Sunday, 28 October 2018

A romantic Chilly love life recap

Well its been alot of time recently things have been over the top and there has been so much going on in life with work, girls and goals of mine. Since there is wayy too much to go through and i'll be retyping alot of it in December for the end of year review, god knows how this will turn out.
I'vve felt so busy that its even skipped my mind to get a Catchup don in September, but with the 2 weeks off and the overdose of regen for nights out and working all inbetween, its always been alot.

But one thing that has happened is that the amount of girls i've spoken to is immense and i've even had alot more chances for dates and actually long snapchats with one or 2 lucky ladies for sure.

The recent chats


SO this former queen I chatted to on kik, she did follow me on twitter and was from Brighton, this was happening shortly before the 9th Twitterversary.  She was this slim blonde but wanted to gain and was prepared to meet, but her profile pics made her look underage when she is actually 23 which was a worry but then I tweeted about it and well she kicked off which led to videos like this:

Was it worth it, well nope but it made her happy at the time, in the end it got to the stage I didn't care anymore and i ignored her after she was wanting one last video and i was pretty much saying we need to meet up else there is no point.But that ended in August. Which really it shows we are not the right one for each other.


I've said about her for a while, even as earlier as the week of goose fair and one which my parents thought I was paying for her child support. shes a nice 32 year old and we got on quite well, okay it was an food affair and it did mean a bit of Just eat and even one or 2 phone calls to takeouts, might her that in the end of year video one day, but we started chatting since June and well its been great until August where she was busy minus one or two times she wanted me to buy food but didn't have the money for at the time. Some amazing food from this one takeout she really liked when i introduced her to it from just eat, it came to £176.40 on her alone via JEin the end but for what she did send, was quite good for what i saw/sent me but the distance between us was just a difficult task and i'm not sure about her kid as well.  But we let go of each other peacefully earlier this week. Whatsapp was great with her, thought we never did call or video chat :/.

It was great since we both have enjoyed chatting and we did share the same sort of goals, but when it came from my sister that "find someone your own age", I think it clicked that shes not the best one to go with, But she was good looking in some ways, shes blonde and does have a cute belly.


Now this amazing girl i've become great friends with and it was only since August but even to this day we are chatting, shes the most strongest yet down to earth person i know, with black hair and that nice fringe, but with a sensational appetite, busy life and also we have confided in each other so much, shes a northerner but deffo knows what she wants and also doesn't mind putting up with me even if i said she suited a cave girl and loves snuu snuu ;). But she would never want to date me but we could meet up one day if i end up going to the near north. Shes keen for me feeding her and maybe taking my virginity if we ever did meet, but shes found better guys by far. 


This girl i' chatted to on kik and we got off really well, sure shes dating this guy for the past year and its been great for the few months so far. Shes a big girl at 320lbs and about 20 years old with a love of some of the sides of feederism. Which is great really, shes a uni photographer too. I've never seen a proper pic of her minus her profile pic on FF. 


To be honest, i've crushed on her for years and with a thing in work with vouchers, I thought i could buy them off work and then use on her, okay that didn't work but we chatted anyway and she always liked my vlogs, even asked me who Queen was. But we got each other on whatsapp which was amazing and okay i've spent about £36 on her so far but shes actually been really supportive and we said we might meet up in Janurary if things go well. Sure that means more money to spend but theres no other way to make this work, shes not that far. We started all of this in late September which is somewhat good.


Another lucky lady that messaged me on feabie in July but due to money, I didn't really have any spare to feed her, but she was okay, time passed with things and by October I finally had some spare to feed and as of 2  weeks ago, I did, which shes been great and actually likes me, shes also watched some vlogs too. But we were as of 28th meant to meet up but somethnig family emergancy got the plans changed, which sure its stressful but like S said, if i give her time, things will work out and maybe it will be working after all. Shes a lovely brunette 28 year old around 280lbs and is a feedee that wants to be my piggy. Shes a big lover of Chinese food too which is great. But i hope we do meet soon.


