Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Things to soon change - Lockdown Stage 10

 Well for me this has been some amazing and sort of productive 3 weeks. Sure it was not productive in some ways but in others, it was finally time to move on and well start the plan I wanted to. But this was also the time I got to have some amazing news (still on NDA or not allowed to talk about it). But let's begin on the other points. 

The few days before the time to myself: 

So, this was the day after my grandad's fiance passed away, there was a sombre moment and soon to be finding out what can be done and it was also another gaming conference popping up which is how Gamescom really did show some exclusive news, from Fallguys update to even longer gameplay of Ratchet and Clank. But it was also memories subsiding since it was told that Winterdonerland was cancelled. That is a shame on how it can change due to the pandemic, but then again, its sort of important that we all protect first is what is said. 

But it was time to finally work out if things go to plan or not. Especially with questioning some of the standards I even think are actually high. But from the things, i've dealt with over the past years, it's shown me how things can be important. 

But it was soon time to find a new network to subside in since FreedomPop was getting pretty unreliable fo the £3.99 a month, so it was time to change, the Poll was looking towards o2 as well. So lyca was the chosen way.  Bt 

So it was time to get that arranged, but that happened much later on. Also, it was soon time for some toothpaste to arrive. But that review is still not too far off, well mainly 3 weeks. 

The box that arrived
Then it was also the second to last day before time to be productive, and well, it was a mix of some meals and also time for the sun to set lower and earlier as it does in September. 

The sun setting over the sky via google camera

The same shot using the mi camera 

This is the time of the taste of getting some food shopping before it was myself for 2 weeks, and this was the introduction of Potato chorizo omelettes, which the recipe was pretty much egg, potato, onion and sometimes chorizo or some other meat. I never got a chance to make it but I probably will before i start my new life. 
The omelette 

Plus it was that time where final sunsets were happening before the time off to myself was a first. Rosie was unaware about what to happen but keeping her walks in check was the best way to go about it. 

The path is growing
The dog wags and waits for the ball. 

But still, plans for these 2 weeks were going to be fun but also time to be productive. Since there was a fair bit of accounts to do and well some shop planning. Sure there would be no #omracersnightout since nightclubs are not open and also bars were restricted. Plus the Avengers game was full of bugs as well. But that doesn't matter. 

2 weeks of freedom as it seems. 

So this is where the fun begins and time to myself is important, even if it is to make sure that things can go to plan for me. Now i will say this as well. I had some plans for 

  • Cooking video
  • Hair dying
  • fall guys video
  • vlog
  • a review
  • calling a best friend and playing fornite with them
  • making sure someone special to me was okay

A afternoon of family support

But the first on the mind was actually a visit with my grandad. Now, this was an arrangement needed with my sister as well as him so we can be making sure he is doing okay. Now the first morning of myself it was and did wake up a bit later so, walking Rosie on the path is the case as usual. 

But then it was time to finally go to get changed and a shower, but as I did, it felt the presence of a car turning up. Which I was just naked and shower gel on me as the car drove in. I rushed to get the clothes on even with the gell still gooey on me. 

Then they arrived and I rushed to get out with phone and money and even having to get a jumper as it was pouring with rain, even if it was for 20 minutes. Which then we greeted and went to Morrisons to kill some time. 

We got in there with masks and I forgot mine typically, but there was some spare in his back seat. But we got little bits he needed but I didn't get anything since most of what I needed I had already. But then it was nearing the 11:50 mark and it was time for us to leave and drive to the pub to pick up the 3 meals (actually 4 due to a friend on the way he delivers to). 

As we parked, we saw some friends of his pick this up and so all 4 of us waited in the blacksmiths which some topics came up such as presents for mums birthday and even just things about funeral's and wakes which there was one on the 15th October. But soon that news would easily get cancelled. Eventually, the boxes arrived and we walked to the 4x4 and were driven back to his place.

