Tuesday, 31 December 2013

omracer's Review of 2013. A fun, heartbreaking but outreaching one

Well as time is drawing to a close for the rollercoaster of a year that has been 2013. Its time for me to give you a quick or actually slightly detailed review of this year and what i've felt from it. From the nights out where i've pushed myself to my limit and ran home, to enjoying a trip to Exeter for the first time by train.

There is alot to mention in various times, so lets go. But before we move on, enjoy a more TV show style video of a review of my videos in 2013.

The first 3 months: Quiet but Deep.


So once 2012 was over with, it was time to start a new year, with Windows 8 still in its stages of being £25 for a lifetime upgrade, Watching a Disney film i've never seen before and setting my goals of what i hoped to accomplish in this year, which even though for some people, isn't much, its a big deal for me.

I mean its actually been nearly 2 years since i orginally reopenend the blog up and with each post, its growing with content and showing off what my life is, even if its as crappy as carrying a laptop and printer from work to some house in Bishopsmead.

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Even then i started my challenge of cycling to Plymouth and Back at least once a month, i still can't believe I've done it, but i have and I'm proud, so that is one of the resolutions done, but for now it was only the beginning.


Now this was slightly impressive month, well more over because i had finally achieved a Microsoft Certification. Now that was something that will help me out in my life, and even now i'm tempted to try to add another one to my profile, which might help me out even more in the coming years, especially now that i have to help out with offering a Business repair service and also give tuition to customers, which although i'm partly doing now, its going to be more of it which means more hours. The vlog for it is below:

That aside, i even enjoyed some Pizza Hut afterwards which i think was quite good and made it a bit more worth while. I mean, i;ve wanted to try it but to be fair i did chicken or bottle out, but the starter set was nice, and at the time i did even have a crush on one of them but she left and although i tried to see Josie on her birthday night out, there was no luck.

Then it was Valentines day, another chance to try to impress Emma, who i've fallen for for over 2 years now, and its been over a year since the First Erotic novel about us was released, which is now followed up by another novel which is more of a mini side story in the first one. But it was just a small sized amount of a £20 or £50 gift card from Pizza hut, (those cards have been really really good and i still buy them for her, not daily of course, but if we were together, i would be). But that month was also the 2nd and 3rd time i've cycled into Plymouth, even in blizzard style snow (on the 2nd) which shows i'm getting better. The primark jeans i've bought, well i didn't have much luck and they only lasted me a small few months. Also it was pancake day as well...
The pancake i had on that day. 
That and it was my entrance into the world of Android Tablets, but although these were rubbish (for my needs at least), i've given my working one, which before, the old one in the review actually only lasted me 3 months, to my granddad. He still is fascinated with it. 
The tablet i Reviewed in Febuary. Now with a cracked screen but the box is fine, the charger died quickly too.
That and it was also Charley's Birthday, although for next year i bought tickets for Bastille. I've still got them in my gmail somewhere. But for this years birthday, i did something a slightly more romantic one, which was a Rose and some Hotel Chocolat Happy Birthday Chocolates:

The back of the card and the small print of the card. 
Even though she was single at the time, shortly after i lost the chance then later on she was, now, i lost the chance again but i'll explain how that happened later. Also i released my first Android app using some shitty App Builder called "mobincube". If you want the app, then you can download it from Google Play. That license cost me £25 one off, which has made me want to create a mini game and get some viral fun but that will be a lifetime away. Also one of the major fads noted in this year i've joined in with:


Now this is when my emotions finally got lucky and i finally saw Emma and a few friends, it was fun and although it ended up depressing by the end and even nearly knocking over a sheep in the moors at night, it was worth it. There was so much i wanted to say and it made me realise, i might of found the perfect girl, even if Bianca did mention that she not been single for 5 years, which i can call bullshit on, it was even a surprise that she was single before dating a footballer and she is now a changed girl and nearly all of them have :(.

But after that, March was quite quiet even though i started a tutorial on shaving, yes and that does include the eyebrows. You'd be surprised what you can do at 12am in the night:

The party to halfway, where the intense things happen.


Now this is where the blog really started to take off, well in views at least. The one thing which had happened and I'm'm never going to forget. My first ever Buffet experience. Now this is one of those moments where as well as me achieving another of my New Year Resolutions, I've actually enjoyed myself, like doing something I've always wanted to do and get it done. 

There is so much more i could rant on about Sizzall, but to be honest, the fact that if you google it, the vlog and blogpost comes up in the first set of results, is an amazement in its own right. But the fact that i enjoyed feeding is another amazement to what i've wanted to do. Ever since this happened, i know i've gotten more excited with my hormones than ever...

