Sunday, 30 August 2015

A Bank Holiday Catch up

As August is now coming to a close and the last 4 months of a year of losing loves and discovering more girls and guys into what i like (feederism via feabie) its time to catch up with whats happened this month, ok there has been fireworks and working more than usual but its best to see how my new years resolutions are getting on. oh and some mini facts i've been reflecting about

The Feabie thing:

Well i might as well explain this. Feabie is more like a social kinkier version of FB, sure theres the no tits, no doxing, and generally be nice to most people rules which for some make it easy for some make it hard to call out on the dick pics (if any drama happens to me there, you'll see it here) but its actually been interesting with seeing girls nearby (since actually up to 100 miles away is nearby as a default option) that are actually into gaining and there have been many other British, Aussie and even Filipinos that have connect related to the kinky side of what some people would say "being a fat fuck". Heck I've even possibly made a local guy friend who has a nice chance with a guy up north for a buffet feeding session, that and i've talked to webmodels, some i've fapped over and one even reminds me of charley but if we dated kind of thing. Also i've even been close to sending food i would of bought from I love Candy and sent via Royal Mail but there might be a international version that raven might set up, also she likes me but doesn't follow me on twitter haha,

But like FB, theres trends and everyone does this type times and today was one of them with a BDSM Test. Now its a set of 8 pages of questions about sex and your feelings like "do you prefect being worshipped", "Do you like being abused and leaving a mark on yourself after" and it works out what type of BDSM your into, now being a pushover I know i'm going to be more of a Submissive. But below you can see the results i've got from it. You can see my results online in a better format here  which explains in detail what

== Results from ==
78% Submissive
77% Switch
76% Exhibitionist
72% Vanilla
71% Voyeur
71% Non-monogamist
66% Experimentalist
46% Dominant
40% Owner
37% Slave
28% girl/boy
26% Master/Mistress
24% Brat tamer
22% All-Rounder
21% Daddy/Mommy
21% Degradation giver
20% Pet
13% Brat
9% Primal (Hunter)
6% Bondage receiver
6% Sadist
5% Bondage giver
0% Ageplayer
0% Masochist
0% Degradation receiver
0% Primal (Prey)

Basically the top 3 things mention that i'm the weaker part of the relation or the one thats told what to do, but the next one down means i like to switch roles every so often (like in my case, force feeding or funnel feeding and being on top) and the last one means i like to be public about what i do, like well blogs and vlogs.

But feabie has definately helped me feel partly better with moving on from Charlie and Emma. its hard to forget them but the pain of not having that relationship that could of solved all my problems. But in all honesty i still feel empty, heck I ended up having teary eyes reflecting on it last night after turning my vita tv off and then this morning after fapping and getting out of bed.

Also stats for anyone that really gives a shit or not:

  • I have 13 followers
  • 1 follow 69 people *yes lol 69ers*
  • 359 people have viewed my profile (you get to see up to the last 8 people who have)
  • one girl i follow i added on skype and she called me and ate soup with belly play and said "you like")
  • I've posted about 1 or 2 #tummytuesdays
  • Tinychats been really fun with really good friends i've made there, i was even invited to NJ but next year for a US trip, 
  • I've gone from 172 when i signed up in april to 184 in july then down to 178 now in weight (lbs)

Well New Years Resolutions to check: 

So lets catch up on the goals i set myself this year: 


  • Get into my first relationship - The way its going, thats not going to happen this year
  • Have a mates or friends day out - This might still be an option but everyone is going there separate ways or working too much atm
  • Cook for a girl or group of girls - I see this just a rare thing, no luck this year
  • Finish 2 prisons on The Escapists - This is being Scrapped, i've finished Hotline Miami 2 and its fucking hard as hell
  • Purchase and finish Oddworld New N Tasty - I've DONE IT
  • Finish KH 2.5 HD Remix - KHII FM is done and Now i just have Aqua to finish on Critical, Ven and Terra and one
  • Watch a studio Ghibli Film - Done this
  • Enjoy a meal with friends or a date at a Restaurant - Done with Gracie, I mentioned in the fireworks vlog i was looking to do another date but i'm not sure
But we are now going to be able to do more things, some projects are planned for late September which you will not want to miss,

But enjoy getting drunk for now if you are or if your hungover, i'll probably have to be a +1 for parents but hey that is life then working and might have to cycle to chillaton soon.


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

omracer's Night Out: A half yard fireworks championship

Well, its another midsummer august and its the fireworks again, the British firework championship to be exact, where pyrotechnics woo crowds over Britain s ocean city for a prize and janners get entertained. With a glass explorer now going, this will be quite a good vlog. apart from that, my life has been working like a bee, flirting and fapping with a feabie community and playing kingdom hearts HD 2.5 remix and having finished Terra and vens's stories with aqua left before October, as well as some random games from CTR to ridge racer pachislot to be played on a ps3 someone gave me. oh and even with having to buy £40 of junk food to prove I'm a real feeder was a new thing this past recent time.