 Recently we have started chatting, shes more a supersized goal in mind and is big for 22, Sure she didn't mind at first but during the week of Goose Fair, we did talk and we did have a few snaps every so often but she has a big dream, shes a long way from me up birmingham way, but shes got blonde hair, round face and deffo is down to earth, well i did piss her off when chatting on one saturday night but thats life. 

A few others. 

Over time there have been cute chats from the FF Chatroom, a nice chat with a plus size blogger and also I did send Lexi some food money but that was a waste of time due to her modelling commitments and also chatted to a few girls on feabie as well. But its been a blast but maybe things are going to be a first relationship soon. 

A quick catch up. 

Life has been going really busy with work and in a way I've had loads of things to catch up on since the fun of the Fair and also planning times for me to meet up with K. Letting go of Z was not the best thing to do in one way but a happy release in others. Work is just costing more and more and I need to get a hold of what is happening. The snap filter from Goose fair got me 12,000 views. Grambler helped me get some of the footage up and also Rosie is still teeth at me but she hurt her paw the past week which is a shame but shes been taking it easy. Plus that plymouth trip was a good help but maybe too soon but it also was a last one for that customer so no having to worry about that again. 

I also still have some Crash 2 videos to make since that hasn't been done, I might do a VEGAS edit on that one. Plus I need to get time to do a Xmas shopping video, but also with some of the things from Goose Fair, I need to send them to my reps at work for supporting me, well that 5 girls. legit. 

Well hopefully the next post is a date but if not, its the fun of the Bonfire night in chilling weather. 
See you Soon


Monday, 22 October 2018

A Windy Clear Plymouth Catch up

Well October is always queit after the fair, this year feels like and exception but for now, it was a quick visit to Plymouth for work and to express for one day. The vlog is below

A cycling huffy morning.

With a sligre sore throat, I felt like This journey was going to be s madhouse of a ride. Well in traffic, it was an due to he half term, the paths are busy, heck I nearly cycles over a kid and sheep in the way soon badly. But an hour and 39 minutes of that and one phone call, I was sorted and on the hoe.

Parked the Bike before I left

Down the path by the college


Blurred Tunnel

Gem Bridge

A Sheep Staring

Those lanes

The Traffic lights at George

Passing Argyle

Queues on hills
As I went to the visit, which was only a half hour to be fair, but that was done and by 12:15, I was in my usual spot and relaxed while typing this up, in this amazing and glistening heat. I also messaged a new lady I might be seeing this Sunday, to see if she was okay, some family emergency happened last night so. It was so nice with the sun on my feet and I did talk and catch up on the vlog.

Those views

Calm ocean

The shoes and the Socks

Those sea views

More calm sea #throughglass

But alas all must end and o made my way back up to town by 12:56 especially as I had to park the bike again somewhere due to me parking in the hoe, it only took about 8 minutes to get parked. The fair was back again and all the rides there were at goose fair this year. Which was beat and a few comments here and there.

The fair

The exploring around town

I exited the usual shop, from game and the magazine and noted down some product ideas to the shop life. That and also some ideas like the fanta imports were in at £15 for a 12 pack which looking at bow is actually pretty good value. Even though it's £1.50 per can.
That and Poundland gas then using tat which some was some emoji jumpers that made me laugh. No decent gaming deals this time, I really regret not picking up the Xbox one TV Tuner before I left Plymouth for London that would of been ideal for me and stock.

The game mag for market research

I walked my way down to cash converters and wants which had some deals in but nothing I would really crave and want. Well maybe a GTX980 2GB but that's not really worth it if it's a £80 price. Then in GameZone, There was a custom arcade but that was not much. Also the girl messaged me but I don't get the notification but replied anyway , also met Rx have shutdown but Holland and Barrett have gainer shake which is fine.

