Monday, 23 July 2018

The Hot 9th Twitterversary Catchup

So its been a long time, well a whole month and no blog posts and to be honest the day after that catch up blogpost appeared, time has been flying by and my life sucks into contracts, selling, buying, phone calls, late nights, no days off and little things done. But also some important chats too xx.


After the catch up from may. It was the start of the life of working at a place of a 2 year lease with a council and well, my life gets squahsed under the ssbbw bum of owning a pop up shop. But to celebrate that, was a nice spoons meal 

This was then the wedding of something royal which i missed it all and feel no regrets. Sure I was selling games and also it was case of wifi trouble to set tings up, but really, we all have a life to be a part of which also things gotten interesting with this girl on feabie, well lets put it this way, an anmime profile pic and close to plymouth when me and her chat for a bit, this was looking for a sign of hope, but little did i know that other ladies would be more into my life and actual real chances might be happening. But it was also the reason a vlog was LATE by a WEEK. Like this was a clear stance on how bad it was getting for me on timing and being productive since coming back from the Holiday

But the week after that was my first week of fully working and also a reminder of what a #britishsandwichweek but that was just  a throwback, but more food ensured.

But things were sadly going a bust with the lilmissy and that was after some drama over her stealing photos, so that was going to make it a nope with a real chance with a local girl. But we also found out that the bank holiday soon to happen was the END of CUBA. #ripcuba2018, with memories of my first kiss and even a BHM starting on me in the white shirt, I still remember the evils he gave me. But alas theres also rumours of Club indulge going to Fever which might be a bit of fun indeed, but thats what Jas said and there is no proof of that yet, so maybe fool me. But life went on and food shocks came on the group from the speed dating event and that made me have to clean the keyboard, which is mucky sometimes but HDR and lux makes it look horrific. Even Beth was unsure about it and

And soon was the life changing moment, so a cute girl on feabie messaged me and well the first message from her was

"Don't suppose ud like to send me a nice greasy takeaway lol x"

Well, that was it and we did start having her a takeout or 2, which then i got her whatsapp, so basically i got her number and well things went lovey dovey, i mean it was nice to bond with someone amazing really. Blonde, soft, greedy and quite playful in certain whatsapps, but she was also serious. Even though its a put it this way I had to call takeouts near her to get some and trust me that was a awkward moment. But I did have to deal with people getting to STD which i though a girl i follow on instagram said her friend Evan had an STD when it was love saves the day.

Then it was getting time for #loveisland and i've never seen so much shit on this trend in YEARS. But even as i type this, the memes are going and the times never stopped. But instead, a #omracereats was the next choice in my life. 

But with the End of may (not that one if your hoping, we sadly have much drama on the news later on in the months to come from this month finishing) ,but I was closing in on getting a chance with this new catch from feabie. But trust me, phone calls in the bath to takeouts 100 miles away from you are never ideal to have. You might even hear some of it in a music video one day. Oh and it was also more food/

But then it was a massive FB drama with one of the other PS events on the group and making a pimp night and i made a point of actually pulling then it escalated and pretty much got a big warning about it. Like most nights out i always hope to Pull at least and it tells me BGP is a no way worth going to that with the pimps n hoes vibe and not pulling. Like they thought pulling was just getting off with someone and actually it can be just spending the rest of the night out with someone afterthe club.

Which also due to that the post of now that night i had to take names out, since they thought i was actually doing a #omracerreviews of each one.  UM NO, thats actually saying how the night got on with each lady. But maybe its a sign that group isn't for me and with the events my love life was getting, like getting the girls number, its possible now, I won't fall for the one from a plus size event And then it was finally June.


Well work life was the start of taking me out of the YT side of things, with seeing christea's amazing cat and also a chance to meet up with lilmissy which i hope was real, but we already start of some amazing meals for the most part.

But then it was also chatting to a guy with the name katie, which was a odd shock of my life on how a name doesn't mean a gender these days, but we have to make sure by talking, but that was also a mini wake up call on how many girls i'm talking to at the time. Also work was getting it together with having ink delivered and yet people STILL think i'm going to EAT that. UM NO.

