Monday, 25 September 2017

A Calstock Outing

This one is work related but it's also a place I've not been for a while, so calstock is the place. The September was doing ok, the BPD is interesting to say the least and a few projects were to be done. To be fair, there wasn't much to vlog in this, so it's just a blogpost.

The morning

So, waking up at 8am and the usual social stuff to check, a new wooplus match happened from a girl up Edinburgh and Snap had all the fun moments in others lives. Eventually I got the needs out of the way and time to get up.

I woke up and checked e-mails, it was handy on a project for next month was on the way, got a step further in planning, geofilter for the first time.

Then it was some accounting to do with paying people before a nice shower and a quick dogwalk. Rosie did her business, but the bus I needed to get on went past me (into Tavi). Another bus let me cross, I got home and changed and packed what needed before heading out to the bus stop.

The journey 

as I waited 5 mini, a friend walked by with her dog , she sat down then sniffed me before I held my hand up for the bus that arrived. I got on it, paid £3.30 for a return to calstock and on the way there, the sun was out and the heat was humid. I called my customer up to let her know I was on my way.

Arriving in Calstock

The visit

I got there, then waited and another bus appeared, that was the bus back to tavi, then she greeted me, we chatted and it was time to fix her devices. A few tricks were done and Gmail ready, I then left by 1:30 and I walked down to the stop.

A nice street

The browse.

Then it was 10 minutes of browsing, so a visit to a shop which was a van is the plan, the views around are nice.

The view from the bus stop

The van shop
Then, I was in the gelato place and both buses turned up, so it was time for me to get in or. The return worked fine. After this, it was a busier journey, more people a longer bus and even a chap I knew sat in front of me.
Passing a train station

Heading Home

I was home by 2:10.  Which meant that's a nice bit of exploring done and money made. I know I have a vlog to make still, which might be soon. Crash 1 is almost finished minus Stormy Ascent. See you soon


Sunday, 17 September 2017

A day in the new life

This one was a fun day, I've wanted to try to get a day in the life done and now I get to start it. This was somewhat how my past 2 weeks have been with more time to myself than usual. The vlog is below,

The Fresh Morning

Let's be honest, this was actually starting after getting to sleep at 3am, but Westworld is a unique show and was enticing as I built a PC.

Intel Pentium G4400
Asus h110m-k
Kingston 2133mhz 4GB DDR4
palit 120gb ssd
500w PSU
CiT Templar Case
windows 10
Office home and student 2016

Westworld and PC Building at 2am
Waking up 

But I got up and Rosie was happy to see me, not, so I went to feed the fish, Glass was dead on battery so I had to charge it. Then it was a getting change bit, sure, it was a bit of a rush but that was just to get out #dogwalkingwithomracer. But a raspberry and pineapple smoothie could NOT go amiss.

The selfie after getting changed

Then it was time to walk that dog, so she was eager as always, we walked and we were close to going to the other field but we decided to go to the normal one, our lovely friend Tonka was already sniffing around, but then it was the ball that rosie was wanting. So we played ball for about 15 minutes, with Tonka wandering and peeing.

the field as usual

Tonka and Rosie

Eventually it was 8am and I was walking back home, I saw a neighbour on the way and walked up the road with him, Rosie did now that one BIT. Show she decided to bite my foot and that meant it was time to get her tile Ringing, yes i have now put tile on her since she ran off when walking her in the field late one night. that sound does help her response to me quite nicely. Then it was time to get home and feed her, with unlocking the door, ending the walk and waiting for glass to charge back up to do more FPS view, but nah. So it was time to feed the dog, this was heaving up a bag of her food. Once that was done, time to clean up and finished getting changed before getting the PC and my rucksack ready to run down to work with.

The new shoes i bought for £4.00

Running down was not too bad, the box is still a bulky product so its a way to pick it up without damaging the box. But after 12 minutes, I finally got there which my hands were a little bit tired as you go.

The trading day

So I got in, since my spot was different, I had to re-cover the 2 tables and that was a bit of a fun with someone else helping me last minutes, the neighbours were pretty friendly, since one of them i chat to a bit with helping him out back in the old job. But before that was to catch up with my friend and that went well to see what was going on. Then I unpacked and it was a nice way to start the day.

