Tuesday, 1 September 2020

The month of many desicions - Lockdown Stage 9

 Well, its the start of the end of summer in the common  brit9ish unwritten rule sense, with a mix of heatwaves, storms, realisations and even the start to finally get the closure of work for a time to plan the next chapter in my life and how things progress. With visits, big fees and also making sure the summer is not a freedom of my own time. 

Well, let's dive in: 

We actually start straight in with the first trip to Plymouth by bike this year which is like 8 months later compared to other years. But this was for an overdue shop as well as a visit which helped me learn some ideas and maybe a problem to be solved. But that in itself was a nice vlog (even if delayed from the editing).


I mean loads of places felt different, sure there was that feeling of dull in the air and Drake's Circus was really more hassle to walk around but I got what I needed and actually even with those ideas luckily not needing to be in play from what I found out later on in the month. With no texts from anyone special on this until later on in the day,, which was for an expensive birthday present, it really felt time to focus on work was the only way forward. 
Parking the Bike

The Selfie of the mask 

the clothes I bought from Primark for £19.00
Outside Drake's Circus 

Walking from the bottom of town upwards

The £20 shop from Poundland 

the Centre of town with the Food festival

Cycling on the roads

Revisiting former places of memory

Then it was moments of having to pay money into the post office, that was a nice way, then it was more cycling to go on the adventure back. The Sweat was real and the wind against my face, but I got home and reasonably dry too, the road was good and I didn't feel exhausted actually, well until the last hill.

Waiting in the cards
The Signs before turning

The Side of the roundabout

the Tunnel 

The path as I cycle back

The freezing cold drink when I got home 

Which then it was finally time to catch up with having to get that video up. I also got blocked from a girl in Exeter dor saying a date in Nandos is a valid form of a date. But for that to decide how things go for me to decide how it works out. Then again I've not been on a date for a long time, well since November last year. 



But then it was time to focus on editing that video in a nice time frame, which was 3 days sadly since well, customers were still booking me for work and even the accounting firm I was using was starting to put a bit of pressure on me. But this does mean video editing and mini lunch breaks as well. 

 But we can really think about how things were going to change, since it been pretty much 6 months since walking away from the old premises and planning to get the new location was meant to be this month, little did I know time was not on my side for that. 

Also, Terry was starting to get on my nerves with a few tweets here and there, especially inciting me to graffiti a statue which is nothing to do much with me and also he was against slavery for the most part so actually it would be a not valid reason for cancel culture. Plus it got some gammons pissed off and all that, Little did he know he was soon to cross the line, like Reef and even a girl that wastes alot of time and one-word replies from snaps she sent me and went too far. 

As well as this, Jamaican independence was upon us which actually is nothing I can comment about since only a few friends were celebrating it, but it was starting to go about PE memories which from frozen hands, grabbing a guy round the balls and swinging, to the even throwing of the bat in rounders after a hit, which with the summertime was even one of those things that PE was never my strong suit. 

But now it was a chance to get some drinks, well I managed to save up just after a big present to save up for on the 8th, but some decent drinks including Calippo Slush was a thing to get, and £3.00 delivery is amazing.

Which around that time, I managed to get the vlog of shopping in Plymouth up which means a load off my mind, But I was getting the trick to make sure that people were warned if they use me or want me to visit that means they have to pay, so I made it clear from the 17th that I would be double charging for visits if im really needed, which was to make people realise I'm busy with so much to catch up on.

Then it was actually one of the first KFC's i've had in this year properly since me and the parents went to B&Q then we went on a journey to the end of the city, back to place where dreams and actually an intro to something in my mind starts in this viewpoint. Now one thing I noticed is that the bag given to us with this in  was not a white bag, but swaggy got a pic of his order in a white bag, which confused me 

The KFC Boneless Banquet 

The view from the quiet part in Plymouth on a hot day

Sometimes even the sea is the place to reflect and relax

As we walked around, it was that heat and not as crowded, renovations were still around the area like even a posh cinema was soon to be there, but then we waited at this table for waiting to be served as the bar around the corner does mention, but we never get served, so we go to this cafe at the top corner and then we get the last 2 drinks and also the last cake there as well. 

Cinemas converted in posh places 

The table where a wait can be a forever feeling

The last can of drink from the cafe by the tunnel

Then it was more of the rocky walk and seeing the ferry close to leaving the UK for its regular trip to France or Spain, I really wish Brittany ferries did one to the channel islands. Maybe the 21 era is when this might happen idk. Luckily this was on a Sunday. 