But it was getting work done with even chats with Roo (which turns out shes get a clip on curvage at spoons so might buy that next month) which do make you feel fuzzy a little bit, but shes closer and thats important as well. But with the time i had off, it was some bits of food here and there and also getting a fortnite video made up too, since I was actually meant to Play crash 2 and even buying a HDMI to VGA from work which in the end gave no help and the capture card doesn't even give out to via HDMI to DVI too.

The lovely girl on whatsap, well things were serious again and well, she really wants me to visit her, now i know i can get there by coach but its still a fair time to actually TAKE OFF, which back then felt hard, now it will feel impossible.But it was from Woks Wong in the 2ND TIME IN 7 Days, which means she really does want to gain, great but not for the busy life of working but no salary until the business debts are paid (aka wave said its not in the brackets). But that was a cheapish £18 meal for one, not as bad as the last time at £36.5 on the final day in may.
But then it was the start of this heatwave, with amazing hot weather that has still been here over 1 month later. My mum decided to get the paddling pool out for her, but this strange thing when she moved. So it made a nice thing of her faded and a ghost dog. Like what. #

But time was passing, advice from Netflix was also needed and #loveisland is still a trending part, especially before E3 was about to prove itself on what can soon be a big line up of new stories, memes and well other things. Sadly the date never went ahead and that was funny in its own right since shes friend with the girl i was meant to meet but got stood up by.  But shes also soon to be moving so i need to try again before or if she does move, which I did say i was free Monday afternoons but since my partner is busy, it might be hard to, but it would make things right, sure it will make me a fuckboi but technically i've had one date already this year so its not going to hurt.

see, the online chatting is sort of going well

But it was the Weekend of E3 and this black car with some teens that shouts at me when Rosie was pulling near the car and i had to pull her away and they were calling me animal abuser. But it was also the final just eat from Woks Wong on that day too with her friend i find out about later on. But then I end up DM ing this girl on instagram a blonde cutie whos 18 stone and going Bristol uni which she did want me to visit her when shes there, which does give an excuse for going up to Bristol, as well as another girl I've chatted to that goes to cheltanm  uni too, but shes not interested in me that much at all so I'll pass, but we still chat but shes tired constantly or hardly sleeps. But then I finally got the fortnite video made.

But the real fun, when she was going to show herself on the scale, which no one i've ever bought food for done for me that which was really fuzzy feelings to be made and it was a bit of a delay but i finally saw it and it was a nice 20.8 stone :) But then it was to download some of the conferences to watch them and that was ending up a week later, thats how busy work was getting and I was even invited to a namco event on the 27th But there is no chance of me going there for one day. But it was the monday and for a change I decided to have lunch near a grarage which has some cheap snacks. But the weather made it worth it.

But later on, I had to BACS her food shopping since she had to deal with a CSA thing which sucks but it helped prove that we have a viable chance but its this situation if you buy then you cant save to travel but if you don't buy your not feeding them and not interested, its tricky. But then it comes down to another video since of Farther's Day. Which then makes it a nice chance to explain what went on.;

Then it was soon to be Fathers day, he liked the gift and didn't take the mick out of me on that day, but hey its ok since other things were on the pipeline.  It was also this girl on kik that added me, we were never free when we both were online but when we were, it seemed like she was really intrested in me, wanted nudes and eventually I sent some and it turns out she was near exeter, but it felt like she wanted me to only want her which is fine if she was my dream girl but i didn't get the vibe she would be into me and wanted to be dominantly obese, but she wanted to be my  queen and she calls me bitch boy.

Also more romantic issues when i got a tinder match and also got to unfollow someone on insta for getting engaged, as well as another local who got knocked up with someone less than a year, she was a cute bbw too. But that sucks. But it was nearing the end of June, more #dogwalkingwithomracer and occasional flirts and food too. Oh and also fun moments with Torchy and Legacy and his new gf.