I mean, this was amazing, the food was fun, good crowd and it was the second time in my adult life which is still a good bit of fun and even seeing Charley out afterwards was nice too. But i still enjoyed one heck of a time and i'm hoping to get another meal like this sorted in 2014. There was some of the feeding bits on my dailymotion and its amazing to discover that 11,000 have seen it. I mean, sure it was for the Feederistic side of things but its made me miss doing it more and more. Luckily, its in the vlog above, so you can see it in there. There is just too much to say, so just have a read of it.

Still one of the best nights of my life so far
But also by this time. It was time that my sister was arriving home, back for good after her 3 year life on Royal Caribbean, there can be many stories with her, but i'll keep my mouth shut for the most part. All i know is that its been a while since i've seen her, but its nice to have her back, even if it means feeling like a 5th wheel in the coming months (back then, at least). AS well as that, i also started a blog about reviewing products which as you find out, has been quite good, sure its no way near as popular as this one, but its worth a look if you fancy an opinion on various things from Software to even a PS Vita TV.

http://omracer-reviews.blogspot.com/ is the link to go to for it


Now all i can say is that the horniest night of my life was in this month, with more food and fun and even more pushing myself to my limits with the chance to actually run 15 miles to get home. This was almost the epiphany of my year. it really was. I mean, the fact that i got to feed Charley then was estatic, even if it looked staged when the videos of me feeding her were up. But it was from then on, which we became good friends, when its that little bit closer to dating. But it even gets better with the fact of being squashed and even had food eaten off me, which was incredible, I still don't think that will sink in about it happening, but it was worth it. There is much and this still remains one of my most popular blogposts. But the video is the best way to show it all, over 5,000 views so far. 

But from there on out, it was also a Bank Holiday the same weekend, which i had finally gotten a chance to go out on, well vlogging wise anyway, which also for the first time, i was invited to a BBW's boat party. It wasn't all that great, sure, i mean it was fun and the views were amazing of the sea. But it felt outkasted to be single and you wouldn't be surprised at how uneasy it was with most of the guys not even deserving the girls that they were dating, let alone handling them,  spending time with them on the boat. 

Still one of the best shots i had taken of the night, well before  i had my my new ZOPO ZP810/Hero H7500+. 

But after that, it was the really good stuff, with being in Jesters for the 2nd time and actually having a blast. Oceana was still pretty good. But it was the one bit that i had finally gotten around to getting done. Running Home, which this was the 2nd time. I mean, it was a long 4 hour run, with the nights starting to get shorter, which made it slightly scary to do. But i did it and there was so much strength from pushing the body to its almost limit to save a weeks worth of rent at least (I saved £20 pretty much). But the vlog for it is below:


This was a quiet month, well actually it was but then i discovered the world of Chinavasion, which has some incredible pieces of kit for quite cheap prices. Now i ended up buying a Zopo Zp810 lookalike type phone for £170 (if you include £20 for delivery and £20 customs). Which is one of the best phones I've ever bought and its just as good as a Samsung or a HTC but £300 cheaper. Sure its not the same build quality or has a powerful GPS like the mainstream phones. But it packs a good punch which I'm still loving, to this day.  The Dual Sim feature is still worth it, but the problem is, the stock is starting to die down. But if you looking for a good 5" under £200, then buy it before you miss out.

But after that, it was more the case of another night out. Now this was a more casual one, even thought this was in the pouring rain, it was still a nice time. Sure i did get a picture with a beautiful friend of  Sophie's and also a bbw too, and then it was more Jesters and even getting a picture of me and Bronti up on the results page for Jesters in Google was cool.
The best pic from the night, 

When i was lucky at one stage. Two sexy girls and a nice guy with me too
But that really was the highlight, although the GPS is bugged at the time, (well the solution to fixing it didn't happen until a month or so ago), it was still nice and some decent shots of Plymouth at 3am in the morning were neat as well

Just the Summer months:


Well now it was nearing the end of the year for many of you (if you went to school, college or uni) which meant that many people will be back and partying it up like you just don't care. This was different, although girls like Bridie were back home for the summer, it wasn't as good as i thought it would be. But none the less it was more a a present time. It was coming up to Jess's birthday as well as i did upset Charley, so i bought some small presents. Mostly Nandos Vouchers as well as a rose, and of course the chocolates were a reminder of the ones charley ate off me.
The present for Jess for her birthday this year 
Then it comes to the end of July, with the Showing of the Tavistock Carnival which was quite a nice one, the heatwave which was an small one. From enjoying the quick procession to the Chinese food and then a rush to get the bush and enjoy this night out.

And the night was quite nice, with water in The roundabout and various selfies in Oceana and of course the time to run home in the Summer. Now this was quite a fair run, but the heatwave that the UK was in, made running across the moors nicer. Also notice the Picturesque sunrise:
The Sunrise from Yelverton at 4:45am. This is still amazing for a wallpaper, especially on Windows 8.1
That and i had another enjoyment at Sizzall, this time it was with Charley and Amber, sure 


This month was fairly quiet, although i was going to have a mates day out to get one of my New Years Resolutions done, it ended up a day by myself, which was nice, but i did feel like shit and thought i lost my watch. But that turned out to be in my pocket. 