But today was a quiet day and with windows update troubles, network support teams confusing people and selling laptops and then I had to pelt it home, greeted Rosie and even decided to have a fresh shower before getting glass, changing into my night out attire, being told to chill out later on by my mum since I didn't take a jumper and then leaving at 5:45 and getting to lidl by 6:03 and the bus arrived. oh and the tesco sign has been built on the new site for them.

Passing the Tesco currently nearly finished
 well getting on was the usual £4.50 and I got up and started typing, sure the journey was relaxing for my feet and there was a bbw in front of me but her boyfriend/husband got on at horrabridge and they were casually chatting, with her big arms and hearng that cute smooch sound when kissing which I remember from kissing Gracie. the moors was always scenic as usual , there was a guy opposite me with bulmers in his hand and well it was always a bit of reflection, oh and ambulances whizzes past us. since this was the 83, it was the usual route I used to take year ago but the queues looked bad and long so I got off at Morrison's and ran my way there.

Passing Outland road

By putting the glass case behind me like a superhero cape, I ran to town via the way I go on nights out, mutley way. that was a nice quick ish run I got at drakes circus by 7pm and then I made my way to the casino to prep up before I kill an hour and a half before the actual fireworks start.

Sunsets through town
I got put of the casino and decided to walk the back streets to the hoe and as I put glass on flat battery appeared, well, lucky I decided to charge and bring my power bank with me, since it was really useful and it gave me forced chance to wear it the whole night, but I got it on the hoe and it was soo new with the rides, high roller amis fear I think and the Hollywood arcade, which I gambled and lost £1 on monopoly but meh, I saw Sam there, she said hi, I waved back, then I was wandering and chillaxing while waiting for glass to charge,

 Soon it was nearing 8:15 and I was hungry, so for a change, it was time to walk and run toccap n Jasper's. I made it in 5 minutes and then it was ordering. I saw Alannah I miss hugging her, looks beautiful today too. I ordered a half yard hotdog and slush for £5.45 and I had the exact amount. I managed to get back to the hoe before 9.

A video posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

While i was running out there too. also the fucking range man was chasing me, I missed the chance to vlog him. The twister duo were flying around the hoe around this time too     I managed to find a space near the main ne uni building which catfish Stacey was going study. I managed to sit by a cute bbw and her geeky boyfriend, it was nice to listen into their chatter, I even told them "I'm one of them" when it turns out they were talking about bloggers and vloggers for tonight. The first set happens at 9:32

 then it was 9:42 and it was more listening in and killing time before the 2nd display happened, this was a bit more of a bang.

After this one ended in the 10:00pm mark, the couple next to me left, but I mentioned about Disney infinity when they were talking about a Disney and marvel crossover, aka Elsa in new York or iron man in Erondale type of chatter. but it was 10:10 and the final display happened t felt a bit weaker but ended with a bang. while filming, I noticed a divine lady to my left she reminded me of Emily alot and I was going to chat to her but her and her friend just left after the clapping ended. awwww..

Well it was the end of the night, crowds were fleeing like ants, I was going to kill about 10 minutes before making my way to the fair, maybe some Cuba would be a next step until the last bus, Taylor was working there anyway and I wouldn't mind a water glass. this was about 10:21 ish. I walked around the fair until 11:40 and saw some people, I saw emma who looked nice and then I saw this girl who was looking as amazing as some wcw types on feabie, blonde hair, very round and she smiled then giggled possibly at me but meh, I tried to look for her but no luck pics of way back.

Typical rang holographic projection

I got into Cuba and walked around, it was nice to see sian again, then I walked to the smoking area and I saw this couple, she greet me with hey babe then we chatted and then he asked if I was gay and it turns out the shirt made me look like it, but she looked ravishing, tall, curvy soft arms, thick thighs and then I joined her for a little bit. we sung our arms together and it was romantic and i even had a boner. I also ordered a glass of water,

 I wanted to get a selfie with her so we went to the smoking area and then just as I was about to talk to her I saw Josh, and old mate of mine and it was a long pet talk, he saw me being much happier than usual, but then after it was 11:30 so I made my way to the bus stop, passing spar on the way, she was well ...gone that was that then coming up to 11:50 and the buss was arriving shortly and I heard its been packed so I was worried ... but I managed to get on, I didn't see Josh on so that was worrying,

 but it was packed and the driver was a decent down to earth chap, funny and easy to get on with, and the journey was OK with GPS working and all. it was looking like a 1am chance to get home and a a all nigjter but this possible 2 parter all depends on the weather, I've head bad things. but I was home at 12:50 and it was a nights sleep after this was posted,

Hopefully see you for the 2nd night.