The bags of roast

As we drove down and we all talked, it was also to drop off the food for his friend and got paid, then we carried on to his place and then we parked up and helped unload and soon, the time to heave some takeaway roast turkey was to happen. It was nice and still warm too. 

The Roast turkey takeaway

Then we were chatting and eating as well as even a phone call from grandad's brother who did ask a question regarding his mobile but we were meant ot see him at the funeral which was Oct 2nd but due to crash 4, that will not be me going the funeral. 

After this is was time to end up having to help find some rings and my sister trying some clothes on and taking them since most were brand new and the passing lady did have an expensive taste in clothes I will admit that. But that was for another 2 hours or so, which means by about 3pm, I and my sister were off home, aka she dropped me off and then went home herself. 

Just as we got home, the phone called which was catchup from the mum's side of the family. It was nice and shes also been forgetful as well, but that is life sometimes. Then she left and it was time to go for a walk with Rosie once again. Since it was a hot sunday, it was time to just have me and her in the field with the ball. 

In the field,  #dogwalkingwithomracer

But then, it was time to finally get work and accounts done, this was induced with a fair bit of NowTV movie watching as well. Plus soon I was getting to learn a friend had come home, well more than a friend but it felt really nice and I was buzzing as well, which may be soon I'll be telling the truth but for now, it was nice to have things sort of normal in that regard. But even on the first day to myself, I had to work for a ex boss for most of the afternoon. 

The change of the hair and the consequences 

Now,  it was time to finally change my life in another small stage, the first was to finally get the hair lighter again. Bearing in mind it was over 6 months ago I had this happen where I tried to dye my hair blue. Well, you can see what happens in the vlog/live stream below: 

The bits uses for the dying 

Before the dying of the hair 

Which then had some weird resutls when i had a shower to hopefully clean it in, since well the mix was in the hair unwashed for well over 1 hour, which really did burn my head and made me had like a mini headache actually, but it did turn out a nice ish blonde in the end even though i Forgot to use the blonde boost powder in the kit. 

A dogwalk to happen to help the blue keep in

After the shower, it sadly did not stay 

Which then it was also time to let that sink in, and then it was soon to be the evening and well a new recipie idea came to mind, chicken burger brownies. And yes this actually tasted amazing.

Then it was making it dry and having some work to be done as well, but All I know is that scalps were getting very flakey and it was like an avalanche in some cases as well. But it was also time to just focus on the accounts. So that was after video editing I will admit. 

But this is where things get interesting, So I had an email and also tried to finally get Lyca setup due to that poll, now with that in minds I had major tricky to actually get the number ported with the online form, so in the end, I asked the rep to port the number on the 21st September, but what happened instead is that they ported the number which was from the 10th September. So That was that and well things were to change. 

Working and the start of the Future. 

So, it was nearing the midway end of the 1st week, 2 videos up, some accounts sorted, remastered classics to be happening and someone special is closer to me than ever before and amazing calls with friends. But it was sadly some work to be done and laptops to be delivered. But it was also on the 10th that I had a visit from an engineer, turns out they were now placing fibre cable on the poles by the house and well, that means fibre I can order for better speeds, well hopefully. 

But as I left to go to work, I had to arrange something special which was going to really make things change in my life, but that afternoon I had to visit at least 3 people and also sadly sell the camera from the Prif Streambox kit. 

But it was soon time to knuckle down for some work, I mean sure, I did eat some good food but that night was time to get a coffee and really work on the second job, since the announcement of a $50 bonus, I had to do my best for it. But in the morning about 8 have I had a 2-hour nap and that maybe had made it worse for me 

This was a nice tea on friday night 

Walking rosie on what felt like a hangover but it was just shakey and a headache 

She really loves the ball

Mixed curries for the Saturday night 

Which that was nice to really binge watch some films but at the same time, it was also the accounts to do and the recovering from that all-nighter, but then it was time to finally relax on a Sunday, or so I thought...