Then it was most of the Summer working, its usually around this time that i would have a holiday, but this year, i didn't get one. Sure there were 100s of friends (okay, thats an exaggeration, about 5) heading out to magaluf, Ayia Napa, Ibiza and all of them other club resorts for 2 weeks. I think i was working extra hours, but meh, i was happy for a bit. Especially the fact that i ended up buying a 2x better laptop. A Samsung NP550P7C-S02UK from a customer for £450. Now this was still in a 1 year warranty and also it was valued from CEX for £610. So i got a good deal and it only took about a month to pay back.
The Samsung laptop. Its nice and i've not even used all of the power of it. 
Of course, its now running Windows 8.1 Pro (the £24.99 upgrade license i bought before February 2013) and works almost like a charm, but maybe a ssd will fix its life. Oh well.... What made the August more annoying was having to spend time with My sisters EX irish boyfriend (which is all i'll say except the word, control). Well its was annoying being the 5th Wheel in the house, WHILE i was being called by Sophie and Kyla for about 5 times per day, sometimes asking for pizza, sometimes just bored and sometimes even telling me that i'm the farther for Kyla's child as well as Sophie's child she was telling me that was expecting. Luckily after the snapchat drama with her and a potential feedee friend of mine, she never called :).

Now it was coming to my dream girls birthday and i still was thinking of her, regardless of the months passing since i've seen her for the first time in my life, especially with her 22nd birthday shortly arriving, it was time to think on what to get her. But before that, it was the final bank holiday of the year, and i ended up going to Bude with my family for it. It was ok, sure it felt a bit boring but thats a normal day out with family for me.
The final Bank Holiday of 2013, at bude with my Family

Then it was the beginning of the final months.


Well this was the timing for many beautiful girls to leave Plymouth and head out to uni. A girl that has amazing cheeks and was cute to possibly date started working in Oceana, the girl of my dreams had her birthday and i did another review on what soon to be a decent christmas present for Charley, Jess and Bronti 

First off was Emma's Present, now i did search for a few options but i ended up doing something cute, sure its not as fun as possibly a Virgin Balloon Trip for the two of us but i was talked out of it. So instead, i bought some cupcakes and delivered them to Jess's flat, since it was a nice option and shes been good to me.
The cupcakes

Then it was nearing the end of September, and i mean, something was out that was really good. The Chromecast, now this dongle is still a bit restricted to the US in app wise, but it has LOTS of potential, oh and the fact i can just make a playlist for it to stream with using the app on my phone, works wonders.

That has made most of my afternoons easier, from watching Epic Gaming Time to even a playthrough of Arkham Origins. But its well worth it if you watch Youtube alot or even Internet TV in general. Also £35 isn't soo bad for what you get with it , Charley loved hers when i got it for Christmas (yes, this one, in 2013 for her, Jess i've not heard much of it. Part of me knew i should of given the 3rd one to Sophie, but Bronti has been a much better person to me than her.

Also around this time, i might of bought Emma (Blonde and had some amazing soft cheeks and thighs) some pizza, i LOVE PAYPAL for the most part, gifting girls to fatten them is never a bad thing, shame she hates her amazing figure :(


ROLL UP, ROLL UP, ITS THE FUN OF THE FAIR. Thats all i can say for the beginning of this month, Goosey Fair was upon us, although it wasn't as fun as other years, it was well worth it. Although i got bored really quickly when it was the final Saturday Night.

But then it was more fun with making a review of one of the products i bought from the fair, which i did even use once and it shattered a mug when making an omelette. But enjoy me make another one during the review of the Noval Mutli-Quirl. To be fair, i still use this often, mostly for gravy and the occasional omelette.
There are many pics i could show but i'll show my best one of the Fair this year:
This is the best pic, to show the crowds at the fair. 

Then it was coming up to Halloween and the half term, well for the followers and people still in education anyway. Now sadly this was a time i had to work more hours since my colleague has become a dad, which is great for him, but ever since then, its never felt the same. Luckily for me, i finally had the chance to see Charley again, whom i've not seen since July with the buffet with Amber. Also, it was a night out for me as well It was nice to finally sit and just chat, even on her sofa, in the pissing rain i just came in from. But i felt then that maybe i could of moved on from Emma, but i'm lucky i didn't since it wouldn't of worked *sob*.
But enjoy the Taxi ride on video at least, it was interesting that i ended up paying the entire fare. But at least i gave Ash a nice bit of Love Hearts before i got the bus back home.


The second to final month, where the Bangs start to happen as well as the cold nights. As usual, both Firework presentations were kicked off and in full swing, for both Tavistock and Plymouth. But to be honest, it was a shame i didn't stay there long enough, i could of actually Seen Emma and hugged her. One of my big regrets for the year as i see it, but it was nice that i was part way on making the second novel. The Display itself was a great one this year, the music was loud enough to vibrate the ground, but i still want to redo that night if i could, as with many other events in my life. 