The view of the island soon to be its own resort 

The view of the docks to the left 
The Robinsons Pushup 

The Ferry leaving the dock

Then it was finally time to start to hopefully focus on the projects in the next few...oh wait I was still booked for work and even having to order stock in like Flight Simulator in as well. Which while that was happening, It was also soon time to get a recording done of a certain game since well the 10th anniversary of Scott Pilgrim vs the world was to be around this time, still one of the only films I went to Plymouth in to actually go and watch it in the cinema on launch day ish. But also Lidl was doing a beer festival but a drink called Nix and Kix, which is a more mocktail sort of drink but actually really refreshing, especially for £0.99 a can. Oh and someone was given a free Tesco meal deal but at normal prices, they are a ripoff 

My opinion of the nicest nix and kix flavour 

Hairy selfie at 1am

And for the celebration of the Scott pilgrim anniversary, it was time to get a playthrough done of it again, but with knives. I managed to get the Speed Run trophy as well 

Now, I was having that plan to finally cancel work to catch up with plans to get something to exist and also get 2 overdue reviews sorted as well, which that was going to be the exhausting part. I was meant to do a selfie when cycling for work on that day, but my luck means it does not happen at all. But one good thing is that the Drink arrived which was nice. a different courier as well.  

The £28s worth of drinks that arrived. 

But then it was time for Shopping and even dogwalking in the Golden Hour, since mum was now starting to end up going back to work and even having to do other tasks on that time, which means a change of pace was to happen, well for me it means a better chance since more time to get things sorted, or so I said to myself. Also, there was a project to get me to shave using tanning oil, but that was later to find I don't have it in the house. 

Now one thing, i've seen in Lidl is a form of rice called Nuan Gulag which is Indonesian rice, its a mix of pork, egg, peas and something else, it really actually tastes nice.  Since soon Lidl will announce a new plan for savings which we can find out later. 

The shop from Tesco for £5.90 

The shop in Lidl for £11.02

Then its sometimes the nice evenings of dog walking with omracer, since sometimes it's nice to enjoy that and talking about different things. 

The sunset on a heat august. 

Now there was a chance of me adding a bit too much of the Stockwell chocolate spread on lunches while getting some lunch sorted one time plus politics in America was really getting to that stage where the Simpsons were commenting on it once again. 

Now as the half of the month, I got an email from Cuniq, it turns out they are closing down from the 31st October and deleting numbers, so it was time to jump to a new network, so I found out and had a shit ton of Facebook adverts mentioning CMlink. Now they are advertising a whopp9ing 500mb for £1.00 a month, not as a for the first-month bullcrap either. So I signed up and well the sim arrived on the 15th, which was the perfect time to give a test since Pokemon go on the same path while dog waking with omracer was actually a vibe here.

Then it was a shock to find out much-hugging people is actually a big need in life and can be healthy for you, its a shame non-family hugging its been last November I hugged.

Plus it was getting irritation with learning how stressful the Facebook groups can be like it feels like advert after advert plus comments can go quite downhill in some ways,  along with that and finding out the truth with my colleague which I'm not allowed to talk about due to its a deep situation, it did give me the clear to know this is a by myself future for work-wise. Now that did involve having to then deliver an iPad in the rain before another place to visit. 

Now it was nearing the weekend, which actually was the time to finally get close to getting reviews, done, there were some of the second jobs but some stress with the boiler means the socket I used for the PC in that room means it would have to be switched off at the mains to work, so it means I had to purchase an extension lead on a family afternoon out. But this was also a chore of having to heave around some barks of bark for my dad, but work deals out things there as well in B&Q. 

The B&Q Carpark 

More mask selfies 

The Drive to a dip in the valley 

Sausage rolls for the lunch on the way back home 
Mains extensions from Morrisons for £7.00

Also, i've realised during the time, i've been eating or having buffalo sauce, I do get incredible itching in the bum and well it might be the spics but it's nearing the end of the bottle. 

Which then it comes to the start of the real-time to focus, as of the 17th, I made it sort of clear that work now will be a double charge if I'm called out and of course im that fool that sadly doesn't do what im followed up since I get a few visits 2 days after filming for well, 2 days. Which was the finally the review for both the Prif Streambox and the Maibenben laptop 

The Laptop's boxes 

The laptop outside 

Fornite seems to run well

GTA V runs alot better 

Then it came to the Prif since it really needed to work to coincide it and well the editing was a long time since well, work was ignoring simple demands and it caused delays, but also it was soon to hear about family times of a sad moment. 

