Tuesday, 7 April 2020

2 Weeks of lockdown - Stage 1

Well, this would be dreamed off, it been nearly 2 weeks since the time I picked up a stall after things were told to clear. Well none of us was prepared for what was about to happen, but well here we are. The UK is locked down and other countries doing the same. Well here we go.

There actually is no vlog but videos will happen in the next few weeks. But it has been mostly working through this since second job and all. But I'll go through some of the highlights.


Well as the second job came to be, it had the room around to be able to be productive, By doing this it was to help me focus and make money for when I needed it. But I also used the green screen for when I can stream over time. 
The green screen

Rice, Onion, and noodles in a bowl

The Essential Shop #1

but then it was talking and working like mad to keep things planned. There was new things to sport out over time, the family was not always there due to me getting things done with work. And well the next few days were just a few loose ends to tie up with work. and the first of the Essitnals shopping which actually lead me to get the snacks I needed such as seaweed sheets and cookie mix for a new video soon. Cat food was needed too, but that and Gfuel was always useful. But battery drops offs were good too. 

The smoothie and biscuit sandwich 

sun and roads to pass

Tesco shops #1

Mugshots and bacon and flour too 

The roast chicken hot chocolate 

Vitamins and Gfuel could be my only hope
But that was the consistent plan, Yes I did manage to speak to the people that make the effort and yes I enjoy actually having some lay-ins but well it has been working like mad to make money. There has been a fair bit of work for me. 

But well what else can be done 

Also, i tried to solder the capture card, with no avail, so I had to get the velocap working 

Work and snacks to shop for #2

Well as things progress, I had plans to put money in the bank, batteries to use and also add in more rucksacks for snacks without getting arrested.  Which in this weather, is just amazing to be out in even if people can kill you these days. But I got what I needed. 

I manager to fit all of this into a rucksack minus 3 bits 

Then it means paprika chicken pasta with shortbread that was homemade

The Work of April 

But alas it was then caining things to get work done, long nights and well after it all, I Surprised myself but work has to be done to make money and things along the way, I chatted to really good friends and made bonds stronger yet was worried I fell out at the same time. Sure it was long nights and wrists was hurting but well, money in lockdown. But smoothies with weight loss tablets and well mini snacks, Cats starting and the clouds dawning on the sky. 


The cat starting 

Spooning with Rosie 

Shortbread  and turkey 

Views of the clouds

More sandwiches 
By this point it has been along of work and well £640 made from the last week alone, this is to make sure work can survive. But well we can only hope it if makes sense in the end. But I do have House party to make use of soon as well. 

I would do catchup on the so let's do it: 

Resolutions catch-up

  • Finish KHIII - Time will come 
  • Finish most of CTR -  The GP has ended and fee time has soon been near 
  • Stream more -  Well this might happen with lockdown 
  • Have my 3rd kiss with someone special - No chance until COVID19 fucks off
  • Have a doughnuts date with at least 24 doughnuts involved - Well that will be with someone miles and miles away 
  • Have at least 3 holidays or weekends away- that's currently illegal right now so i can 
  • Make more videos non-food - This is in process
  • Get back to YT partner - Soon the time will come so on track 

And that's it, expect more but for the next week, I have work to sort out to make a buck for the future at least 


Tuesday, 24 March 2020

The COVID19 clearing out

Well this has made a weird fucking change in life, only 11 days ago the world seems much calmer and well things have been actually fucked. Well, we are now in a time of pandemics and social distancing which even in a small town in the UK, that even hits hard which sadly it means for me it will be hard to work and lucky I have directly, but for many, that is a time hardship and stress to come.

Day -1: 

So this actually starts a bit earlier as of a Meeting that I went to regarding work on Wednesday, Which my anxiety was high, yes work was busy outside for visits and well we had to listen to the big Bo-Jo mention that schools close and then the meeting concluded people will open. My landlord did ask what the plans were for us. I did say I would close if need be. But that was the end of that,

Add caption

Work was hectic for the next 2 days and things were getting busy but then it was Friday, Now also my sister's room was being cleared out so I can do an office and little did we know it was going to be needed soon. 

The Office made up 

Day 0: 

Things were on the scare, rumours of lockdown were going, a cold time was to had, others were leaving and well it was also time to start packing just incase, But gloves for £2.50 and posters out of a cupboard.
The gloves for £2.50 each

A Cupboard to clear
Then it was, later on, the second job was to be done. and during that time, I found out the sad news, and as such well, the time was to end. I had no choice but to pack, with only 3 days to do it. So by that standard, things were to change, 

The announcement
But then, it was the beginning to clear, I text my colleague and he was in disbelief a bit (more n that soon). But it was then time. For the clearout to happen

Day 1: 

Well, here we are, its time for the clearout to begin,  This starts with waking up and chatting, this also starts with the second job until 2am which this really can fuck up my mind, But I got up normal time and the vlog begins:

Now it starts with waking up a bit early well normal half 8 times and then we decide on making sure with the daily routines of vitamins and learning the cat was on a curfew until 6:30pm every night.