But after that, it was a calm rest of the month, well before the final weekend. But it was some shopping on the 19th. As well as i welcome the world to my Sister's new kitten, she is an adorable Maincoon. Very playful and with sharp claws and teeth. At least she loves me compared to my mum's Poodle, who hates me the minute i look at him. But she isn't all nice, she likes ot make a mess and also sometimes violently playfight with the dog, who now tries to nip her but does snarl when he doesn't want to play, but he's become much more active now that she is in the family's life.
An adorable kitten. Only 11 weeks old in the Picture
 Then it was a Review of something i wanted very badly which is good but only when Sony decides to unlock its potential to the Western world. The PS VITA TV. Which i imported from Japan for only £102.44 inc express delivery and NO CUSTOMS. But i don't play it as much as i thought i would, mainly because Ridge Racer for Vita isn't supported. The review and setup is below:

Then it comes to the final weekend. This is where the start of the Christmas Season begins. Of course for me, its been busier with Work, getting the night prepared, enjoying Filipino Food, vlogging and also demonstrating PSYC Bluetooth Speakers as well as my PS3 and Vita TV. That was a good night as a nice weekend. But it was now the final month.


Well all i can say is that this December has been a depressing one, its made me realize lots of things, losing loads of chances have disappeared, falling out with BBWs, fixing my GPS on my phone and of course Christmas is on the way. 

Although it wasn't the ideal thing for me, it was ok to be out with my Family for some Christmas Shopping i suppose. Exeter did look quite amazing, although some of the shops were overpriced but some were nice to look into.
The christmas look around Princesshay in Exeter
Then it was time for the Christmas preparations, i had a cunning plan but James ruined it by arguing with Emma, TWICE. The last thing i need was having a text from her saying about James when i was just leaving a customers house after fixing her laptop to run home in the rain :((((((((. That did rip me up and pretty much feel like crap for most of the month. I did perk up a bit when i got the chance to get some Christmas presents delivered.

That was worth it, ok, maybe i put too much worry for Bronti and i didn't get Emma what i really wanted, but its the best i could of done, along with Maisie's help at least. But it was worth ordering the Chromecast's in. The cycle there and back also made it the last time and the completion of one of my New Year Resolutions i set Back in January. Sadly after this, my iPod died on me and that's now the death of 2 iPod touch 4th Generations in less than 2 years. Fucking cheap home buttons and no software workaround Apple.

But the final time before Christmas, there has to be a night out. Mine was for Josie's Birthday night out, but it turns out i never even saw her at all on that night, of course I had some fun and i got the bus back, even though i shouldn't have, i could of seen Jess and even finally had a plush huge from her bbw goddess of a friend, Stacey. Nonetheless, it was still my final night out:

But after this, it was the timing of Christmas, which was only 6 days ago. To be fair, it was ok, sure i got presents which were unexpected and i'm even getting my sister to swap one but although the company was nice, i just wished i could of snuggled with Emma, Jess, Charley or Sophie after a huge roast and kissed her while watching Christmas films or even the odd episode of Doctor Who. Boxing day was a unique one but still nice to be around some of the Family, no matter how awkward it can be.

The Christmas Meal

But then its back to the world of reality, I've been working the past 3 days and i'm even working on the Eve of New Years, it really doesn't feel it. But well, i think 2013 has run its course.

The facts and Summary:

So now i finally can say to myself: "What have i accomplished for this year of 2013". Well the answer is, about 5 things, 3 of them are cleared and completed New Year's Resolutions. Lets check:

  • Have my first relationship this year. NOPE, LOOKS LIKE MY DREAM AND GOAL FOR MY LIFE NOW IS STILL FAR FROM DONE :(.
  • Earn a Microsoft Certification. YES - I DID IT IN FEBURARY 
  • Buy stock from my Cafepress. NOPE, I DIDN'T GET STOCK, I MIGHT SOON HOWEVER
  • Try my first "All you can eat" buffet OR Date in a Chinese Restaurant  YES, SIZZALL WAS AMAZING AND I HOPE TO HAVE MORE MEALS WITH FRIENDS THERE SOON.

