Monday, 1 March 2021

The final weekend of Feburary - Lockdown Stage 20

 Well, things go for more change and work is starting to get back to what people are expecting me to do, some cases drop things to visit and family has ups and downs now. Which its time to get into that spirit of things to happen and plans are surely making some things to address, but working to make money for some real fun is to happen too. 

After Pancake Day, tech troubles

So it was going to the day after pancake day, which was for me trying to get back into the swing of things in work and see if i can really make some money, which was for the future and neither of us all would find out some of the best news  and nightmare for others that really would kick into it all for us. But my appetite was not as overdoing it as I would like, which means smaller snacks as lunches too. 

The Sweet Chilli ham cookie Sandwich

Pasty and Fairy Cake with Sweet Chilli

But these next few days were about to be an expensive mess, since it turns out the strap on the Bip S was starting to die and also Glass was slowly not being able to charge for when I wanted it to get some filming done as well. But Sadly it decided it would not charge even with a powerbank and even with seeing ifi could get it sorted. But even after taking it apart and having phone calls in between. No luck was given And Glass then  was turning on but the camera was not working as well as the touchpad, which means it was RIP Glass in this.

Glass in its box to rest

But it was looking for replacements and later on I manage to find one that was a good offer used and as of typing this, was paid and posted. But this was about to get a whole lot more of a stressful week. 
Customers were calling then well the call that happens which means yet again more PS5s to arrive and well 6 got paid for and the delivery was to be the pain in the ass in maximum at least. Since the delivery was when visits and the timing made it harder. But Well that was not the worst part, since that part was the Bip S Strap was Snapped and well it was using Tessa Tape to keep it alive for only a brief moment. 

The Straps and the Bip S 

But it was also a time to spend with mum and well she was going through some tough times with her parents and it is seemingly like my nan is really starting to lose herself, dementia is kicking in and that worries us all, but its more the plans to make sure what is needed is there and for others so losing out is the worst thing which is not to happen. But it was such a refresher going for a walk with her and hearing what she wants to do, since well, its a tough time and its not for everyone to deserve this to happen to them. Plus it was time for more of shopping as well, Tesco does have some deals at the best of times. 

Walking on the mores with the chats 

The tesco Shop with Daim Cake for £2....

Tessa Tape is ideal sometimes

A Wet working Weekender 

Sadly that did not last long as my journey across the town continued for and well it was the time to get the gif sorted out for the memes later on and well this day was LOOOOONGGG, it was over 5 visits and even cancelling one in that time plus the weather was getting soaked and in good timing, yes, PS5 Consoles were arriving into work. 

The Boxes for the big sales

There was a rule to have it bundled with a game and well that worked out a right treat for the customers, one picked up that same day and Then it was 4 more visits to go and also going back to one while the delivery was picked for too. After getting home in the rain by 8:30 it was one long day and also weekend of being in the shop since of the deliveries of those consoles need to be shifted pretty quickly. 

But it was then the Saturday and well it was good to finally get some organizing done and wait for consoles to be collected. Customers were urging on when the fucking interest list was to be released and also it was going to be more waiting in hopes of selling too. 

Booking in stock in work 

One of those moments with a PS4 and PS5 in stock at the same time, the boxes which was on the final day before that was then sold to a customer. Which then it was one last printer repair which after that, it was nearly 1pm and I was GONE. Finally to go home which felt good and the weather was getting better as well. 

The PS4 and PS5 next to each other. 

Which disaster struck with work and visits going back in swing, but it was nice to have mum back, even for just one day or so before soon we find out another bad truth has appeared. Which I also lucky to try to get done the online job to make sure some dreams are closer to coming true. But well, its what can be done. 

The Casserole

The Final Week of February 

But this was soon to be a choice on the future and plans to be a better feeder were about to hatch, well Tastecard, but looking into it, it means something actually more value for money and no government blame for eat out to help out. 

But that still involves money and well Saving was getting to the important part, since the work in real life means I had to can and delay work for getting extras in and luckily it did mean I had some money to handle by the end of the week which all of that was used for a bid later on. Which is to make sure the videos are better and I miss the first person perspective of vlogs too. 

This was now the time to find out the route the UK had taken next with the routes out of lockdown.  Which was not really announced in a statement but more house of commons and the trio of conferences. Which did make the effect less impacting except it was a Big impact, Freedom from lockdown from June 21st is the plan. But the gradual roll out of the vaccine is the key and well its also learning about the side effects that some have been having for 2 days after it was injected, but not with pfizer from what I have seen and heard. But we have to learn out stance from somewhere, so work for me returns on 12th April, which means that my life is going to return to some normal and yet also more risk alot of money in the time but that we can find out. 

That day was nice to just to online work and making some small meals and then it was also time to enjoy some test streams using Dolphin since finding out the 6 Pro E5100 can actually handle emulating Wii and that means I can finally start to enjoy it and well...

The lunch on that day

That means I can finally do some wii streams and Wii Sports was a nice attempt for this. So here we go with 3 sports to play. Tennis was fun but a bit laggy too since I was recording. 