The Box with the features inside 

The setup on the laptop 

The #newprofilepic

The views when walking in the evening

But as I was still trying to edit, things were getting in the way, from the return of Turkey Twizzlers and over 2 weeks (aka 6 shopping visits, 3 in each week) and no results, to the learning on a Family member coming out of the hospital which later on we found out the news that really is eery or coincidental. Just as I was typing the review post up, the power went out which means tethering via the new network and well, it worked fine. Twilight had a new spinoff book coming out and well it was soon to be the time of a visit. 

Quick breakfast when video editing

Well, I finally met the estate agent for the places I was going to be viewing for the shop, I was about the 45-minute mark for 2 properties which both had their good and bad, It was also making me feel (well not then but later on) a pressure to finally knuckle down on the thing to make this all work, accounting. Which even to the time of this blog post, I've still not done due to other things being in and out the way. But that and it should be easier with bokio, but paying this firm they recommened based from the search for an accountant help page to help me feels like it's going to make me bang head against a wall.

It did mean some shopping after it though. 

Actually, this was meant to be sent to someone,picture-wise 

When I go to Morrisons and see good tasty smoothie bags for £0.50, im all sorted 

But then it was the time to find out, so that Saturday, my granddad's Fiance moved into a care home after months of being in hospital after she went ill back in June, which she found out she had cancer in March and things went low, which can be understood as much as she felt and went the best way is to give up which sadly can have an effect on the illness. 

But before my parents saw her, it was an afternoon of us going to the allotment which was to finally set up the Naturecam I got for my Dad's birthday. But then it came to ahead of learning how to drive a ride-on lawnmower which I nearly fell off and also a normal lawnmower to push with thick grass caused some real sweaty tense moment. But some amazing shots of nature when blackberry and apple picking though. 

Co-op makes the tastiest burger sauce

Wasps look like they are having some fun 
The cute couple suck on the blackberry

Apples in the trees 

So many Apples 
The second picking after a picked out raspberry bush in June

Which then, it was the final week of August. Now it all starts from that Sunday after my parents saw the step gran, she was better but seems to feel shes losing her mind, poor lady. For me, I have finished the video editing off for the Maibenben laptop review,  but on that night, I was walking Rosie and well, Finley saw me and he walked with me and Rosie on the footpath. 

Finley in the grass 

The Duo on the path

even in the dark, they can be seen 

But then it was a way to start out the part of the video editing for the Prif Streaming kit since motivation was on edge and I was feeling like i've really not made progress with it, especially as also soon the world or UK was to learn of the wrath of Storm Francis, but before that, it was also time I cooked a mix i've not done since last September. Which was a mix of frozen veg, curly fries all in a hunters sauce with Bombay potatoes inside of it? Oh, and roast potato sandwiches are incredible. 

The ham and roast potato sandwich 

The amazing cooking i've done with the frozen bits in Hunter's Sauce 

Then it was the day before #nationaldogday and well, it was more time to be able to spend time with family, which does delay the important things I need to achieve. But it was nicer to have Spanish chicken with my grandparents on my mum's side. 

Also when #dogwalkingwithomracer 

Also, Rosie being Rosie


Then it was the final realisation of how a week can change everything, Since the day before the storm really hit, I was video editing and then a customer was demanding me to visit straight as I was meant to walk the dog, like seriously it really enraged me. On top of that, it really pissed me that when we went to the Tavi Friar, some guy was making a snarky comment when I walked in *with a mask on I was* when I looked slowly around waiting before I went in, then as I left to wait outside, I shouted "I got my mask on or something like that", but that wait for the £16.82 2 x medium fish and chips and 1 curry sauce was over 30 minutes nearly too. 

Part of the £16.82 Fish and chips

Also my new Pokemon Go Buddy

The breakfast that day

Now, it was around this time, that I realised I need to finally leave some sites, well I Logged on to tinder and deleted the account and then downloaded the WooPlus app and signed in. Now here is a fact I didnt tell you, I was actually banned off the app. Well according to a US Journalist that didnt really understand the term #kicking off, it was featured in this article.

Well, it made sense to see how things went and I did DM the journalist a year ago and also did email the site like as of the time of this and still no reply from them yet. But well we can only hope they understand the mistakes. But then it was a time to get PS Plus for 1 month from work since Fall guys were close to leaving, and it needed to be done. 