Now its been interesting with other facts, the rise of snapchat and other things. Here's a quick fun few facts:
  • I've ran from Plymouth to Tavistock 3 times this year on nights out. That's over 45 miles in the twilight zone.
  • I've spent over £300 on Gifts this year in total, from Pizza to Emma Thompson to the Chromecasts for Christmas
  • I've reached over 1,100 Followers on Twitter.
  • I don't use the Timeline layout for Facebook Profiles.
  • I've found out I've been told i sound like a women on the phone or on a phone call. 
  • I've only touched 3 bellies this year.
  • This blog has had over 12,000 views.
  • I've made more than £20 from ad revenue from this and from my Youtube Videos since 2011.
  • I've had at least 3 Facebook threats, from Adam Hyman to Ash Marks.
  • I've got copies of 77 phone calls, from phone sex to voicemail. 
So that's been mostly that, but just for the banter, here is some of a list of people that have blocked me online, from arguments to being insecure, various reasons:
  • Amy  L Williams
  • Phoebe Williams
  • Kelsey Parsonage
  • Chloe Brook
  • Emma Thompson
  • Jessie Artlett
  • BC Bonnie
  • BBW Sailor Rose
  • Stacey Edwards
  • Calli Thorpe
  • Danielle Barnard
  • Hollie Jones

Well all i know is that my Search for Love continues, well its not a search its more of a plan to get a chance with some people i know i could feel happy with, love and snuggle with, maybe even get my dreams come true with a food based relationship, Especially when i was dreaming of Emma on the morning of the 30th, it made me realize i would be the luckiest guy in the world if i got that chance to be her loving guy. 
But for now, its time to say goodbye to 2013. Happy New Year and i'll see you in 2014.

omracer Out.

Friday, 27 December 2013

The bright Boxing Day in 2013

Well its now the night where people are excited to get drunk, rush to buy the latest item which is reduced by 50% to 80% if your really lucky or just chill after the excitement of Christmas, but for me, its time for more festivities from my Dad's Side of the family. It had also been amazing weather, so its time to telll.

The Cold and morning preparation. 

So it was about 9am when i fully woken up, it was a nice fap over a cute blonde i know of called beki. But then i got up and changed. I found out the dog had shat on the carpet in both the kitchen and the lounge, but as the time was near 10am, it was cleaned up before i was out. Then it was a case of the preparation and checking e-mails, as well as changing into my attire for the meal for later on.
The shoes i got for christmas yesterday

The black jeans i got for christmas and a casual white shirt

Of course, a selfie is always interesting to get showing off with, well it took about 3 attempts to get this right.
Then it was time to prepare all the items for what was going to be taken, but sadly, my dad was having a bad cold and couldn't come, so it ended up just me, my sister and my mum. But we lifted the present bag into the car, then after saying goodbye to Aries and Zak, we were off.

The bag with Presents and the party food for later on.

Saying goodbye to the kitten, who was in her cage

The Meal of the Family.

So as we decided to head off to the pub, it was a nice drive, with all of us 3 chatting about various topics and the sun was shining down on us, the view of the river Tamar was beautiful and then we arrived to the Rifle. It was a quick 15 minute journey or less.

View Larger Map

When we got there, we thought everyone had arrived, but we got out of the car, then walked in and my other grandparents and one of my dad's brothers along with his partner were they, it was a nice catch up along with the drinking started to begin. Well for me it was Lime and Lemonade twice then after that, just simple tapwater with ice was the rest of the drinks i had until we left.
A  Nice pint of Lime and Lemonade, although it wasn't as strong as i hoped.
Then we were seated in the conservatory, but went we were there, it was nice, but it was too hot, well not for me (my problem was the sun was blinding my eyes), but for my granddad's fiance. So we moved to a room near the bar, which could only fit all 10 of us. Then it was cosy, but no signal which was a bit of a shame. So then it was more chitchat and you can see the menu's below:
The first side of the Menu, i know it was poor quality but i was rushed to do it

The other side of the menu, which was any other options and sides you could have. 
Then it was a case of ordering, which took quite a short while, but then it was a 15 minute wait but the time passed as it was nice to hear various topics being discussed from a horse being high to cats and even about vicious dogs out in public. Then the starters arrived, only 4 of us ordered it, my mum and sister shared come Crabcakes, me and my cousin had some breaded kingprawn and my uncle enjoyed some garlic mushrooms. it was about £5.75 each for starters alone :O.
My Breaded King prawns with some salad and a mild sweet chilli dip.
Then that was quiet delicious but it wasn't as filling as it looked, which is a good thing for a occasion like this one. But it was then more chatting and i decided to go for a piss, the funny fact with me having signal in there but not when i was at the table is slightly awkward. But i tweeted and attempted to download some maps, then as i got back to the table, the food was ready and waiting for me. A Roast beef which actually looked undercooked but hat a juicy bit of fat on it, amazing roast potatoes, minor vegetables and addicting gravy. This cost £7.50 on the menu alone, but its worth it for what you get.
The Roast Beef i had, you can notice the cooking wasn't as well done, but everything else was lush, especially the roast potatoes and Horseradish
This was going to take a while to eat, but there was no rush, along with my other uncle ordering extra potatoes, it was sure to be a good hour of food and chatter to finish this. But eventually it was eaten and the plate was clean, i did have scraps from other people. Then it was nearing 2pm and everyone was finished, which was a short resting time before another order of drinks and then for deserts. Various people ordered different things, from me ordering stick toffee pudding to the traditional Christmas pudding for my granddad "A small one please" was his fiance's exact words. Then a short wait with chatter then it arrived, i was not disappointed with the look, the taste and even the feel of it. But for £4.75, it should be that good for a slightly premium price.
The sticky Toffee Pudding. I'm sorry its blurry, i did try to get it to snap.
I enjoyed it and it didn't take too long to eat it, but by the time i did, i was justifiably full from the meal in general and it was the final preparation and arranging what to do before heading over to my uncle's for the presents giving. But before we left, we called dad on my sister's iPhone and asked if he was ok and letting him know of the next plan for us, he was ok with that and then after me checking if my GPS was working still, my sister drove us to our uncle's house.