Some new flavors and mixed in the oriental supermarket like noon soup and also the tempura barter I bought for £1.49. make me want to buy a decent fryer. Also the battered Oreos were back in a van.
That and the cops arrive in a swat van were in hype. Not sure what was going on there. But I headed via the tech outlet back to the bike. Since I did call my customer at 2:30 and said I will see you at 5, this is my regular i visit from the day in the life.

I then ventures in there and tried the SNES mini, it felt really lite and noticed the power a controllers were there, I wonder what that was about. But then I walked into greggs and didn't look at the bigger one with the 12 box for £3.00 so I did after walking to that one, it tempted me so much for Sunday .

Alas then I walked my way back to the bike and went into HMV after game and a supplier phone call. Not much there but odd deals indeed. And then it was 3:30 and it was time to leave.

Time to Leave

The cycle home

This felt not exhausting but not a smooth ride either, since it took about the same about of time to get to Whitchurch as it did to get from home to the hoe. That's what hills do to us all. Carz were aplenty and not very many near misses but it was not easy keeping the legs going. Also the wind was picking up and sweat soaked glass and my head. I got there by 5:10. Which is okay.

Seeing the construcion

Down to mutley

Up the road

Passing to Clearbrook

Lanes in the early sunset

The road is clear

More leaves on the Path

Then I had the lesson and left at 6:20 and got back for 6:35 which is good, but the cold air was coming in. Then I got changed and time for a chicken curry for tea from what mum cooked. Especially for #nationalcurryweek.

The chicken Curry, choco nussa 

And then that was it. I will go intro detail the gossip soon and how the hopefully 5th date goes. Since she might be the one ....


Saturday, 13 October 2018

Tavistock Goose Fair: A Wet Finale after work

Its the final day of the fair, things were behind and well, it was a quick way to get the vlog and week finished. From the time of buying a gift for my sister on her birthday to the donuts while seeing my landlords reps buy food and wait for donuts, The vlog it below:

The weather delayed the storm 

Well, during the days in between the vlog, the storm was going insane, the flooding with storm callum and the chance to be having all nighters and also feabie chatting along with whatsapp chatting to potential ladies which i will admit its distracted me a fair bit. That and the gifts from the Wednesday night blog. 

The purchases from Wenesday Night. 

Storm Callum flooding the area 

But its been great and also no sign of black ops IIII Sold which is a shame and a customer who was having to bargain with me on Fifa 19, bragged to his mates so i pretty much said "I know you've been bragging about it" that and also its good news with repairs and things as well. But then it was the saturday .

Never mind that, so....

The windy browse. 

Not much was around really, fair reides were going strong but some crowds were there, but most were wanting to have the day finished really, i did see a landlords rep and his kids and an old school mate who used to enjoy kicking me in the penis said hi to me when with his kids and missus but that was about it . In all honest i was waiting for the donut stall to be open, but that dog from wednesday night was barking for food bless it. 




Cloudy Fair views

Final of Freddy

More Fair Scapes

The gifts and walk home

Then I went to get a pug from the hook a duck, so i paid £3.00 to have a go and won a pug, i could of had 2 wins for £6 and gotten a bigger one but it was not worth it at all. So i went for the small pug and headed to get some donuts, which that was the last 8 for £5.00. 

The pug for my sister for £3.00

8 Doughnuts 
And alas it wad then a walk home, with passing roads and also popping into spar and chatting with a relative of a customer and then I walked home, it was actually the end of a busy week and even though I have been alot less productive this time, it worked out nicely. #

But now some important things have popped up and maybe i might be taking you along with me. 


Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Tavistock Goose Fair 2018: The Stormy Buying Meetup

Well, the Day vlog is done. Sure I was extremely lazy with editing but it managed to get its time in the end. But flirting and phone calls on Deep Freeze nearly stopped me from getting it up, jusr a all nigher a few days later.