Then we deal with the fin times of Golf which I finally get my highest score ever, Since its the trick shots i try for but Chip In I've never been as lucky with until now

Which leads to boxing, and the fun time of a big workout along with delayed audio lag too. But It finally meant i had a good workout from it.

The after workout selfie

But then the journey continued and it was then time to get some shopping done and also spend time with mum and attempt film a vlog but that sort of went out the window when the footage did not import into final cut pro. But Also the internet was shocked at a pineapple and beef toasted sandwich too. 

The Pineapple and Beef Toasted sandwich 

Empty boxes 

The Shopping total 

Horses While walking

Unloading the shopping

Which that was the main distraction too, but its weird how google Camera's 8.1 mod fails to let Final cut pro see it properly , but it was also the experiment to try to see if I could get opencore working on the Desktop, it did not sadly. But that was the best way to see if it would be easier to get a nice setup for video editing since the Dell is struggling to render 1080p videos at 60fps but just about 30 fps which is a tricky one to deal with. 

The Next 2 days was online work since it was time to get that sorted and worked out a bit nicely but iit does take that time to work and since a new set of work opened up, But it makes it harder since its almost a different breed of customer to deal with. So things have to pass and well, it means soon I will  be back to working like normal in month or so time. 

Half eaten Pasties for lunch.

The fish and chips 

a curried roast chicken mugshot

Then it was the final weekend and things were to be planned, Sure there was actually a delivery I was wating for and this was also the time of finding out now my grandad had hurt his back badly, which means he was unable to move, this was going to be a tough time since also nan is starting to lose herself, which means that the future is looking bleak. 

Instead It was time to some work and boy it was a long day of 3 visits and dogwalking in the video, even though that it was now evenings and nights to myself.. Which it means time to be able to do work and also get videos filmed too. Plus cooking tings was to be happening as well, for example the Friday was a nice mix of onions noodles, chips and more. But it was making me really feel full after cooking and eating them as well.

All Bran, noodles, onions, cornish pasty and more 

Plus while eating this, it was nice to watch wandavision and learn about the comics past and also made chatting much better since of seeing something that really made me happy too. Which is a positive thing to look forward to in the future, since there is this feeling of alot of negativity heading my way from family regarding the events happening, Which is a good thing I get the time to myself to help with the positives. That and the replacement strap for the Bip S is arriving and working fine. But the long day meant feeding the pets was tricky , especially as the cats water bowl smashed 

The replacement Bip S strap 

It was finally the weekend and it was a nice Shower to start the day off before walking Rosie, which the sky was blue and the air was a slightly wind and warm at the same time. Customers were booking me so it was knowing that I could not be able to get online work done as easy. But it was nice to be running and biking out and about, especially as soon the regular customers or some were about to come back.

The walk in the morning too 

But after a long day , I got back around 18:40 and well the dog needed another walk, But the moon was really low which was also a red one too. It looked great, but then it felt like I was not  being as productive as I should be. Since an old catfish wanted to chat and also I was baking a very new type of dish with gammon, burgers, chip, tomato and herb sauce too .

The moon and the sunset 

Halfway though the unique bake 

The result of the bake 

Then it leads to the Sunday, with arranging with the family to get thing helped out and spend time, which I did, but before that was yet more walking and also having to organise lifting a recliner out but that was hard when waiting for the right time but the cat escaped when we did that, even though he did not return home when I woke up but after walking the dog, I returned to see him on the table. 

Then after that , we went to lidl to pickup some small shopping then off to nans to having lunch with both and spend time with the grandparents while one was a sleep and one was not sure what to do with herself. The Roast is nice and the cheesecake one of nan's neighbours got was really tasty too. 

The shopping from Lidl at £8.04 

The Roast chicken for lunch 

The cheesecake from the neighbours 

Which then I got dropped off home around the 4:30 mark then it was time to walk Rosie before Dad left after and then it was the house to myself and the time to get this typed up as well. But this is looking like a scary new few weeks to determine a fate of someone's life, that is close to me and helped me a bit when I've not said how they have, I'm worried but also I need to try to be positive which dealing with Dad bringing the negative feelings, it gets really rough too. But there is some light at the end of the Tunnel somewhere but there will be some sad days ahead. 

The New Year Resolutions. 

I'll be honest and say well, there has been no update on any of them, lockdown is nearly 3 months and with the current timeline and theory has been strong and the family problems have made it much more scary to deal with. The only closet One I  can say is that I've started Scott Pilgrim, but I've had little motivation to finished that off too. 

  • Stream more - This is a bit better than I  Thought, but not as many as   I Like  
  • Catch up with the  accounts in work - Later this month I've got to crackle down on this 
  • Be able to hug someone non work or family related - Its gong to be fun to hug after June 21st in theory . 
  • Complete at least 2 games in a story mode  - Scott Pilgrim just about So far. 
  • Do more Day out vlogs  - After March 29 it seems safe to this and well April 12 is going to be more freedom here. 
  • Schedule/plan out days more -  This is not too bad, not as many pans written out 

But lets hope for a better March