Also #nationalselfieday

This was also the time to have a detox since that helps loosen me and keeps me balanced in ways that keep me going. Now I was belting the thighs up to keep them going and even help me fit into jeans. But it does make the thighs a bit saw and raw. But hey, it get this life of mine going. Rosie was starting to get lonely and takingu p my side of the bed and it has been getting worse and shes now growling to people in public, not sure whats going on there. Oh and one last order on Just eat before i decicded to do a takeout ban on July which gets interesting as well

World cup was #cominghome, or actually we found out later on the results of that ,but it started for now and our first match was soon. But more food and chatting was keeping me going, since work was still taking up time of my life. But then it was still this amazing weather, which a #omracereats for a BBQ was the next step.


It was coming up to the last few days and really, sometimes its best to be "intimate" in stead of talking that goes nowhere since physical attraction helps the bond of love in some cases. But it was just busy with working and more chatting and also making sure i can save up during this takeout ban of July. But I did buy a decent Logitech C270 for £10 which made things much better with the green screen and also live streams of eating on twitch when i get time to.

Then it hit me, The queen was really wanting nudes and after a twitter poll of if queen was not a trap and also Freedom Pop decided to raise their prices which means I'm having to leave , the fucking cheek of it from that US firm, no simple £1.99 plan would of made life easier. But, luckily I've found Vectone Mobile which has a LEGIT plan for £1 a month, not special offer which is good. But we will see how that turns out. also a feedee on kik i've had to turn down since with the events with Zara and Queen but for Zara I ended up sending £20 for a chinese buffet for her works' evening thing which never even happened so she has fish n chips instead.

But then it was July with new things to actually more of the same.

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Well. we get 7 months into the year, I still haven't got half of the Resolutions done (I wanted to get crash 2 finished by this time anyway as well. But this is how things go. I decided to have a takeout ban and just around this time, a cute girl from exeter messaged me and was very keen to meet up, but well saving money causes me to lose a chance, but I will have to get a chance if the PLchick doesn't find a day we can meet up, but thats if i can get a day off now on a workday. Sure, some guys like bodies that are different and Also B&M have this really nice curry powder and thats actually really tasty, 

Work and chatting away online was the way and also it felt like a eye infection was going to happen but it was a bit of eye wash that helped sort that out and also someone else asked on feabie about why i put my D size on there and the scousema tweeted a point which makes me feel its needed to put on there, since people with Small Ds like myself get mocked alot of the time, but we don't have much reason to have opinions according to others. Salted Caramel doughnuts from Morrisons are very peng and theres me running around for places for making work happen. Rent paid for work, mum was wanting a ipad, suppliers had some in for £160, I also got the green screen to work for a nice idea with getting crash streamed, which that didn't last either.

Watch Highlight: Stormy Ascent on normal Broadband Quality from omracer6 on

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It was also time to have a little catchup which actually caused more chaos with Queen and actually to be fair caused us to stop talking or her ghost me, which is maybe for the best. But it was showing the recent things that my love life was facing, sure it was on #worldchocolateday of all things too, and i was craving to make a proper ice cream with the cones and things.The world cup was making it soo close to us #cominghome and also i ate too much the night before.

Life was dragging myself into work too much and with events going on before the school holidays

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But then it was the moment the brits feared, us getting kicked out of the semi final of the world cup, we tried but croatia got focused and well beat us to it, so its not coming home after all. But one thing that got me questioning was making a Q&A video. Which now instagram had that feature, it was time to maybe think about giving that a shot. But enjoy some answers now.

But then it was a nice Chinese takeout and burning my mouth on salt n pepper chips and chicken, it was nice but tongue burning but choco nussa sandwiches always cure it.

Buit as the work time passed and the week before the 9th Twitterversayr carried on, there was questions on my mind. and realising its now day 316 since i last kissed and that was gracie. But i did play a bit of Fortnite Season 5 on stream.

Watch Exploring the abandoned nightclub from omracer6 on

But finally it was heading towards the last few days before the carnival and minus Fortnite refunds, things were just busy with work and even a bit of food before it came to the Twitterversary.

But then that already went off with a stressful day in work and it was then the chance to catch up on whats happened, at least after the carnival. But I really try to get more entertaining things done.

Catch up on the Resolutions. 

