Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Some summer its been.

Well its been almost a month since i last blogged on here. Christ, time to sum up the past month.

To start off the week after i finished my Experiment of how many boners i've had per day, it was a nice two weeks off for my parents so they went on holiday. Them two weeks were quite good. ok i was working for most of it but some of the highlights include me going on a night on on the Saturday during the middle of the two weeks. This was ok, i started out going to Revs where i got asked "I will have to take you hoodie off since its policy", then i saw a friend on a hen night and one of her mates was a bbw, i did get a little excited hehe. That and i got whacked on the head with a inflatable cock but heres a pic of me, my mate and her bbw friend :)

I did see quite a gorgeous blonde bbw (who funny enough was avoiding me in oceana) on that night, but apart from that, i did end up in a heart to heart  talk with some ramdom blonde. You can hear that in the vlog of this night out below:

That and i did deliver Jess her ipod for her 19th Birthday :) She was even single for some of the two weeks but guess fate tends to fuck me over and she got back with her ex *sigh*. Although meeting her on that night out and dancing with her and her mate Kemba (who me and her were grinding and the look on her face was sooo funny), i didn't get lucky and actually have the chance to get to know someone as amazing as her. Well i hope theres a next time, eh :)

Heres some extra pics from that night out, with various people, most from fb, some are fans of my vlogs :)

Anyways as most of you knew and remember, The Olympics. Now to be honest i didn't watch every event or some of the major ones but it wasn't as bad as i thought it would turn out, the Opening Ceremony was pretty impressive and i watched as much as i could of it. I did start watching the closing ceremony but only the first 45 min at most. Also it was the time where i've learned the pride of our Athletes just overrides morals of non censorship (the Daley X Riley scandal) but its a tricky area to talk about. Some of the events were amazing though. Like Andy Murray winning that gold in the Mens Tennis final, the swimming heats of Michael Phelps going for his record. Bolt running 100m in under 10 secs (if i was that fast,  i would NOT need a bus to Plymouth ^_^).  The coverage the BBC did was incredible to be fair as well, 24 HD online streams, it was annoying since my works internet was quite poor but not much can be done.

Another note was i did enjoy my first trip to Axminster, now that was an interesting trip with my sis and my grandad. To sum the story short..My sister had a medical for her agency to make sure shes capable to work on cruise ships. Her appointment was at 4:30pm. We left our house at 10am. We got there at about 11:40, we pretty much walked around then we had a meal at a american resturant. My meal below cost £8.95 and was very tasty :)

Also i saw this option as a desert, Deep Fried Ice Cream reads amazing
After that, all three of us went looking around Axminster again, it was incredibly a small place but i saw this street and it reminded me so much of someone (even though it was a inside joke between her and her partner :( )
though it was a inside joke between her and her partner :(  

Then about 3pm, we all walked back to the car and then waited in the car for the rest of the time we were there, i walked my sis to drop her off at the doctors there, then went back to the car to wait for her to come back, then my sis drove home. After that, i had tea while me and her were watching Kevin and Perry Go Large. It is a funny film but i don't recommend it when eating, especially the food i usally eat lol.

Well the week after my parents arrived from home, was a choice and fate but a long awaited plan with my sister happened. I tried my first Sushi meal for the first time, and it was AMAZING, although when Emma calls you as your about to eat, it kinda makes it hard to make that chance happen when i was spending time with my sis before she leaves for another 7 months on Royal Caribbean (Independence of the seas) from 21st Sept. But learning Emma's birthday is for the 9th of Sept makes it a rush of what i need to get her for her USA Legality (21st birthday), she did ring after the meal and she said she missed me and loved me which made me feel happy but also lost that i wasn't with her. But i'll get to that later, for now enjoy a video of me eating sushi at a YOSushi.

Also notice how i've got custom thumbnails now, hehe. Anyways apart from the weather being poor and work being incredibly busy, its been quite a quiet rest of august on my end. But with next month only days away and many things are happening. Like tomorrow for instance, i finally get to meet my sister partner  from Chicago. Hes arriving for 3 weeks or so, both of us have quite a bit in common, although hes more experienced in things, it will be nice to get on with him.

That and Emma's 21st is on the 9th and i've saved up £210 for a present for her....now the question is what can i get. When she called on the day i went sushi, she hinted at me buying her an ipad. Now of course i've had a few people go "DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THAT FOR HER", even bronti when she facetimed me one night.  but she did hint some suggestions which have got me thinking, like a love letter and maybe something food related (for the obv reason to fatten her) which does sound tempting, so i might do that. Maybe with some fast food vouchers, but i have to do research and part of me doesn't want to do the fast food vouchers since she'll spend em with tome and that will rip my heart open and that will piss me off  big time :@.

That and i might be working in a New APPLE store thats coming soon to Drake's Circus, i applied on the 19th, got an e-mail on the 20th and had a phone interview on the day after. So i hope to see where that takes me. Also i've been playing PSP recently after wiping my activations and activating my PSP with my JAP account and updating to 6.60 PRO. I've been playing Kingdom Hearts - Birth By Sleep, since during the two weeks to myself, i've watched a playthrough of the new Kingdom Hearts for 3DS and that is good and hopefully i see what happens if there is an announcement of a Kingdom Hearts for PS3.

Anyways, its about 10:30 on the 28th August and this will be a busy rest of the week. I'll keep up with this soon and maybe a vlog might appear, but i'm not sure. I really want to focus on a chance with Emma and maybe get lucky with her for her 21st. I can only hope though.

Well see you later, for up to date content, follow me on Twitter. And heres 2 pics of me when i cycled to Plymouth and back a week ago :)