sure I had a customer call up and sure some posting  bits to get done but that was nice to have a chinese curry Paella with noodles and mayo. 

The Salad , noodles and the chicken seafood paella 

But there we have it, finally another post done and caught up, but lets be fair, there is still lockdown left to go, rumours of a triple mutation are breaking slowly into the news  and also the indian variant means it might not be end of  restrictions yet. But for me, normal life is semi and still bits to plan and money to make for me and the shop. But I did feel i need to catch up with the vlogs and blogs since Well I am a YT partner since February too. Also friends completed degrees and other friends have had appointments come and go, but saving up to make sure my social life gets to come back is important and then i can feel closer towards that search being complete, not the looking side but well behinds the scenes to make the reality happen of bonding. 

For now stay safe and eat nicely