Shopping Plus Chores 

It's the Sunday, I was waking up at 10:00am-ish and I had a customer text me to an urgent visit, so with that in mind, I had to finally determine things to be done, So I walked Rosie and then it was time to run to get the customer sorted, which is near the places to go shopping. 

That was me done for about 30 minutes of talking and then we decide to finally go well for a shop and have a Lidl bit of plus in our lives. 

We first start with some of the branded things in Tesco, such as cat food and even trying to source turkey Twizzlers for the 5th time in 4 weeks, (well 5 visits in August), So that did not go to plan but some amazing ice lollies and well even more small bits to consider. Even sweet Chilli chicken sausages were the possibility here well for the reduced prices even if it was £11.65. Oh, and the charity top-up option is optional on the self-service checkouts. 

The shopping in Tesco for £11.65

We finally decide thats the first lot done and after catching up about the shop which well times are even changing on that. So then as we discuss that and some feelings i've had and things i've talked about in the earlier of the post. We move on to the chance to explore Lidl Plus, now this is one of those things that actually works really well than a Tesco Clubcard and less hassle, like really. We got a heck of alot of things, from fried chicken to even elderflower drink. The savings were only £1.10 if you include the reduced Bami Goring. 

The range of things bought from Lidl. 

Then it was finally to heave it on the way home. The bag was starting to break and it was really hurting my shoulders and maybe back to get up the 2 hills. But eventually, I made it and well had to get the door open somehow, even with the #keysinthemouth. 

Look down 


Then it was finally time to do some chores. Feeding pets, unpacking shopping and even trhen the chance to go raspberry picking too. Now that bit was nice since there were loads and that defo was at least a lidl bag worth actually. 

The raspberries just picked 

In the bag ready to be frozen

The next stage was to really get the rubbish out since it was a Green waste that week and well that was all done in a small stage. So, we finally have one last task after that. 

The bins 

Then it was to clean the bike, well I used some warm water and also scrub as much as I could but it sometimes has to finish with a result eventually. But it got sone and then it was finally time to end the vlog and have a meal before going out on a trip. The meal was a reminacent of a old recipie I used of Bacon burger waffles, in this case, waffle dogs aka chicken sausges in 2 waffles as shown below. 

A big mix with waffle dogs, salad, crisps, chips and more 

A late-night #dogwalkingwithomracer. 

It was nearing about 10:00pm and I was seeing outside, the night sky was starting to get bright and stars to shine, so I used this as an opportunity to well, finally go for a long walk to take some shots out at night. So I and Rosie walked our way, in through the meadows and then the estate near the main road and up to the Pimple that way.

It was the meadows in the light. 

As we got to the pimple, it was almost pitch black, my mind wanted to go to  Cox Tor (that might be familiar in more ways than one on how important) but with the time and the risk of death by a car, we stopped at the Pimple and started taking pictures using Google Camera. Which there were loads of angles, sure some went blurrier than normal but it was hard to focus on something the lens normally cannot see. 

Views from the left of me 

Straight in the middle 

Behind and the mast on the moors 

A starry bright sky 

Moving in the sky 

The mast on the moors again 

some amazing stars

Taking the shot with the phone on the floor, it sort of works 

Then it was nearly the 11:30pm mark and well, me and rose packed up and walked the way back, now it as a shame since she was naughty for pooing on the grass when she had plenty of time to poo on the moors. But there was a bat that was stalking me and Rosie from the pimple to some house near the golf club, it was unique, to say the least. 