Well like i've said, its been hard no chance to get them done and i'm really annoyed about that, but anyways.

  • Get Crash N Sane trilogy Finished -Close but might be starting this in the next week
  • Get blogposts and vlogs up quicker - This is abysmal, might buy gfuel to solve this
  • Have a Holiday or Weekend away by myself - Complete, trying to get another one but no luck
  • Meet up with a girl from Feabie - This happened TWICE. I'm glad, but trying more for locals
  • Be able to make enough money from work to Pay myself - This happened before the first holiday
  • Get myself ready for sex - No luck with the NHS without going to the GP or therapists that can't spell in an Email

Hope thats cleared a few things up and see you for summer fun


Sunday, 22 July 2018

The Grey Carnival around the world (Tavistock Carnival 2018)

Its the carnival season again and with the world of summer approaching. 9 Years of twitter caught up and also work has a costume day to celebrate #tavicelebrityhunt which actually hardly went very well in terms of online but meh. But with the theme of "countries around the world" (very similar to the Olympic theme back in 2016). it was going to have something fun to say the least....

The vlog is below:

The Working as Laurel.

Well there is a competition on in work for the annual summer event, take selfies with celebrity cardboard cut outs, thats cool and something new, then show off the selfies for a chance to win prizes. Nice, but setting that up actually was easy in the end. But it was the costume to order, now i really should of followed my WB rep's advice and go as mr incredible since i'm doing a selfie competition with a chance to win a copy of the game, well either way i've lost money doing that so fine when it comes to august. But work has been just busy in slight bursts. But i did take a selfie before leaving for work today anyway, it was a nice costume. Quite expensive at £30 ish from Joker's Masquerade. turns out i was running with my phone and wallet in my hat too. 

The selfie

I got to work about 9:10 and customers were al;ready waiting, that teaches me for fapping in the mornings daily to keep me feeling happy eh, but then it was a massive tidy up and that was a stressful task and even made me overcharge and then refunded half of that overcharge, but printer backs are not easy to see. But then the day went on, and eventually it was 4:30 and time for me to get back home to prepare whats been going on, I was meant to finish the catchup blogpost and running with things nearly falling out is just a accident waiting to happen but didn't. 

Leaving work and seeing the carnival fairgound

The evening to procession. 

Well it was nearly 6:30 and i decided to make my way down there, since I would only find somewhere to sit and then get back to getting this up afterwards, since well, not much is down in Tavi for me now, like meh. But hey, no videos would be done if i didn't do this. not this blogpost. But a shower and jeans to put on before getting down there for 6:45 would do it. since down road from 6:30 is still a good 15 minutes away walking time. 

The mini sub of an artic bar, mayo and ham. 
I ran down in tight jeans, which actually i didn't take too long, like 11 minutes by the time i got to the point when a mini bus was parked in the middle of the road and that was then full of crowds waiting to see the procession which was actually quite near us already. I found a place on the road and then sat and watched it go by, lucky i bought the power bank with me since it needed it but from 95 down to 20 in under and hour is NOT GOOD. 

The procession starts #throughglass

Lets start

blurred martial arts

More things

By but about 7:20 it was over, the last van was passing by, people were just moving back into the town, pretty quickly i might add, but there was a few bits of floats that were the same, not sure how starwars related to countries of the world, same with high fiving deadpool but there were some that stuck to the theme, but most overlapped. Thats a bit of a shame really. But hey, its all done now and after exploring the fair and seeing overpriced slushies, it was time to head back home.

The fairground of how blank it looks 

More sights around

But I then ran back and there was some hen party with the bus at the bus station, right past a bus that was leaving for the end of the day to park it up, well it was a bit of a odd one, but the weather cleared up for it to be honest. But then it was time to gulp 3 pints of squash with ice and get this up, i didn't actually sleep until 2am but at least the video is up.

Now i'm working for 6 days a week (if business partner is struggling to cover) then its gonig to be a stressful time to get videos and posts up and I will try my best, besides we have the Fireworks in August, we have maybe a day out or 2 and Team spectra is in limbo for the momento too.

all the best