The cosey delivering of Presents

Well the driving down to my uncle's place was quite nice, it was nearing 2:30 by this time and we were all chatting about the various topics that was talked about, from one of my auntie's asking why Aries needs a harness if cats go outside even though Aries is an indoor cat, to my mum and even i was annoyed at the fact that my granddad's fiance was concerned that she walks everywhere, like when they saw her on christmas eve walking into Tavi from home and back, since everyone else drives everywhere then we talked about my sister's new boyfriend. Then we made it, the sky was slowly getting darker, but it was nice to be there anyway. I just about made it down to the house with the huge bag i had to carry with the presents, but then it was a case of unloading it and then a short rest, a glass of fanta from my auntie then time to hand the presents out. 
The presents at the tree in my uncle's house.

A Nice sip of Fanta 
I started handing out the presents, there was at least 30 or more in total, like a Page 3 Girls 2014 calendar by the Sun from my uncle to my granddad, which really, really annoyed his fiance, you could see from her tone, Irrigation hosepipes from my uncle and auntie to my dad and mum, towels for my auntie from my granddad's fiance and even Dove Giftsets my mum gave to both of my Aunties. The conversations were quite funny, even one of my auntie's was getting really excited when either her or her husband were getting presents, even so much so, that my granddad's fiance was getting slightly irritable with her.
But to be fair, i only got 3 nice things this year, i'll post them below.

Some Fat Face Slipper Socks  from my granddad's Fiance. Now she has a bad enough grudge against them, similar to the one i have with Vodafone, but just because she doesn't like the name. 

An Amazon Gift Card for £25 from my Auntie and Uncle

A Card with £20 cash and a small box of Maltesers from my other Auntie and Uncle
Then it was nearing 5pm and after all the presents had been handed out, me, my mum and sister were starting to debate if we should go home, now i was tempted to stay, but since that wouldn't be fair on my dad and also my auntie and uncle who drove my granddad and his fiance there was planning on leaving soon as well. But before we left, i got a plate set up for the food to take home for my dad to eat for his tea, so we didn't miss him out, but there was a lush range of party food, from chicken, ham, homemade potato salad, salad, sliced eggs. Sadly i didn't get a picture, but then i lifted all of the presents in the same bag i bought them down in, back up to the car.

Afterwards, it was nice to wait outside, check the GPS and then receive a few tweets, some were depressing (well one but that is my fault for missing the chance to try to be with Charley), i started the GPS and after getting in the car, we drove back the way we came, or so we thought...

While heading back near Tavistock Sawmills, we found a card parked to the right and then a elderly chap opened the windows and mentioned that someone had an accident. By the looks of it, a biker lost control of the bike and slid to the other side of the road, it was packed and a car blocked the road. So we turned back and went up the hill which leads to the road to Bere Alston, then crossed it and headed back home the usual way, while going up the hill, it was a usual lecture about how wearing a helmet can save my life and all.

The relaxing Evening. 

So as we got back home, it was cold, not as stormy as it got later, but still cold i got the plate of food and the fruit salad bowl in and then it was a case of changing then telling my dad how we got on with the day and all, then soon after, the cat did a funny pose when in the basket. it was so cute, i ended up taking a pic:
The kitten, just about to jump out of the basket
Then it was nice to watch some Star Wars (Episode II) was just nearly finished, i prepped up a quick tea since i felt a bit hungry and it was a nice meaty combo along with some extras as per usual.
Well the tea i had for the evening. Roast Turkey and Gammon, Stuffing, Crisps, Nutella, Mayonnaise and Sweet Chili (The hot edition)
Then it was some Percy Jackson until 8pm and then it was enjoying the best of the Indiana Jones franchise: The Last Crusade, with Sean Connery in of course. Then after that, it was time for everyone else to go to sleep and me to get this up for you to read. 

So that concludes Christmas 2013 for me this year, its not been one of my best ones, although i tried to make some of the people most important to me happy by giving them decent presents this year, its been a really odd Christmas and it hasn't hit me as much as the festive season is used to. Of course all of the January and boxing day sales are now on, with people rushing to get the cheapest deal, the weather is dangerous and depressing and its now the final countdown towards the New Year of 2014. Now i've got to finish up the blogpost for a review of this year, and its a surprise that i'm at 60 blogposts by this time Next Week. But i'll explain my plans then. 

