Thursday, 9 October 2014

Tavistock Goose Fair 2014: The bright night wander

After a stormy coverage of the daytime, it was weather that could of changed how this night went. As I left just soon after I was 6% uploading thecdy vlog, the sky was having other plans.
Running down wasn't too much of a problem, but as I got to the entrance, the sky opened up and thunder and lighting was afoot, this was a nervy time but I noticed the wind was pushing the darkest clouds to the east, away from Tavi and into the moors. I would hate for anyone who was walking or rambling there tonight, you could of died.
Eventually I wandered to the square and it was time to vlog again, but I did take some pics with glass before I started.

The view of the fair from the usual viewpoint and also the stormy clouds gathering before it pissed down with rain

Walking down through the mile stretch, just after it poured down with rain 
The view of the Square

Rowlands Rock n Roll

Then I was unsure how to start the vlog off, so I started it in the usual manner, with the iPhone, which then I got glass out, but before I did, I saw a glimpse of someone I only fapped over the day before, she didn't see me, but if Becky did, I would of gotten a slap at least. But it was time to browse around...

As I explored I also went on the amusements, in the end I bet £1.70 abf lost it all, I was close but I didn't get Tue right nudges. I also found out that nova had some non stick pans which were £15, £20, £25 or £40 for the whole set (Rrp was £49.99. I passed since that is a bit much for a review of a frying pan pack. I also saw Eloise's mum and she said hi. Someone did say google glass when i walked past, someone made a sci fi reference as I walked past, but it wasn't violent.
Then it was time for the fairground and it was a thrill and a bit. Well people were having a good time, I saw an ex loves sister and she smiled at me knowing i had glass on. Enjoy the pics below.

A blurred view of the Fair again


A view of the fair near the end of the car park

XLR8 Gravity Wall

A vertical Oxygen

A Horizontal Oxygen

Evans's Ministry of Sound Meteor

Freddy's Revenge in full swing from behind

Typhoon in action

A view of the moonlight above the fair

The Big Wheel


And more Sizzler for ma Nizzler

Leaving the Car Park

It was nearing to 9 after I wandered and saw the bright sights. Which I decided to buy some noodles and head home. Which after finding a good one near the carpark, I ordered from there. Now the two very good looking girls were bantering about jesters, so after one of them served me I said to her "jesters is £4", then the other girl " you go jester's", I said "yeah" then she chanted "jesters unite" then giggled. Then the girl that served me was talking about stripping to a guy nearby then as she handed me mine I said "cheers babe" and she was in a laughing shock. Maybe embarrassed or cringed but I didn't really bother. I was going to use glass to get served but I felt that would be rude.

The Chicken balls, Noodles, BBQ and soy sauce for £6.50

Then I walked back and was hoping to buy some incense but he was packing, there was some white sage but it was too late and the food for £6.50 made me £0.50 short. I started to sprint back, I took glass off beforehand.
Eventually I got home about 9:30 and then it was a rush to get everything up. It was getting tiring and there was alot to do. But i eventually got to sleep about 00:45 and another day to wake up to.

There was my coverage for the Main fair, It might of taken longer to get this done but with Glass, videos should be alot more like a First person point of view. I'll see you for more vlogs soon.