The bat flying around the light

The last week to myself 

Eventually, it was pretty mich the midnight mark and time for me to go to sleep since the next 3 days were mainly focused on that video editing. Which I had a shit ton to do of it. But mostly i was silent minus a few things on my mind. From the habit of listening to BBC world service at night to sleep to but then it was the 16 with 3 days left of my life as free and it was good. Thingd were looking up and also I was close to a deal with the agent for the shop im moving into. sjre my grandad and i had a little ctchup on the Tuesday and seperately  I learned about places like plant organic and even a cinema that says is closed is open still. 

a light lunch for getting video editing done

Then I went to something a bit more tasty

But it was then the time to get that vlog uploaded and have the longest phone call with a special friend which really is someone that has helped me a fair bit during this year and really the only friend I've ever had long phone converstions with. But we talked about so many things from love life to games, to marvel movies and even a heart to heart since both of use have struggled in different ways But it makes me wish I could do more of that soon. After that call, it was one last dogwalk before i slept at near 4am in the morning. The twilight zone is still the most beautiful part of night, where its the darkest before the dawn, which i've had my share of seeing from nights out in a big city. 

Ham and Doritos with bacon psta korma 

The walk after the long call 

But that day after was some really hungry cravings such as a pud in a mug but use water instead of milk, it turned it in a to a sticky toffee hot cochoclate. Plus the tub was leftover from the Wednesday night 

The left over and put in a mug hot choco

But the next part was to cook a meal that was so ncie an remided me of a time which sadly wont exist this year. Goose Fair....

The ham, chrruros and even crunchynut 

But then it was sadly the final  well less than 2 days left. Which was time to clear things up and actually even havving to pay money into the post office and visit a customer to see and even that didnt go to plan as much. But i got back for 5 and carried on with a DC film binge while organising clothes. 

Clothes like this will look small for some people 

But aalas a craving kicked in and well, it was how Sasuage bacon fajita were made. Using their hot seasoning powder and hunters sauce, it worked even if it was a intrerrutpion about next gen consoles but even that wkit was too much and I show he last bite i waas too full to eat. 

The final portion of the fajitas

Then it was to clean up, watch films, cut jeans and then walk her before going for one last in my final night alone. It was good since I' had dreams to think and enjoy and well, things have to move on in terms of work. 

The Start of a weekend with parents 

So, it was now the time of the preperation for them to come home and well normal life to follow. But before they did arriv,e it was time to get some preperation for a scammy toothpaste to be reviewed, since omneome on insta put it onm their story then i ordered it from ebay for the 10.79 marks. But we finally start to find out if it's well worth its value compared to the almost £1.00 valuer of other toothpastes. 

The box and label 

its on the tooth brush. 

Day 0 of the smile aka one use. 

Then it will be a case of the next few days of 7 to use it twice a day as dentists, but the reason for this is still unknown why I wanted to try it. But eventually that and after some more quick tidying, they arrived and it was nice to see them, sure they were much browner but also they both seemed less stressed and happier in their own right. Plus I did get some gifts such as

  • Shortbread
  • Pairs of socks
  • A Mask with a picture of Finley on it

The gifts 

Then it was time to go shopping and also to talk and catch up to see how things were. Which shopping we got some bits and well, even I wanted to get one bit but sadly that wasn't in stock but some amazing denim shorts for £4.79 were on offer, so I got them instead., 

The Shop at lidl for £11.54

Then it was time to make sure things worked out and also it was tiem to see granparents on the Sunday, which if plans went to chase, I would have been able to get the shop sorted bur that was not as far away as i was scared about. But the lunch was nice and even if it was day 1 or 2 with the toothpaste. 

Day 2 of using the AP 24 toothpaste 

A mild sunday salad with family 

Then it was off to see granparents and well, what do you know, my sister was there, so we call had a catchup. Now it was nice to talk and also ncie t oattempt to cast the photos over to the TV of where mum and dad went, with the tale of the vibes being focuses on family since on that side of things , a 90th Biorthday was coming up, so we had to set time to get things straight . Which actually ends up a delay, but after that it was the sunset in the evening when another #dogwalkingwithomracer. 

The tree and the sky

Lower the brightness on Google Camera 

The sun was sure to be fading and soon might not be seen for a fair few months. 

And there you have it, now times will be changing so quick and well another post on the start of something new so that is so exciting to look forward too but at the same time is scary to deal with. 

See you soon