But for now, enjoy your hangovers or if your like me, enjoy working as normal until New Years Eve.
omracer :)

Thursday, 26 December 2013

The onesie festivities begin (Christmas Day 2013)

Well this is now the 2nd part of the christmas trilogy begins. This is where the main event begins, over 2 months of consumerism has lead to thisdo, many of you have already enjoyed your presents, gotten things from loved one, enjoyed Doctor Who as well as other films that have been on for the festive day. The weather has been content and the fire is going as i type this. Lets begin.

The morning of a plan gone wrong. 

So, i did kind of sleep with my phone and wifi on this morning, when the first alarm at 8am, as i usally do, was off, i was in shock that it was 7% battery, but considering the phone was at 35% when i slept, it wasn't too bad. But i went back to sleep and put in on charge until the 9am alarm went off, by then it was at 40% battery. So i woke up, chatted with the cat and was close to getting out to get the video done. But alas, i missed that chance to :@. 

The kitchen prepped up, for the meal, with crackers, a nice cloth and more. 
Then it ended up checking e-mails. I got given 3 nice codes from Sony. One for a two month trial of Music Unlimited which i did give my sister but she didn't want to put her card info when i redeemed the voucher on her SEN account, another i did a giveaway on twitter and a nice chap thanked me for a 60% off the Sly Trilogy, which i wasn't into, but no thank you from someone who might of used the Singstar code i tweeted. But i got a cool mini which was a quick skater game. I took about 1 hour to finish it, with it paused on an off. But it was a fucking annoying and a shame i didn't get a video up for you. That i do apologise for.  But it was also preparing for the meal later on. With the table laid and the presents in the lounge, since the tree had to be in the hall because of the kitten.
The Presents in the lounge
Then it was a nice hour of watching Chicken Run and reminiscing on the film while typing this up. It was also quite interesting to see my grandparents when they arrived about 12:30. Then it was nice to talke with my grandad and he now wants a cheap Smart TV box, which he was interested in the new NOW TV Box but it doesn't include Youtube, i was thinking a chromecast but he wanted BBC iplayer, so i'm thinking of using an old android tablet. But then it was time for the Main Christmas meal. 

The tasty meal that never felt full.

Now it was time to enjoy the meal, everyone was sat at the table, i ended up bringing the chair from the hallway and then it was time to indulge. The food was amazing, with Brussels sprouts, lush gravy, turkey (bred in paington), Roast Potatoes, Yorkshire Pudding, Roast Parsnips and Pigs in blankets, although there wasn't much of them. I did have 2 portions this year which was worth it. 
The first portion of the roast, which looked delicious and was a nice start to the christmas festivities. 
Then i was looking at a clean plate after about 20 minutes of eating while listening in to conversations more or less with my nan and her events that she went to last week, which was fine. My mum and sister ended up giving me their leftovers which was a nice satisfaction after the first portion above. 
The 2nd portion, which included leftovers from both my mum and sister as well as freshly hot roast potatoes. 
Then it was more chatting and after relaxing for 5 minutes, with checking the usual twitter and instagram feeds and the Desert was the next thing on the menu. A smooth, rich, deep, sinking feeling for a Chocolate Pudding. I could of eaten the whole tub to be fair, even maybe bought me and emma a tub for us each to indlugle and even romance in (But i was with my family instead, which was ok but i felt eeary). I quickly at the pudding, which i only had a small portion, but by this time i was in a comfortably full position, then it was relaxing it off on the sofa, for a short while, before the time for presents was upon us. 
The small part of an amazing chocolate pudding i had.

The session of giving and receiving.

This was the part of the story where you finally find out what people and loved ones have bought you. This was the same thing, so after settling down. My sister decided to give out the presents. First off it was the ones from me to Dad, Mum and her. They liked it to a degree, ok i was supposed to get a leather case for my sister's iphone 5, but from a small asian franchise, it was the best i could do. My mum liked hers and it was well worth trying, but the primark voucher was a nice finishing. Dad liked the B&Q voucher, i nearly forgot how much i put on it, but after checking my card, it was £20. It was annoying that my nan was quoting the vlog i did for buying the gifts (except censoring out the swear bits). But it was interesting to see what everyone had. There is a fair amount, but the best one in all was the fact my mum bought "Fifty Sheds Damper" for my dad, he was a bit unsure but laughing at the same time, since it can be taken in both the eroitic and normal way, which is why its become very popular.

Now to cut the boring bits, i'm just to add the pics of what i got this year below, then i'll bullet point and possibly add amazon links if you are interested to buy it yourself
My sister gave me this card

Lynx Attract boxset from my sister.  Funny that there are two customer service lines i can call. it even gives the impression that if you DON'T get a girl after wearing this (say on a night out) they can help you out. Well that number might be called somepoint next year. My dad also got one.

