Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The tallied month

So now weeks have past and July is almost ended. Well with the olympics started and the weather being good for the start of the summer holidays for many of my fb friends, twitter followers, YT viewers and more.

This month i repeated an experiment or analysis which i did in October 2010. This was a test to check on my hormones and see how they are doing.

So below i'm linking both of the results and then compare them slightly :)

Heres the results from Oct 2010.

And heres the month just done :)

So there you can now see the differences. But theres a slight trend in both of them, and times and my life has changed since then.

So with the first week, the averages are the same. Interesting since in Oct i had more than when i did in July. I should say the reason was i might of still been in puberty then and also i was in crappy city plym where various things used to go on which might of gotten me excited which i don't see much often in real life any more. Since mostly i work now. Also i noticed on July sat and sun were both the same, intriguing. It also was interesting since on the Wednesday, i delivered the pressie to Jess on her birthday. ]

The 2nd week, well there was more per day in july then in oct :) That is good i suppose. But also theres a pattern of the sat and Sunday being exactly the same for july through the 4 weeks. Which is surprising since one the 3rd saturday, the Tavistock Carnival was on and i would of guessed that there was a chance i could of had some drunk girl flirting with me, but funnily enough....i ended up reading Sex for dummies on my Samsung Galaxy 3 (Apollo, GTi5800).

You can see more of what happened on the 3rd Saturday and the Carnival itself below :)

But theres also a pattern with the 3rd week having paired dates which is an interesting fact, but mind you that week i was slightly higher in excitement than usual, i'm not sure why ?. Well the averages also end up 4 for the last three weeks which is interesting to understand.

Also on the Sunday just passed (29th July) i actually met some girls i liked when i went to plymouth after i saw my mum and dad head off on holiday to..... funnily enough, Weymouth for a week. Hanging around with  a few girls that i get on with and like is nice.

But i think this is showing my hormones are not as wild as i thought. okay my dreams and desires are getting stronger and stronger but still not lucky enough to date the girl that maybe could complete that, which also means having my first relationship, first kiss, first proper dates and so on and so fourth :)

But i might be lucky with getting a date soon, i was speaking to two girls, while running back to to woolwell to get the bus to Tavi.
One was called Kyla and the other Sophie, who i used to have ring me ages ago i remember. Anyways i might be going out on a date with both of them either the Saturday night or the Sunday so i might get lucky. Maybe i should use that comdom i found in my bedroom draw a few weeks back eh ?

Anyways i'm watching a playthrough of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. Very good game you know and it answers alot of questions and the not physics are quite good, heck theres even grinding like in the Sonic Unleashed Trilogy.

But i'll see you again for a blogpost on Monday or sunday night, whichever i decide :)