The stall

Then it was a case of typing this up, getting some phone calls done and also redesigning a logo since a few customers mentioned it to me, this was with a project i'm not telling about (not gaming related), wanted to have my logo for advertisements for a collab we are doing. That ended up quite nice and more to the point of what I thought it out to be. The customer picked up the PC and paid which was nice too.

Then it is time to wait and more chatting with customers, it was heading into the afternoon and 3 hours left, things were queit, until about 3ish and another bit of worked booked and my grndad popped in to say hi and help him out with Youtube on the phone and also to tell me a delivery has arrived. Thats going to be so fun to get booked in, might not feature that but its still exciting.

But it eventually was getting to 4pm which is the last 30 minutes until I get to packup, thi will be fun...

The pack up and evening visit

So, its 4:30, a friend visits and we catch up, which then in turn, I pack everything up and head off to the home visit, I was meant to do. Standing on chairs to reach the plug is scary af for some reason, but thats my genetics from my dad's fear of heights i'm guessing.

It took 2 hours due to things going down at the wrong moment but then it was time to head off home, Running and getting breathless up the hills, which the route I had had 2 steep ones at the beginning. But eventually I got home by 6:55 and Rosie sort of greeted me, along with 2 big boxes on the kitchen table. This was interesting, since i ordered this yesterday. But alas, it was time to actually catch up with the internet while taking a dump, then it was time to walk Rosie again for her evening walk.

The 2 boxes that came home

The Chours to get done

So, we finally get to Walk rosie again, with her ready on the lead, She walked and we played some more ball, the weather was good too.

Reqady to walk Rosie Again, 
This time, the field was quiet and the weather was picking up nicely, but it was soon nearing the dusk and just as we walked home, we were greeted by a dog nearby and he said hello to me and rosie was playful yet vocal. Then it was time to relax and cook food after feeding her again. But then it was time to weigh myself since I do this every few days, which its interesting where one weight was 188.4 then after another weigh in, it was 186.4. Then I got into my dressing gown...

The weigh in

The Dressing gown selfie
After, I decided to cook a Quorn chickpea curry with some extras like noodles and sauces. It actually turned out really nice. Also I decided to carry on with the last 2 episodes of westworld before readying myself to get the vlog up, which took me on and off the entire day.

Preparing the curry

The curry with extras

And that was it, now we have got one video left to film before I really Cain the last 2 parts of Crash and then its soon to be GOOSE FAIR. 


Tuesday, 12 September 2017

omracer's Third Date

I've been thinking on this one and more recently, debating if I should skip it due to the new job and in the end, it's been that I've went for it, I was meant to be on the night out last week but this rain has been just a drainer.

I've had time to myself, the new job has been quiet yet demanding and new business relationships have been forming, even one started today.

My love life has really been a quiet one, sure I've now been realising that maybe I'm not cut out for it, sure I'm falling for someone and maybe finally getting the plan of meeting up maybe next year. Sure Johnny made me question if I would even get time to have a relationship if I'm going to be busy with the new job. But with how I've felt, a nice talk and that dream of what a relationship would be like needs to keep me going.

The morning

Let's be fair, I was up at 9:30 this morning, then it was getting accounts done and I was meant to edit the streams, but some have disappeared, which buggers things up but meh.

Eventually that, a call to a helpful rep on diaplaypro and a smoothie, time passes and if was time for #dogwalkingwithomracer and just as I did that, a call happened with good news with a plan I wanted has happened and my steps are the one to take next. Just as I got that finished, my grandad popped over, so we got ready to actually go. The walk was nice, sure I was shouting since he doesn't wear his hearing aid in public, but we enjoyed a nice play, Rosie did too.

The Afternoon

Then we got back and it was time for us to have lunch, so he bought pasties over with him, I made some beef ravaoli and rice to go with mine, it was nice, sure I should of added more, but I didn't want to get too full, since of later on.