A Wolf Onesie which was also from my sister.

A Blue Fleece jumper from my parents

Some mid priced black jeans from my parents

A Mantaray Blue Hoodie from my Parents.

Some Lonsdale Black Velcro Trainers from my parents. . This was bought when we went to exeter.

Some Lonsdale White Velcro Trainers from my parentsThis was bought when we went to exeter.

Some Boot Socks and 5 pants to wear from my parents. This was from Primark

Some Craighopper waterproof type jeans from my sister. These felt odd and baggy as well  as i always have a unwritten rule, which is to only wear jeans outside the house in public. 

A waterproof case for a iPhone 4 and a Spoke Wheel light for my bike wheel from my sister. Now i did try to fit my Zopo ZP810 into it and it just about fitted if i didn't actually lock the thing, so i might have to swap it when i next go into Plymouth. 

Some Work socks from my Grandparents, these are supposed to be more comfortable 

Some cheap deodorant from my Grandparents  

Some Soap in the shape of a Garden Gnome from my parents. As i opened this, people laughed slightly, more about the fact i'm not that hygineic. 

This was some of the cash i got as well. £60 from my auntie in london and £100 from my Grandparents (who came over), i did get £50 from my other Grandparents who i will be seeing tomorrow. 

After that it was more chatting and various things before my grandparents left it. For some reason, everyone was making jokes about me having a girlfriend. It was even annoying when my Nan said "if you do have a girlfriend, make sure you show her to us", which made me realize that when she laughed at the fact i liked some bbw softcore stuff on Youtube, its making me realize that i'm certainly not going to, since i'm not having her embarrassed because your going to laugh at something which makes me really physically attracted to her. Then it was nice to say our goodbyes and then relax on the sofa for the rest of the afternoon.

A nice glass of J20 after the presents. 

The quiet and relaxing TV evening.

With everyone back in the lounge and all of us relaxed and somewhat happy with the presents we had. The afternoon was nice and watching Tangled on ITV 1. Now this is a network premire and even though we nearly changed to something, else i luckily got the chance to watch it. I'm not going to lie, its a funny and romantic film, its shows Disney's internal animators perfecting the pixar style but with more fantasy than realism, but its tradition that Disney films are shown over these Holidays, heck they even have a PDF of a TV guide of whats on and where  (For Non Sky Customers by the way). I also tried out my Wolf onesie and it was REALLY baggy but quite nice to wear. You can see how it looks on my face below:
Me wearing the Wolf onesie
After Tangled, it was some of the Carry on films as well as the Queens speech. Which i'm not going to lie, it was terrible and spouted the same relgious type crap. Even my mum didn't like it and she always watched the speech. 

Then Ghostbusters was on, since my sister hasn't seen it for years. Even though I had watched a few Sunday's ago on Channel 5 or 5*. Then it was time to get some dinner, i was feeling quite hungry at the time, and i did quickly type some more of this up since it was really hot in the lounge, even the PS3 was starting to sound like a jet taking off since it gets hotter, even with a USB stand from poundland underneath. But mother prepared the table for the post Christmas day buffet and it was then time to enjoy it, by this time it was nearing 7:10pm. 

Just a small buffet for the family. Including roast Turkey, Gammon, Stuffing, Cheese, Crisps, Sweet silverskins, Carrots, Salad cream, Sweet Chilli. I was also making my meal (on the left)
My tea for that night

Then it was watching some Youtube Subscriptions while eating my tea, more +1 Int as well as communitychannel's new video out, but i finished it in about 10 minutes, with of course, 10 minutes before the Christmas Episode of Doctor Who was on TV. . Now i didn't mind the episode, but everyone else said that its lost its way and my sister said it was "depressing", but its a very different side i would see to the Doctor, which afterward most people moaned that an old guy is becoming the new doctor. But meh, i'll see what happens. After that, my dad wasn't feeling too good and went to sleep, so  it was a nice time watching Raiders of the lost ark until i had a bath. Which was much hotter than other baths i've had recently.
Watching raider of the lost ark on BBC3 with some Green LED's around the TV

A nice but small bath, ready for me to get into. 
 Then it was nice to get out, and pretty much say goodnight to everyone else and finish this off, while watching various videos, like a level of Every Extend Extra which is just amazing but i will never be able to unlock since i'm not that good on the game.

But basically, i hope everyone enjoyed their christmas and the final of the trilogy will be up tomorrow or Friday. Then its working on the review of the year blogpost, which i'm 1/4 of the way through, but i also have a fist pumping video as well as a review of the year video to make. Also my search for love might be seeing the hardest it feels in a while with many couples being loved up and even countless people proposing, which makes me feeling more than left behind now. But i'll rant about that on the review post.

For now, Enjoy boxing day and i'll guide you on that, unlucky if you are working tomorrow.