The final weekend of August: 

But this was the time of #stormfrancis and the real vibe of rain, I've never been soaked in all my life and especially running ti 3 customers since people still don't give me time, but well it's done is done. Then I went to look for Turkey Twizzlers AGAIN and no luck, so instead bought drinks from Morrisons and the rucksack took 2 days.
The Lilt and Sprite for £1.00 each

Then it was the day after and the fun fact is of the rumours of Ghost towns to appear and Forget the NHS and save pret. Which reminded me of the ripoff drink I got from Pret in London 2018.


For reference that is the can of Pret, I got that was £1.50


Then it was the day after the storm and more customer, well one, but it was a case of the shed was locked so I decided to run to their place, which is on the crossroads 5 min drive but 45 minutes safe running from my house, my feet were soaked but left foot was going pins and needles and it was to just deliver the splitter cable I used from the Prif Streambox Mic, I kid you not. 


This was the dull run, soaked road

Then it was finally the next few days to get the Prif streambox review and this up, but well, some things do get in the way of that even happening. So, there was a new advert that said LIDL were doing a PLus app, so I signed up and so did my mum, and the savings on the first time were pretty good, Which we used it and about £5.15 I saved when mum did the shopping. 


That and RIP to a king actor in his peak, with the marvel movies boosting career and his sense of being his best when he was at his worst, things can be tough, it really puts a family member to shame with how they acted which well, soon was the final time to see her. Since the photos of finley were to show her, which might not mean anything but well, the soul can learn more from the last moments. 

Eying up the Fish

More of the focus on those fish

He finds another one

The neighbours garden

the bum and the food

That reaction when

Something to the right of the moon was no star, but the way that sky glowed was something to show the end of summer was near.


And now it comes to the final day, which for me it started off actually being able to caption a few videos which let me make it nicer for viewers to see the chapters on the progress bar, I did get the timings wrong on the Maibenben review, but it worked in the end. Which also it was nice to finally walk the dog before my sister was coming over at half 2. She got there as I walked back home. 

The view from the hill, it's lush here and perfects for playing with the ball

Now we chatted and all and then my mum came back after her work, which now the whole family was here. Since my mum spilt Lucozade in the car, we used our sister's car to drive to see Grandad's Fiance, we left by 3:15 and got in about 3:45. Which then me and my sister, got the PPE on, me with gloves and the mask, her with the mask and then the lovely soft nurse walked us to see her. 

Now this was the hard part, she was in bed, frail and drained of energy, her skin was pale but her eyes were so much focus on us, we talked about so many different things, she struggled to talk back and was in agony, things were hard, but the main thing is she kept focused on us. she looked at us and known who we were. 

She even tried to say the word love and during the talk, she wanted to move, so 2 nurses came over and changed her or cleaned her bed, the neighbour next door asked who we were. Then we went back in and chatted come more, my sister did see if she wanted to eat but she was struggling, but finally nearly 20 minutes in, My sister said "Matthews opening a shop soon" and I said, "I've got a shop and got a partner". Now that news I will explain in later when maybe that might be actually true, but it gave her hope or maybe a feeling to be happier with the things going on. But she gripped both my arm and my sisters arm a fair bit during the whole process. 

Then I walked about by 16:13 and then my mum went in, which then I and dad were chatting outside, I told him about the viewing and the BBLS loan, (which actually I managed to secure on the Thursday by a surprise of using the 2018 turnover as an estimate) and he asked about bits and pieces, now he doesn't realise his choices in the future (wanting to move to a remote location) will fuck up the plans i've been doing and really now i've attempted to set a date up for it in the next 4 weeks. 

 There could be a big plot hole filling and a big fallout if things happen, well the day after, aka the 31st august, my parents found out she died, which means we were the last ones to see her alive, which is scary and sometimes learning about the soul which no one will understand and maybe she felt complete by seeing me and my sister, we do not know, but she died in her sleep. 

But things can really kick into the action and maybe im not prepared for what is to come, if money gets involved and pushes more decisions, it could undo the plans I have or well make things easier to well live in the shop, I know I cant long term but that is well an ultimatum I might have to decide. 

But on this, I did hear the best news, even if I woke up to panic messages about it which well, makes me think what I said to my Grandad's fiance might be true, but 3 weeks is all that takes for the steps to be laid or even thought of, I really don't know. But September will be a tough month but also exciting, time will be harder since I've got accounts to do and will dred but well, if it not done now, it never will be done.