The lunch from earlier

Then I was checking the file I was sent with a fair bit of ideas, the rain was on and off and I also got Freedompop setup on his old phone. Then we went to the lounge  and we chatted more and shown him a new thing, but it was heading towards 2pm which means another walk with Rosie, this was shorter, but we enjoyed it even though the wind was picking up.

Walking with Rosie

Then it was time for me to prepare for this client, who actually called me in a panic about her router, But I prepared for getting there, got the bike up and cycled to hers, it only took 15 minutes and it's from one end of Tavi to another.

Then we chatted and I taught her internet searching, then it was gossip and I left by 5:10. Cycling down the steep hills, getting money for this amazing moment and then back up a different flat ish way home.

The preparation

Now things of me going back home, Rosie was excited for 1 minute, then bone and teeth, I checked emails and the bus, it turns out the bus I needed was the 6:45 ish bus. So I rushed her out for a walk with the ball, She was herding them and it was a quick one out to do her business, then by 6:10 I was home.

I had the shower, with raspberry and apple shower gel, head and shoulders, shaved the eyebrows and a teeth brushing before getting changed.
The Black jeans, blue trainers,, checked shirt, it was a casual affair, also loose pants for if she is as dreamy as she was last time.
By then, I got my phone ready, charged a tiny bit, downloaded the file for reading up if I had time and then by 6:30, I was a goner, locked up, ran with mi fit and I got to the Lidl bus stop.

The stop at Lidl

I waited for the bus, a kid was at the stop too and I chatted, then it was sadly a Day Rider for £5.50 before getting on, a single deck bus I've not been on since it was A first bus.
The journey was quiet, the weather was just about holding up, clouds were gray but patches of blue sky were ready for me to hopefully sace the evening clothes. By 19:22, I was at the flyover bus stop, spitty rain and grey hoodies passing me. I then walked in to Morrison's

Getting off the bus and waiting here

Heading into a revamp of Morrisoms

A Morrison's time kill

Browsing in Morrison's was ok, thee was a really some good bits and a revamp was underway, some games £2 cheaper, than I sold them at, a nice toilet break before looking for jumper but none around. Then it was 7:45 and I was deciding to make my way, clouds were above but some big blue gaps helped keep me dry, I guess it was time to run.

The clouds were getting there

The rain running, again

Well I left and running was going ok, until I passed co op, then it was raining, off and on, this was until getting right at Esso and things went really soaking, my mind said oh shit, I was soaked but luckily it eases off as I got to hers, 20 minutes early.

I decided to go to the pub nearby again, where the tortoise was, the clouds were good and the shirt was wet as per usual.

A Soaked selfie

Gracie then text me asking me to come a big later, so I said yes and relaxed in the pub, I ordered a glass of water and watching the farming program on ITV 1. The amount those farmers have on kids is amazing really.

The Glass of Water

Wasting time with Corrie with far fetched plots and eventually it was 8:40, another customer popped into the pub and had the can of theirs blue up , I learned a tick of if the inside of the mackerel is grey, you need to just bin it, if it's white then is fresh. News topics was on time about fire regulations being one way and one for another. Also that Mr fantastic from Fantastic 4 is in a new drama called liar too. I waited for the text.

The incredible relaxing date

I got the text actually by 8:45 and I pelted it to hers, I knocked on the door, the mi band felt the heart at 148bpm, she unlocks the door and well, she looked amazing, and I really know where I was, she greeted me in and I took my trainers off, she likes them, then she walked up and I followed to her room.As we looked at each other,  she said its been so long and then we kissed, she felt me with the hug and it was cold, well I was cold, so she wanted to get the heating on. I waited on the bed, then I got my shirt off, since it was wet and we got the taxi booked for 10:40, but rubbing my shoulder as she called Taxi fast and also as she text someone else. That and paying her, since it was £170, a good value.

Something about socks, um

Drying the shirt

Then it was finally nice to relax in the bed and we kissed, with lip biting and that smooching sound that was just  a amazing time. We talked about so much, she remember I loved her smothering me with her tummy, which once that happened, I was in heaven, maybe a dream. I told her about love life and we also talked about Game of Thrones, she's getting a wool based cape made soon which reminded me Sansa.

