Monday, 20 April 2020

Another 2 weeks of Lockdown - Stage 2

Well, things have been not as busy in the way of life changes during this lockdown minus the few things which I'll fill you in for,

But the weekend after that first catchup was a surprise in turn of a visit so it was the first time to wear the mask outside to make sure I don't catch COVID 19 in a town where as far as I know, it's not even had a case of it. But it was always nice little bits of breakfast rolls and actually Smoothies with Raspberry ketone to help me not gain weight since of the less Exercise. But leftover chocolate is always nice as well as to try the Gfuel flavour out Blue Ice.

One of the many smoothies I have with Raspberry Ketone 

The Bread roll with Crunchy Nut 

The Gfuel Blue Ice 

But then during the Saturday, I had a call from a customer so it meant having to help out and well I managed to, Then it was time to get some shopping after which lead to a purchased I know I should not have done but it will be good for a review. A Waffle maker

Working with a mask on 

The signs as we cycle on the Road 

The first shop from Lidl
But this was the fun part, a bag had to be purchased, but then fitting that in the bag, well that did not go to plan and it means the bag was to be shredded by the tyre of the bike.

some extra bits to add
But then it was the normal life of questions to answer since I did try to make some last money, I did not get the bonus from the second job which really did annoy me on that one as i later did not find out.

But then it was a nice dogwalk which is an hour and a half and passed the canal, which actually this part of the Canal is so tranquil but at the same time really a shrine for the girl that had been spiked from her friends was a nice memorial to pass as well. The weather was hot. 

The Fields are green

Rosie Walks 

The memorial 

One day i will show you beyond the fence 

Rosie loves the sit by the canal but also loves the dip and paddle in as well. 

Then it was also some questions to be answered and real-life texts to call back on and those were arranged for the Tuesday due to the fact it was still a bank holiday and all that.

But then the Monday was mostly working online to make money and catch up with a friend and she showed me some desserts which made me miss the old times but well maybe things will be normal soon, well maybe not for this year, but it did make me miss creams when I saw the desserts. 

But then it came to the Tuesday, which actually was the Visit and my mum was meant to shop but half of the stuff was fully packed out so I had to go to Co-op to get some extras including some Ice Cubes so I can get some Slush puppies made. 

The Ice Cubes and the tinned fruit since i like them with the juice and not with the syrup 
Then it was to run home with that lot in my rucksack, it was hot, and it was rubbing on my back and well things were soon home and over so that was a load off. But it was then just to carry on working as normal. Since things were to make sure they are working to make some extra dollar for me. The same with the next day.

Someone thought that spring onion was a charity wrist band 

But then it was another hot day and minus work I actually finally had time to go for a walk and I and Rosie went to a nearby field which well, had some amazing views. 

The views from this field 

can be almost unreal 

But then that made me want to show yourselves what it would look at night, So soon that might happen, For now, life was as normal and it was then time too soon film a project but actually that was later than I intended it to be,. 

some nice toasted sandwiches 

The Tripod was ready 
But that was a day later it was time to make sure I could finally get things in motion, with one friend not talking and actually for a change wanting to make an omelette which then leads to a bit of Fortnite with a customer that had been begging me to play for ages. But I messed up the settings. 

But that was all after one amazing Dogwalk to see more amazing sunny hazy views

The Views

Rosie and the grass

The omelette with crisps

Then it was finally time to film when it was lunch finished. 

Then it was greeting more than i expected with various memes from this

The cat with the stare 

But Then it was more relaxing with family and watching movies before I actually got another vlog done, this time using the Night photography I've started doing

It was nice yet scary at the same time since a torch was the only light I had and Rosie was growling in the dark too, I got home by 1am but then again I left at 0:14.

The Torch Seflie 

Views with a blur 

Much Sharper 

Clouds at night make great formations 

Then I went to sleep, woke up at like 10am which then Lead me to do this quiz.  about relationships and Anxiety, and actually, this might needed for the therapy i have to start during this process regarding that due to sisters wedding at some point this year or next year. 