But this night vlog, well that was a bit of a fun time and well, even seeing new fans to become friends for the first time. That and present buying too. But for now, enjoy the vlog below:

The Late wet Run to the fair

It was nearing 7:15, the family left an hour before that, well mum and dad anyway and I was getting to the stage of running down with a hoodie with glass and no case to go with it, it was a risk, Especially as it was deciding to rain as well. It was the start of Storm callum, that is for certain. But I then got my way down there, with the stalls still having hype and the cardboard boxes piling up as well this allowed me to carry on down. 

A lovely tiger shirt I was passing by

The crowds as we head towards the fair

The browsing in the rain:

Well, the weather decided to get wet and yet it was being on an off with the rain so you had to guess when it was going to, which meant glass was going to get wet. But the stalls were still busy with all the same but extra deals going on, but I headed to the fair by about 7:35 ish. The fair was not as busy as i originally thought, the rides were still forcing their wait to excite the crowds but I was not there for long before exploring for others. But the fortnite stall in the car park was pretty blunt about how many key rings to buy, so i passed that and carried on


The streets with some crowds 

More Sizzler

Freddy's and Superstar

Dodgems and more

Danger Zone and Tagada


Then it was time to head back into the street to start getting bits and pieces., 

The buying in the square:

So i decided to get a few bits and pieces on my way around the square. As i was walking down, not much offered was good, but there were some ideas. But eventually i went to another fornite stall and goit some bits from them and turns out it was a customer i know of so supplier hype. Then I saw shortbread and bargained 4 boxes for £5 which is for work suppliers. 

Fortnite merch for £20.00

4 boxes of Shortbread for £5.00

The big wheel 

So walking past the Auctioneers and even Disney infinity was being sold for £2 as well as other toys, it was pretty immense at the crowds who went for it, but Then i passed my way up to the street with more merch and also more bits around before hanging around the fair again. 

The auctioneers at it again



Dodgems of the Rock n Roll

Then I decided to walk my way back home, thinking to get an hour extra to edit the vlog, but it was also time to get some socks.

The Wet walk home...or not

Now, it was a bit of a wet walk back up through and I saw so many mini ideas and as i walked my way back up, from Oreos dairy milks for £2 (3 of them), to the heated socks at 2 for a £5, it was nice to finally finish this, But i saw someone familiar and then i glared at her and she did vice versa, I was then buying a puppy calendar on the last stall. But received a DM from her on insta and then i walked my way back to the fair. 

Walking my way back

Blurred vision

The pupp calendar for mum for £1.00

So with that I made my way back. 

The meetup with instagram fans. 

So, the wet walk it was and I did dm then to say meet in the square but went to the fairground instead, I saw them on Danger Zone. She was estactic with both short hair and a few nice geezers as well, 3 of them follow me on social media too. 

A wet walk back 

The Wet HDR View
So all t3 nagged to go on Danger Zone but i said i was weak so filmed them instead, it was great and then we chatted and took a few selfies and i was in her vlog before me and his mate was chatting about work and games while both girls were on Typhoon. But the fun thing was, i was no way attracted to them, well okay a little bit with char but not sure. Then we were meant to go on Dodgems aka first person filming, but that failed, so we walked our way back, 2 of them got doughnuts and i was explaining battered oreos to her, the look on her face is priceless, low keey feeder flirting.

Heading out of the fair. 

But then we waked our way to the nearest atm, me and the 2 ladies were chatting while the guy was getting his jacket back from the cider stand. We saw this dog or bulldog just wondering around and it was happy and content for sure, but it nearly got run over. But anyways, we waited and chatted then walked our way to her car by her sisters work, so it was nice to be talking, the mate had his 20th on that day after and it was me saying it gets worse after 24 but maybe it doesn't. But then it was casually get in to the front seat of her car. 

In her car

I got in and we all did, then she was panicking about a vape she had lost and it was a nice smell in the car i must admit, maybe it felt like being in Emma's car but that was years ago but time always brings back memories.But then she drove her way to the last estate where i live and so I got out and thanked her then I forgot a blue bag so i managed to get it out and then left and ended the night, I was dazed a little bit i must admit by it all. But there we are

And there we have it, the big event is done, just one blogpost left.