The vitamin 

Finely wants to go out
Now then, it was soon time to have a little #dogwalkingwithomracer to give toiletries before this was time to clear up. Also, it was a chance ot chat to someone about this all since well feelings.

The first move 

By 10:30, we were on the way and the clearout of loads started, chatting to a neighbour about things and ideas about the future but it was soon the first lot cleared. 

Games went

More to pack up 

Little bits 

The trolley was good 

A Chocolate brownie has indeed been offered for free

The first load in the car
Then it was time to unload it and a drink to be had, the dog was barking her mouth off and actually, we did get most of it in the bedroom.

A first pile in 

More of the pile in 

The 2nd run

But soon it was time for the second round and a drink before we left, this was now the IT Stock to go. This was a much quieter time for clearing. But we got it all sorted by pm. Which the. 
This was a bit trickier in some ways due to things to take back or not, and also choices with my colleague on what to take but that was another day. But for now, it was this lot

It was getting clear

More of the lower parts 

But then it was about 1:10pm and we finally get to get some pasties, Warrens do lush chicken ones for £3.60 each.

The chicken pasties for £3.60 each.  

But then it was to Tesco to get bits since of some accounting to do in April. The place was getting tucked out and also things on shelves were next to none to make this work. Milk only had some bits left and also it was also paper that ran out as well s things were to blame and empty. The total came to 9.10 for 3 files, 2 a4 dividers and 1 tub of milk. 

The Tesco shop 

Then it was time to unload it all and then that was the long haul done. nearly 5 hours it took. 

More of the stock

The bottom of the room is now full. 
But it was then time to have tea and the admin of the second job, this helped to focus on things. Plans were to be made with jobs and the like and also visit during a time where things might not even happen. But that and cooking tempura-battered burgers were tasty. 

Tempura burgers 

Ham, tempura burgers, chips, crisps, 

But then it was onto the 2nd day. 

Day 2: 

This was the time of nerves to kick in and also the time that I could realise,  But I was off to work by 10:00am. Dropped off a phone to a customer then it was time to pack and then my colleague arrived and we chatted about ideas and started to organise. 

First, I had to get on the ladder and use flathead screwdrivers, But sure enough, the signs went down. 

Signs to go down

Then it was more to clear out and little bits to scrap and all that. But then my colleague left at 12ish and it was time to fully get some cleaning done. 

Time to clean
Now, this was a mixed method of White spirit and also hot water as well as sponges. It was alot of scrubbing and hand washing and strong smells nearly giving me a headache as well.

White Spirit 

Cleaning that stuff
So that was that and then it was finally about 1:30ish and it was time for me to pack the small things and head off home.

The signs to carry back 

It was a nice heated walk the hills home, sun, some people about and well I got home and then dropped the signs off and have to drop some controller off on the way as well/ But then it was finally lunch of some toasted sandwiches while getting a vlog edited. 

The toasted sandwiches. 

Then it was that while getting that sorted and worrying about the lockdown that was soon to be starting (before we realised it). But roast gammon is lush too.

The Roast Gammon

Then it was editing until 3am to sort things out. but then it was the day of the edge.

Day 3: 

It started off shit, well turns out an argument from admitting a truth which happened /didnt happen back in February and also explains when things are on repeat and apologising for that making me frustrated and all But well it just made the day go bad inside. But I had 2 jobs to sort out and well I got down and did those 2 jobs (actually 3 from dropping an iPad 2 off and having to do it without talking which sometimes shouting "her iPad is in the letterbox" will make sense due to no contact. 

But that was all done and the 1st customer was, which on the way I checked former work to see if it had been cleared and it had been minus keys left there, so I took those and said goodbye to a part of my Landlords team. Then walked off to the wholefoods to buy last minute bits. Came to £9.75. Batter mixes, Lemon oil, Thyme Oil. 

The batter mixes and the oils. 

Then it was money to pay in the post office and then my customer I was meant to see was to the right of me, so we chatted before I went to his to fix printers. Then he dropped me back before 3pm home, A key worker not lost now he can printer, remember that. 

Then it was some things to sort and it was time to finally go for a final #dogwalkingwithomracer on the moors with mum since what might follow will stop a shit ton of stuff.  It was nice and we chatted about it all, The views were just amazing and not as windy as we thought. 


The blue sky was really spring-like 

Views for miles 

The ground was not soggy

Then I got home and got a few calls made, handed the notice into work and also made £20 from a mobile top-up. Oh and a customer calls me with no internet just before the worst time. But then it was to have tea, then actually type this up, chat online to some chatroom on FF and also then just as I head the bath, I watch. The time of the lockdown is now Well not full lockdown thank heavens but it made me panic from what could happen for work (main job) for the next 3 weeks. 

Thanks for sticking with me on this and we will be in videos weekly from April, well outside ones I'm not sure about but 1 hour in the middle of nowhere can go along way.