The results 
It turns out it is exactly what reflect recent events and well, I'll find out the fixes for that at one point. 

But then it was time for a normal day of editing the vlog and then breakfast and lunch during that day before another dogwalking in the same route as the walk on Sunday before yesterday. 

The smoothie with Raspberry Ketone and the crunchy nut chooco nussa toasted sandwich 

The homemade pasty and crisps and ketchup 

Rosie in the Canal

As then life went on and sure I saw family (sister) today as well from a distance, it was a nice quiet day to focus on some small things while most of this past weeks have been backing up my Youtube channel again just in case anything happens and all that. 

But all my time has come, back ot work and more videos to film and less to type. One day I might tell some truths but for now its work and life, 

See you then 


Tuesday, 7 April 2020

2 Weeks of lockdown - Stage 1

Well, this would be dreamed off, it been nearly 2 weeks since the time I picked up a stall after things were told to clear. Well none of us was prepared for what was about to happen, but well here we are. The UK is locked down and other countries doing the same. Well here we go.

There actually is no vlog but videos will happen in the next few weeks. But it has been mostly working through this since second job and all. But I'll go through some of the highlights.


Well as the second job came to be, it had the room around to be able to be productive, By doing this it was to help me focus and make money for when I needed it. But I also used the green screen for when I can stream over time. 
The green screen

Rice, Onion, and noodles in a bowl

The Essential Shop #1

but then it was talking and working like mad to keep things planned. There was new things to sport out over time, the family was not always there due to me getting things done with work. And well the next few days were just a few loose ends to tie up with work. and the first of the Essitnals shopping which actually lead me to get the snacks I needed such as seaweed sheets and cookie mix for a new video soon. Cat food was needed too, but that and Gfuel was always useful. But battery drops offs were good too. 

The smoothie and biscuit sandwich 

sun and roads to pass

Tesco shops #1

Mugshots and bacon and flour too 

The roast chicken hot chocolate 

Vitamins and Gfuel could be my only hope
But that was the consistent plan, Yes I did manage to speak to the people that make the effort and yes I enjoy actually having some lay-ins but well it has been working like mad to make money. There has been a fair bit of work for me. 

But well what else can be done 

Also, i tried to solder the capture card, with no avail, so I had to get the velocap working 

Work and snacks to shop for #2

Well as things progress, I had plans to put money in the bank, batteries to use and also add in more rucksacks for snacks without getting arrested.  Which in this weather, is just amazing to be out in even if people can kill you these days. But I got what I needed. 

I manager to fit all of this into a rucksack minus 3 bits 

Then it means paprika chicken pasta with shortbread that was homemade

The Work of April 

But alas it was then caining things to get work done, long nights and well after it all, I Surprised myself but work has to be done to make money and things along the way, I chatted to really good friends and made bonds stronger yet was worried I fell out at the same time. Sure it was long nights and wrists was hurting but well, money in lockdown. But smoothies with weight loss tablets and well mini snacks, Cats starting and the clouds dawning on the sky. 


The cat starting 

Spooning with Rosie 

Shortbread  and turkey 

Views of the clouds

More sandwiches 
By this point it has been along of work and well £640 made from the last week alone, this is to make sure work can survive. But well we can only hope it if makes sense in the end. But I do have House party to make use of soon as well. 

I would do catchup on the so let's do it: 

Resolutions catch-up

  • Finish KHIII - Time will come 
  • Finish most of CTR -  The GP has ended and fee time has soon been near 
  • Stream more -  Well this might happen with lockdown 
  • Have my 3rd kiss with someone special - No chance until COVID19 fucks off
  • Have a doughnuts date with at least 24 doughnuts involved - Well that will be with someone miles and miles away 
  • Have at least 3 holidays or weekends away- that's currently illegal right now so i can 
  • Make more videos non-food - This is in process
  • Get back to YT partner - Soon the time will come so on track 

And that's it, expect more but for the next week, I have work to sort out to make a buck for the future at least