But then it was a bit of fun with her trying to get my belt off, since jeans are so thick, but then it was some advice that I thought I would of heard when I had that check up 3 years ago. But it really did set down with me on what I had to do.

I did make her tickle with a belly rub and then we just laid and chatted, about her life, about food, Facebook and I did mention Feabie as well. Some people go ott on a joke as well, which was relatable AF.
She giggled at the term "Double chin on point" when I was talking about someone which it's a odd term but it a modern twist on a love for something people hate.

There was also talk with what happened with Leah, Charley and Emma which she took in how I felt.
But the fun was really interesting as we were talking when she asked about my birth month, i found out that ♉ (Taurus) actually like a over indulgence in the people they love, and also how it shows comfort which explains a bit of my feeder tendencies.

As I was feeling her thighs while kissing, she got up and was out for a minute, I was worried but she said not to be. She came out with dark chocolate, so we did the thing where we kissed and we both are the chocolate, that felt really good. Then she rubbed my belly and feed me a bit, I fed her and she was really enjoying it. With me I was on cloud 99. I talked about the meal that got me on buzzfeed and she said how much cake and chocolate she had eaten today, it was just nothing going wrong.
Then it was talking about the wildlife, which I found out sugar and water can help a bee survive, but it was interesting to find out about facts I never knew existed. That and also GM foods can keep the world going.

But it was close to 10 pm and she asked if I wanted a back massage and that was nice, i meant she got the oil out and she felt the stress on my back, mostly towards my left side, I was trying to not fall asleep, the relaxing side of it was just what my body needed. She was surprised about Dog Reiki as well since a friend of mine does  offer that. Then I said with leaving my old job and she went "That's absolutely fucking n sane" (bonus points for the reference) when I said I had my first week off in 5 years, once I had left my old job just over a month now. Also we talked about this amazing Spicy Vegetable stew which she e-mailed me the link for that later on. I also told here i'm a vlogger and she might sub to me along with the POWWOW competition, Christ that was over a year ago.

Then we were having the last bit of belly kissing and talking for 20 minutes, she said something which was along the lines of all the fun things are dangerous in life, from being a feeder, liking tanned girls as examples. But then her phone went off which was knowing it time to finish. They called up and then i got changed and we sat down for one last kiss and chat, which then we took 2 selfies, sure we didn't kiss but the photos mean memories of someone that helped me keep going in times I never would of happened.

Then we walked back down her stairs, she showed me her really nice designed acrylic nails and then was a bit of a goodbye speech coming in, But she said that "i'm there if you need this" which tells me that even if my heart falls with someone else, there will be a place that she helped glue back together.
I then walked out and into the taxi.

The Journey back

With a taxi in, he drove his way back to Royal Parade, but with me being 15 minutes early, it wasn't a bad time to actually finish at the Train Station, which then it was £4.90 and using change, that was paid, I gave him £0.10 tip so a £5 is fair, sure i could of run it but I ended up running to Mutley again. He was a nice chap, its been quiet for him on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 

The Lit up station

Then again, passing cuba and then 2 girls were looknig for a neon party in Plym street, I said to her "If i go, i would have to run 15 miles back home since i missed the bus", she was unsure but her mate said "Don't just invite strangers to a house party", By then it was at the 24 hour spar in north hill. Which was nearly empty. I carried on soon afterwards.

The North Hill in soaked rain

Then after a bit more running, seeing Dominoes open and a girl was at the bus stop, it was a wait to get that bus, but shortly after a 10 minute wait, I was on the bus, it was those mini ones and then the ride home. Typing some of this up and I had a tear in my eye. With realising that I said goodbye without realising it back then. But times have been places in a unpredictable timeline and we don't know where it will take me. I finally got off the bus at lidl and a run home was it, some kids were walking near tesco too, one shouted something.

The night at lidl
I finally got home, then reflected after rosie let me rub her belly, which then she went bed too. But alas, this night was up for me.

Many Thanks for reading this, this was a pretty incredible night, i've felt things more and also being  up for most of that date knows who i am and what does make me tick. But a day in the life vlog is planned this week.